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Show Reports
List of Obedience Show Reports by Date

This page lists the Show Reports that are available on the ObedienceUK site. The page being open to all judges that would like to place their reports on the site for others to read.

If you would like to add your report, fill in the details after clicking the 'Add Show Report' button.

To read a report, just click on the View Report symbol against the report in question.

Note that reports marked as New have been added in the last 7 days.

Reports 1 to 60
View   Date Show Class Judge
New25/11/2023BCOS Show ReportBCOS Show Report
 25/11/2023BCOS MoultonGrade 1Bridgette Cameron
 20/11/2023Culverstone DTCIntroCarol Instone
 19/11/2023Culverstone Capped ShowAll classes
 19/11/2023Culverstone DTCBeginnersCarol Instone
 18/11/2023Wigton D.T.CB Part 2Fiona Holdsworth
 18/11/2023Wigton Dog Training ClubNovice part 1Tricia Ansell
 18/11/2023Wigton DTCBeginnerHenri Carew
 11/11/2023Solihull DTC ShowBMAVIS MILLS
 4/11/2023Dutch Obedience ChampionshipsC, A and BeginnerPat Batchelor
 4/11/2023The Dutch Obedience Championship ShowB Novice & Pre BeginnerKaren Harrison
 29/10/2023DownlandsAMarianne van Gils
 29/10/2023DownlandsNovice D&BJune Stenning
 29/10/2023Downlands Obedience GroupBeginner and Pre-BeginnerClare Williams
 29/10/2023Downlands Obedience GroupBCaroline Eley
 28/10/2023Solihull DTCA Annette Dowd
 21/10/2023Solihull DTC Capped Open ShowNovice 1Dawn Cox
 15/10/2023Sheffield G/S/D.SocietyB pt 2Ken Boulton
 15/10/2023Sheffield GSDB Part 1Lou Jackson
 15/10/2023sheffield gsd societyBEGLIZ BISHOP
 15/10/2023Sheffield GSD SocietyNovice Part 1Margaret Fox
 15/10/2023Sheffield GSD SocietyNovice part 3Emma Lavender
 14/10/2023English Shetland Sheepdog Club Limit ShowPre-Beginner, Novice and AClare Williams
 14/10/2023Island Dog Training Club Guernsey Limit and OpenAll classesJane Wood
 8/10/2023Ditton capped showBeginnersBetty Briley
 8/10/2023Ditton DTC (4 Class capped open obedience show)Novice Dog and BitchLinda Baldock
 8/10/2023Ditton DTC Capped ShowIntroductory Dog/BitchCarol Stewart
 8/10/2023MBCCADawn Cox
 8/10/2023MBCCNovice part 2Caroline Johnson
 8/10/2023MBCCBeginners Leslie Read
 8/10/2023MBCC Open showAll Classes
 8/10/2023Midland Border collie ClubPre-Beginner and BeginnerLeslie Read
 8/10/2023Plymouth DogTrainin ClubB Dog/Bitch Madge Thompson
 8/10/2023Plymouth DTCNovice DogHilary Holley
 7/10/2023Plymouth D T CA bitchMiss Sue Aldridge
 7/10/2023PLYMOUTH DOG TRAINING CLUBNovice dogSue King (Bristol)
 7/10/2023Plymouth DTCB d & bMichelle Verrill
 1/10/2023Broughton & Brigg DTGB 1Ruth Britton
 1/10/2023Broughton & Brigg DTG A part 2Jo Bramhall
 1/10/2023Elm Park Pre Beginner DogMiranda Humphreys
 1/10/2023Elm ParkPre-Beginner BitchMoina van der Heijden
 1/10/2023Elm ParkBeginner DogMoina van der Heijden
 1/10/2023Elm Park Beginner BitchMiranda Humphreys
 1/10/2023Elm Park ChampionshipA dog pt 2geoff painting
 1/10/2023Elm Park Dog Training ClubB BitchSandra Spruce
 1/10/2023Elm Park Dog Training ClubChampionship C DogPat Batchelor
 1/10/2023Elm Park Dog Training Club Championship ShowNovice Bitch Part 1Janet Tandy
 1/10/2023Elm Park DTCB Dog Part 1Lesley Taylor
 1/10/2023Elm Park DTCNovice Dog part 1Jo Edwards
 1/10/2023Elm Park DTCC Dog part oneAnita De Klerk
 1/10/2023Elm Park DTC - Championship Obedience ShowChampionship C BitchAnita Neal
 1/10/2023Elm Park DTC Championship ShowIntroductory Dog/BitchCarol Stewart
 30/9/2023Broughton & Brigg DTG Pre-BeginnerJo Bramhall
 30/9/2023Broughton and Brigg D/T/G.Nov pt 1Ken Boulton
 30/9/2023Broughton and Brigg DTGroup CRoy Bland
 30/9/2023Broughton and BringB part 1Dawn Cox
 30/9/2023ELM PARKB Bitch pt2 June Fillingham
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