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Crufts 2020

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Michelle Newman

Bitch Championship


In Running Order:

1 Marie Cartwright with STILLROCKIN THE MAGIC

Marie Cartwright

2 Philomena Barnes with OB CH JEZZADDY IT’S SNOW FLOOZIE

Phil Barnes


Suzy Tooley

4 June Stenning with OB CH IATKA STARSHINE

June Stenning


Kathy Russell


Anne Northfield

7 Helen Murray with OB CH SIXELA UNO’S DIVA

Helen Murray

8 Shirley Clowes with SARKAM SOUL DREAMER

Shrley Clowes

9 Malcolm Webster with OB CH BORDERLAIR SQUIFF IT IS

Malcolm Webster

10 Heather Grey with OB CH BE MY MIRACLE

Heather Grey

11 Lyn Tozer with TIZZY POP

Lyn Tozer

12 Alison Gresty with TRADERS APPRENTICE

Alison Gresty


Kathy Russell

14 Philomena Barnes with JEZZADDY IT’S SO SCARLETT

Phil Barnes


Karen Aarons


Sandy Wadhams


18 Karen Aarons with OB CH SCHAISLA DREAM ROSA

Karen Aarons


Jodi Lunn

20 Janet Aldridge with MALARIDGE COUGARS MOON


Mary Ray

Dog Championship


In Running Order:


Dee Steadman


Deborah Steele

3 Shirley Bowlas with FRANKS FOR THE MEMORY

Shirley Bowlas


Pauline Hill


Pat Watson


Moe Edser


Kathy Russell


Margaret Pinder

9 Shirley Clowes with SARKAM SOUL SEARCHER

Shirley Clowes


Sue King

11 Nina Whitnell with CORIES RAY OF SUNSHINE

Nina Whitnell

12 Dot Watts with OB CH ZIGGDAN ZYCO

Dot Watts

13 Lorna Hilton with OB CH HALLIGALLI TAKE A BOW

Lorna Hilton

14 Patricia Jones with OB CH LONGWAVES CLOUDY SKY

Patricia Jones

15 Herbie Watson with OB CH SARKAM THE RINGO KID

Herbie Watson

16 Sue Plunkett with REMROR ON THE GO

Sue Plunkett

17 Bobby Robertson with LUPITOONZ WHAT’S UP DOC

Bobby Robertson

18 Steph Woollam with OB CH SAARTJIE LUC

Stephanie Woollam

19 Gillian Strickleton with REDISTEDI HIGH REALITY

Gillian Strickleton


Jenny Gould


Ria McGovern

22 Carolyn Heath with JEZZADDY IT’S TIME TO PLAY

Carolyn Heath


Kathy Russell


Mary Ray

Inter Regional Obedience

Judge - Michael McCartney


In running order:



Team Manager - Emma Lavender

Asst Mgrs - Alison Gresty & Karen Davies



Sue MacDonald with Mister Rusty Rocket (Rusty) XB

Sue MacDonald

Reserve: Amanda Ward with Jacobswood Epic Encore (Rogue) Labrador

Amanda Ward


Mo Conlin with Fouranfass Phury CDex IGP3 (Vino) German Shepherd Dog

Maureen Conlin

Chris Schwarz with Pendledean Pretty Woman (Dusty) Miniature Schnauzer

Chris Schwarz

Class A

David Foden with Tiamaria Imperial Red (Milo) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

David Foden

Donna Surtees with Miss Batty (Nora) Bearded Collie

Donna Surtees

Class B

Rachael Young with Stillrockin Guessing Game At Jarysmystic (Guess) Working Sheepdog

Rachael Young

Class C

Julie Rowlands with Sarkam Douthinkhe Saurus (Yoshi) Border Collie

Julie Rowlands



Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Aleksandra Borawska with Shiba the Marmot’s Bane (Shiba) Cross

Aleksandra Borawska

Reserve: Tracey Doolan with Priorise Legacy of Linjor (Casey) Labrador

Tracey Doolan


Yve Davies with Unity Neo (Ace) Standard Poodle

Yve Davies

Chrissy Harrison with Wigglelikeaworm at Pashamatts (Eli) Cross

Chrissie Harrison

Class A

Elinor Anderson with Brandy’s Reddy for Myrtillas (Brandy) Cross

Eleanor Anderson

Steph Heath with Jodame Glitterball (Savvy) W/S

Steph Heath

Class B

Meriel Bentley with Hareloch Cobbler (Ruben) Golden Retriever

Meriel Bentley

Class C

Michelle Verrill with Sixela Twenty Four Seven (Logan) BC

Michelle Verrill


South & South West


Team Manager - Emma Galbraith



Casey Richards with Materas Rock Steady (Charlie) Boston Terrier

Casy Richards

Reserve: Micky Benton with Reinglen Emerald (Dennis) GSD

Micky Benton


Clive King with Jodame Great Escape (Quest) WS

Clive King

Sandra Smith with Gunner Joblue (Gunner) GSD

Sandra Smith

Class A

Sam Rice with Tollerice Chase (Redden) NSDTR

Sam Rice

Janet Saker with Corneroak Golden Girl Velda (Velda) Golden Retriever

Janet Saker

Class B

Steve Wiltshire with Vakeranti Onnyx A ex (Chaz) GSD

Steve Wiltshire

Class C

Jo Neal with Somerset Ollie (WS)

