Crufts 2023

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Lou Jackson 

Bitch Championship


Winner - Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Ruskath Klassified Image 

2nd Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Sarkam Explicit Image For Ruskath



3rd Jane Pottle with Havastorm Lets Go Crazy 

4th Kat Farrants with Ob Ch Solarwind Power And Glory 

5th Kamal Fernandez with Firetouch Super Girlee 

6th Jill Grattidge with Sixela Spindrift At Bisquet



In Running Order:


Jane Pottle

2 Frances Tye & RAITAL RUMOUR

Frances Tye


Kathy Russell


Ann Rogers


Madge Thompson



Suzy Tooley


Kat Farrants

9 Pierre Norfolk & MIKARED ANDORIA

Pierre Norfolk


Karen Aarons

11 Lyn Tozer & RAITAL KIA POP

Lyn Tozer


Kim Watson




Alison Gresty

15 Val Venables & FIRETOUCH SUPER GIRLEE (handler K. Fernandez)


Sue Monk


Mary Ray


Jill Grattidge


Kat Farrants


Jane Pottle

21 Rachel Millington & TRAIGH LIGHTNING STAR

Rachel Millington

22 Lyn Tozer & OB CH TIZZY POP

Lyn Tozer

Dog Championship


Winner - Julie Rowlands with Sarkam Douthinkhe Saurus 


2nd - Lorna Hilton with Ob Ch Halligalli Take A Bow 


3rd Shirley Clowes with Ob Ch Sarkam Soul Searcher 

4th Pauline Cambe-Halliday with Spot On Jaffa At Triangle 

5th Dot Watts with Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco 

6th Alison Gresty with He’s A Rogue Trader


In Running Order:


Lorna Hilton

2 Herbie Watson & JODAME FOREVER

Herbie Watson



Jenny Gould

4 Shirley Clowes & SARKAM THUNDER STORM (handler Pat Watson) 

formerly Robin Arblaster's dog



Bobby Robertson


Dianne Cobon


Dot Watts


Herbie Watson



Marie Cartwright


Lorna Hilton


Jean Queen


Julie Rowlands

14 Pauline Cambe-Halliday & SPOT ON JAFFA AT TRIANGLE

Pauline Cambe-Halliday

15 Val Venables & FIRETOUCH HE'ZZ KYNDA HOT (handler K Fernandez)


Trish Jones

17 Alison Gresty & HE'S A ROGUE TRADER

Alison Gresty


Suzy Tooley


Carolyn Heath


Linda Rutherford


Shirley Clowes


Pauline Hill

23 Emma Lavender & OB CH SIXELA SNOW WOLF

Emma Lavendar

Inter Regional Obedience

Judge - Margaret Harvey


Winners - South East & East Anglia

2nd - Scotland


Beginner Winner - Ulrike Straw with Scalpsie Northern Sun (Bodie) NSDTR


Novice Winner - Katy Girdler with Pashamatts Tri 'N' Stop Me (Kelly) Kelpie


Class A Winner - Laura Wiley with Trijem Mischief Managed (Usva) Austrn Shep


Class B Winner - Jean Young with Manannans Maughold (Harry B) BC


Class C Winner - Claire Porter with Longwaves Tempa Mental OW (Tempa) WSD

In running order:


South & South West



Team Manager - Emma Galbraith

Assistants: Sharron Dainton & John Clark


Karen Morris with Lockenspiel Ben My Chree (Mary) Poodle

Karen Morris


Reserve: Rebecca Ford with Sunset Warrior (Monty) Whippet

Rebecca Ford



Debi Harrington with Casken Golden Boy (Harley) Cockapoo

Debi Harrington


Lynne Webster with Torlake Silver (Tide) BC

Lynne Webster


Class A

Clive King with Jodame Great Escape (Quest) WS

Clive King


Carol Wiltshire with Ostenhaus Yeyni (Xani) GSD

Carol Wiltshire


Class B

Steve Wiltshire with Vakeranti Onnyx (Chaz) GSD

Steve Wiltshire


Class C

Claire Porter with Longwaves Tempa Mental OW (Tempa) WS

Claire Porter




South East & East Anglia



Team Manager - Wendy Birch

Assistants - Sarah Delany & Enid Diplock


Ulrike Straw with Scalpsie Northern Sun - Bodie (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Ulrike Straw


Reserve: Julie Green with Oakcroft Abbie's Dream - Pippa (Shetland Sheepdog)

Julie Green




Camilla Burge with Trijem Snowbell - Margot (Australian Shepherd)

Camilla Burge


Geoff Painting with Lanlwyd Garwen - Nessa (Golden Retriever)

Geoff Painting


Class A

Laura Wiley with Trijem Mischief Managed - Usva (Australian Shepherd)

Laura Wiley


Lesley Holmes with Pepsanner Clifton - Frisco (Golden Retriever)

Lesley Holmes


Class B

Cathy Butler with Westoning Bendazzle Riva - Riva (WSD)

Cathy Butler


Class C

Michelle Richmond with Caldonbeck Perfect Storm - Storm (BC)

