Crufts 2003





2nd - Madge Thomson & DANNY THIRD STAR ON THE LEFT

3rd - Lyn Cole & ZULLMARG ZEUS O.W.



The morning session:

Walking around,.. everyone is setting up their benches, getting changed and being bossed around by their "minders" <bg> At a quick glance, the HW round looks the same,.. though any changes and I will endeavour to let you know.

The SA is the same, straight down the centre of the ring, from the South stand to the North stand. " champagne bottles half way down,.. two HUGE bottles as back marker with a black mat in front of it.

Saw Lyn Cole being ordered to get changed by Janet,.. and to "not stand talking!" lol That's all for now,.. off to get my seat for the parade,.. will try to get "coffee time" update out later.

Coffee time:

1st dog in Sealight Chakwena,.. did a lovely HW round, but spooked on the circle,.. a circle in the bottom right hand corner,.. directly in front of the South stand,.. shame,.. then the tannoy came on in DC and spoilt an otherwise very good round.
A certain handler,.. working a gundog,!! messed up the third position just before the end of HW,.. the tannoy was on and I'm sure contributed to this!!! <g>

Brenda Potiphar worked a lovely round with Jonnie, but went the wrong way round the circle!! Mary Ray did a stunning round with Quincy and is leading at the
moment. Moe Edser suddenly withdrew,.. whilst working the circle,.. this left
Herbie to go in next,.. unfortunately,.. Jaz spooked on the circle and ran off,.. Herbie crouched down and got him back,.. but Jazz was having none of the circle and Herbie withdrew. The circle consists of a black solid circle,. with white tape around

At lunchtime:

Roy Neal's Nipper started his SA, but came back to handler before he reached the first markers,.. 40 points gone,.. all points gone on DC too.

Stella Whyborn,.. lost 32 on DC after a good round.

Hilary Murray lost 52.2,.. 40 of those on SA!!!!!!!

Trimac Merlie Whizzkid on 14.3

New leader,.. Madge Thompson on 12.3,...leading Mary by 0.2.

Dog of the year awarded in the main ring,.. Herbie and Jazz, the winners,.. Sylvia and Marvie reserve.

Off to report on the show of the year presentation now,.. thing is,.. I don't know where it is!!!!!!

BEFORE stays and scent:

1st Madge Thompson - Danny third star on the left
2nd Mary Ray - Ob Ch Woodsorrel Red Wine
3rd Lyn Cole - Zullmarg Zeus

Gossip from chris is - Miss A T Neal has broken the down stay, dog went to the judge. Dave Howell has pulled out as the dog has gone lame.

It's all hotting up here, more info later with regards to scent and stays

And the results:

Well,.. folkss,.. sorry to be late with this,.. but Shane did a great job getting the results to you, as they were actually happening!!!,.. Thanks Shane, I was in the collecting ring,.. watching events unfold in a nailbiting climax to the dog day.

Mary went clear on scent,.. then had to wait another 12 dogs before Madge Thompson went in to do scent,.. with 0.2 to play with!!. I was nervous as hell and I was only watching!!!!

Madge lost 0.9 on scent, which left Mary Ray and Quincy the winners of this year's Championship. Well Done Mary!!

Commiserations to Madge,.. I spoke to her immediately afterwards,.. she was so pleased with her very first placing at Crufts and thrilled to bits with Danny,.. she said he tried his best for her,.. and she was reasonably confident, although very nervous going in to scent.

She is obviously disapointed at not winning,..wouldn't we all be?,.. but very happy with her efforts and her place.Well Done Madge!

I have run out of film,.. filled my notebook and tape with interviews. What a dramatic day!!!,.. 3 teams withdrawn,.. one withdrawn injured , scent failures,..
25 worked,.. 21 did stays,.. 20 did scent.

The obedienceUK show of the year presentation took place outside the main ring,.. Swindon crowd were all dressed in their best Green DTC sweatshirts and looked very smart. Les presented them with a beautiful glass trophy,I got an interview with our "Doreen",.thanks:)

Gotta rush now,.. off to watch Mary's HTM practice routine in 5 mins!!!