Jo Neal


South East & East Anglia



Team Manager - Wendy Birch


Kath Gorick with Aleseshep Tula Bula (Tula) GSD

Kath Gorick

Reserve: Ricky Cox with Kensteen Such Trickery (Khaleesi) GSD

Ricky Cox


Fiona Bird with Clarmers Kwitcha Talking (Ivy) German Spitz

Fiona Bird

Paula Foakes with Kanukalos Rhapsody (Rioja) Hovawart

Paula Foakes

Class A

Samantha Ragus with Mediterranean Jet (Alfie) Labrador

Samantha Ragus

Liam Norfolk with Kennibee Klevva (Kenny) Golden Retriever

Liam Norfolk

Class B

Lesley Nichols with Dunburgh Taylor Boy (Tayler) Golden Retriever

Lesley Nichols

Class C

Val Howse with Stillrockin Fen (Fen) WSD

Val Howse

Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Tracy McKinlay

Assistants - Mandy Jennings & Anne Hamill


Rachel Garisch with Cherryvalley's Mellififluos (Mimi) German Shepherd Dog

Rachel Garisch

Reserve: Tracey Dawn Watt with Vinny Vidi Vici (Vinny) Working Cocker

Tracey Dawn Watt


Janette Mitchell with Fenstyle Kerro Blue Diamond (Kerroo) Shetland Sheepdog

Janette Mitchell

Carol Lewin with Choxxstart Colby (Colby) Bearded Collie

Carol Lewin

Class A

Claire McKinlay with Newford's Marmite (Maia) Doberman

Claire McKinlay

Lisa Craig with Pepsanner Sutton Bell (Evie) Golden Retriever

Lisa Craig

Class B

Louise Jackson with Manannans Barrule (Logan) Border Collie

Louise Jackson

Class C

Helen Boyde with Stillrockin and Heaven Sent (Lyric) Working Sheepdog

Helen Boyde


Team Manager - Lou Jackson

Asst Mgrs - Lyn Tozer and Steve Fraser



Emma Daniel with Indie Mindie (Indie) Husky Cross

Emma Daniel

Reserve: Maggie Wills with Carricks Popping Candy (Evie) Working Sheepdog

Maggie Wills


Carol Hartland with Deltamadog Rose (Lola) Working Sheepdog.

Carol Hartland

Dawn Cox with Tuesday's Chance Encounter (Ruby) Working Cocker

Dawn Cox

Class A

Kay Reynolds with Tawny Hill Perfect Dusty (Dusty) GR

Kay Reynolds

Rachel Richards with Goodbye Mr Chips (Chip) Min poo / terrier

Rachel Richards

Class B

Joy Patilla with Briabar Golden Reiver (River) GR.

Joy Patilla

Class C

Carol Clack with Briabar Golden Dream (Barnie) GR

Carol Clack



Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgrs - Ellen Herries & Anne Marie Parker


Jean Murray with Mystic Bell (Jura) Golden Retriever

Jeam Murray

Reserve: Annette Spence with Last Chocolate (Skye) Spaniel Cross

Annette Spence


Doreen Bidgood with Alikir Ize Cool (Oscar) GSD

Doreen Bidgood

Penny Crowe with Staffstyle's Bonny Wee Lass (Elsa) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Penny Crowe

Class A

Yvonne Roberts with Unezi Rocky Bay (Reuben) Rhodesian Ridgeback

Yvonne Roberts

Penny Crowe with Staffstyle's Bonny Wee Lass (Elsa) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Penny Crowe

Class B

Jim McIntosh with Harlequin Xandras (Harley) Working Sheepdog

Class C

Pamela Lochrie with Sixela Mad Hatter At XANDRAS (Dani) - Working Sheepdog


Inter Regional Rally

Judge - Margaret Booth


In running order:




