Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Sandra Gordon

Bitch Championship

Dot Watts

WINNER -   Dot Watts with Ob Ch Zygdann Rockin Frenzi


Karen Davies

RESERVE - Karen Davies with Ob Ch Stillmoor Celtic Banner



3RD - Dominique Ficek with De Risan Extra Hot

4TH - Jane Moran with Ob Ch Dusters Done N Dusted

5TH - Madge Thompson with Ob Ch Forevermagic Its Trendy

6TH - Lisa Brannan with Ob Ch Moakies Mystical Moment



In Running Order:

1 Karen Davies with Ob Ch Stillmoor Celtic Banner - BC

Karen Davies

2 Marie Cartwright with Ob Ch Dodgin Firecracker - WSD

Marie Cartwright

3 Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Lupitoonz Limelite - WSD

Linda Rutherford

4 Lin Tozer with Ob Ch Whatknow Pop Tonic - WSD

Lin Tozer

5 Jane Bint with Janyjoy Jumpin Jaro - WSD

Jane Bint

6 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched - WSD

Phil Barnes

7 Jenny Gould with Ob Ch Zakanja Little Creature - GSD

Jenny Gould

8 Ann Northfield with Ob Ch Iatka Star Performer - WSD

Anne Northfield

9 Madge Thompson with Ob Ch Forevermagic Its Trendy - WSD

Madge Thompson

10 Jodi Lunn with Longhalves Fast N Furious - WSD

Jodi Lunn

11 Dot Watts with Ob Ch Zygdann Rockin Frenzi - WSD

Dot Watts

12 Kaye Ball with Pepsanner Boadicea Of Barcarolle - G Ret

Kaye Ball

13 Mary Vessey with Ob Ch Fenellark Charleston - BC

Mary Vessey

14 Jane Moran with Ob Ch Dusters Done N Dusted - WSD

Jane Moran

15 Lisa Brannan with Ob Ch Moakies Mystical Moment - WSD

Lisa Brannan

16 June Stenning with Iatka Starshine - WSD
June Stenning

17 Lyn Collins with Gypton Just A Genius - WSD

Lyn Collins

18 Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic Its Flicker - WSD

Pat Watson

19 Michelle Newman with Kanya Keep Kool - GSD

Michelle Newman

20 Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential - WSD

Linda Rutherford

21 Wendy Birch with Gypton Just Della Of Greyvalley - WSD

Wendy Birch

22 Dominique Ficek with De Risan Extra Hot - BC

Dominique Ficek

Dog Championship


WINNER - Jessica Lewis with Ob Ch Pepsanner Atlantic



RESERVE - Dot Watts with Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco



3rd - Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Forever Magic Its A Gift

4th - Geraldine Steadman with Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm

5th - Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Sixela Rumr Has It

6th - Margaret Ward with Fellameeka Diamond Geyser

In Running order:

1 Kath Westell with Ob Ch Coriecollies Jetsetter For Kajo - WSD

Kath Westell

2 Lorna Hilton with Ob Ch Jupavia Magic Dreams - BC

Lorna Hilton

3 Janet Bates with Ob Ch Bluefizz Taika Chance On Me - Aussie X

Janet Bates

4 Margaret Ward with Fellameeka Diamond Geyser - WSD

Margaret Ward

5 Andrea Little with Borderlair Aerodynamic - WSD

Andrea Little

6 Janet Matthews with Ob Ch Croftmist River Of Krismoss - WSD

Jan Mathews

7 Sandra Spruce with Dodgin Rags To Riches - WSD

Sandra Spruce

8 Michelle Dunscombe with Forever Magic X Rated - WSD

Michelle Dunscombe

9 Ann Rogers with Ob Ch Moakies Mystical Warrior - WSD

10 Jessica Lewis with Ob Ch Pepsanner Atlantic - G Ret

Jessica Lewis

11 Bev Hughes with Ob Ch Gwynfair Bear Necessities - WSD

Bev Hughes

12 Gill Winyard with Ob Ch Jonjosam Drunken Duncan - BC

Gill Winyard

13 Jessica Lewis with Colliewood Casanova - WSD

Jessica Lewis

14 Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Sixela Rumr Has It - BC

Linda Rutherford

15 Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans - WSD

Mary Ray

16 Dot Watts with Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco - WSD

Dot Watts

17 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Forever Magic Its A Gift - WSD