It'a all go!!

Chris and Shane,.. and today's special guest and helper,. Jane Cupitt

PS... I tripped on the "astroturf" when I went in the ring to take photos!!!

Chris Marriott


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(This is my scoresheet - so please excuse any inaccuracies. Les)



1st - Sue Howell & BHEINN SUBTLE TOUCH

2nd - Sylvia Mitchell & OB CH MITCH'S MARVIE

3rd - Stephanie Woollam & SKYE MISCHIEF O.W.

4th - Anne Northfield & OB CH IATKA YOUR MY GIRL O.W.


The morning session:

hiya everyone,..this is Chris Marriott, reporting from Crufts,.. we have stopped for coffee,.. the judge and her stewards look very smart in grey jackets, black shirts and black trousers,..the round consists,.. retreive,.. HW,.SA and DC

Ret article is a plastic bottle,..looking like a wine bottle,.. a couple of people have tried to take out the judge with their throwing!!

The HW round is a demanding Hw round,.. long,.. and demands concentration, ..with ASSD positions coming immediately after turns, .. the SA is down the centre of the ring,..2 Champagne bottles half way across the ring,..2 HUGE Champagne bottles for back markers with a black mat in front, .. most dogs veering off sideways as they get towards the back,. the best SA to date was from Lou Jackson's Alice,..Mary's Kizzy did a stunning HW round, only to stop dead just before the 3rd pos.

No-one in qualifying marks yet, .. catch you at dinner.
Chris and special thanks to Shane for helping me with this.


So, .. up to yet, .. summary:-

5 in qualifying marks,.. leader- Sue Howell on 10.5, Sylvia Mitchell on 13 and Steph Woollam on 13.4,.. Anne Northfield on 14.1 and Kim Innes on 14.5 ... more later!!!! :)

.... and the rest:

On to stays and scent,.. most dogs coped with the scent very well,..2 went clear,.. 4 failed,..Sue Howell, in the lead, lost 0.4 on scent to secure the Championship amid much applause.

A very demanding heelwork round and a good day's competition. Herbie lost one on the sit stay.
Rachel's 2 dogs both failed scent,.. she must be so disapointed,..but she put on a brave face,.. Heather Grey's dog worked and worked until Heather bravely went out and showed her the cloth,.. to the
applause of the crowd and the ring steward. Phil Barnes' Spice failed too.

Only one clear scent, from Karen Davies and Justie,.. well done Karen!!

Chris Marriott


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(This is my scoresheet - so please excuse any inaccuracies. Les)

ObedienceUK 'Show of the Year 2002'

Les Perry presenting the first ObedienceUK 'Show of the Year' award to Doreen Davies of Swindon DTC for 2002. Many members of Swindon DTC attended (and brought cake and wine).

Sponsored by:

'Dog of the Year 2002'

Won by Herbie Watson with OB CH Whatknow Razzmatazz, second place to Sylvia Mitchell with OB CH Mitch's Marvie.


