Crufts 2009

Obedience Championships

Dog Championship


1st Jenny Lunn with Ob Ch Longhalves on a High (WS)

2nd Mary Ray with Woodsorrel Red Devil (BC)

3rd Gail Waddington with Tyefold Seven of Clubs (WS)

4th Ian Watts with Ob Ch Iatka Zyg Dann (WS)

5th Stephanie Woollam with Jaysara Mischief O.W. (WS)

6th ARO Wendy Hagger with Ob Ch Aramisty Double O'Seven O.W. (WS)


Bitch Championship


1st Kim Innes with Ob Ch Barlingo Go Balistic (BC)

2nd Kathy Ingham with Ob Ch Ruskath Othentic Image CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx (WS)

3rd Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential (WS)

4th Lyn Green with Ob Ch Kuseley Diamond (XB)

5th Dot Watts with Ob Ch Zygdan Zyma (WS)

6th Christine Smeaton with Ob Ch Rockin At Glenbrittle (WS)


World Cup

Team Winners - England

Pat Watson with OB CH Danesway Double Delight at Forever Magic W/S

Sarah Delany with OB CH Vanistica Eclipse OW Groenendael

Mary Ray with Woodsorrel Red Devil BC

2nd Holland

3rd Belgium

4th Wales

Individual Winner - Danielle de Jonge with Mikey (Mikey) BC


Inter Regional


Winning Team


Beginner: Ann Fox with Georgie Femme Fatale XB
Novice: Valerie Dean with Jetril Cholla GSD
Novice: Carolyn Lloyd with Murvagh Finn McCool Papillon
Reserve: Marie Kirk with Pepsanner Patricia G Ret
Class A: Fiona Gomm with Decoymans Piper Sunrise Nova Scotia DTR
Class A: Teresa Davies with Samphrey Star Performer Sheltie
Class B: Gillian Winyard with Master Jazz Bow Jangle WS
Class C: Sue Jaggers with Suzie Q`s Micky WS


Individual Winners

Beginner: Ann Fox with Georgie Femme Fatale XB

Novice: Roberta Perkins with Pollys Perry Philou Crossbreed

Class A: Fiona Gomm with Decoymans Piper Sunrise Nova Scotia DTR

Class B: June Fevell with Saartji My Amigo WS

Class C: Pandy Hannay with Dodgin Mister Moon WS


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final





3rd Carol O’Hara with HUXTABLE MIDAS BC


5th Ann Dormer wirh WEEDON WONDER WIRE XB









1st Lucinda Godwin with Adnicul Dreamer Jazz (WS)

2nd Alexandra Duesbury with Dodgin Amber Gambler (WS)

3rd Jade Shortland with Nell It's Me And You (WS)

4th Chloe Brutto with Laetare Made In Heaven (BC)

5th Lauren Jones with Petitchein Maitre De La Mer (Papillon)

6th Esther Tidey with Jaroma Glenn Ross (Papillon)




1st Neil Lowndes with Nana's Billyboy (BC)

2nd Harriet Harding with Sadie Of Barrington (XB)

3rd Daniel Thompson with Mills In Wheels (WS)

4th Jenni Machon with Owanhill Chox Away (BC)

5th Oliver Downey with Llyn Peninsula Discovery (WS)

6th Lydia Uquhart Smith with Meister Werk Cedar (BC)



1st Danielle Jones with Vanistica Kitto For Jenny At Moshanta (BSD Groenendael)

2nd Amanda Fenner with Merry The Maid (WS)

3rd Vicky Bowe with Wannabe Twister (WS)

4th Vicky Bowe with Talacae Trick O' The Light (WS)

5th Gemma Brunt with Charlie's The Name (WS)



1st Jodi Lunn with Gypton Just Hadta Havya (WS)

2nd Natalie Webb with Lianbray Lovebug (Sheltie)

3rd Danielle Jones with Moshanta Moonlight Fantasy (BC)

4th Neil Lowndes with Nana's Billyboy (BC)

5th Gillian McIntosh with Xandras Girl Paige (WS)

6th Gavin Hawes with Trimore Warrior Knight (WS)




1st David Healey and Bamboozle Xtra Special Of Joem (BC)

2nd David Healey with Joem Jellennium (BC)

3rd Amanda Fenner with Coriecollies Jupitar (WS)

4th Sophie Bint with Jaro's Vanilla Ice (WS)

Obedience Championship Judge

Herbie Watson

Herbie believes it is a great honour to be invited to judge the obedience championships, and thanks the Kennel Club for this privilege.

