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Obedience Members Forum

Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Les Perry (Coventry DTC) is the moderator for the forum.


Also, if you have made the decision that this site should not be used to advertise your course, we would also assume that you will not be 'mentioning' the course on this forum. (We feel that this is fair, and will remove such 'mentions'!)

This forum can only be POSTED TO by signed up, and approved, members of ObedienceUK (i.e. the people who have signed up to download schedules). At least this way we have 'knowledge' of the people who are posting.

PLEASE NOTE that anything that you post here will display your Username, but there will also be a link to your email address that you gave when you signed up to ObedienceUK. Hence you should not assume anonymity when you post to the forum.

The forum is, however, free for all to view that come onto the website.

Please note that all messages posted are the responsibility of the poster of the message and not the website owner. Also views expressed by posters are not necessarily the views of the website owner.


New eShop  (ObedienceUK) 18/4/2018 15:19:4

I've changed the software that runs the eShop, so I believe you will find it much simpler to use. There is a FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) link but I'll add more answers to questions if anyone finds a question that needs answering.

Cost of advertising is 2 by Paypal (or 3 by cheque) for a 30 day listing.

Adding pictures is a lot simpler in the new shop, and if you create an account you can manage (edit and delete) your ads. (Details in FAQS)


Refunds Knightswood Show   (gucci1) 16/4/2018 16:36:57

To apply for a refund of your entries for Knightswood dog show that was due to take place on 15.4.18 . Please send a SAE to
James Mcintosh
45 Shawstonfoot Road

SAE must be received by 16.5.18 .
After that date we will calculate what refund we are able to provide , after show costs have been deducted

Jim McIntosh
Chairman/ Secretary


WOBURN CAMPING - FULL  (hackpack) 28/3/2018 13:36:53

Sorry everyone, but Woburn camping is now full. Owing to work at our venue this year, we have had to reduce the number of campers we feel able to accommodate. As all our regulars competitors know, it is a lovely venue with woods and acres of dog walking space, so we would love you all to keep coming. There are alternative camping sites in the area which people have used in the past few years.

Janet Hackett

running orders  (juliettew) 25/4/2018 15:16:16

Please can someone help me. My first obedience how is at the weekend and I have no running orders so far. I thought I could pick them up from Obedience uk but can't find anything.

Which show?  (ObedienceUK) 25/4/2018 15:48:55

The only Obedience show I have on the schedules page (except for a Rally show) is Aylesbury show. The running order is definitely on there for Aylesbury. Big envelope in the right column marked RUNNING ORDER in red.  (ObedienceUK) 25/4/2018 15:57:54

Crossbreed Cup, Aylesbury  (pulikuk) 25/4/2018 14:59:48

Hello from Aylesbury! Just to remind everyone who has entered a crossbreed that we will once again be presenting the Kite and Florence Cups for highest achieving crossbreed dog and bitch. Last year's worthy winners were Sue Monks and Wendy Fisher - who will take the cups home this year, I wonder? We will find out on Saturday.......

Plantation Park Classes & Judges 26/27/28th May  (Kath) 25/4/2018 14:52:55

On all 3 days, Pre beginner will be judged first starting at 9.30. Followed by Beginners at approx. 11.45. Saturday's judge is Ron Oakley. Sunday's judge is Kathy Quinnell and Monday's judge is Kim Ford. Thanks to all 3 judges for agreeing to judge both classes.

Other changes: On Sunday, A Part 3 will be judged by Katrina Marsham. B Part 2 will be judged by Kathy Woodgreaves.
On Monday, A Part 3 wll be judged by Sylvia Allebone. B Part 2 will be judged by Julie Sheldrake.

Many thanks to these judges for agreeing to swap their classes, or in Sylvia's case, stepping in at the last minute.