Team Manager - Gail Holl

Gail Holl

Asst Mgrs - Sharon Dunn

Sharon Dunn

and Janet Thickbroom

Janet Thickbroom


Level 1

Fran Mitchell with Mikmaqlabs kuruk (Yogi Bear) Labrador

Fran Mitchell

Reserve: Angela Wilson with Canouan Lionel-Blair By Robk (Louis) Affenpinscher

Angela Wilson

Level 2

Sarah Edwardson with Kenaiteenmungo (Joey) Bernese Mountain Dog

Sarah Edwardson

Level 3

Ann Lee with Izzy Wizzy Woo (Izzy) Shih Tzu/Chihuahua

Ann Lee

Level 4

Denise Curren with Madsway Aramis (Monet) Beardie x Collie

Denise Curren

Level 5

Denise Platts with Littlethorn Leaf (Leaf) BC

Denise Platts

Level 6

Sue Brown with Stillmoor Tartan Banner Of Delphinia (Delta) BC

Sue Brown



Team Manager - Tracey McGuirk

Tracey McGuirk


Level 1

Rhian Lloyd with Chocolate Mystery Maiden (Blod) Cocker Spaniel

Rhian Lloyd

Reserve: Heather Parker with Man of Magic (Merlin) XBreed

Heather Parker

Level 2

Nerys Thomas with Tudful Ddraig Goch at Calanhaf (Finn) Welsh Springer

Nerys Thomas

Level 3

Katie Harvey with Madgack Maple (Luna) Labrador

Katie Harvey

Level 4

Mary Muxworthy with Beverton Ted (Ted) Border collie

Mary Muxworthy

Level 5

Mary Rayment with Grizwold Lady of the Lake (Krytal) German Sp

Mary Rayment

Level 6

Katy Girdler with Gwynion Sinead For Pashamatts (Tyler) Border Collie

Katy Girdler

South & South West


Team Manager - Jenny Butters

Jenny Butters

Assistant Manager: Lesley Peters

and Andrea Sykes

Andrea Sykes


Level 1

Mary Cockings with Another Beautiful Husky (Freya) Siberian Husky

Mary Cockings

Reserve: Joanna Pidduck with Peartbrook Black Diamond (Nim) Shetland Sheepdog

Joanna Pidduck

Level 2

Monica Collins with Cama Z Jirkova Dvora (Maze) GSD

Monica Collins

Level 3

Rosemary Banfield with Delator SpringIs In The Air (Kite) BSD Tervueren

Rosemary Banfield

Level 4

Anne Uglow with Aculsia Teardrop (Ziggy) BC

Anne Uglow

Level 5

Felicicity Veazey with Janallan Bakari (Jet) BSD Groendal

Felicicity Veazey

Level 6

Sarah Lindsey with Merryway Narla of Goldbounty (Narla) Golden Retriever

Sarah Lindsey

South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Jenny Stewart

Jenny Stewart

Asst Team Mgrs - Tanya Butler

Tanya Butler

and Rhea Butler

Rhea Butler


Level 1

Sonya Wright with Edward Scissor Paws (Eddie) Cross Breed

Sonya Wright

Reserve: David Jones with Accra Witching Wizard (JJ) Australian Shepherd

David Jones

Level 2

Betty Straw with Dukeson I’m a Believer JW RL1Ex (Ev’er) Shetland Sheep Dog

Betty Straw

Level 3

Christine Dunning with Mohnesee Miss Nightingale (Flora) Shetland Sheep Dog

Christine Dunning

Level 4

Alison Ruyter with Resi’s Practical Joke (Ida) Cross Breed

Alison Ruyter

Level 5

Val Kelsey with Rooqui’s Typoni Maiden (Tipi) – Border Collie

Val Kelsey

Level 6

Jenny Morris with Blackrobin Bob the Builder (Bob) Border Collie

Jenny Morris

Northern Ireland


Team Manager - Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper

Assistant Managers: Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin

and Adrian Dornford-Smith

Adrian Dornford-Smith


Level 1

Nicki McAlister with Connobenali Bizzy at Dreamweaver (Dinky) Cocker Spaniel (NI)

Nicki McAlister

Reserve: Sandra Haveron with Thornbrook Dixie Melody at Haven (Dixie) Cocker Spaniel (NI)

Sandra Haveron

Level 2

Collen Fawcett with Ir. Int. Hr Ch Fosterebrie Divine Gold (Emmi) Briard (NI)

Collen Fawcett

Level 3

Debbie Martin with Foxbarton Platinum Prince (Ross) Border Collie (IoM)

Debbie Martin

Level 4

Louise Boomer with Gracehill Mister Charles RL3Ex (Charlie) Colllie cross (NI)

Louise Boomer

Level 5

Gareth Smyth with Tippi May Hadron (Tippi) Collie (NI)

Gareth Smyth

Level 6

Amanda Wark with Smokin Joe Razor (Razor) Crossbreed (non collie/ collie type) (NI)

Amanda Wark


Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth

Julia Bodsworth

Assistant Managers: Karen Kendall & Helen Chetwynd

Assistant Managers

 Level 1

Glenis Charles with Corneroak Golden Gambler (Gamble) Golden Retriever

Glenis Charles

Reserve: Briar Dunn with Rubus Parvifolius (Bramble) Golden Retriever

Briar Dunn

Level 2

Gloria Bonnell with Sandwick Centre Stage at Cinlock (Dylan) Shetland Sheepdog

Gloria Bonnell

Level 3

Lizzie Lang with Slatina Norroca (Yogi) Cross

Liz Lang

Level 4

Katie Lynn with Borderforce Any Witch Way (Hocus) Working Sheepdog

Katie Lynn

Level 5

Marie Miller with Stormlake's Jester (Yogi) German Shepherd Dog

Marie Miller

Level 6

Kate Wykes with Dreaganta Xary's Star of Tarnforce (Star) Border Collie

Kate Wykes



Team Manager - Elaine Miller

Elaine Miller

Ass Managers - Susie Galloway

Susie Galloway

and Jayne Mowbray

Jayne Mowbray

Level 1

Sharon Deans with Highhouse Adranus Fliro (Gus) Labrador Retriever

Sharon Deans

Reserve: Vycki Brock with Jansanleis Polar Express to Pomkins (Vinnie) German Spitz Mittel