His first dog was a German Shepherd bitch called Spring of Selina, which was bred by his friend Sid Phoenix on the understanding that Herbie would take her to dog training classes.

That's when Herbie got hooked on obedience and has been hooked ever since. Spring was 4 years old when they won beginners and novice on the same day, then he found out about championship shows and ticket classes from Jim Craggs who explained to him how to make up an Obedience Champion. He then started to travel to qualify Spring for ticket, she went on to win a ticket and 2 reserves.

Herbie then dropped out of the sport when Spring was 7 years old and came back in to it 5 years later.

He has trained 6 obedience Champions the first being Gerard Gemmas Lad, Deangary Drummer, Missy of Sekwef, Ginsun Jamie, Forever Magic Fluke and of course Whatknow Razzamatazz winning a total of 151 Obedience Certificates plus Crufts with Jazz and numerous 2nd and 3rd at Crufts.

The first ticket Herbie ever judged was at Scottish Kennel Club which was won by Bron Bartleys Tokie who Herbie believes to be a truly outstanding dog.

He is looking forward to the 2 days judging and hopes the competitors enjoy their day.

World Cup Judge

Brian McGovern

Brian was born in Dundee Scotland in 1949, but moved to England as a child. His love of dogs started during childhood and has played a major part in his life ever since.

Brian first competed in obedience in the late sixties and won his first beginners class in 1968 under Paula Ackery. In the seventies Brian decided to "do Europe" for a few months and stayed away for over 30 years. Whilst living in Holland he met and married Ria. They met through dog training and have shared the same hobby ever since. Brian has won the Dutch Obedience championships on two occasions with two different dogs. Brian and Ria currently own 5 dogs; 3 Germans Shepherds, a Border Collie and the most recent addition, a Malinois. Brian's other interests include ballroom dancing, bird watching and fly fishing.

In Holland Brian founded the Dutch Obedience Society which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2008. He was chairman of the society for almost 20 years and is now honorary chairman. Brian & Ria moved back to The UK in 2004. They own and run Chalkwell boarding kennels

Involvement is Competitive Obedience has taken Brian all over Europe and also to New Zealand and America.

It is no secret that Brian prefers keen motivated dogs and his Crufts round will reflect this. He believes that Crufts is a showcase to the rest of the world and has set a heelwork pattern that will allow competitors to really attack the round and show their dogs at their best.


Inter Regionals Judge

Hugh Wynne

Originating from Wales and having brothers working sheepdogs on the farm, it was inevitable that Hugh would have a collie but not until 1975 when on a rural posting with the constabulary. This necessitated joining a dog training club and eventual introduction to competitive obedience through club matches and the club's championship obedience show where he was allowed into the kitchen to do the washing up. Having competed for a number of years judging followed with invitations to judge only Novice classes for a period, then success with his third working sheepdog Scott (Woughstock Welltimed ap Wyncek) enabled him to judge other classes including his first ticket at Lichfield DTC in 1998. He has judged in Holland and in both Northern and Southern Ireland.

Hugh has represented the South East and East Anglia on the Obedience Council since 1995, became a Kennel Club member in 1999 and on the Activities Sub-Committee (WTOA) since 2001. He is a KC judge's accredited trainer and has also assisted with the Inter-Regional Competition since 1998.

He is a regular competitor with his working sheepdog Tyke (Woughstock Woven Waterway ap Wyncek) who just doesn't want to leave Class B by avoiding his third win at all costs i.e. failing stays, messing retrieve and just generally being an annoying little man - that's the polite version.

Hugh regularly judges all classes and takes weekly pet/obedience classes at the club, where he is currently the Vice-President after working his way through all the offices including chairman for 13 years and is the show manager and chief steward of Cambridgeshire Dog Training Club's Championship show.

He considers judging this Inter-Regional Competition a great honour and with his experienced team is looking forward to the return to hall 5. He will have straight forward rounds as he considers the competitors will create their own pressure without this being added to.


Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final Judge

Jane Wood

Having been a great supporter of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme since it began, it was a great honour for Jane to receive the invitation to judge the Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final at Crufts in 2009. She always enjoys judging the variety of breeds encountered at this level so is enormously looking forward to this appointment.

