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Show Reports
List of Obedience Show Reports by Date

This page lists the Show Reports that are available on the ObedienceUK site. The page being open to all judges that would like to place their reports on the site for others to read.

If you would like to add your report, fill in the details after clicking the 'Add Show Report' button.

To read a report, just click on the View Report symbol against the report in question.

Note that reports marked as New have been added in the last 7 days.

Reports 1 to 60
View   Date Show Class Judge
New26/9/2021GSD Club of Wales Novice BitchDebbie James
New26/9/2021GSD Club of Wales Champ ShowB DogDawn Cox
New25/9/2021Bitesize BCOS, NuneatonGrade 2Dawn Cox
New19/9/2021DownlandsNoviceFran Godfrey
 12/9/2021Coventry Champ A d&b Pt 1Bob FAVILLE
 12/9/2021Coventry D/T.C C Championship obedient show.C pt 1 Boys and Girls.Ken Boulton.
New12/9/2021Coventry Dog Training ClubChampionship C Dog Emma Lavender
 12/9/2021Coventry DTCC Pt 2 D&BGraham Wellings
 12/9/2021Micheldever Obedience ShowFull Class ResultsShow Secretary
New12/9/2021Micheldever obedience TC open showC dog and bitchBarbara Short
 12/9/2021Micheldever Obedience Training ClubA D/B Part 1Lesley Taylor
 12/9/2021Micheldever Obedience Training ClubNovice part 1 Lou Holmes
 12/9/2021Micheldever OTCPreBeginnerRhia Mulrenan
 12/9/2021Scottish kennel clubA2Lesley McQuade
 12/9/2021Scottish Kennel ClubNovice Part 2Suzanne Buglass
 12/9/2021Scottish Kennel Club Championship Obedience ShowNovice part 1Penny Crowe
 12/9/2021Scottish Kennel Club Championship ShowBCarol Stewart
 11/9/2021BURNBANKBEGINNERSHelen Rajska
 11/9/2021BURNBANKPRE-BEGINNERS Helen Rajska
 11/9/2021Burnbank Championship ShowNovice part 1Andy Crowe
 11/9/2021Burnbank Dog Training ClubBLiz Lyddiatt
 11/9/2021Burnbank Dog Training ClubA part 2Lorraine Walton
 11/9/2021Burnbank DTCCC BITCHJulie Rowlands
New11/9/2021Burnbank DTC Championship ShowNovice Pt 2Beryl Wright
New11/9/2021Micheldever Obedience ShowNoviceChris Blenkinsop
 11/9/2021Micheldever Obedience ShowFull Class ResultsShow Secretary
New11/9/2021Micheldever Obedience Training ClubPre-BeginnerSandy Elliston
 11/9/2021Micheldever Obedience Training ClubA Part 2Lyn Collins
New11/9/2021Micheldever OTC. Open ShowNovice Part 2Russell Becque
 5/9/2021East Kilbride A Part 1Karen Otto
 5/9/2021EAST KILBRIDE NOVICE PART 1Anne Sanderson
 5/9/2021East Kilbride DTCBeginnerAlexis Wood
 5/9/2021East Kilbride DTC Championship Obedience ShowNOVICE Part 2Penny Crowe
New5/9/2021East Kilbride DTC Championship ShowChampionship C DogEllen Herries
 5/9/2021Great BaddowPre Beginner D/BRob Summerfield
 5/9/2021Great Baddow Novice part 2Gillian Winyard
 5/9/2021Great Baddow Dog Training ClubB DogMrs Carol Wright
 5/9/2021Great Baddow Open Obedience ShowNovice Bitch part 1Pauline Heather
 3/9/2021Gt. Baddow DTCC BitchHazel Troth
 30/8/2021East Anglian Five of ClubsC DogJulie Appleton
 30/8/2021East Anglian Five Of ClubsNovice D/B Part 1Mrs Carol Wright
 30/8/2021East Anglian Five of ClubsA part 2Hazel Troth
 30/8/2021East Anglian Five of ClubsNovice Pt 2Paul Cartwright
 30/8/2021Woodman''C'' Dog and ''C'' Bitch.Anne Northfield.
 30/8/2021WoodmanB DogLauren Jackson
 30/8/2021Woodman Open Obedience ShowNovice D & BLaura Chrysostomou
 30/8/2021WoodmansPre BeginnerIndira Helsby
 30/8/2021Woodmans Open Obedience ShowB BitchSandra Phillips
 30/8/2021WORCESTERBeginner D/BAngela Watson
 30/8/2021Worcester D T CA Bitch Part 2 Helen Connolly
 30/8/2021WORCESTER D.T.C.Pre -Beginner Bet Howe
 30/8/2021Worcester Dog Training ClubChampionship C DogDarren Wallace
 30/8/2021Worcester Dog Training ClubA Bitch Part 1Sandra Spruce
 30/8/2021Worcester Dog Training ClubNovice Dog Part 2. Sheil
 30/8/2021Worcester DTCIntroductoryMichelle Verrill
 30/8/2021Worcester DTC ChampC D&B pt 2Gerard Paisley
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