Phil Barnes

18 Paul Cook with Dunburgh Fun Lovin Criminal - G Ret

Paul Cook

19 Geraldine Steadman with Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm  - BC

Geraldine Steadman

World Cup

  Judge - Kathy Russell



Winning Team -ENGLAND



Second Team - WALES



Third Team - Holland



Fourth Team - SCOTLAND



Winning Individual - Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans



Second Individual - Jane Moran with OB CH Dusters Done 'N' Dusted



Third Individual - Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's Flicker 



Fourth Individual -Helen Murray and Sixela Uno's Diva


Teams are shown in running order

1 Wales

Jane Walker with Darian Lady Pirate at Davmic AW (Mair) WS

Jane Walker

Jane Moran with OB CH Dusters Done 'N' Dusted (Nellie ) WS

Jane Moran

Michelle Dunscombe  with ForeverMagic Xrated OW (Maverick) WS

Michelle Dunscombe

 Reserve: Katy Girdler ith Gwynion Sinead for Pashamatts (Tyler ) BC

2 Holland

Holland Team

Bernou ter Voorde with Namaste Hope (Lizzy) BC

Bernou ter Voorde

Guus Scholten with Danesway Duet (Gucci) WS

Guus Scholten

Karin Stegmeijer with Absolutely Fabulous McCay (McCay) WS

Karin Stegmeijer

Reserve: Ivonne van der Meer with Abfab Irausquinn (Quinn) WS

Ivonne van der Meer

3 New Zealand

Libby Ellery with Kingsfarm Carbon Copy

Libby Ellery

Karen Browning with Nedlo What's Up Doc

Karen Browning

Sallie Remon with Vombrittania Anza

Sallie Remon

Reserve: Wayne Ellery with Gorgeous Georgia

Wayne Ellery

4 Canada

David Holzman with Ali

5 Germany

Team Manager: Tanja Gube

Bettina Neuss with Akira (Akira), Labrador Retriever

Bettina Neuss

Kerstin Vogel with Longhill’s Beauty Anni my love (Frieda), BC

Kerstin Vogel

Susi Huber with de risan Entertainer (Profi), BC

Susi Huber

Reserve: Dr. Gabriele Recker with Magic Monty vom Erkelenzer Land (Fabio), Shetland Sheepdog

Gabriele Recker

6 Belgium

Team Manager: Lucie Van de Casteele-Claeys

Anda De Baerdemaeker with Fjurdyhoeve Vivid (Vivid) BC

Anda de Baerdemaeker

Sandra Tournaye with Canen Little Miss Giggles (Giggles) BC

Sandra Tournaye

Karl Van den Bosch with Ink of Maranns Home (Ink) BC

Karl van den Bosch

7 Northern Ireland

Alison Pell & Goldmali Cherish (Zara) Mallios BSD

Alison Pell

Sam McCracken & FortVictory Princess Zara (Zara) BC

Sam McCracken

Naoimh Mathers & Grenaby Red Dynamite (Jasper) BC

Naoimh Mathers

Helen Boyde & Happenywoods Snowfall (Indy) BC

Helen Boyde

8 England

Team Manager - Herbie Watson

1 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched (Jezzi) W/S

Phil Barnes

2 Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's Flicker     (Flick) W/S

Pat Watson

3 Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans (Levi) W/S

Mary Ray

Reserve: Marie Cartwright with Ob Ch Dodgin Firecracker (Dazzle) W/S

Marie Cartwright

9 Scotland

Ellen Herries and Jewhisps Jewel (Gabi)

Ellen Herries

Helen Murray and Sixela Uno's Diva (Diva)

Helen Murray

Aileen Moffat and Sixela Second Time Around (Rebus)

Aileen Moffat

Reserve: Annie Robertson and Sixela Hightec at Terannos (Tec)

Annie Robertson

Inter Regional

Judge - Steve Barnes


ir winners

WINNERS - Northern Team



RESERVE - South & South West Team





Beginner - Ashleigh Foster - Angelo's Wings



Novice - Anna Pleban - Moowalker



Class A - John Clark - Saartjie Highland Thistle



Class B - Sue Howard - Cleynehage Jubox



Class C - Jeny Miller - Foxfold Unexpected Edition OW CDEx UDEx WDEx TDEx


Teams are shown in running order

1 - Midlands

Midlands Team

Team Manager - Lou Jackson


Simon Harding with Verdendo Yule Be Lucky JW. Beg.Ex. (Subject to KC approval) Boxer