Jane's interest in Obedience began as a teenager, when, after watching Blue Peter and seeing Petra take part in a training class, decided that she should also like to train a dog. After years of hankering after a dog and borrowing other peoples, her parents decided finally, that she was at last old enough to have one of her own. Enter Sebastian, a Border Collie. Jane joined Epsom Canine Training Society, which at that time boasted at least half a dozen Obedience Champions in the Advanced class which she watched in amazement at every opportunity. Sebastian was very strong willed and proved quite a challenge but they got out of Novice - the final one being in a class of 76 - before the days of splitting at 60! He was followed by Tacky, a little smooth coat bitch who won out of A and competed in a couple of Working Trials and some Agility before Jane's first pregnancy put a stop to such activity! Trooper, a GSD also won his A's but decided that fast pace was not his 'thing'. Then came Wally, Kentygern Kadwaladr OW, who, despite another pregnancy of Jane's did everything he could for her. He competed successfully in Breed, Sheepdog Trials, did a lot of TV, film and photographic work, represented The South East and East Anglia as the Collie in the team at the Inter Regionals in the days when it was only Class C. He was C only at 3 years old and earned his Obedience Warrant and several places in Ticket. Lady Luck never shone on them, but she likes to think he was as likely as any to win a ticket at that time. Jane also handled Verelcroft O'Malley in ticket for a friend. Suenijon Driftaway followed and he also gained his Obedience Warrant. Jane is currently competing Coriecollies Joey in B & C and SnowBlue Mr Macaw (who she has 'borrowed' from her daughter) in Working Trials. Baby Lennie, aka Ludgate Power 'n' Glory has just arrived and Jane is looking forward to starting training.

She runs classes for puppies and pet dog owners where Jane relish the variety of breeds and their owners! Her links with Blue Peter have gone full circle now as in 2000, she was asked to train Lucy, their Golden Retriever and the presenter Simon Thomas and put them through the Bronze test as part of a class. This was great fun and she is now the proud owner of a Blue Peter badge! Lucy continued in class with her 'real' owner and achieved her Gold award, she still goes back to visit!

Jane is also a founder member of the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme and was one of the first few to achieve Accreditation.

She would like to wish all the competitors the very best of luck and a very enjoyable day. Jane would also congratulate them on the terrific achievement of gaining a place in the 2009 Pre Beginner Stakes Final.


YKC Judge

Paddy Coughlan

Paddy joined his first obedience club some forty years ago and quickly became involved in training companion dogs. He is totally committed to his beloved Hatchford Brook a registered dog club (he is now President after serving as its first Chairman for some 35 years till his retirement in 2008), he has helped others often on a one-to-one basis within and outside of the club environment to hone their handling skills and to compete in Obedience at the highest level.

He acquired his first sheepdog 'Sadghyl Meg' shortly after joining his initial obedience club and began working her in competition. Meg won every class from Pre Beginner to Championship 'C' taking him to Crufts for the first time in 1978. He has owned and trained several Border Collies/Working Sheepdogs and he is currently fortunate to own Libby a beautiful Border Collie bitch. Additionally In partnership with Pauline his wife they own a team of Papillons shown under their Kennel Club prefix PauPad. They are at most of the General Championship Shows and a good number of local open breed shows.

He has judged throughout the UK including the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey. He has awarded Challenge Certificates since 1985 and has awarded the Green Star (Obedience) in Southern Ireland. He judged the final of Good Citizen Special Pre Beginner at Crufts in 2007.

Paddy is a Kennel Club member, a long-term member and former Vice-Chairman of the Obedience Liaison Council and an elected member of the Working Trials, Obedience and Agility Council (WTOA. now called the Activities Sub Committee).

He has been committed to the Good Citizen Dog Scheme since its inception and was involved with Crufts demonstrations of the Scheme until 2007. Paddy was amongst the first to be tested for the Bronze, Silver and Gold with his own dogs. He has since assessed potential new examiners and has spoken at presentations of the scheme. In 2005 he was very proud to be presented with the first Good Citizen Dog Scheme Outstanding Contribution Award.

He started attending Young Kennel Club camps when his daughter Claire was very young and has since helped to train Obedience on many occasions at YKC camps. He aims to judge YKC at one Obedience Show a year (will not judge more to enable competitors to earn Diplomas under different Judges) and would be delighted if more judges would familiarize themselves with the tests and offer their services.

He is the author of Step-by-Step Guide to Obedience



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