Vycki Brock

Level 2

Lorraine Murtagh with Practically Perfect Inca (Inca) English Springer Spaniel

Lorraine Murtagh

Level 3

Sarah Collin with Stockibears Caramel Mist (Thor) German Shepherd Dog

Sarah Collin

Level 4

Amy Jackson with Scottish Duke ‘O’ Emerald Isle (Duke) Crossbreed

Amy Jackson

Level 5

Sally Sanford with Danehaven Midgell at Paludic (Zee Zee) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Sally Sanford

Level 6

Sally Sanford with Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic (Lace) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Sally Sanford


Judge - Kate McCartney


In Running Order

Team 1

PAW PATROL (German Shepherd Dogs)

Paw Patrol

Linda Wild with Chazlaws Little White Dove - Isa

Linda Wild

Wendy Bonnick with Foxfold Shadow Dancer - Annie

Wendy Bonnick

Lesley Deegan with Clynalwyn Mickeyfinn - Mickey

Lesley Deegan

Sue Page with Glebevonwood Glide - Shady

Sue Page


Team 2

CAIRNTASTICS (Cairn Terriers)

Cairn Team

Sue Drew with Tycadno Thriller at L’Artiste RL 2ex - Oscar

Sue Drew

Andrea Bolden with Tycadno Ruby Slippers - Ruby

Andrea Bolden

Wendy Laker with Cannwood Call of Duty at Wizoz RL2 - Harris

Wendy Laker

Sandra Saunders with Sunnyglen Rapunzel - China

Sandra Saunders

Gill Ellis with Lindcoly Wreck it Ralph - Ralph

Jill Ellis

Amanda Leek with Pumpkin Patch - Orwell

Amanda Leek


Team 3

HUGABERNS (Bernese Mountain Dogs)

HugaBern Team

Carol Davis with Chippis Diamond in the Sky - Lucy

Carol Davis

Sue Small with Malindibeach Faberge Fancy - Fabs

Sue Small

Belle Owen with Bollinger Boo - Bolly

Belle Owen

Sue Maddox with Chippis Diamond Lily - Lily

Sue Maddox

Dave Maddox with Chippis Real Diamond - Georgie

Dave Maddox

Team 4


Poodle Team

Diane Jones with Parcheeni Grazioso - Brie

Diane Jones

Ken Foster with Earais Come Fly With Me - Smokey

Ken Foster

Anna Marie Patchell with Acecliffe Star Champers - Champers

Anna Marie Patchell

Sandra Foster with Argentcymru Conan - Gunnar

Sandra Foster

Lorna Fisher with Argentcymru Jade - Fizzle

Lorna Fisher


Team 5


Butterflies Team

Jenny Goude with Manawyddan Finlay Mcrory (AWS) - Finlay

Jenny Goude

Tammy Stretton with Herumen Mountain Cerrig - Cerrig

Tammy Stretton

Marian Craig with Skydragon Griffin Dude - Doodle

Marian Craig

Biddy Powell with Skydragon Fitz Phoenix - Flute

Biddy Powell

Jenny Goude with Manawyddan Inca Tinka (Reserve) - Inca

Jenny Goude

Team 6

WAGTAILS (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)

Wagtails Team

Sue Pinkham with Estrid Baylee at Pinkadees RL2 - Baylee

Sue Pinkham

Janette Ross with McKenzie Cepheus RL2 - Buddy

Janette Ross

Diane Weston - Skybluecavs Amber Heart - Meggie

Diane Weston

Maggie Dawson - Black Knight Rufus RL3.Ex - Rufus

Maggie Dawson

Reserve: Jen Dearlove - Bionic May - May

Jen Dearlove


Team 7

COVERT COCKUPS (Cocker Spaniels)

Covert Cockups

Lynn Brockie with Marshkeeper's Breeze- Fizz

Lynn Brockie

Dawn Cox with Tuesday's Chance Encounter - Ruby

Dawn Cox

Janet Beverley with Trajan's Maid to be Mine - Teasel

Janet Beverley

Katie Bloor with Marshkeeper's Twister - Koda

Katie Bloor

Reserve: Lesley Deegan with Especially Ellie - Ellie

Lesley Deegan


Team 8

THE RUSSELLERS (Jack Russell Terriers)

