Crufts 2008

Bitch Championship


Dot Watts with OB CH ZYGDAN ZYMA (WS)




3rd Lynn Luckock with OB CH HAWKSFLIGHT FANTASIA O.W. (BSD Tervueren)
4th Christine Smeaton with ROCKIN AT GLENBRITTLE (WS)
Phil Barnes with WHATKNOW TRICKS (WS)
6th Anne Northfield with OB CH IATKA ZINGALONG ZIGGY O.W. (WS)


Dog Championship


David Strickleton with OB CH CHAUNTELLE SNOWSTORM O.W. (WS)






3rd Jackie Duck with BORDERS TALLY MAN (BC)
5th Barbara Macknish
6th Gail Waddington with TYEFOLD SEVEN OF CLUBS (WS)

World Cup


World Cup Winners - Holland

2nd - England

3rd - Belgium

4th - Wales



World Cup Individual Winner

Mia Bosschaart with Mamamia's Tyke 'Tyke' (WS)



Inter Regional

Winners - Southern


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final


Sue McManus with Nathan Toulouse (Crossbreed)


2nd Derek Kennard with Kamalis Lapta Again (G Ret)

3rd Claire Arend with Nimbus Alto (BC)

4th Dorothy Marshall with Gracorn Equinox (GSD)

5th Marina Casilli with Bryning Bounce Right Back (BC)




YKC Starters Obedience

1st Kimberley Manvill
2nd Oliver Downey
3rd Daniel Thompson
4th Emma Coyle
5th David Stubbs
6th Robyn Coulter

YKC Elementary Obedience

1st Rachael Foster

2nd Joseph Booth
3rd James Brant
4th Charlotte Jones
5th Louise Leel
6th Jessica Simpson - Harthill


YKC Graduate Obedience

1st Gemma Soanes

2nd Shaun Goddard
3rd Gemma Brunt
4th Louisa Henry
5th Molly Ringland
6th Louisa Henry


YKC Intermediate Obedience

1st Gemma Bates

2nd Robert Johnson
3rd Gemma Brunt
4th Serena Behagg
5th Danielle Jones
6th Vicky Bowe

YKC Advanced Obedience

1st Gemma Bates

2nd David Healey
3rd David Healey
4th Shaun Goddard
5th Amanda Fenner
6th David Healey


Obedience Championship Judge -

Peter Lubbi

My first dog a farm bred collie Shane was given to me as a birthday present in 1969 from my wife Lesley. She had seen in the local paper puppies for sale and had wanted a dog for some time. Although not the best way to buy a puppy, and maybe at the time not my first choice for a birthday present. But he soon became an important member of the family. After completing a twelve week domestic course and then continuing with competitive training I started to enter competitions with him in 1970. Shane won out of Beginners and Novice but he had H.D. and sitting became a problem to him. So I decided to let him live life at his own pace, which he happily did until he was thirteen.

I am currently competing with Feroama Storm and Woughstock Wynsome Dryfte, who both go back to my Ticket Bitches Shanvaal Mist and her daughter Layash Fern, who we lost aged six years. Our rescue Sheltie Sandyglow Silver Shadow (Pebbles) I am just about to start competing with, so fingers crossed for the coming season. But whatever he decides to do in the ring Pebbles and all of our dogs past and present, can only be described in one word Special. The other two Sheltie's in our household Mimerri Maybe a Breeze and Kamarlee Laiderette Milly (Gypsy) are worked by Lesley.

I started judging in 1978 and have judged every year since. My first Dog & Bitch Tickets were in 1985 and since then I have awarded Obedience Certificates regularly. I had the privilege to be asked to judge the Inter-Regional in 2001, Pro Dogs Final in 2004, the first Good Citizen Special Pre-Beginner Final and Y.K.C. Triathlon in 2006. Now I have the unexpected Honour and Pleasure to be invited to judge the ultimate, The Obedience Championships at Crufts 2008. My thanks go to the Crufts Committee for this invitation.

I hope that the tests I have set will be interesting for the spectators to watch, and the competitors to work. I wish all the handlers Good Luck, but most of all enjoy your day. My ring party is there to help and support you, as well as me. It consists of Andrew Dicker, Pat Handfield, Lesley Lubbi, Christine Moss, Chris Smith, Sue Smith and Freda Wickenden. All of whom have a wealth of experience in the dog world.


World Cup Obedience -

Roy Page

Picture courtesy of Shelagh Page.

Roy was born in 1940 in Wednesbury, Staffordshire, near to the venue which, coincidentally, was for so many years to become the venue for Lichfield & District Dog Training Society's Championship Obedience Show which he has had the pleasure of being involved with since the first one over 32 years ago.