New schedule - Derby  (ObedienceUK) 22/4/2018 10:6:46

I've just uploaded the schedule for Derby & District DTC, Open, 21st July 2018. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

Hello all.
Is anyone having a problem with opening the schedule?
I can read the first and last page, but the page listing the classes and judges is blank.
Any ideas folks? I would like to enter this show; I haven't been able to for years
Kind regards
Hilary  (hilary_p) 25/4/2018 14:33:6

Warlingham Open Show - A Bitch Judge amendment  (MrsEdwards) 25/4/2018 12:22:21

There will be a change of judge for one of our A Bitch classes on 19 May 2018.

Lesley Trenaman will be replacing John Rogers.

Dutch Obedience  (LouJackson) 24/4/2018 19:44:10

Report posted for Dutch Obedience Show, Saturday 24th March 2018.

Draw - South Cotswold  (ObedienceUK) 24/4/2018 18:9:23

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for South Cotswold. Thanks to Mary Siddall.

Begging again  (Mikadine) 24/4/2018 7:39:37

I am in need, again, for a novice steward at Culverstone on the Sunday., Is there someone free please so I dont have to worry Jo and Hazel.

Another Plea  (TammyW) 23/4/2018 15:27:46

Still looking the kind soul who would be able to Steward C at Rugby for Darren Wallace please 🤞🤞🤞

Obedience Classes   (K9MadLady) 22/4/2018 13:21:45

Can anyone recommend classes in Prestatyn Mold, Rhyl or Wrexham area, please. GSD, 2 years old and handler doing well in general obedience classes

Barbara Roberts lives in north wales e mail me for details  (kenneth) 23/4/2018 14:39:31

Survey on Obedience Class Content  (Fran) 23/4/2018 14:25:46

This is a link to a survey on obedience class content, specifically Novice, A and B. Please complete this if you possibly can, whether you agree with none, some or just one or two of the suggestions. Feel free to copy the link to obedience people you know or to social media groups that might be interested.

Thank you

Fran Godfrey
Obedience Liaison Council Representative

Draw - Culverstone  (ObedienceUK) 22/4/2018 18:17:36

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Culverstone. Thanks to Jo Newman.

Cheshire Open Show on 1st July 2018  (StockysBabes) 22/4/2018 13:34:9

Please be advised of change of Judge at our Open Show on 1st July. A Reserve Judge will now be Pat Werner. The Committee at Cheshire Dog Training Association wish Rosemary Scholley a speedy recovery.
Lisa Stock
Show Secretary

New schedule - Birmingham GSDA  (ObedienceUK) 22/4/2018 12:44:29

I've just uploaded the schedule for Birmingham GSDA, 2 x Championship, 15th & 16th September 2018. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

***NAABTS UPDATE***  (Jomagic) 22/4/2018 12:12:50


The committee have requested that I let everyone know and make arrangements or this years show to be CANCELLED.

All WYD entries have been refunded and any postal entries received will be destroyed.

Thank you all for your support through this difficult time.


Newbury Open Show 10th June, Closing Date 28/04/18  (Brynards) 21/4/2018 19:43:48

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry all you NEWBIES - old or young. You only have ONE week to enter our Introductory Class. (Closing Date 28th April) We have put this class on this year especially for you as the next step from the top class in a Companion Dog Show and the first gentle step into Open Shows. But it is a case of Use It or Lose It as I'm afraid that if we don't get more than the six (6) entries, we will not be able to put it on again. So COME ON YOU NEWBIES. Enter our show. Beautiful venue, level, short cut grass, clean toilets, food available all day and friendly people.
A reminder
Introductory Class is for handlers, of any age at all, who have never won an Introductory Class or who have not won 4th place or above in a Pre-Beginners or above.


New schedule - Anglian Acorns  (ObedienceUK) 21/4/2018 14:21:40

I've just uploaded the schedule for Anglian Acorns Obedience Group. 2 x Open, 13th & 14th October 2018. Thanks to Jacky Roddick.

New schedule - Halstead  (ObedienceUK) 21/4/2018 13:46:29

I've just uploaded the schedule for Halstead DOC, Championship, 29th July 2018. Thanks to Tanya Symonds.

