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Crufts Scoresheets
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Please note that these are unofficial scoresheets, and are only used by us to give you a quick guide to what is happening as the events unfold.

Rally Inter Regionals, 2019

YKC, 2019

Obreedience, 2019

Obedience Inter Regionals, 2019

YKC KCGC Special Pre-Beginner (Rebecca Pointer), 2019

KCGC Spec Pre-Beginner Stakes Final, 2019

Dog Championship, 2019

Bitch Championship, 2019

YKC, 2018

RALLY Inter Regionals, 2018

Obreedience, 2018

Obedience Inter Regionals, 2018

YKC KCGC Special Pre-Beginner (Rebecca Pointer), 2018

KCGC Spec Pre-Beginner Stakes Final, 2018

Bitch Championships, 2018

Dog Championship, 2018

RALLY Inter Regionals, 2017

YKC, 2017

Obreedience, 2017

YKC KCGC Special Pre-Beginner (Rebecca Pointer), 2017

Obedience Inter Regionals, 2017

Dog Championship, 2017

KCGC Spec Pre-Beginner Stakes Final, 2017

Bitch Championship, 2017

Inter Regionals, 2016

YKC, 2016

YKC Special Pre-Beginner (Rebecca Pointer), 2016

Dog Championship, 2016

Bitch Championship, 2016

KCGC Sp Pre-Beginner Stakes Final, 2016

World Cup, 2016

Obreedience, 2016

YKC, 2015

Inter Regionals, 2015

Bitch Championship, 2015

Dog Championship, 2015

KC Spec Pre-Beginner Stakes, 2015

World Cup, 2015

YKC, 2014

Inter Regionals, 2014

Dog Championship, 2014

Bitch Championship, 2014

KC Spec Pre-Beginner Stakes, 2014

Obreedience, 2014

World Cup, 2014

YKC, 2013

Inter Regionals, 2013

Bitch Championship, 2013

Dog Championship, 2013

KC Spec Pre-Beginner Stakes, 2013

World Cup, 2013

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