Simon Harding


Mrs Valerie Ridgers with Pepsanner The Pirate. GR

Val Ridgers

Mrs Kathryn Reynolds with Westhorphall Sarabi. GR

Kay Reynolds

Class A

Miss Lyn Griffin with Vaneldurks Angus. GSD

Lynn Griffin

Mrs Sue Cotton with Wild Foggy Marsh. GR

Sue Cotton

Class B

Mrs Julia Skipp with She's The One. BC

Julia Skipp

Class C

Ms. Susie Duke with Sympathy In Ice White. W/S

Susie Duke

Reserve: Miss Emily Wyatt with Frankie Goes To Hollysea. X

Emily Wyatt

2 - Wales

Welsh Team

Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Nicola Hopkins With Nizhoni Echo (Echo ) GSD

Nicola Hopkins


Anna Pleban with Moon Walker (Tahu ) Rhodesian Ridgeback

Anna Pleban

Chrissie Harrison with Jacob Osbourne of Neath (Jake) WS

Chrissy Harrison

Class A

Anne Coates with Courtridge Chorister (Crispin ) Golden Ret

Anne Coates

Pauline Harris with Anchorspride Sully (Flyn ) GSD

Pauline Harris

Class B

Yvonne Davies with Bonvivant Vivace (Brye) BSD

Yvonne Davies

Class C

Linda Howells with My Senior Moment (flexi ) WS

Linda Howells

Reserve: Kelly Voaden with Bekwey Beau (Lemmy ) XB

Kelly Voaden

3 - South East & East Anglia


Southern Team

Team Manager - Jenny Lunn


Nick Wright with Carishill Onyx (Maxwell) Goldie

Nick Wright


Teresa Mills with Josalyn Hortencia (Connie) Spanish Water Dog

Teresa Mills

Mari Ylivinkka with Tintenfass Patric HR's Son (Fingal) Giant Schnauzer

Mari Ylivinkka

Class A

Sue Robinson with Shelridge Distant Laughter With Alnmac (Dilys) Sheltie

Sue Robinson

Lou Holmes with Nobite Held To Ransom (Diesel) BC

Lou Holmes

Class B

Sinead Mowatt with Its Jaros D'voted Dancer (Deedee) WS

Sinead Mowatt

Class C

Sally Davis with Jemas Sound Of Music (Music) XB

Sally Davis


Jill Van Assen with Rayleigh Jake (Jake) Cockapoo

Jill Van Assen

4 - Northern

Northern Team

Team Manager - Pat Wilson


Ashleigh Foster and ANGELO’S WINGS (Bazil) Wk.Sh.

Ashleigh Foster


Henri Carew and HENS MILLIE MINSTREL (Millie) ESS

Henri Carew

Jackie Muir and MORGANSR MADE FOR ME (Kitt) B/C X GSD

Jackie Muir

Class A

Brenda Holden and ALFIE OF HODGE HOUSE (Alfie) Labrador X

Brenda Holden

Gillian Strickleton and REDISTEDI HIGH REALITY (Mikey) B/C

Gillian Strickleton

Class B

Fiona Holdsworth and ACTADOG ALL FOR ONE A.Ex. (Power) GSD

Fiona Holdsworth

Class C

Jeny Miller and FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION O.W. CD.Ex. UD.Ex. WD.Ex. TD.Ex. (Chello) GSD x B/C