Michelle Richmond


Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney

Assistant - Helen Boyde


Connie Allen with Sixela I'll take the High Road to Killora (Briar) BC

Connie Allen


Reserve: Gemma Dolan with Darling Molly Mae (Beau) English Springer Spaniel

Gemma Dolan



Ruth Carpenter with Half Dutch Rock (Rock) GDS/Dutch herder cross

Ruth Carpenter


Brenda Patterson with Corneroak Golden Dreams (Jodie) Golden Retiever

Brenda Patterson


Class A

Daisy Mulchay with Helter Skelter Ben (Ben) BC

Daisy Mulcahy


Lisa Craig with Pepsanner Sutton Belle (Evie) Golden Retriever

Lisa Craig


Class B

Jean Young with Manannans Maughold (Harry B) BC

Jean Young


Class C

Miriam De Groot with Tawnyhill Unique Cinnamon (Mia) Golden Retriever

Miriam De Groot




Team Manager - Rob Bint

Asst Mgrs - Mark Davies and Mary Ray



Sarah Squires with Staverton Wesley (Hudson) Goldie


Reserve: Jamie Peutherer with Goose on the Loose (Goose) Toy Poodle


Jamie Peutherer


Suzi Duke with Sympathy Giva Lil Whistle (Whistle) Working Cocker


Suzie Duke

Lesley Deegan with Vylano Kovu (Remus) GSD


Lesley Deegan

Class A

Heather Cook with Glenalpine Fantahazee (Haze) BC


Heather Cook

Sam Ashman with Reivermorada Re'l Slim Shady (Shady) BC

Sam Ashman


Class B

Carol Clack with Janjelly Destintobe Dylun (Dylun) Cross


Carol Clack

Class C

Paul Cartwright with Strictly Ballroom Blitz (Tula) BC


Paul Cartwright



Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgrs - Ellen Herries & Anne Marie Parker


Catherine Anne Cassidy with Cassia's Sophie Madeleine (Sophie) Dachshund(Min Long Haired)

Catherine Anne Cassidy


Reserve: Catherine Anne Cassidy with Cassia's Onion Casserole (Onion) Crossbreed

Catherine Anne Cassidy



Yvonne Walker with Janjelly Rave (Miso) Crossbreed

Yvonne Walker


Penny Crowe with Staffstyle's Bonny Wee Lass (Elsa) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Penny Crowe


Class A

Frank Glancy with Gaytonwood Strictly Kevin (Kevin) Golden Retriever

Frank Glancy


Carole Patrick with Sarkam Flexible Dream (Fleck) BC

Carole Patrick


Class B

James McIntosh with Harlequin Xandras (Harley) WSD

James McIntosh


Class C

Karen Otto with Sixela Dark Secret (Cole) WSD

Karen Otto





Team Manager - Emma Lavender


Asst Mgrs - Alison Gresty & Julie Rowlands



Claire Brown with Avonwolf Dynamite (Blitz) Malinois


Reserve: Jo Vila with Est The Best (Estella) Cockerpoo

Jo Vila



Sue Scott with Macey Von Der Reherwiese (Rysk) GSD

Sue Scott


Matthew Elmer with Yonie Cissy At Remie (Purdie) BC

Matthew Elmer


Class A

David Foden with Tollerosso Kayas Flame (Rosie) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

David Foden


Julie Rumsey with Avonwolf Graffiti (Vandal) Malinois

Julie Rumsey


Class B

Sue Macdonald with Dodgin Moon Dancer (Fliss) BC

Sue MacDonald


Class C

Mary Vessey with Love A Flare With Fenellark (Flare) BC

Mary Vessey





Team Manager - Gill Walker

Assistants - Jane Moran & Meriel Bentley


Kahla Delahay with Tollerice Exblad (Aalto) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Khala Delahay


Reserve: Kaye Littlehales with Kaliture Appollo of Kayendor (Richie) Labrador

Kaye Littlehales



Katy Girdler with Pashamatts Tri 'N' Stop Me (Kelly) Kelpie

Katy Girdler


Susan Stalinski with Nyrvana All That Jazz (Stevie) GSD

Susan Stalinski


Class A

Barbara Roberts with Ryansdi Strawberry Fields (Ted) Welsh Collie

Barbara Roberts


Liz Evans with Je Plong Du A Gwyn (Morgan) BC

Liz Evans


Class B

Meriel Bentley with Catcombe Chive (Russet) Golden Retriever

Meriel Bentley


Class C

Jane Moran with Deltamadog Shrapnel (Caleb) WSD

Jane Moran



Inter Regional Rally

Judge - Nikki Kirk


Winners - South East and East Anglia


Second - Northern


Level 1 Winner - Terri Mellow with Bombadier Gibson at Trevingey (Papillon)

Level 2 Winner - Jane Penninck with Kizzi Of Crackerhouse - Kizzi (WSD)

Level 3 Winner - Fran Mitchell with Mikmaqlab Kuruk (Yogi Bear) Labrador

Level 4 Winner - Lorraine Gardner with Ballector Mistress of Magic - Lilly (Corgi)

Level 5 Winner - Christine Dunning with Mohnesee Miss Nightingale - Flora (SSD)

Level 6 Winner - David Moxon with Birkcross Boo Boo's the Name - Boo Boo (BC)


In running order:


South & South West


Team Manager - Jenny Butters


Assistant Manager: Lesley Peters


and Monica Collins



Level 1

Terri Mellow with Bombadier Gibson at Trevingey (Papillon)

Terri Mellow


Reserve: Mary Ann Nester with Shanandi Time For Tea (Mini Poodle)

Mary Ann Nester


Level 2

Abigail Hitchcock with Nut Meg (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Abigail Hitchcock



Level 3

Zoe Townsend with Zennawood Tiger (Labrador Retriever)

Zoe Townsend



Level 4

Sharon Tamblyn with Atherbram Jacob (Flat coated Retriever)

Sharon Tamblyn



Level 5

Susan Wolf with Goldbounty's Buttercup (Golden Retriever)

Susan Wolf


Level 6

Sue Main with Jazz the Joker (Working Sheepdog)

Sue Main



South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Jenny Stewart


Asst Team Mgrs - Tanya Butler


and Rhea Butler



Level 1

Jojo Leung with Meggie Darlene - Meggie (Shih Tzu) 