New schedule - BCOS  (ObedienceUK) 21/4/2018 0:59:39

I've just uploaded a schedule for BCOS, Unaffiliated, 10th June 2018. Thanks to June Le Fevre.

ANGELA SIVYER.  (DaveB) 20/4/2018 23:19:12

I've just heard that Angela lost her fight for life yesterday, Thursday, 12th April.
For those who remember (or those who don't), she won the Bitch Championships in 1969 with Ob.Ch. "Moss"
The funeral will be at March Crematorium on a date still to be arranged.
Her husband, Wilf is devastated as this week would have been their 50th Anniversary.

OXHEY surprise presentation to Judy Swan  (WendyB) 20/4/2018 21:0:16

Ok, This is Judy Swan's last Oxhey as Show Secretary! Having run this show almost singlehandedly for around 20 years, she's ready to step down.
To mark this day - and to publicly thank Judy for all she's done to keep the show going over the years - there will be a surprise presentation by the Special GSD Ring between lunch sittings, at approximately 1.10pm. There will also be a card for judges and competitors alike to sign at the Special GSD table from the start of judging.
Please make the effort to come and sign a few words of thanks.... She's not on the internet so it's not worth posting your thank you messages on here tonight or tomorrow...
Thank you xxxxx

Extended Closing Date for Basingstoke  (ObedienceUK) 20/4/2018 16:42:4

Basingstoke show was due to close tomorrow Saturday 21st April but the entries are quiet low. We've had agreement from the Kennel Club to extend the closing date to 27th April to see if we can generate extra entries.

Rebecca Coleman

stay marks  (lexi) 20/4/2018 13:38:58

anywhere I can download a stay mark sheet for judging?

Fro the K C Website obedience section  (donwright) 20/4/2018 14:14:12

Top right hand side of this site - click on the Misc tab then on Useful Information and you will find it there  ( 20/4/2018 14:30:55

Cheltenham show  (Polly) 20/4/2018 10:11:41

Is Cheltenham snow going to be on WYD. I have regularly checked but it is not there?

Judging changes Culverstone Shows May  (Dippi) 19/4/2018 14:7:25

Judging changes for our show in May are
Saturday : Beginner Dog & Beginner Bitch will both be judged by Helen Clarence. There will be no Novice Dog Pt 3. There will only be one part to "B" & "C" Bitch
Sunday : Pre-Beg Dog & Pre-Beg Bitch will both be judged by Pat Handfield, Beg Dog & Beg Bitch will both be judged by Ann Cook. Novice Pt 1 will be Nadine Waites & Pt2 Julie Daly. There will only be one part to "B" & "C" Bitch

Petersfield closing date  (suehoward) 19/4/2018 10:6:14

APRIL 27th

Wats draw  (bayley) 17/4/2018 19:13:29

Please note the draw has been put on the site with sun 1st followed by the sat. Please ensure you check your classes carefully.
Admin can this be changed

Separate draws attached to each day now  (ObedienceUK) 18/4/2018 22:54:29

Pre-Beginners at Oxhey - please read  (WendyB) 17/4/2018 21:22:36

Further to the message from Team Oxhey, about combining pre beginner dog and bitch due to the low entry, we have been advised by the KC that we cannot change what was originally stated in the schedule. Therefore, on Saturday at Oxhey there WILL be a pre beg dog winner and line up as well as a pre beg bitch winner and line up. We would like to apologise for any confusion caused but are glad we will all be legal and above board!!! 😁 See you Saturday morning and keep praying to the weather gods! xxx

NBBAGSD 15/4/3018(Beverley)  (NBBAGSD) 17/4/2018 16:1:2

Now where do I begin ?

Firstly thanks to everyone who helped in anyway with the show if you are not mentioned you help is appreciated.

In no particular order:-

My thanks to the ring putter up & take down crew( plus car parking etc etc etc), Graham & Eileen Wellings, John & Eileen Grice, Donald & Beryl Wright & Ken & Carol Boulton.