Jeny Miller

Reserve: Louise Frelford and ACTADOG AIM TO ACHIEVE (Link) GSD

Louise Frelford


5 - Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Team

Team Manager - Michael McCartney


Ciaran Madine & Willow Tree Charlie Oskar (Oskar) Springer Cross

Ciaran Madine


Janette Mitchell & Shelridge Special Diamond (Finlo) SSD

Janette Mitchell

Bobby Austin & Colroy Carbon Copy (Jack) SSD

Bobby Austin

Class A

Louise Jackson & Topeka Ocaso Rojo (Razzle) ASD

Louise Jackson

Naoimh Mathers & Grenaby Red Dynamite (Jasper) BC

Naoimh Mathers

Class B

Sue Raine & Double Entendre (Ffin) WSD

Sue Raine

Class C

Alison Pell & Goldmali Cherish (Zara) Mallios BSD

Alison Pell

Reserve: Diana Boroda with Kentredecim Hearts Desires (Nellie) English SBT

Diana Boroda


6 - South & South West


Western Team

Team Manager - Stephanie Woollam


Annette Gibson & DAISY DIBBLE (Daisy) Labrador

Annette Gibson


Caroline Makkai & JOEVANESS FIRE STORM (Rumble) GSD

Caroline Makkai


Sue James

Class A


John Clark

Carrol Walker & JETRIL ROULETTE (Poppy) GSD

Carrol Walker

Class B

Sue Howard & CLEYNEHAGE JUBOX (Pookie) G. Retriever

Sue Howard

Class C

Helen Connolly & GORGEOUS GEORGIA B.Ex (Georgia) GSD

Helen Connolly

Nicolette Beardsley & KENXIAM CAYMAN CHARM (Ralph) Border Terrier

Nicolette Beardsley



7 - Scotland

Scottish Team

Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgr - Anne Marie Parker


Jess Simpson & Rannaleroch Chilaca at Applecreek (Morgen) - ASD

Jess Simpson


Kirsty Bidgood & Spring Dream Misha at Alikir (Mischa) - GSD

Kirsty Bidgood

Andy Crowe & Arthur of Douglas (Artie) - Staffie

Andrew Crowe

Class A

Judith Owen & Tig The Tiglet Mikki Plum (Tig) - Crossbreed

Judith Owen

Ian Boyd & Langfaulds Medoc (Max) - GSD

Class B

Carole Patrick & Jewhisp's Inki (Inki) - BC

Carole Patrick

Class C

Annie Robertson & Sixela Hightec at Terannos (Tec) - BC

Annie Robertson

Reserve: Elaine Wilson & Calmholme Elegant Esme (Tarn) - GSD

Elaine Wilson


Judge - Maria Carter


WINNERS - Shettland Sheepdog



Second - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever



Third - Miniture Schnauzer



Fourth - Chihuahua



In running order:

1 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

2 Pyrenean sheepdog

Pyrenean Sheepdog

3 Shetland Sheepdog


4 Chihuahua

Team Chihuahua

5 Whippet

6 Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds

7 Smooth collie

Smooth Collie

  8 Mini Schnauzers

Min Schnauzer

9 Japanese Akita Inu

10 Toy Poodles

Toy Poodle

  11 Schipperke


12 Lhasa Apso

Lhaso Apso

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Michael McCartney


WINNER - Babs Sharp with Jazzed Up



2nd - Radana Stewart with Ozzy Princess of Darkness

3rd - Michelle Hurrell with Kenalure Climbing Rose

4th - Diana Boroda with Kentredecim Hearts Desire

5th - Diane Carroll with Miss Jessie Bee

6th - Michelle  Dakin with Tatty Tedward



In Running Order:

1 Lesley Harvey with Highcrest Pride (Labrador)

Lesley Harvey

2 Peter Tenorowicz withMaural Charlie Boy (Cocker Spaniel)

3 Steve Baker withTazeos Angraecum (BC)

4 Jodie Parry with Diva the Dark Destroyer (xbreed)

Jodie Parry

5 Radana Stewart with Ozzy Princess of Darkness (xbreed)

6 Karen Keating with Wish In the Mist (WSD)

7 Diane Carroll with Miss Jessie Bee (WSD)

Diane Carroll

8 Rachel Chapman with Sherbert Tropical (GSD)

Rachel Chapman

9 Liz Daniell with Crystalar Destined to be (Standard Poodle)

10 Babs Sharp with Jazzed Up (BSD)

Babs Sharp

11 Michelle  Dakin with Tatty Tedward (xbreed)

Michelle Dakin

12 Michelle Hurrell with Kenalure Climbing Rose (Cocker Spaniel)

13 Jacquie Sliwinski with Zouki Do Where Are You (xbreed)

14 Diana Boroda with Kentredecim Hearts Desire (SBT)

Diana Boroda

15 Martyn Willcock with Murphy Magnus Lummox (WSD)

16 Michelle Dakin with Jayrock Alabama Walking (Boston Terrier)

Michelle Dakin

17 Peter Tenorowicz with Maural Dino (Cocker Spaniel)

18 Victoria Main with Get Down And Bertie (Crossbreed)

Victoria Main

19 Ciaran Madine with Willow Tree Charlie (xbreed)

Ciaran Madine

20 Barbara Slack with Pepperhill Crushed Ice (Sheltie)

Barbara Slack


Judge - Janel Fone


Starter Winner

Winner - Amy Carswell with Foxbarton Prince Hal

Starter second 

Second - Lizzie Mason with Strickland Flyer

Starter Third

Third - Imogen Curtis with Mr Miley

In running order:

1 Imogen Curtis with Mr Miley (Crossbreed)

2 Sophie Taggart with Brazzle Dazzle Bramble (Border Collie)

3 Lizzie Mason with Strickland Flyer (Working Sheepdog)

4 Amy Carswell with Foxbarton Prince Hal (Border Collie)

5 Sophie Gordon with Stillrockin Whats in Store (Shetland Sheepdog)

6 Regan Newton with Mika Phoenix Fay (Siberian Husky)

7 Grace Smith with Stonelight The Ginger Man (German Spitz - Klein)

8 Heather Angus with Stone Jet (Crossbreed)



WINNER - Rosie Paine with Mad Miss Maddy



SECOND - Keeley Hurton with Keeleys Archie Boy



THIRD - Clare Dempsey with Lady Waffles



In running order:

1 James Newton with Wait For It (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

2 Clare Dempsey with Lady Waffles (Toy Poodle)

3 Keeley Hurton with Keeley's Archie Boy (Crossbreed)

4 Heather Simcock with Bracken Cherry Blossom (Labrador)

5 Lisa Griffiths with Tilemarsh Diamond Girl (Working Sheepdog)

6 Rosie Paine with Mad Miss Maddy (Crossbreed)

7 Ella Armstrong with Lorics Xquizite In Ebony (Miniature Poodle)



Winner - Michaela Gunning with Wot a Sparkler



Second - Shannon Wright with Bordalicious Pink Lace



Third - Emma Coyle with Rosmarinus Teasle



In running order:

1 Shannon Wright with Bordalicious Pink Lace (Working Sheepdog)

2 Emily Wyatt with Frankie goes to Hollysea (Crossbreed)

Emily Wyatt

3 Michaela Gunning with Wot a Sparkler (Working Sheepdog)

4 Georgia Daly with Apple Blossom Miss (Cocker Spaniel)

5 Emma Coyle with Rosmarinus Teasle (Border Collie)

6 Katie Bloor with Katie's Calamari (Crossbreed)

Katie Bloor

7 Lydia Nicole Smith with Oh What a Surprise (Border Collie)



Winner - Lydia Nicole Smith with Beat Baxa Ladylikee



Second - Emma Coyle with Rosmarinus Teasle


In running order:

1 Lydia Nicole Smith with Beat Baxa Ladylikee (Border Collie)

2 April Bush with Kezzy Midnight Spark (Crossbreed)

3 Emma Willis with Fortvictory Lucky Bear (Border Colllie)

4 Emma Coyle with Rosmarinus Teasle (Border Collie)



WINNER - Jamie Hewitson with Rockin Total Kaos



Second - Anthony Snook with  Little Mica


 In running order:

1 Anthony Snook with  Little Mica (Crossbreed)

2 Jamie Hewitson with Rockin Total Kaos (Border Collie)






Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge: Sandra Gordon

Sandra Gordon

January 2012 was special. There I was, normal Scottish weather, cold and frosty, when a green envelope popped through the letter box. Thinking it was an information leaflet from the K.C. I put it on the dining table. Later when I opened it – WOW - !!, cold and frosty turned to bright and sunny. I read it over and over. This couldn’t be for me – why me?  My husband, Derek, kept smiling  and was so looking forward to being in my team.

I joined Burnbank DTC 50 years ago this year, with an apricot poodle called Bambi.  (Guess what film we loved ). After that I borrowed my Gran’s dogs, a X breed Kylie, 2 long coat Shepherds, Jason and Tagg, and a tri collie, Jack. I so loved my dogs!

