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Crufts 2002





1st - Brenda Potiphar & OB CH CORIECOLLIES JONNIE




(Judge - Ian Watts)


The atmosphere has been quite electric... The halls very crowded and it's only Thursday! In the end, Brenda Potiphar put in a super round that impressed a lot of people.

As far as I know, no dog made any glaring mistakes... Just the normal things like the odd missed position in Distance Control. The round looked a nice round to work, with about turns, right turns and some figure of eights around some disc's layed on the carpet. Retrieve was a wooden spatular... most dogs handled it well. The Sendaway was triangular... Two large black front markers... two smaller white markers, with a large white back marker with the word Down on it (for the dog's that could read)! The pick-up was straight forward.

Herbie was the first dog in, losing a sub-total of 14½ ... That sort of set the standard.. It wasn't until dog number 14, Zigzest Jaffa at Taliswood with JK Taylor, that this was bettered with 12¾. Number 20 was Brenda and Ob Ch Corriecollies Jonnie losing 12... followed by Mary Ray and Woodsorrel Red Wine losing 14.

No dog broke the Stays... Is that a record?

Most dogs did the scent, but there were a few failures. The first to fail was Nigel Short (2nd in), who's dog was a little confused and working the cloths, so Nigel threw in the cloth for his dog to fetch... Then David Howell's dog Ob Ch Candlewind Pinball Wizard failed, followed by The Bishop's Ob Ch Spot the Magic. The next dog to fail was Suenijon He's Magic... Sylvia's second dog.

No dog went clear on Scent... Ob Ch Whatknow Razzmatazz lost ½ as did Hapennywoods Blackberry, Ob Ch Chalkwell Chezzi and Ob Ch Coriecollies Jonnie, the eventual winner.

Jane Ellen




2nd - Kathy Ingham & RUSKATH QUASI IMAGE

3rd - Sylvia Mitchell & OB CH MITCH'S MARVIE



The first exercise was Heelwork today, followed by Retrieve which was a wooden spoon. Then Sendaway, the same as yesterday but with a different pick-up. DC was last.

Last years winner, Ob Ch Mitch's Marvie and Sylvia Mitchell (nos 6), lost 6¼ on the heelwork... It was lovely, but Sylvia dropped her late to lose 8 on the sendaway. Sub Total: 14¾. Mandy Oliver and Ob Ch Bheinne Nice-Tri worked 11th and lost a sub total of 12½... As it turned out, this was the leading dog before Stays and Scent... Unfortunately, Mandy's dog broke the Down Stay, putting them right out of contention. This left Lou Jackson with Foldans Alice Springs and Kathy Ingham with Ruskath Quasi Image in joint lead going into Scent.

Bhienn Subtle Touch and Ob Ch Iatka Your My Girl both decided to present the cloth back to the judge instead of their handler... and Ob Ch Lunarlite Lady in Red, gave us a quick demo of dancing by leaving the handler and walking backwards, as if to go through Mary's legs... Then off and collected the correct cloth. This was costly, to say the least!

Foldens Alice Springs and Lou had a clear scent, the only bitch to go clear today which gave them the win. Kathy Ingham dropped a half that gave her second.

Jane Ellen




Winner of the Decker Bowl - Jenny Miller

(Sponsored by Genesis)


Inter-Regional - Restricted Breeds

Winning Team - Southern Region


Winners of Novice

1st - Anne Coates with Gwsi's Golden Cookie (Welsh)

2nd - Janice Jackson with Double Trouble Georgie Girl (Northern)

3rd - Rosemary Munday with Strong Legend (Western)


Winners of Class 'A'

1st - Kim Hodges with Branstorm Norwegian Wood (Southern)

2nd - Lesley Deegan with Kellbry I'm Elliott for Trajan (Midlands)

3rd - Mary Burns with Zeifers Pride (Scottish)


Winners of Class 'B'

1st - Pauline Clark with Tamanique Wizardry at Large (Southern)

2nd - Linda Thomas with Proudpaws the Lion King (Welsh)

3rd - Janice Jackson with Double Trouble T-bag Tetley (Northern)


Winners of Class 'C'

Joint 1st - Dave Cohen with Coellas George Girl (Southern), and Roly Allebone with Morgan of Beechcroft at Chalkwell (Midlands)

2nd - Jenny Bingham with Barney Baby Bop (N Ireland)

3rd - Sue Potter with Aycliffe Raquel at Treptor OW (Northern)


Inter-Regional - Unrestricted Breeds

Winning Team - Midlands Region


Winners of Novice

1st - Wendy Radcliffe with Cafcoll Ethan (Northern Ireland)

Joint 2nd - Nikki Lambert with Brightlands Shady Secret (Southern), & Beverley Golding with Harsett Anjelica (Western)

3rd - Sally Howe with Echo's Summertime Jester (Midlands)


Winners of Class 'A'

1st - Kate Lewis with Wizards Odd One Out (Midlands)

2nd - Jenny Bingham with Astroblue Bailey (Northern Ireland)

3rd - Keith Gillet with Sealight Kaos (Southern)


Winners of Class 'B'

1st - Carol Clack with Jarro's Special Edition (Midlands)

2nd - Alison O'Connor with Kathrow's Genuine Mistake (Welsh)

3rd - Meg Knap with Runfold Sizzler (Southern)


Winners of Class 'C'

1st - Ellen Harris with Jewhisps Gem (Scottish)

2nd - Jane Rees with Kyann Wajima (Welsh)

3rd - Bronwyn Bartley with Bheinn Tallorken (Midlands)


Inter-Regional Comments:

It was nice to see 'bums-on-seats' while the Saturday and Sunday Obedience events were in the Main Ring. In past years, there have been very few folks actually sitting, watching and supporting. I really think that allowing the general public to just go in and watch, has helped fill the seats and this is so much better for those competing with their dogs.

Richard Kebble put on some straight forward rounds for each class, and most dogs coped with the atmosphere of Crufts well... some coped better than others... you have the results above.

I see the Crufts overall Breed winner is the Poodle and the Peke is second.

I hope you agree that the Obedience (thanks to Sandy Wadhams help), has had more coverage this year on the TV than of late.

Jane Ellen

YKC Intermediate Obedience

Winning Team - South West


Winning Individual - Richard Burbidge (Midlands)

YKC Senior Obedience

1st - Sean Taylor


2nd - Clare Roberts


    The Crufts 2001 page (and 2000) is still available by following this link