Jojo Leung


Reserve: Lina Simner with Appplecroft Black Jasper - Sidney (Cross Breed)

Lina Simner


Level 2

Lucy Dawson with Luphenex Little Lady Katie - Katie (CKCS)

Lucy Dawson



Level 3

Sonya Wright with Blackrobin Love in the Mist - Jess (WSD)

Sonya Wright



Level 4

Lorraine Gardner with Ballector Mistress of Magic - Lilly (Corgi)

Lorraine Gardner



Level 5

Christine Dunning with Mohnesee Miss Nightingale - Flora (SSD)

Christine Dunning


Level 6

David Moxon with Birkcross Boo Boo's the Name -Boo Boo (BC)

David Moxon


Northern Ireland


Team Manager - Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper



Assistant Managers: Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin



and Adrian Dornford-Smith

Adrian Dorn-Smith



Level 1

Mandy Gillespie with Sleepybrook Beat It - Vinnie (Poodle)

Mandy Gillespie


Reserve: Katie McDermott with Gwendarriff's Gotta Hot Dtae - Jazz (Irish Setter)

Katie McDermott


Level 2

Sandra Haveron with Havergrove Hakkinen - Eddie

Sandra Haveron



Level 3

Diane Jones with Clady Waterfarm Golden Lady - Lola

Diane Jones



Level 4

Adrian Dornford-Smith with Int Ch, Ir Sh Ch FiveNinePlus Pasionaria Ir Jnr Ch RL2Ex - Pasi (Spanish Water Dog )

Adrian Dornford-Smith



Level 5

Nikki Golding with Mr Basil Brush  - Alfie

Nikki Golding


Level 6

Debbie Martin & Platinum Prince RL5Ex (Ross)

Debbie Martin



Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth


Assistant Managers: Helen Chetwynd & Karen Kendall



 Level 1

Beryl Eaton with Flynntastic Dark Materials (Lyra) Labrador

Beryl Eaton


Reserve: Emma Fredrickson with Paradwys Sol (Sol) BC

Emma Fredrickson


Level 2

Jane Penninck with Kizzi Of Crackerhouse (Kizzi) WSD

Jane Penninck



Level 3

Lizzie Lang with Hwarthow Dance Through Life (Rudi) Flat Coated Ret

Lizzie Lang



Level 4

Briar Dunn with Rubus Parvifolius (Bramble) Golden Ret

Briar Dunn



Level 5

Marie Miller with Stormlake's Jester (Yogi) GSD

Marie Miller


Level 6

Julia Skipp with Caramel Fudge Of Skipaway (Fudge) Pomeranian

Julia Skipp




Team Manager - Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller

Ass Managers - Susie Galloway

Susie Galloway

and Jayne Mowbray

Jane Mowbray



Level 1

Chloe Powling & Veloci Cassie Raptor (Border Collie)

Chloe Powling


Reserve: Lorraine Murtagh with Practically Perfect Inca

Lorraine Murtagh


Level 2

Maureen Taylor with Lord Bish Bash Bosh of KaneTayl (crossbreed)

Maureen Taylor



Level 3

Sally Sanford with Erikachen Caoimhe (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Sally Sanford



Level 4

Angela Wilson with Balacar Boy (Crossbreed)

Angela Wilson



Level 5

Denise Symon with Charabri Rata Mexicana (Chihuahua)

Denise Symon


Level 6

Amy Jackson wity Scottish Duke 'O' Emerald Isle (Border Collie )

Amy Jackson





Team Manager - Gail Holl


Assistant Managers: Caroline Ward


and Ann Lee



Level 1

Gemma Woolley with The Gentleman Sam (Sam) Labrador

Gemma Woolley


Reserve: Abbey Taylor with Saunderswood Rainbow Jewel (Melba) Sheltie

Abbey Taylor


Level 2

Alyson Hunter with Kenynten Magic Melon (Holly) Miniature Schnauzer

Alyson Hunter



Level 3

Fran Mitchell with Mikmaqlab Kuruk (Yogi Bear) Labrador

Fran Mitchell



Level 4

Helen Belcher with Alambian Ray Winstone (Buddy) English Springer Spaniel

Helen Belcher



Level 5

Barbara Whttaker with Van De Galeystukken Rock N Roll (Wez) BC

Barbara Whiiaker


Level 6

Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe (Buddy) Staffie

Abbie Spink




Team Manager - Tracey McGuirk


Assistant Managers: Liz Bond


& Nerys Thomas


Level 1

Kyer Richards with Arnold the amazing - Arnold (Dachound)

Reserve: Judy Lacey with Ruby Star of Larksfield - Ruby (XBreed)

Level 2

Chrissy Harrison with Caine Mic Salvare - Sky (XBreed)

Chrissy Harrison



Level 3

Kealy Thomas with Magglynn von kojo - Sunny (Rottie)

Kealy Thamas



Level 4

Nerys Thomas with Calanhaf Queen of Hearts - Mina (WSD)

Nerys Thomas



Level 5

Sophie Dawson with Jule vom Palais Brinn - Lassie (Smooth Collie)

Sophie Dawson


Level 6

Shauna Booth with Little Wizard of Ashford - Merlin (WSD)

Shauna Booth



Judge - Dawn Cox



Winners - The Wagtails


In Running Order


Team 1

Stafford Stars (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)


Team Manager - Tracey Robbins

Tracey Robbins with Jakataffs Summer Song (Bird)

Tracey Robbins


Kelly Harris with Illori Azizi (Az)

Kelly Harris


Leah Hill with Blues Boy High Flyer (Walter)

Leah Hill


Sally Knowlson with Lady Charlotte Tottington (Maggie)