Due to his illness I had to retire Tagg early, so for 4 years or so I went to the Club without a dog but enjoyed every job I was asked to do.

Derek and I married in 1979 and we got our fabulous Ben and have had border collies ever since – Keri then Brea. This past year my beautiful girls Chezi, Charli and Nikki have helped me get through hard times. I lost CHEZI of DANE BENT last May after a short illness but am so lucky to still have my “BEST GIRL” Charli- RUSKATH OTTOBE IMAGE and my angel Nikki – SIXELA MOONLIGHT DREAM. Having such wonderful companions has also let me compete at all levels in obedience and I have been able to travel to some great shows across the whole country.

Competing at shows allowed me to move into judging and my first judging appointment was at Ayr in the south west of Scotland and my first Champ appointment was at Lichfield Show, judging Bitches in 2002, and I have judged at shows up and down the country ever since and enjoyed the variety this has brought.

If 2012 was special to Derek and me, then 2013 was the worst year of my life. Derek was admitted to hospital on 2nd September and died suddenly 6 weeks later on October 15th. I am finding this so difficult to write.  We had planned  lots of the preparation for Crufts together. The colours we are wearing were chosen by him, so he will be with us in the ring in some way.

 The support I have had from the Obedience world has been fantastic, especially his special pals the “Wongas “ and the “Young Sheila”.  He used to watch the advert and laugh. I will let people work out who they are !! My Crufts team are very special and have really supported me. Margaret , thank you so much for your advice and help with the team training – I will miss you at Crufts. Good luck to Steve Barnes, judging the Inter Regional and to Kathy Russell judging the World Cup.

Myself and my team are all looking forward to the thrill of judging at Crufts instead of just being the spectators. We have worked hard in our preparations and hope all the competitors find the round enjoyable to work.

Thank you to my team for all their hard work.

I hope that everyone involved has a great day and good luck.


World Cup

Judge: Kathy Russell

Kathy Russell

Having judged the Crufts obedience championships in 2001 it is a great honour and privilege to be invited back some 14 years later to judge the exciting World Cup Obedience competition at Crufts 2015.

My obedience career has spanned 39 years . When I was 15 my parents, after constant nagging, relented and let me have my long awaited first dog a GSD called Thor. He was mainly a family pet and took me in such a short time from beginners to C. Because I had to share him with the family it interfered with his training. Unfortunately, he had such a short life due to hip displaysia. Then along came my very own 1981 Crufts Obedience Champion Rintilloch Gingham (Juno). The first of my six Obedience Champions. Much to my friends disgust I then changed my allegiance to Border Collies . Aptly named, due to my change in breed, Ob Ch Altered Image of Ruskath (Lainey) was my first Border Collie  who founded my Border Collie "Ruskath" line who produced Ob Ch Ruskath Sequel Image (Erin) once described as dynamite on four legs! My next Ob Ch Ruskath Quasi Image (Quent) was bred by my good friends Christine and Paul Cartwright. Sadly she had such a short obedience career as I lost her to the dreaded cancer at 5 years old. Currently Ob Ch Ruskath Portent Image (Nyla) won Crufts in 2012 and retired at just over 12 years of age at my own show Cheshire in 2014.  Ob Ch  & Working Trials Champion Ruskath Othentic Image TDEx ( Oddi) is by far the most successful dog I have owned as her name suggests competing successfully in Obedience and Working trials. Ruskath Makana Image (Zuri) and Ruskath Magical Image (Winston) who have won 2 tickets and one ticket respectfully are Oddi's niece and nephew. All of whom are descendants  of  Lainey. I am now bringing on my youngster Sarkam Explicit Image for Ruskath who was bred by my good friend Sarah Jane Campbell in Scotland. Kafna is Winston's daughter and currently has 1 qualifier in C and is not yet 2 years old. I am currently now working two bitches and one dog in ticket and hopefully Kafna will join the others in ticket this year.

I firmly believe that we should put something back into our sport.  I started my apprentiship  at East Kilbride DTC in Scotland under the guidance of the late Ian MacMillan and Margaret Hillis. I will always be indebted to them for starting me off on my obedience path. I was head trainer there for 25 years  and Show Manager and am proud to say that I am a life member. I moved to Cheshire in 1999 and since then I have been actively involved on the committee of Cheshire DTC .
I have judged regularly at all levels here and abroad judging my first ticket in 1991 and 10 years later in 2001 the highest and greatest honour was judging the Crufts Obedience Championships.