Inter-Regional Competition

Saturday - Restricted Breed

Winners - Midlands Region

Novice - Theresa Gitner - LANCER - Sheltie

Novice - Kay Reynolds - CHLOE - Goldie

A - Tracey Ansell - SPIRIT - Std. Poodle

B - Lesley Deegan - ELLIOTT - Briard

C - Gwyneth Hooper-Wheeler - LUCY - Beardie Cross

Runners up - Southern Region

Novice – Janet Brown - Good As Gold - BERTIE – Min/Schnauzer

Novice – Karen Eves - INDIGO – Std/Pdle

A – Wendy Fisher - RULY – Old English Sheepdog

B – Pauline Clark - BARLEY – G/R

C – Sarah Delany – GULLY – GROEN

Class winners

Novice - Anne Coates - Goldenb Retriever - WALES

A - Tracey Ansell - Std. Poodle - Midlands

B - Linda Thomas - BSD - Wales

C - Gwyneth Hooper-Wheeler - Beardie Cross - Midlands

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Inter-Regional Competition

Sunday - Unrestricted Breed

Winners - Southern Region

Novice - Rosemary Chapman - Delanor Viceroy Cagey Lad - BC

A - Fran Godfrey - Iatka Bold As Brass At Sunridge - WS

B - Sylvia Cohen - Cohellas Rudi Winstanton - BC

C - Rita Scott - Woughstock Wobernz Willing - WS

C - Bev Hughes - Fenom Full O'Fun - WS


Runners up - Welsh Region

Novice – Sally Head - Flynntastic Shadow Point– WS

A– Hilary Hughes - Kathro Gertie – BC

B– Jane Rees - Zulmarg Zygoma – WS

C– Margaret Evans - Spot the Sleepy Dumpling O.W. - WS

C – Clare Frederickson– Addewid Blissful Promise O.W.– WS


Class winners

Novice - Rowena Lewis - WS - Western

A - Fran Godfrey- WS - Southern

B - Helen Duggan - BC - Northern Ireland

C - Rita Scott - Beardie Cross - Midlands

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YKC Advanced Obedience (Friday)

1st - Emma Lavender

2nd - Pippa Wood

3rd - Stephanie Cooper

4th - Louise Jones

5th - Amy Bennett

6th - Gina Graham

YKC Intermediate Obedience (Saturday)

1st - Charlotte Harding

2nd Helen Evans

3rd - Danielle Jones

4th - Ella Rawlinson

5th - Mark Jewell

6th - Rebecca Heard

YKC Intermediate Obedience (Saturday)

1st - Richard Burbridge

2nd - Claire Roberts

3rd - Kat Nicholl

4th - Fiona Forrest

5th - Samantha Deegan

6th - Jill Laidlow


Championship Judge - Sandy Wadhams

When I first watched Crufts at Olympia all those years ago little did I realise that one day I would be the Crufts judge. My interest in dogs began as a child with a white mongrel called Jeep, various other dogs during my child and teens and eventually owning a GSD Bitch in the late 60's and following the pet dog training route.

My first obedience champion - Penhill Kim (WSD) who was sired by my then ticket dog Shepdine Perry naughty brother to Allen Hunts Crufts Champion, Ob Ch Shepdine Briar. I was Kims 4th owner, he was 14 months when he came to me via his breeder Diane Weston (Ob Ch Porthcurno Playboy). In fact it is true to say that Diane was the person who really introduced me to competition obedience. Kim was extremely excitable hence the other homes and it took several years before I learnt how to control him, in fact he was 8 years before he won his first challenge certificate. After him came my wonderful clever Ricky - Ob Ch Collali Ricky. I rehomed him from Sue Orme at 8 months. Ricky was ultra sensitive but keen. He won 23 challenge certificates and top obedience dog of UK 2 years running. He was followed by Mounthill Harmony, who suffered many health problems but managed 2 challenge certificates until time caught up with him and the 3 CC's was not to be. I am currently working Amazing Maisie - Colimanor Maisie of Heelaway, a truly sweet biddable bitch, who is a joy to own and train. Her first year out on the circuit, she won out of Novice and test 'A'. The latest edition is a male puppy, Colimanor Soul of Heelaway.

Through obedience my husband Brian and I have met many wonderful people who have become life long friends. Over the years I have been so impressed by the many who put so much into our sport, running shows, clubs and giving of their time so freely. Thank you all for what you have done, which has enabled myself and many others to enjoy our dogs in this way and which has eventually bought me to the ultimate judging appointment.

To be invited to judge Crufts by the Kennel Club is a great honour and a wonderful accolade to my competitive career which has spanned over 30 years, both as a competitor, a teacher and a judge.

Obedience was and still is a total obsession with me, Charlie Wyatt being my original teacher who inspired me many years ago, with his training techniques and became a life long friend, transferring his Heelaway affix to me shortly before he died. Obedience has taught me so much about myself and life that it has been a journey of great expectations, disappointments, achievements and so many learning curves clouds. Obedience has opened many avenues and led me where I least expected to be. I know though that to step on that green carpet at Crufts as a competitor is the greatest achievement and thrill I've experienced to date. As I judge I will understand exactly how you all feel when you step into the ring and I know that your preparation and build up to this moment has been full of hope, excitement, anxiety, fear, all the emotions in fact. As your judge as far as I'm concerned you are all winners to be here. So enjoy your special day with your special dog.