Russellers Team

Julia Bodsworth with White Lightening Hot Spot - Spot

Julia Bodsworth

Anne Shuker with Scally's Skullduggery Swag - Scally

Anne Shuker

Kirsty Stuart with Fegsig's Blithe Spirit - Ghost

Kirsty Stuart

Sian Rees with Little Miss Tiny Temper - Mable

Sian Rees

Julie Russon with Princess Russ - Poppy

Julie Russon

Louise Dexter with Fedsig The Giant - Feds

Louise Dexter

Team 9


Sheltie Superstars

Vanessa Hardin with Sheltysham Medley of Gold AW(G) RL6.Ex – Jelly Tot

Vanessa Hardin

Rowena Steady with Tooralie's Just The Tonic P-Beg.Ex RL3.Ex - Toes

Rowena Steady

Carol Dare with Lavika Mirror Image – Rafa

Carol Dare

Jean Tuck with Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW(P) Beg.Ex RL3.Ex – Zac

Jean Tuck


Rosemary Turner with Iliad Isa Tease at Khamysker RL2 WT.Intro – Teasel

Rosemary Turner

Callie Mather with Bluehollow Moondaisy RL4.Ex - Daisy

Callie Mather


Team 10

MANCHESTER'S REUNITED (Mancheter Terriers)

Helen Fletcher with Joemario Just a Dash - Shimmy

Helen Fletcher

Ann Harrison with Sophyla Sophie - Sophie

Ann Harrison

Chris Harrison with Magpiebank Teal - Teal

Chris Harrison

Brenda Harrison with Larkswing Belle Star at Rosadyva - Sadie

Brenda Harrison

Lesley Olbinson with Rattustrap Citra at Carapast - Grace

Lesley Olbinson

Lavinia Paxton with Lake Sunset - Donald

Lavinia Paxton

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Kathy Hood

In Running Order

1 Georrgina Krall with Ambertollers Devotion - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Georgina Krall

2 Anne Dent with Fizella Helleins Angel - Norwich Terrier

3 Jayne Merrell with Midnight High Jinx - Crossbreed

Jayne Merrell

4 Chantelle Beckett with Mabel Maybe Its Maybeline - Crossbreed

Chantelle Beckett

5 Cheryl Spurr with Reinhund Diamond Von Reinglen - German Shepherd

Cheryl Spurr

6 Paula Gilmurray with Le Blaireau - Border Collie

Paula Gilmurray

7 Jo Vila with Est The Best - Crossbreed

Jo Vila

8 Julie Hudson with Bruno Bigheart - Crossbreed

Julie Hudson

9 Louise Wilson with Our Girl Betty with Crossbreed

Louise Wilson

10 Jenny Witt with Sakurastar Sunset - Working Sheepdog

11 Courtney Murphy with Many Rivers to Cross - Border Collie

Courtney Murphy

12 Patricia Bridgeland with Fletcher Reggie - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

13 Jayne Clarke with Kevela Keepsake at Fellwywood - German Wirehaired Pointer

Jayne Clarke

14 Stewart Shaw with Delenor September Sunrise - Border Collie

Stewart Shaw

15 Callum Ferguson with Fitzwistor Alba Naecairn - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

16 Carl Thorne with Hewthorn Fifty Shades of Red - Working Sheepdog

17 Rowan Carter with Super Sammi Squidgeman - Crossbreed

18 Janine Grinshill with Great Gifted Sunshine Lad - Labrador

Janine Grinshill

19 Rebecca Ford with Sunset Warrior Intro Ex - Whippet

Rebecca Ford

20 Sarah Price with Foxbarton Lady Penelope - Border Collie

Sarah Price



Judge - Kathy Hood


Not In Running Order

Ellie-Mae Barthrop with India Rose Sweet Moon Melody - Miniture Poodle

Ellie-Mae Barthrop

Eileen Beech with Broad Green Ace of Diamonds - Crossbreed

Chloe Jearum-Boyce with Pocket Rocket Bella - Crossbreed

Chloe Jearum-Boyce

Ruby-Mae Brookes with Romeo Flash of Gold - Cocker Spaniel

Ruby-Mae Brookes

Maisy Dent with Ragus Just Joking at Fizzela - Norwich Terrier

Gemma Dolan with Magic Sparkles - Jack Russell Terrier

Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone - Border Collie

Paige Jepson

Lara Pavitt with Rushbottom Rhynestonbrows - Australian Shepherd

Lara Pavitt

Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Abbie Spink

Olivia Verplanke with Taranza Imagination - Border Collie

Olivia Verplanke

Daniel Whitmore with Super Sammi Squidegeman - Crossbreed

Jenny Witt with Lavender Lillpip - Crossbreed

Jenny Witt with Sakurastar Sunset - Working Sheepdog



Judge - Shelagh Page



In Running Order:

1 Keeley Hurton with Keeley'S Little Dizzy Rascal (Dizzy) Working Sheepdog [12-17 Years]

2 Maisy Dent with Rags To Riches At Fizzella (Dixie) Crossbreed [12-17 Years]

3 Laura Baillie with Janjelly Black Diamon (Roxy) Golden Retriever X Border Collie [18-24 Years]

4 Rosie Loukes with Beverton Benji (Ben) Border Collie [18-24 Years]

5 Daniel Whitmore with Super Sammi Squidgeman (Sammi) Crossbreed [18-24 Years]

6 Holly Kemp with Spawood Easyrider (Toby) German Spitz (Mittel) [06-11 Years]

7 Rebecca Stanton with October Moon (Luna) Springer Spaniel X Cocker Spaniel [12-17 Years]

8 Ellie-Mae Barthrop with Indiarose Mystic Moonshine (Elfie) Miniature Poodle [06-11 Years]

9 Chloe-Leigh Findlay with Stillmoor Miss Independent At Dreamorox (Roxxi) Border Collie [12-17 Years]

10 Shauna Lloyd with Whiterocks Clara Peggoty (Peaches) Shetland Sheepdog [18-24 Years]

11 Gemma Dolan with Magic Sparkles (Sparky) Crossbreed [12-17 Years]

12 Ellie Beach with Westlodge Elvira (Elsa) Rottweiler [12-17 Years]

13 Daniel Omar with Foxdown Brodeur At Tollerice (Brodeur) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever [12-17 Years]

14 Ailsa Liddle with The Macinator (Macy) Yorkshire Terrier X Bichon [12-17 Years]

15 Ruby-Mae Brooks with Romeo Flash Of Gold (Romeo) Cocker Spaniel [12-17 Years]

16 Emma Coyle with Laddie'S Special Edition (Laddie) Border Collie X Golden Retriever [18-24 Years]

17 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fun Of Fair Candyfloss (Floss) Border Collie [18-24 Years]

Paige Jepson

18 Grace Smith with Kernow Storm (Storm) Border Collie [12-17 Years]

19 Emma Coyle with Lookylooky Kruise Control (Kruise) Border Collie [18-24 Years]

20 Maisy Dent with Fizzella Helin'S Angel (Hattie) Norwich Terrier [12-17 Years]

21 Chloe Jearum-Boyce with Pocket Rocket Bella (Bella) Cocker Spaniel X Poodle [12-17 Years]

Chloe Jeanum-Boyce


In Running Order:

1 Molly Davidson with King Of The Maze (Theo) Crossbreed [12-17 Years]

2 Jodie Grayson with Olive Skye (Skye) Border Collie [12-17 Years]

3 Bobbie Lee with Jakey Of Zeldonis (Jakey) Border Collie X Dalmatian [12-17 Years]

4 Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe (Buddy) Staffordshire Bull Terrier [06-11 Years]

5 Rebecca Williams with Woodside Jax Mr Max (Maxie) Working Sheepdog [12-17 Years]

6 Eleanor Donne with Eleanor'S Wish (Coppa) Working Cocker Spaniel [12-17 Years]

7 Olivia Verplancke with Taranza Imagination (Raz) Border Collie [18-24 Years]

Olivia Verplancke

8 Josie Baldwin with Jack Of Spades (Jack) Shih Tzu X Maltese [18-24 Years]

9 Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise (Kelsey) Border Collie [12-17 Years]

10 Ellie-Mae Barthrop with Indiarose Sweet Moon Melody (Trixie) Miniature Poodle [06-11 Years]

11 Bronagh Walsh with Fearnach God Of Thunder (Zeus) Shetland Sheepdog [18-24 Years]

12 Keeley Hurton with Keeley'S Little Miss Me (Missy) Working Sheepdog [12-17 Years]

13 Matthew Elmer with Zama Tess At Remle (Tess) Working Sheepdog [18-24 Years]

14 Laura Baillie with Janjelly Black Diamon (Roxy) Golden Retriever X Border Collie [18-24 Years]

15 Rebecca Williams with Jarysmystic Mo Caused Kao (Kaos) Working Sheepdog [12-17 Years]

16 Dominic Vila with Est The Best (Estella) Working Cocker Spaniel X Poodle [06-11 Years]

17 Ruby Walker with Magherascouse Mayhem (Kia) Border Collie X [06-11 Years]

Ruby Walker

18 Daniel Whitmore with Super Sammi Squidgeman (Sammi) Crossbreed [18-24 Years]

19 Rebecca Williams with Skylars Devilish Delight (Taz) Border Collie X Poodle [12-17 Years]

20 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step On A Stone (Pebbles) Border Collie [18-24 Years]

Paige Jepson

21 Josie Baldwin with Chase Your Dreams (Chase) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever [18-24 Years]



High Flyers

In Running Order:

1 Isobel West with Wakaduze Wi Mimbe At Raynechaser (Luna) Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever [18-24 Years]

2 Ella Garwood with Cories Klever Cookie Candi (Kandi) Kelpie [18-24 Years]

3 Rebecca Williams with Whoneedzsleep At Jarys (Zoom) Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) Cross [12-17 Years]