The "refreshment" team, John(Mr Bacon Butty Supreme) & Carol(Captain of the sales team) Midgley, Sharon & Nikki our "junior team" plus Janet(always ready to help)Thickbroom

The Stay Queen Carol Burton & her stay team(whoever you were) & a welcome back to Janet from the local Branch.

Special thanks to my best mate Josie for help in feeding the judges & sorting stuff out later in the day & the day before.

To all our Judges & stewards thank you thank you thank you. Especial thanks to Beryl Wright for saving the day by stepping into the Novice breach along with her steward. I do hope Nina Weaver is soon up & running again after having an very bad allergic reaction this weekend & not being able to judge.

To our exhibitors thank you for entering & leaving the ground spotless.

Finally grateful thanks to the racecourse for allowing us the use of the new building, car park(hard standing bliss) & grassed area. Such a shame that the race meeting on 17th April has had to be abandoned due to the track being waterlogged in places.

Will there be another show next year??? Watch this space

Put this in your diaries peeps

Sunday 28th April 2019
Beverley Racecourse
NBBAGSD AREA SHOW 2019  (NBBAGSD) 17/4/2018 18:17:20

New pictures - BAGSD Northern Branches  (ObedienceUK) 17/4/2018 14:46:56

I've just uploaded Chris Parkin's pictures from BAGSD Northern Branches (Beverley) to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - BAGSD Birmingham South  (ObedienceUK) 17/4/2018 14:22:48

I've just uploaded my pictures from BAGSD Birmingham South to Out & About / flickr.

Change of Judge - GYDTC  (glynpooh) 17/4/2018 8:13:44

Gt Yarmouth DTC Open Show, Sept 15th - Due to a prior commitment Sue Jaggers is unable to judge Class 'A'. Viv Oakey has kindly agreed to take her place. Many thanks to Les and WYD for amending the schedule

Glynis (Show Sec)

Pre-Beg at Oxhey   (WendyB) 16/4/2018 18:46:2

Due to the lower than anticipated Pre-Beginner entry, we will now be combining the two separate sex classes into one mixed sex class with just ONE set of prizes on offer instead of the planned TWO...
We very much hope that a larger entry next year will allow us to run parallel classes which will award Two winners and Two sets of prizes.
Love from Team Oxhey xxx

New schedule - Coventry Championship  (ObedienceUK) 16/4/2018 15:22:45

I've just uploaded the schedule for Coventry DTC, Championship, 9th September 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - Wirral  (ObedienceUK) 16/4/2018 9:59:40

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Wirral ATS. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - Rugby  (ObedienceUK) 16/4/2018 9:35:9

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Rugby. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

BAGSD Oxhey announcements  (WendyB) 16/4/2018 6:41:44

Mr George Rogers is now unable to judge Novice Bitch part one. We hope he is soon feeling better. We are very grateful to Karen Smith for stepping in at short notice to judge this class, bringing a full team with her.
We now need ONE MORE CAR PARKING STEWARD. This is a very important role as we need everyone to be parked safely with minimal damage to the ground. PLEASE PARK AS DIRECTED. DRIVE AT NO MORE THAN 5MPH.
We are looking forward to greeting our army of "EARLY BIRD COMPETITORS" who can offer help in setting up the rings with posts and ropes - the ground will be marked out with spray paint and there will be field plans available to help everyone get this vital job done quickly and efficiently.
Our TWO training rings will be manned by a number of different people, willing to give up a little time to help others. A ROTA will be by each ring so that people willing to act as judge/steward can sign up for time slots. This is also a great opportunity for anyone who wishes to try out their judging and stewarding skills. Our grateful thanks in advance to everyone who signs up to assist. Money raised will go to Garbo's GSD Rescue.
There will be our SIGN UP FOR STAYS folder in the stay team's tent by the stay ring. Once you are booked in and know your own stay times, please sign up for a few sets of stays to help us keep the stays running smoothly.
Thank you from Team Oxhey xxx

Reports added  (louise21) 15/4/2018 23:23:11

Show reports for -

Coventry DTC open show 08/07/2017 Novice Bitch part 1
Lichfield & DDTS champ show 02/09/2017 A Bitch part 2
and BAGSD (Coseley) 15/04/2018 Novice Bitch part 1

just posted - apologies for the delay

Draw - Aylesbury  (ObedienceUK) 15/4/2018 20:54:50

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Aylesbury. Thanks to Helen Frost.