Sally Knowlson


Clare Salter with Jakataffs Supergirl (Xena)

Clare Salter


Team 2

Hugabern (Bernese Mountain Dog)


Team Manager - Carol Davis

Carol Davis with CHIPPIS DIAMOND DIVA (Tilly)

Carol Davis


Lesley Messiah with CHIPPIS DIAMOND WISH (Annie)

Lesley Messiah


Belle Owen with MY MIA (Mia)

Belle Owen


Sarah Edwardson with GRAYSENBER BABY BE MINE (Raffi)

Sarah Edwardson



Sue Small



Sue Small


Team 3

Shepherds Delight (German Shepherd Dog)


Team Manager - Chris Bennett

Jean Tomkinson and Alexbria Quahneah (Neah)

Jean Tomkinson


Monica Henley and Alexbria Spice (Rachael)

Monica Henley


Eileen Taylor and Tashablitz Sherry (Ash)

Eileen Taylor


Betty Keepax and Bearskishep Luna Queen (Tula)

Betty Keepax


 Marie Miller and Stormlake's Jester (Yogi)

Marie Miller


Sue Page and Glebevonwood Glide (Shady)

Sue Page




Team 4

The Wagtails (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)


Team Manager - Sue Pinkham

Maggie Dawson with She's no Shrinking Violet RW (Violet)

Maggie Dawson


Janette Ross with McKenzie Cepheus RL3 EX (Buddy)

Janette Ross


Sam Smith with Glenbrows Lucy (Willow)

Sam Smith


Ann Fawcett with Vonnyisle Ice Lord (Stuie)

Ann Fawcett


 Jen Dearlove with Kathysgirls Hazel (Autumn)

Jen Dearlove


 Sue Pinkham with Estrid Baylee at Pinkadees RL2 (Baylee)

(Sadly went to rainbow bridge on 25 January 2023)

Sue Pinkham


Team 5

The Labrapaws (Labrador)


Team Manager - Kaye Littlehales

Kaye Littlehales with Kaliture Appollo of Kayendor (Richie)

Kaya Littlehales


Tracey Hinsley with Purdey Christmas Pudding (Purdey)

Tracey Hinsley


Alexandra Turner with Tau Bonnievale (Tau)

Alexandra Turner


Madeleine Cobain with Ecclesmachan Tilda (Pip)

Madelaine Cobain


 Jane Hudson-Evans with Bredonedge Kite (Nell)

Jane Hudson-Evans


 Samantha Woods with Quinn Jet (Harley)

Samantha Woods


Team 6

Golden Acorns (Golden Retrievers)


Team Manager - Glenis Charles

Glenis Charles & Corneroak Golden Gambler (Gamble)

Glenis Charles



Jane Barstow & Pepsanner Palatine (Jacob)

Jane Barstow


Julia Bodsworth & Corneroak Golden Genesis (Gracie)

Julia Bodsworth


Sue Cotton & Fallowfen Lightening Bolt (Lewis)

Sue Cotton


Sarah Squires & Corneroak Golden Hermione (Hermione)

Sarah Squires



Team 7

The Collieflowers (Border Collie)


Team Captain - Jaynie Berry

Jaynie Berry with Deltamadog Arbennig (Stanley)

Jaynie Berry


Stephanie Evans with Deltamadog Highland Fling (Crumble)

Stephanie Evans


Jacque Ashmore with Deltamadog Voshkie (Shirley)

Jacque Askmore


Lucy Creek with Deltamadog Pobyddion Cae (Bakersfield)

Lucy Creek


Jacque Ashmore with Deltamadog Yaki Da Gwen (Makita)

Jacque Ashmore


 Rob Creek with JK's Amazing Xante (Jingle)

Rob Creek


Team 8

The Super Novas (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)


Team Manager - Kat Hassan

Kat Hassan with Cretshangan Sky Blu at Ferryfern (Ernie)

Kat Hassan


Nicky Nevers with Tivalake Easy to Love at Sheldrake (Izzy)

Nicky Nevers


Georgina Wingham with Ambertollers Devotion (Ila)

Georgina Wingham


Yvonne Burchell with Monae Tivalake Cover Girl RL2 (Monae)

Yvonne Burchell


 Nick Burchell with Tivalake Make EM Laugh JW RL3-Ex (Baxter)

Nick Burchell



Team 9

Manchester Reunited (Manchester Terrier)


Team Manager - Brenda Harrison

Lesley Olbinson with Rattustrap Citra at Carapast (Grace)

Lesley Olbinson


Lavinia Bailey with Lake Sunset (Donald)

Lavinia Bailey


Chris Harrison with Magpiebank Teal (Teal)

Chris Harrison


Jean Walker with Ch Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin (Briar)

Jean Walker


 Ann Harrison with Ch Magpiebank Ash (Ash)

Ann Harrison


 Brenda Harrison with Larkswing Belle Star at Rosadyva (Sadie)

Brenda Harrison


Team 10

The Russellers (Jack Russell Terrier)


Team Manager -Julia Bodsworth

Julia Bodsworth with The Masters Lottery (Lottie)

& White Lightening Hot Spot (Spot)

Julia Bodsworth


Sian Rees with Little Miss Tiny Temper (Mable)

Sian Rees


Louise Dexter with Our Own Little Izzy Whizz (Izzy)

Louise Dexter


 Kirsty Stuart with Fedsig's Blithe Spirit (Ghost)

Kirsty Stuart


 Robyn Mugridge-Phillips and Professor Jeffrey Esquire (Jeffrey)

Robyn Mugridge-Phillips


 Ashleigh Ward with Maximillion Gold Digger (Max)