4 Lisa Griffiths with Tilemash Diamond Girl (Bonnie) Working Sheepdog [18-24 Years]

5 Rebecca Williams with Jarysmystic Mo Caused Kao (Kaos) Working Sheepdog [12-17 Years]

6 Matthew Elmer with Morgansr Made For Me (Kitt) Border Collie X German Shepherd [18-24 Years]

7 Shannon Wright with Bordalicious Pink Lace (Lacey) Working Sheepdog [12-17 Years]

8 Amber Kirwan with My Boy Tiber Tops (Tiber) Crossbreed [12-17 Years]




Judge - Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

When the invitation to judge Crufts arrived, I nearly burst with excitement. I don’t think I’ve ever replied
to a judging request so quickly! Back in my 20’s I was at Crufts, looked around and thought I definitely
want to judge this one day. In my head my dream was to do it before I turned 40....that has sadly long
since passed but I am still in my 40’s so that’s almost the same...!

My love affair with dogs and training started when I was 10, and living with my father. He competed in
Working Trials and although I attempted to handle his GSD, this was not appreciated by Max, who ran
back to my father at every opportunity! So when I turned 11, he bought me my first dog. Laurel (Ob Ch
Driftway Laurel) was the love of my life, my heart and soul. She was 6 months when I got her, and by 18
months she had qualified CDex, UDex, and WD open in Working Trials. After starting with exemption
shows, we moved on to open obedience shows. Not long after this my father decided he no longer
wanted to compete. So at the age of 13 I got myself a Saturday job, a TSB cheque book, and relied on
friends to ferry me to shows on Sundays! I will always be grateful to my friend, Linda Hays, who took us
to the shows for the first few years. Once Laurel had qualified to work Ticket, I was lucky enough to be
ferried around by Maureen Collins. I remember fondly Maureen collecting me and Ann at the weekends,
with a whole host of border collies in her Volvo estate, long before cages were invented! I owe both
Linda and Maureen a huge amount for allowing me to continue attending shows. Laurel won her first
ticket at the end of 1988, and so our first appearance at Crufts was in 1989 under Karina Griffiths.
Although before this I had been to Crufts, it was mainly to go shopping! I realised with some trepidation I
had absolutely no idea what to expect (this was before Youtube, in fact before the tinternet!). So I went
to Alison Wood’s house and watched Crufts rounds on VHS tapes, so I could see what the ring looked
like and what the handlers wore!!

Since then I have shared my life with some amazing dogs – Tizi (Per Per Per Penguin), Chequer (Ob Ch
Darkbeck Tri Again), Chevvy my Terveuran (Ob Ch Minka Inspriration Chivvy), Jagger (Ob Ch Its Just
Jagger), Wiggy my Standard Poodle (Ob Ch Myall Kanya Tri Again), Java my GSD (Kanya Keep Kool),
Usher (Ob Ch Sarkam Rap It Up CDex, UD, IPO 1) and Kanga (Sarkam That’s A Rap). They have all
enriched my life, and given me some of the highest highs (and occasionally a few bumps down to

I started judging at the age of 17, and in 1998 judged my first Ticket. This was awarded to Greta Hagget
and Ob Ch Karrider Karly. A special team, a day that will stay with me always. How that can be 22
years ago?!!

Every single Ticket I have judged has been stewarded by one of my best friends and training partner,
Paul Cook. When I told him of my dream to one day judge Crufts, I knew it would only be Paul that I
would want stewarding it. Luckily for me he felt the same, and having had the opportunity to do it before
now he held off praying we would get to do it together. So this Crufts is “our” appointment, not just mine.
I am incredibly grateful to the other team members for agreeing/offering to be on the team. A group of
special people that have since formed friendships that will far outlast the Championships. One of the
plus sides to our sport!

This appointment comes exactly 20 years after my Chequer won the title in 2000, under Pat Wilson. He
was a special boy, whose achievements were as big as his heart.

I would like to wish all competitors a fabulous time – win or lose, they are our best friends and allow us
the privilege of competing at the biggest show in the World.


Judge - Michael McCartney

Michael McCartney

(Inter Regionals - Obedience)


I was delighted to receive the invitation to judge the Obedience Inter Regional Event for 2020 – I was originally invited to judge the Obedience World Cup 2018 but sadly this event was dropped from the Crufts programme.

Thank you to the Crufts committee for extending this invitation to me.

I have been involved in this event for over 25 years as Northern Ireland Team Manager – a duty I have relinquished to Tracy McKinlay for this year – thanks Tracy for taking on this role.

I have been involved in training and competing in obedience since the grand old year of 1969 (I know!!!) so judging at Crufts is a massive honour for me.  I have surrounded myself with an exceptional team and know they will support me and ensure that all the teams taking part in the day have an enjoyable experience.

Currently I am Head Trainer and Chairman of Lisburn & District DTC and we are proud to be one of the few clubs that host a Championship Obedience show as well as Championship Agility Show. 

We are a real doggy household I actively compete and train in both agility and obedience, my wife Kate competes, and trains obedience and our son Crawford competes and trains agility. 