All my team at Crufts this year are long standing valued friends. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support and help throughout.

Competing at Crufts every year since I was young ( not that I am saying I'm old now!!!!) lets me appreciate that to step onto the green carpet at Crufts as a competitor is one of the greatest achievements I have experienced. Therefore as a judge I will understand fully how you all feel and also appreciate how much time and effort has gone into your preparation for this event.

Enjoy your special day representing your country with your dog here at Crufts 2015.

Kathy Russell


Inter Regional

Judge: Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes

It is a great honour to be invited to judge  this years inter regionals, thank you to the Kennel Club for the privilege.

My very first dog was brought for my 21st birthday, she was a beautiful long haired German Shepherd who had a great zest for life and became totally devoted to me.

I joined the local GSD club in South Birmingham and moved to Solihull dog training club where I became a member, a committee member and trainer for many years and met so many genuinely nice  people, who are still today competing or helping at shows like Marcia Smith who to this day is the chief steward at so many Midland Shows in all weather conditions, Keith and Hazel travelling the country with their stall (Petneeds) to name a couple.

I remember my first night at Solihull dog training club, a bubbly blonde lady bursting through the door with two border collies in tow, one called Kym the other Fleur, she then started to do this thing called heel work before the beginner class started, I'd never seen anything like it, the dogs just beamed with happiness, life in their eyes they were awesome, I was sold, got the bug, that lady was Brenda Harvey, forever my hero.

My GSD Kim and I started to compete in 1981, at the age of 5 she became ill with a stomach problem and lost her battle at 6.  Over the years I have had the privilege of owning some beautiful dogs , but sadly never to a great age, my most successful dog was Ob Ch Its Snow Fluke who I competed with at Cruft's 3 times. The first time was one of the best days of my life something I will always remember, to me on that day he was outstanding, never had a feeling like it since.

I am now a member of Worcester dog training club and for the last two years was the chairman.

I started judging  in 1985 and judged my first championship class in 2000, awarding tickets to some fabulous dogs,  I have also had the honour of stewarding at Crufts on 2 different occasions, the Inter Regionals for David Howell in 2006 and the Championships for Herbie Watson in 2009, 2 very special days.

In March 2014 i was overwhelmed with emotion and pride when my wife Philomena and the son of Fluke, Ginty became the Crufts  dog champion.

I would like to thank my team for all their commitment and efforts in making this day special, also to John Verrill  and Dave Howell who gave me so much information it has made our preparation so much easier.

My team and I would like to wish all the Inter Regional teams a fantastic  day, all  competitors in the championships and World Cup the very best of luck
" have a good one "

                                                            Steve Barnes


Judge: Maria Carter

 Maria Carter

 I am honoured to be judging the Obreedience competition this year, having competed at last year’s inaugural event. I was the Team Leader for the Pembroke Corgi team, who went on to take first place and become the first Obreedience Champions. It will be fabulous to view the event from a different perspective this year! It is a great way to demonstrate that all breeds can enjoy Obedience, and to encourage new handlers into the sport.

 I have been in Competitive Obedience for a long time, and still love training and competing with my dogs, as well as regularly judging up to C. My Pembroke Corgis have done me proud over the years, with one having competed in Ticket (Gina) and another (Sera) having won 3 C’s – the only Corgis to have ever achieved this standard. I am currently working Carina in B and C, Gina (my second Gina!) in Novice and A, and have retired Ella who was working B.

I am President of Cheltenham and District Dog Training Club and welcome all of our new members personally each week. My Corgis have been successful in Breed as well as Obedience, and are regularly featured on television and in films, for example The King’s Speech.

I would like to thank my stewarding team Andrea, Jan, Sally and Neville for agreeing to assist me at this event. My advice to all competitors is to enjoy your moment, and show me what your beautiful dogs can do!