Ashleigh Ward


Ffion Roe with Chesterfields Jack Lester (Lester)

Ffion Roe



The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Steve Frazer


 1st Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker - Pepper (BC) 



2nd Jenni Webber with Aligngriffs Dimaliko (Korthals Griffon) 

3rd Joanna Vila with Est The Best (Crossbreed) 

4th Debbie Pankhurst with Tillychance Royal Star (BC) 

5th Sue Lee with Arrodare an Emotion Away (BC) 

6th Zoe Gilbert with Flinnamsrise Rock Chic (English Springer Spaniel)


In Running Order

1 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step On a Stone (BC) 

Paige Jepson

2 Sharon Cottingham with Chipper Bailey (Crossbreed) 

Sharon Cottingham

3 Ann Harrison with Magpiebank Ash (Manchester Terrier) 

Ann Harrison

4 Catherine Cassidy with Cassia's Sophie Madeleine (Miniature Dachshund) 

Catherine Cassidy

5 Patricia Mewbury with Queensway Lily of the Valley (German S/h Pointer) 

Patricia Mewbury

6 Heather Hanson with Merpop Appolo (Crossbreed) 

Heather Hanson

7 Vicky Bristow with Thistlesweet Jasmine (Havanese) 

Vicky Bristow

8 Zoe Gilbert with Flinnamsrise Rock Chic (English Springer Spaniel) 

Zoe Gilbert

9 Robyn Mugridge with Professor Jeffrey Esquire (Jack Russell Terrier) 

Robyn Mugridge

10 Linda Peacock with Blamorder Lets Get Blizzy RL1 (Smooth Collie) 

Linda Peacock

11 Aimee Henry with Ezra Underneath the Hot Sun (Cockerpoo) 

Aimee Henry

12 Joanna Vila with Est The Best (Crossbreed) 

Joanna Vila

13 Mick McCurry with Arcane Brozite

Mick McCurry

14 Lisa Davies with Aviary Moon Dancer (BC) 

Lisa Davies

15 Anne Moynagh with Walker's Wee Deoch an Doris

Anne Moynagh

16 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker - Pepper (BC) 

Paige Jepson

17 Sue Lee with Arrodare an Emotion Away (BC)

Sue Lee

18 Andy Meek with Cassie Cashew of Wiccaweys (WSD) 

Andy Meeks

19 Jodie Parry with Mystic Megan of Valgray (Crossbreed) 

Jodie Parry

20 Debbie Pankhurst with Tillychance Royal Star (BC) 

Debbie Pankhurst

21 Stephanie Hubbard with Tansymonn Red Russet (Labrador)

Stephanie Hubbard

22 Helen Satchell with Kenaiteen Tightrope Walker (Labrador) 

Helen Satchell

23 Brenda Leavesley with Keebank Lady of the Loch (Border Terrier)

Brenda Leavesley

24 Jenni Webber with Aligngriffs Dimaliko (Korthals Griffon) 

Jenni Webber

25 Jenny Witt with Marvelmas Eternal Flame (Miniature American Shepherd)

Jenny Witt

26 Diane Bruce with Johnasta Jus Chalkie Among Launatzarben (Papillion) 

Diane Bruce

27 Annette Spence with Last Chocolate (Crossbreed) 

Annette Spence

28 Jo Rengger with Saucy Bear (Crossbreed) 

Jo Rengger

29 Linda Peacock with Saraneth Edgedancer (Smooth Collie) 

Linda Peacock

30 Tracy Duncan with Uggeshall Crimson Peta

Tracy Duncan

31 Joanna Vila with Wind at Your Heels (WSD) 



Judge - Steve Frazer

Under 12 


1st Eva Chadwick with Bluestar Fire Cracker (Border Terrier)   

2nd Reuben Parrish with Epsilon Clara Stelo (Crossbreed) 


 Over 12 


1st Isla Dunn with Kenxtwen Sapphire Sun (Miniature Schnauzer)   

2nd Gracie Goldsmith with Karmaristol Nieve (Labrador) 


 Over 18 


1st Jenny Witt with Sakurastar Sunset (WSD) 



2nd Jenny Witt with Marvelmas Eternal Flame (Miniature American Shepherd) 

 3rd Jenny Witt with Lavender Lillipip (Crossbreed) 

 4th Emily Shewell with Mister Unpredictaball (Crossbreed)  



1 Jenny Witt with Sakurastar Sunset (WSD) Over 18

enny Witt

2 Isla Dunn with Kenxtwen Sapphire Sun (Miniature Schnauzer)  Over 12

Isla Dunn

3 Eva Chadwick with Bluestar Fire Cracker (Border Terrier)  Under 12

Eva Chadwick

4 Jenny Witt with Marvelmas Eternal Flame (Miniature American Shepherd)  Over 18

5 Gracie Goldsmith with Karmaristol Nieve (Labrador)  Over 12

Gracie Goldsmith

6 Emily Shewell with Mister Unpredictaball (Crossbreed)   Over18

Emily Shewell

 7 Reuben Parrish with Epsilon Clara Stelo (Crossbreed)  Under 12

Reuben Parrish

8 Jenny Witt with Lavender Lillipip (Crossbreed) Over 18

Jenny Witt


Judge - Franny Herron



6 to 11


1st Beatrice Rolf with Fressinghill Spitfire (Cocker Spaniel) 


2nd Reuben Parrish with Epsilon Clara Stelo (Crossbreed)

12 to 17


1st Keris Reynolds-Dobson with Molly Teazer (Crossbreed) 


2nd Isla Dunn with Kenxtwen Sapphire Sun (Min Schnauzer) 

3rd Grace Goldsmith with Karmaristol Nieve (Labrador) 