Good Luck to all the teams.  Myself and my team will do our best to make sure you enjoy your day. 



Judge - Margaret Booth

Margaret Booth

(Inter Regionals - Rally)


Margaret has had dogs most of her life and started instructing in the 1970s. She runs her own dog training club on Anglesey and was the first instructor there to become a Kennel Club Accredited Instructor and is accredited in Heelwork to Music, Companion Dog, Good Citizen Dog Scheme and of course Rally. She was the Team Manager for the Welsh Rally Team at the Inaugural competition in 2017 and was delighted to lead them to their 1st Place award.

She enjoys training and competing in a range of different disciplines with her own dogs and has shown successfully in the breed ring, obedience, heelwork to music, agility, working trials and of course Rally. She started to compete in Rally Obedience at its earliest stages in 2010 and now judges and scribes regularly as well as running a local show on Anglesey and teaching Rally within her own training club.

She currently lives with 5 dogs two of which she currently trains and competes with. Her Border Collie, Jaerica Jubilee Gwyliau (Gwyl), gained his Level 6 Excellent title a couple of years ago and her Papillon, Pappretty Now and Forever for Burbridge (Jacques), is currently working at Level 1. Both of these dogs also run at Grade 4 in agility and are showing promise doing Working Trials and Scentwork. She also has a 16 year old Working Sheepdog, Ceri, who is now retired but gained her Level 6 Excellent title a few years ago.

She has set courses which should allow all the competitors to showcase their dogs at their best, enjoy taking part in this exciting competition but most importantly achieve their own personal goals.




Judge - Kathy Hood

Kathy Hood

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)

Like most competitors in obedience I attended a pet training class with my second GSD in 1977. This was Birmingham & District GSD Association, West Bromwich Branch which is still my club today.

With the encouragement of Fred and Daphne Steane I was persuaded to steward a class for him at a local show – I was hooked from that day. My first West Bromwich show I started in the refreshment tent serving tea and coffee, I progressed to stewarding, judging and eventually running the show. I have been running West Bromwich show since 1981with the sudden resignation of the secretary. I could not have done this without the expert guidance of Daphne Steane who I am deeply grateful for both your friendship and experience.
After over 40 years in obedience I have covered most jobs at shows, from cleaning up the site after the show to judging tickets, every job is important and all help however small is very much appreciated.

I was thrilled and excited when I received the invitation to judge at Crufts, especially the Pre-Beginner Stakes as these people are the future of our sport. I hope to put you all at ease so you can enjoy competing without too many nerves. Thank you Heidi Lawrence and the Kennel Club.

I wish all the competitors good luck and hope you enjoy your time in the ring.




Judge - Shelagh Page

Judge YKC Shelagh Page

(YKC Obedience)


I have been involved in Obedience, in one way or another, since 1970 when we bought our first dog, a Shetland Sheepdog.  We joined Lichfield and District Dog Training Society and Roy took her for training.  I had my very own dog, a home-bred Border Collie, Gemma, in 1976 and trained and competed with her – and since then have continued in the sport with Collies, a Papillon and a German Spitz.  My current boy Rummie is 4½ and we are enjoying our journey through the classes.

I have stewarded the YKC (formerly KCJO) at Crufts on 3 occasions but was both surprised and delighted to receive the invitation to actually judge the event in 2020.

I would like to wish all the qualifiers the very best of luck and hope that they enjoy their time at Crufts as much as me and my team will.

I apologise for the fact that the photograph is not recent but wanted to show that the sport is not all about Collies.  Deano, who I lost just a year ago, was never happier than when he was out with me or working in the ring.

Shelagh Page.




Judge - Kate McCartney

Kate McCartney


Thank you to the Crufts committee for the invitation to judge the Obreedience at Crufts 2020.  I am thrilled to be judging this event. 

I have been involved in dog training since my schooldays (long time ago).  I have never lost my enthusiasm for training dogs and I’m always on the look out for new ideas.  I have been blessed by meeting some lovely people in the dog world and being owned by some fabulous dogs along the way. 

Currently we have four border collies in the house. Truly who is the matriarch of the family, Truly is qualified for ticket obedience & Grade 6 agility and at the tender age of ten years young hung up her lead and now spends her day totally bossing the boys around.  We then have Bestie our only brown and white dog.  Bestie is a very special boy and he is qualified for Ticket obedience & ticket agility and he has won a reserve CC in agility.  Next is Robbo – or the RobStar – it’s all about Robbo and actually rightly so.  He is an awesome dog, handsome, clever, sociable and so easy to live with.  Robbo also works ticket agility and ticket obedience and has recently sired some gorgeous puppies too – a dog of many talents.  Then along comes Denny the baby of the family  – Denny is all sheepdog bred and is the handsomest black and white prick eared boy.  Denny runs in agility with our son Crawford and has did exceptionally well in his first season.

My team and I are looking forward to our day and we plan to make it as fun and relaxed for all the competitors as we can.  All that’s left is to say Good Luck, Enjoy and put your best paw forward.