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Crufts Scoresheet

EVENT:  Obreedience YEAR:  2014

1 Rottweiler

Team Leader: Nikki Linbourne

Nichola Linbourne with Cornerpix Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Xena)

Julie Johnson with Parvenu Kitty Kuschelbar at Cornerpix (Kitty)

John Johnson with Cornerpix Dixieland Rock (Dixie)

Darren Ansell with Cornerpix My Boy (Bo)

Reserve: Vanessa Harrison with Cornerpix Viva Las Vegas (Dinky)

3.75 on heelwork
0.75 scent
0.5 send to bed
0 stop and play
1.75 retrieve

Total 6.75

2 Spanish Water Dog

Team Leader: Adrian Dornford-Smith

Adrian Dornford-Smith with Lita

Rachel Cooper with Cha Cha

Jenny Mclaren with Lexi

Jenny Johnson with Trella

Reserve: TBC

5 on heelwork
0.75 On scent
1 Send to bed
5 Stop on recall
0.5 Retrieve

Total 12.25

3 Afghan Hound

Team Leader: Krysia Wilenczyc

Krysia Wilenczyc with Jimellree First Knight at Kashiba (Wladek)

Ann Thompson with Warrenoak It Wasnt Me (Amber)

Bill Boydell with Warrenoak Dixie on my Mind (Dixie)

Muriel Boydell with Nightwind, the Beat Goes On at Warrenoak (Kasey)

Reserve: TBC

5.75 on heelwork
9 Scent
0 Send to bed
8 Stop on recall
1 Retrieve

Total 23.75

4 Corgi (Pembroke)

Team Leader: Maria Carter

Maria Carter with Nobutmanor Maria de Cesare (Carina)

Sally Corbett with Kulla Black Ringlet (Charlie)

Jan West with Trutam Starlight (Rhoda)

Emese Kovacs with Bertley Blackbird (Badger)

Reserve: Anne Petitpierre with Kulla Kanwar (Rob Roy)

3.75 on heelwork
0.5 Scent
0.25 Send to bed
0 Stop on recall
0 Retrieve

Total 4.5

5 Hovawart

Team Leader: Maggie Spencer

Maggie Spencer with Hightimbers Dollar (Dollar)v

Paula Foakes with Pines Jonathan Creek (Merlot)

Elaine Betts with Pines Acorn (Acorn)

Janet Pearce with Pines Anubis (Obi)

Reserve: Georgie Wilkins with Pines Enigma Variations at Hightimbers (Gracie)

4.5 on heelwork
0.25 Scent
0.5 Send to bed
0 Stop on recall
0 Retrieve

Total 5.25

6 Boxer

Team Leader: Dawn Barry

Dawn Barry with Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box (Zac)

Simon Harding with Verdendo Yule be Lucky (Taz) Pre Beg Ex, JW

Caroline Gebbie with Daveanette SpookyNight (Spooky) Beg Ex, Rlia Ex

Tobie James with Bosckoph Dynamic (Fred) Pre Beg Ex, CDX,UDX,WD

Reserve: Janet Longley with Attomic Rising Star (Rose)

4.25 on heelwork
1 Scent
0 Send to bed
0 Stop on recall
1.75 Retrieve

Total 7

7 Tibetan Terrier

Team Leader: Claire Stuchbury

Claire Stuchbury with Nefertari Devil Wears Prada (Liza)

Trisha Morris with Balizaha Hot Hagrid (Harry)

Jan Witham with Dobriach Folk Singer (Geordie)

Abigail Stuchbiury with LASANG Rusky Dusky (Pippin)

Reserve: Julia Tuck with Khados Moonlight (Logan)

4 on heelwork
5 Scent
9 Send to bed
9 Stop on recall
3 Retrieve

Total 30

8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Team Leader: Marney Wells

Marney Wells with Dazmarnic Firefly at Copyhold (Garbo) OW

Sarah Dugdale with Grenadier Mason (Mason)

Sara Cross with Nakoda Keaome (Keano)

Tracy Sheel with Little Brown lass (Lola)

Reserve: Roz Dawson with Wight Magic Mayhem (Magic)

7.25 on heelwork
2.5 Scent
0 Send to bed
9 Stop on recall
6 Retrieve

Total 24.75

9 Papillion

Team Leader: Pauline Coughlan

Carolyn Lloyd with Murvagh Finn McCool (Solly)

Anne Griffiths with Manawyddan Monet (Oscar)

Caragh McGrath with Lynbank Smartie Jones (Sam)

Helen Taylor with Bankshill Lord of the Rings (Frodo)

Reserve: Keavey McGrath with Tinklebury the Fusileer (Mikey)

5.25 on heelwork
1 Scent
10 Send to bed
3 Stop on recall
2 Retrieve

Total 21.25

1stplace corgi
2nd place Hovawarts
3rd place Rottweiler
4th Boxer

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