4th Megan-Rose Hall with Sixwillows Morning Venus (Min Poodle) 

5th Isla Dunn with Wilco Over and Scout (Parson Russell Terrier)

18 to 24


1st Ellie Rivington with Amberush Crocodile Irwin (Australian Terrier) 


2nd Ella Garwood with Wilstone Rhaegar Ice N'Fire (BC) 

3rd Jenny Witt with Marvelmas Eternal Flame (Min American Shepherd) 

4th Lisa Griffiths with Tilemarsh Ickle Pickle (WSD) 

5th Lisa Griffiths with Westoning Trixy Princess (WSD)


6 to 11


1st Daisy with Saartjie Ella Enchanted (WSD) 


2nd Ellie with Fernwills Ebony Kimberly (Labrador)


12 to 17


1st Isla with Midnight Bullet BegEx (Border Terrier) 


2nd Ewan with Darian Elementary My Dear at Penduffie (BC) 

3rd Ellie with Westlodge Elvira (Rottweiler)


 18 to 24


1st Laura with Janjelly Black Diamond (Crossbreed) 


2nd Ellie with Backwinds Mr Chips BegEx (Min Poodle) 

3rd Matthew with Zama Tess at Remle BegEx (WSD) 

4th Thomas with Sarkam Irresistibubble (BC) 

5th Isobel with Raynechaser Luna Eclipse BegEx (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)



High Flyers

12 to 17


1st Hollie with Jarysmystic Am Mo Nition - Fancy (WSD) 

2nd Abbie with Staffordwill Radebe - Buddy (Staffie) 

3rd Ellie with Westlodge Elvira - Elsa (Rottweiler) 


18 - 24 

1st Matthew with Yonie Cissy at Remie - Purdie (BC)




Judge - Lou Jackson

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

It is such a priviledge to be writing this profile as the Crufts 2023 Obedience Championships Judge. An honour which I still can't quite believe is happening to me. Many thanks to The Kennel Club for entrusting this great occasion to me and my team. 

I live in Staffordshire with my long suffering husband of 49 years, John, and a menagerie of animals on our little smallholding. Our lives have always been focussed on our animals and their health and happiness. In my spare time I have run my hairdressing business since 1977 ! 

I began dog training by necessity in the late 70's when we had our first dog after getting married, a very headstrong Labrador called Rusty. Shortly afterwards a little collie cross called Pepe followed and in the early 80's I went to Earls Court to watch Crufts, and I was hooked! Now 40 years later, many hours training, many lovely dogs, many many miles travelled , many friendships made, here we are! 

Since those early beginnings I've qualified four dogs for ticket our greatest achievement being with my lovely Alice (Ob.Ch. Foldans Alice Springs) winning the bitch Championships in 2002 under Ian Watts. I currently only work one dog, Mango, (Deltamadog Victory) having retired my beautiful Tipple this season. 

My thanks go to my wonderful team of friends who have helped me so much with all the planning and have been such a great support, I couldn't have done this without them. 

I wish all the competitors a very happy day, they are all winners already. Our thoughts will be with Robin Arblasters family, a sad day for them, I'm sure he'll be looking down on us all. 

Lou X




Judge - Margaret Harvey


(Inter Regionals - Obedience)


A huge thank you to the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge this competition. I would also like to thank Richard Kebble and Kate McCartney for their help and advice. I have been a spectator at Crufts many times, but never thought I would be the judge. I consider it a great honour and I am looking forward to the day. 

I cannot believe I am saying this but it is over fifty years since I joined my first dog-training club and I am still a member today. St Mary's Dog Training Society is an amazing club, in fact, it is more like a big family, and everyone looks out for each other and is always there to give a helping hand if things go wrong, no matter what life throws at us. In all of the years I have been a member, I have not missed many training nights. The only time was many years ago when we had our second baby Paul, a brother for Kevin. At this time, my husband Albert took over training my golden retriever Lisa. In those few weeks, Albert was hooked and so along came his dog, a daughter of Lisa called Anna. As time went by Albert became one of the trainers and was a valued member of the club. He helped me with my dogs, and he helped numerous people with theirs. Sadly, Albert passed away in 2014 and was obviously a huge loss to our family, and myself but also a big loss to our club. 

Over the years, I have had some fabulous dogs, a golden retriever, sheltie, Groenendael collie and six border collies. Albert also had two golden retrievers and four collies (so no shortage of cuddles or pats). 

Our love of dogs continues through our family - Kevin and Michelle and their family, Jack, Harry & Grace have two collies - Bella and Molly. Paul, Alison, and their family, James and Abbie have a Shih Tzu called Jessie. 

I have had a varied amount of success with my dogs. Five of my collies have qualified and worked Ch C, three winning tickets. My most successful dog was Amy - OB Ch Megglenans Teasel who won eleven tickets and twenty-two reserves as well as sixty Open C's. My dear friend, the late, Deborah Boyle, bred Amy. Amy appeared at Crufts five times and was Best Ob Bitch five years in a row (which, at the time, I believe was a record). 

I only have two collies at the moment; Isla and Millie, having recently said goodbye to our beautiful Ziggy, who was almost sixteen years. My young dog Millie is only on the first rung of the ladder with a long way to go, but she is making good progress and I am pleased with the way she is developing. 

My first judging appointment was in 1972 followed by all classes until the year 2000 when I judged my first Ch C Class. 

I have judged in many places including Holland, Ireland and the Isle of Man. I also judged the semi-finals KC Special Pre Beginners in 2016, which took place in Scotland. Thanks to Eileen Lyons for stewarding and keeping the competitors calm and ready to work. 