After marriage to Shelagh they moved to Cannock where they still live, on the edge of an area of broad-leaved woodland which provides superb dog walking country at all times of the year. In 1970 they bought their first dog, a Shetland Sheepdog, and within a few months joined the Lichfield & District Dog Training Society. Soon the world of dog training and obedience showing had taken hold and other interests began to take a back seat. Thanks to the guidance and perseverance of the Club Instructors who seemed to have endless patience Roy eventually entered his first Open Obedience Show although it was another year before they recorded their first win in Beginners. More wins followed and by late 1973 the Sheltie was "C" only but suffering progressively with severe arthritis which affected her leg joints. Other dogs have followed including his first Border Collie "Corrie" who was very special to him, qualifying for Championship Class C on her 2nd birthday, and a Working Sheepdog FLEXIBLE FRIEND - "Fleck" to his friends - who also qualified to work Championship Class C. His latest dog is BHEINN TORRAN (Torrie is pictured with Roy above) although he is not being worked currently.

Roy's enjoyment of the administrative side of Dog Club life grew rapidly and since 1971 he has, at times, served Lichfield as Hon. Secretary, Vice-Chairman and Chairman. He became an instructor there in 1973 and in that same year was elected Show Manager, a position he held until retiring from the post after the Club's 25th Championship Show in 1999. He is proud to have been elected a life-member of the Society.

Roy was elected a member of the Kennel Club in 1994 but since 1985 he has served on the Kennel Club Obedience Liaison Council, as Vice Chairman from 1989 to 1995 and as Chairman from 1995 until 2006. As Council Chairman or representative he served on The Kennel Club Working Trials, Obedience and Agility sub-Committee continuously from 1989 until 2006. In October 2006 he was elected to the WTOA Committee by the Kennel Club General Committee so was no longer eligible to stand as Council Chairman although he was elected to serve Council for another 3 year term commencing in January 2007. In 2003 he was appointed Crufts Chief Obedience Steward and has acted in that capacity every year since.

His first judging appointment came in 1972, following an apprenticeship of stewarding for well-respected judges. In 1975 he was approved to judge at Championship Obedience Shows and has judged regularly at all levels since then, including memorable appointments in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Ireland. Judging appointments further afield have included two visits to Singapore, one to New Zealand and many to Holland and Belgium. Roy's first Championship Class C appointments came in 1980 and he has had the pleasure of awarding Obedience Certificates regularly since then, the highlight and greatest honour being his appointment to judge the Crufts Obedience Championships in February 1990.

Roy is thrilled to have been invited back to officiate at Crufts again in 2008 and is looking forward to judging the Crufts Obedience World Cup and sends his best wishes to all those taking part. He has a great team of very experienced stewards and is looking forward to a really competitive event.


Inter Regional Judge -

Pip Young

My love of dogs came at a very early age with a little mongrel called Roy who we rescued from the Liverpool dogs home. Roy was the dog I grew up with, very clever and if he got out was very street wise, he taught me love and respect for dogs.
My husband Brian (of 41 years) made the mistake of asking me in our first year of marriage what I would really like for a birthday present and into our lives came Keppy a G.S.D. and our lives became involved in the Obedience world. We joined the local dog club Wirral Alsatian Training Society and became very active in the running of the club eventually Brian being the Chairman and myself Vice Chairman, committee member and trainer.
Although Keppy was my dog it was Brian who trained and worked her and took her from Beginner to C. My first working dog was Dorcas another G.S.D. a lovely gentle bitch and when I won Beginner and Novice on the same day I was truly elated.
I lost Dorcas early in her life with a brain tumour.
In the early seventies we went to Littlebourne to do a training week with Charlie Wyant and I was completely hooked on Charlie's methods. I will never forget Charlie he was so clever with dogs and quite a character. While on the course we visited Bing Bellamys kennels and in 1979 I bought our first border collie SEALIGHT KALI. I trained her as much as possible (with a part time nursing career and my family) my Kali rewarded me with ten Ob.Ch. Certificates. I remember crying all the way around the parade of champions the first time at Crufts in l983.
My second Ob.Ch. Jake, Ob.Ch. Piprian Primo Edition was a wonderful powerful dog with a gentle nature. Jake went on to win eight Ob.Ch and was so special we had such a bond together.
Brian and I have judged in Belgium, Holland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man and all over the country. It has been for me a whole lifetime of dogs, my two sons grew up with two German Shepherds and a collie and have never known home without dogs.
We have bred three litters of our own dogs PIPRIANS . The first produced my Jake the second three Ob.Ch's. and the third current litter one dog having gained two c.c.s. and one dog competing in the world championship and my Millie who is now working Ticket.
I enjoyed my nursing career which lasted over thirty years and was proud to be awarded the Silver Medal for top nurse all those years ago.
There are so many people to thank through the years, the dog world has given us so many friends such wonderful memories to look back on and the dogs so much love and loyalty.
I feel privileged and honoured to be asked by the Kennel Club to judge the Inter-Regional Competition and with my super team we wish to make it a memorable and a happy day for all the competitors.
I cannot finish without thanking all those people in the background who are responsible for running the shows without them we would not be here today.
Best of luck to all for 2008.
Thank you,
Pip Young.


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