"Not in the clamour of the crowded street, Not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, BUT in OURSELVES, are triumph and defeat".
Henry Longfellow

Sandy Wadhams

YKC Judge - Jenni Watson

Jenni with daughter Cheryl

Jenni first began training her dog in the early 1970’s. She is the first to admit to being a very slow learner, and sometimes, the more people try to teach her, the less she takes in, but once she has got the hang of things, they stay there for a long time. Because of her own inadequacies on this point, Jenni feels she shares a great empathy with the people she is training.

Obedience Champion Yvo Yvonne, a German Shepherd bitch, was Jenni’s first dog to reach class C. Ualah won a total of 19cc’s, between 1978 and 1984, when she came second in the Obedience Championships at Crufts, on her retirement day.

Obedience Champion Yvo’s Cross Purposes, a male cross collie- GSD was Jenni’s second champion. Kane won a total of 13 OC’s, but Jenni feels he would have done much more, had he not been out of the ring for two years through back problems.

Dolly, a Standard Poodle, was a Xmas gift for Jenni. She was bought as a pet, but due to her great beauty, Jenni decided to dip her feet in the show ring. Dolly won every class she was entered in at Championship Shows, throughout her puppy classes. She won her first CC at only ten months old, made up to Champion Masuken Sincerity at Wyvos at 13 months old, won a further 2 CC’s by fifteen month, and was then retired from the show ring. Dolly was handled throughout her show career by Ronnie McCauley. Dolly is an ancestor of last years Crufts Supreme Champion.

Today, Jenni lives with her three current dogs. Twist, a Border Collie, has appeared at Crufts both in breed classes, and the Obedience Championships, where he went totally over the top, loving every minute of trying to race Jenni round the ring. “This was my most embarrassing moment in the ring” says Jenni. “I knew from the moment we began the heelwork that he had taken over, and after two legs of the ring, I wanted to die.”

Mouse, a crossbreed, came to Jenni from rescue at 14 months old. She qualified C only, but due to lack of time on Jenni’s part, went no further. Both Twist and Mouse will be twelve in March.

Then there’s Jai. A five year old working sheepdog. Jai is the most intelligent dog Jenni has ever known other than his grandfather, the late great Magic Sunday. Jai stormed through the classes in one season to qualify for ticket at 2 years, 2 months old. At this point Jenni decided to retire from competition, as the thought of all that traveling, endless training no longer appealed to her.

In 2001, Jenni founded the Academy of Dog Training & Behaviour, an organization bringing together people from every area of dogdom. To date over 284 people have taken up membership, with Jenni traveling all over the British Isles, USA and the continent holding courses. The ADTB has many areas. Since it’s launch over £22,000 has been raised for charity.

Jenni has little time for hobbies, but will admit to being a great fan of gardening, spending as much time as possible with her eight year old granddaughter Kimberley, who is dog mad, and can produce a complete C round with Jai. The other passion in Jenni’s life is “Cruising” She was just returned from a cruise to North Africa, and is now hopefully planning a “Caribbean” cruise.

In her Crufts team Jenni has the assistance of some very old friends. Brian Hutchins, a friend of some twenty five years and a Championship judge himself will be stewarding on Thursday and Friday. Trevor Curtis, is her steward for Saturday and Sunday. Jean Everist will act as scribe on all four days, and the whole team will be kept in order by Bernice Emanuel.

The only regret Jenni has about the appointment is that she will miss watching her daughter Cheryl compete in the bitch Obedience Championships, but Cheryl is delighted with her Mum’s invitation.

Jenni and her team would like to wish all the YKC competitors good luck. Having been there herself on 13 occasions, she knows how nerve-wracking it can be, and will try in every way to make it a happy experience for the youngsters.


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