There were some super dogs and it was good to see some different breeds taking part. During all this time travelling, Eileen has been with me, we have judged and competed with our dogs and travelled together for more years than I care to remember. Thanks Eileen for all the coffees, bacon sandwiches and hot cross buns, but also all the chat that makes the long journeys go so quickly. 

My team are members of St Mary's DTS, including Neil and Lorraine, Eileen, Hazel, Angie, Judith, Liz, Pauline, Cris, Anne and my two granddaughters - Grace and Abbie. The two young ones will collect the scores after each exercise. Thanks everyone for your time and patience. 

Finally, I would like to congratulate you all on securing a place on your team and representing your area. I will be looking for dogs and handlers working as a team with enthusiasm and accuracy, so enjoy the experience of working your dog on the famous green carpet in the Big ring. 

The best of luck to you all on the day. I hope you will take some great memories home with you and remember whatever happens; you always take the best dog home. 

Your Judge - Margaret Harvey.

Judge - Nikki Kirk


(Inter Regionals - Rally)


No, I almost said no. When I was telephoned back in 2020, the first answer that came to mind was, "NO". Having been a part of two ring parties I had seen the amount of organising and equipment, and so forth, that was required. I didn't think I would want all that. When the question actually came there was a pause and ........ the word YES fell from my mouth. Oh well, I've always found no to be a hard word. So how did I end up in this position? I have been around dogs all my life and our poor springer spaniel had to put up with my attempts to train him to walk to heel, after watching the Obedience at Crufts, on TV. From the age of about 11 I wanted to compete in Obedience. I got into dog training, seriously, when looking after a friend's labrador, whilst she attended university. It was around about 1992 when I joined Banbury and District Dog Training Society, in order to train this lunatic of a dog, and met Carla Nieuwenhuizen. I cannot thank her too much. I learned so much about reward based training and how to embrace new ideas and mould them into existing methods. My first Collie was a rescue called Chassis. I started my competitive "career" with her, first in club competitions and a couple of working trials. Carla, you started me on my road to Crufts, giving me confidence to pass on my knowledge and run classes and teach. 

My heart still lay with obedience though. I did rescue another collie called Sam, he had problems and it was a fellow club member Jane Webb who introduced me to Philomena Barnes, a very experienced collie person who ran Obedience training days. I joined her group and whilst Sam was not to be a competitive boy I got Solly in 2002 and my dream came true. Phil, you are an amazing teacher, without you I would not be judging at Crufts this year. Thank you for sharing your skills and giving me my dream of competing at the top. Solly and I reached ticket level competition, gaining a reserve ticket when she was 8 years old. I also qualified as a judge because I feel I should give something back to a sport in which I compete. My life changed and I couldn't really put in the time needed for training but by this time I had been introduced to the new sport of Rally Obedience. 

Carla (Banbury and District DTS) had information that there was a local workshop about this new sport. A couple of us attended and really enjoyed the day. We started to teach this as part of the curriculum of the club, eventually building in specific evening classes and running inter club fun competitions. We had already hosted a couple of whole day competitions when the Kennel Club adopted the sport and the club started running two day shows. As with obedience I qualified as a judge and have judged at many competitions over the years. All three of my now collies at the time, Solly, Boycey and Smokie qualified to level 6, and probably level 6 excellent, but I never actually applied to the Kennel Club for the official notification. I got to compete at Crufts with Smokie, being part of the Welsh Rally team at the inaugural Inter Regional competition. I feel incredibly privileged to be part of a sport which enables so many personal abilities and breeds of dogs to compete on a level playing field, and now I get to judge at Crufts. Wow - yes it has been a lot of brain ache and organising but it has been worth it. Thank you to all who have been part of dog life up until now and let me introduce you to my team for the big day: 

My scribe: - Celia Carlill. My very good friend who, having never competed, apart from an hilarious fun class with my dog, has been my steward for obedience and my trusty scribe in many a Rally class. 

Collecting Ring:- Kathleen Stubbings. Kathleen and I got to know each other when she also moved to Wales. Kathleen runs her own dog training classes and teaches HTM. 

Chief Course Builder:- Alistair Kirk. My stepson who, after having one of Solly's pups got into Flyball in a big way. However he is now a professional dog trainer having qualified with the IMDT. 

Assistant Course Builder:- Cathy Imlach. I got to know Cathy via Kathleen. She is a very competent dog handler who has impressed me with her abilities. I would love to see her compete in Rally and this could be a baptism of fire. 

Score Board: - Joanne Syson. I have known Joanne since my days at Banbury. Joanne has competed at the top of Rally with her dogs, and beaten me. She has also qualified as a judge and is a very experienced score board organiser. 

Timekeeper:- Michelle Jones. Another good friend from Banbury. Michelle too, has competed in the world of Rally with her dogs for as long as Rally has been going. She has stepped into this role when my original time keeper had to drop out for health reasons - thank you so much Michelle.




Judge - Steve Frazer

Picture is of Steve Frazer, Lynne Darby and Sarah Squires

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)

Firstly, I would just like to thank Heidi Lawrence and the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge this Special Pre Beginner and the YKC Special Pre beginner Stakes Finals at Crufts 2023. I am thoroughly looking forward to both days and hope all of the competitors will enjoy my round. 

My Obedience hobby started out of necessity rather than anything else, as I needed my first dog to be a well behaved pet. Joining a registered Kennel Club dog training club set the tone for the next 35 years of owning many different dogs, training my own and others, competing, Judging, stewarding, and taking on the odd scoreboard duties, all at Obedience competitions. I must admit I would do it all again, given the chance. I've also trained agility but my first love has always been Obedience! 