Judge: Janel Fone

Janel Fone

  I am delighted to have been asked to judge the YKC Obedience.  I started on obedience at the age of 12, after taking a friend's Bearded Collie Benji to training classes.  My Mum and I went to Crufts in 1975 and fell in love with Border Collies and my ambition to compete at Crufts took hold.  Jodie, my first Border Collie began our Joem lines, but it was my second dog Jemma (Ob Ch Runfold Dallas of Joem) who made my dreams come true.  There was no YKC in those days but I can still remember doing a run-off's for "Best Junior" against the likes of  Wendy Birch (nee Hill) and Joanna Hill - how scarey is that!

All my dogs have been great - fantastic temperaments (although Jemma had her moments!),  full of personality and perfect for me at that time. Jeffrey of Joem was a real character and taught me that I didn't know everything (or anything!) about dog training, although he did gain a Reserve CC; Joem Jylly was just perfect and saw me through the birth and early years of my two children and won one CC when I was on maternity leave and Joem Jimmi (my current dog) is a loyal, bomb-proof family pet who has the same passion for football as my two boys (she's great in defence) and works C.  As Jimmi is 10, my youngest son has now decided we should start looking for a new puppy......

I've juggled obedience around first school, then university, career and family, and as well as training and competing, I've also enjoyed judging over the years - I love to see true partnership and understanding between dog and handler.  I am a trustee for Support Dogs, and it is incredible to see the difference that the difference that these partnerships make in their owners' lives.

Obedience is a great hobby- I've learnt a lot (and am still learning), made many friends and have many great memories.  Shows are a real family event as Mum (Joan Johnson) still competes at the tender age of 84 and my niece Karen Fone is looking forward to her first season in ticket this year with her Golden Retriever, Ember and I'm pleased that they and my good friend Louise Healey will be the team at Crufts.

So, good luck to everyone - enjoy your day and, most importantly,  enjoy your dogs.


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final


Judge: Michael McCartney

Michael McCartney

I feel honoured and privileged to have been invited to judge the Kennel Club Good Citizen Special Pre Beginner Stakes Final at Crufts 2015.  I have been involved with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme from its onset; I believed then it was a good idea and still do.  I promote the scheme at my own classes and I am also a verifier of KCGCS Assessors.  I must thank Heidi and her team for their continued support of promoting responsible dog ownership & striving to help obedience prosper.

My love of border collies was born and flourished during the summers my family spent in a cottage on farm.  Each summer the whole family, with the exception of my Dad (he had to stay behind in Belfast to work) travelled to the small village of Moneyslaine; we spent long summer days there and I spent most of my time around the farm watching the dogs at work.  To this day if I see a dog moving sheep I feel compelled to stop and watch – it’s just amazing.

I first joined a dog club in 1969 and have been a member of a KC registered club since then.  Currently I am Chairman and Head Trainer of Lisburn & District DTC.  I went along to classes with my collie cross Cap and the bug for training dogs was well and truly caught.  My parents then got me a rough collie which I called???? -  you’ve guessed it LASSIE – well why wouldn’t you!!!  My first proper border collie was Glen quickly followed by Craig both qualified to work Champ obedience.  Craig sired some lovely puppies and I was lucky to have owned three of them Ryan, Wisp & Ace.  Ace was a very special boy and he qualified for Olympia (agility) and was the best placed British dog in the International Event.  Wisp – Wisp was a born worker at Crufts 2007 he was the highest placed British dog in the Crufts World Cup Event – he came 3rd in the individual placings.  Laser my handsome red/white collie was a Londoner he also was successful in both disciplines but agility was what he loved the most.  My son Crawford ran him in YKC events and they were part of the Ulster Dogs YKC team that won the team event at Crufts.  Presently at home we have five collies three of which are descendants of Glen & Craig’s. Currently four of the five compete in both agility and obedience.  Cider who is a ticket agility & works Class C obedience, Giggsy a Grade 6 agility & ticket obedience, Truly (Truly Trouble) works Grade 5 agility & C obedience, Bestie is a G3 agility & B obedience.  Bestie is the son of my Laser who we lost prematurely Christmas 2013.   Our newest family member is Halligalli Standin Ovation – Robbo to his friends (Robbo sends loads of Good Luck to his Dad Gucci who is competing n the World Cup Event).

My team and I are really looking forward to our day and hope all the finalist are too.  I wish all the handlers and dogs the very best of luck.  My advice is RELAX & ENJOY, win or lose you will still take the best dog home.