My Obedience judging has spanned many years covering all classes from Pre beginners to the Championship classes and also was lucky enough to judge in Holland and was also invited to judge the semi finals of this competition at Discover Dogs a few years ago. All the different levels require different skills in organising and planning, so it is a fair and balanced test but also challenging to all teams. I believe I have done just that with all the different exercises set for you all. It goes without saying that Stewards are a very important part of that process. I am very fortunate to have Lynne Darby, and Sarah Squires to carry out those duties. We are all very much looking forward to this appointment and are getting more excited as the day draws closer. 

I have owned and loved many dogs over the years and all have been special and very different in their own way. As far as Obedience is concerned I have learnt and had many successes from working a Large Munsterlander in Beginners up to having 3 Ticket dogs with one becoming an Obedience Champion!!!!! I am now working 3 Collies, all with different temperaments and abilities. Two are in "B" and a youngster who is not in the ring as yet! I have been lucky enough to work 2 dogs at the Crufts Championships and also worked C in the Inter regionals and was very fortunate to help choose the team on many occasions. 

Obedience has now taken a turn, whereby the early hour starts to get to a show have well and truly gone and has been replaced by my bed coming with me inside a caravan, LOL! It's certainly added a new dimension to this fabulous hobby! 

OK, so thats me where dogs are concerned, 30 odd years written down in a few lines. How do people write memoirs!!!! Lol Those competing, have a fabulous time. We certainly will! Enjoy 



Judge - Franny Herron


(YKC Obedience)


Firstly I would like to thank the Kennel Club, Crufts Committee and The Young Kennel Club for the invitation to judge at this years event. It is an honour and privilege to receive any judging invitation, but I cannot describe how this invitation made me feel. I have had a great time planning and organising the rounds for this year's competition and I must thank my steward Hazel Ewing for agreeing to guide these young competitors round the ring and also my wife Jean Herron who will be my scribe on the day, not only will they have important roles on the day but both have helped with the organisation and preparation for the big day. Both my daughters Natalie and Jessica will also be part of my ring party they will be looking after the collecting ring, brining my retrieve articles into the ring and taking the score sheets to the desk. 

I have been involved with competitive obedience for over 40 years, during this time I have judged all classes from Pre-Beginners to Championship C, I have also had the honour of judging the Northern Semi Final of the Special Pre Beginners Obedience Stakes. 

We have been involved with YKC since our daughters were old enough to hold a lead. Both girls have had a go at most dog activities over the years with some of our dogs. They have both appeared at previous Crufts shows where Natalie has shown her Miniature Poodle Nala in the Breed ring and Jessica has been in the YKC Obedience ring with her Miniature Poodle Tiana. We are always involved with the Scottish YKC camp doing anything from setting up, running Bronze classes for the kids, organising Obedience qualifiers and just in general anything that Lisa asks us to do. 

We currently have 5 dogs at home, 3 have retired and I am currently working our 2 younger collies Tink and Ziva. Tink is working class A and her daughter Ziva is just about ready to start her obedience adventure this year. 

So finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the competitors the best of luck, I hope you all enjoy your time in the ring and please remember you always take the best dog home at the end of the day. 





Judge - Dawn Cox


I am thrilled to have been invited to judge the Obreedience final at Crufts - a Competition that I have become very passionate about right from its inception.

I've always lived with dogs having been born into a family of dog lovers. When I was 8, my Mum attended the local Kennel Club Registered Dog Training Club (Solihull DTC), with a rescue Labrador she had recently taken on, and I was allowed to go along too - but only in the school holiday as it was a late night finish. By the time I was 11, my Mum was competing in 'Obedience', and for passing my 11 plus, I was given a young collie cross of my own to train. Fern was another rescue dog and she and I also competed in Obedience - badly I might add. Over the years, my Mum became an Obedience judge and I used to steward for her and I helped to run the clubs' Obedience shows, but I didn't compete again until I was in my 40's. By that time, Solihull DTC was successfully running the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme and I had been invited to join it's Working Party at the KC. The KC's GCDTS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes class is what reignited my interest in competition Obedience and I currently compete with 5 dogs - 3 collies and 2 Working Cockers.

It was 2 of the KC staff - Heidi Lawrence from the GCDTS and Debbie Deuchar from 'Activities' that came up with the idea of 'Obreedience' to encourage owners of breeds not usually associated with competition Obedience to have a go at training and competing in that discipline. Obreedience was initially only run as a display competition at Crufts in 2014 and 2015, featuring invited teams only. Due to my involvement as a Commentator at Crufts in both the GCDTS ring and the Obedience ring, I was invited to commentate Obreedience at those display competitions. I attended the practice session in the run up to Crufts to get a better idea of how the competition would run, and found myself feeling very emotional at seeing 4 dogs of the same breed walking to heel in unison - there is something very magical about that.

Obreedience didn't become an open competition until heats took place in 2015 in preparation for Crufts 2016, and I was invited to judge the very 1st heat held at Forest Oak. I have gone on to judge several heats since then of course. In 2016 I formed my own team - a team of Border Collies called 'Border Delights' which managed to qualify for the 2017 Crufts final. I was invited to join a Cocker Spaniel Team in 2018 and 'Covert Cockups' not only qualified for the Crufts final in 2019, but also went on to win it. We qualified again for the final in 2020 - where unfortunately my dog Ruby, managed a right royal 'Cock up'!

All I can say is - it's not as easy as it looks - particularly the team heelwork and I hope that this year's final inspires others to have a go at what is a very friendly competition.

I know this year's finalists have thoroughly enjoyed competing at the heats over the last 12 months and have also been very supportive of each other. I hope that all the teams that have qualified for the Crufts 2023 Obreedience final have the very best of days.