NBBAGSD 15/4/3018(Beverley)  (NBBAGSD) 15/4/2018 19:13:54

Our thanks to ALL our helpers, judges & stewards. Will do a proper right up when I get the feeling in my feet back.
The ground was left spotless & no one used the track so thank you to our lovely competitors too.

Sheffield German Shepherd Dog Show 8/4/2018  (lynns) 15/4/2018 11:36:6

I have put the write up for Novice 3 on Show Reports,
Lynn Darlington

Stewards needed South Cotswold 12 May  (preciousgem) 12/4/2018 20:6:31

We need ring stewards for 1 Novice, 1 A and 1 C. Any offers gratefully received. Fabulous lunch, good weather on order.

I could do a steward for you but not a C. Pm me with more info if you are still in need. Doreen.   (Brynards) 14/4/2018 22:36:19

BAGSD Oxhey help plea  (WendyB) 11/4/2018 6:19:54

OK It's BAGSD Oxhey SHOUT OUT TIME again!!! 😄😘

At this moment we still need ONE NOVICE STEWARD.
We also need a few scoreboard helpers - even if people can just help out through the running order and into the first few competitors??? You can still work your dogs and help in this way. Please get in touch...

Now our usual plea - early bird help to set up?
We're in a public park and can't set up until the morning of the show so..... We need :-

* About 3 lovely level headed people to organise the car parking. We MUST NOT drive across and churn up the football pitches. Anyone bringing a spare husband with them and arriving early??? Free scrummy brekkie awaits....

* Setting up early bird people for stake pushing in (The rings are all marked out with spray on the day before) and rope wrangling!!!

* Litter pickers - vital as local residents are a mucky lot on the whole! 😝 This role suits agile under 50s or gym bunnies!!

* Chair, table and scoreboard Luggers - yes, we're nearly there.....!

* Stay steward volunteers!!!!! We have the legendary and original Signing Up Folder and it'll be in the stay steward's tent right by the stay ring.
- once you're all booked in and know when you're going to be busy, PLEASE PLEASE come and sign up for at least ONE set of stays!

We are a TINY CLUB - We need your help on the day to keep going!

You know it makes sense... 😎

Love and gratitude from Wendy, Judy, Bernadette and a couple of others 💕💜💕💜💕💜💕

My spare husband and I will try to be early and go where directed. Lily  (doghouse) 11/4/2018 8:10:52


If you still need a novice steward Im willing to do it. Julia 07759810392  (jonwills) 14/4/2018 16:50:4

Hi, we don't need any ring stewards now but DO need stay stewards.
Setting up rings starts at 6.30am.

If people drive over the football pitches and churn up the venue, we could lose it!!! They'll only be needed until 10am but are ABSOLUTELY VITAL.
Wendy x  (WendyB) 14/4/2018 19:12:2

New schedule - Cheltenham  (ObedienceUK) 14/4/2018 12:12:53

I've just uploaded the schedule for Cheltenham and District DTC, Open, 25th August 2018. Thanks to Babs Sharp.

New schedule - East Kilbride  (ObedienceUK) 13/4/2018 20:22:57

I've just uploaded the schedule for East Kilbride DTC, Championship, 2nd September 2018. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

Steward wanted   (sandrat) 13/4/2018 20:21:1

Due to a personal bereavement I find my self with out a steward for B Bitch at Rugby CH SH 6th May. I can't promise sunshine but I a can promise good company and you will be well looked after. If there is anyone who has never stewarded a B and would like to have a try then come on and give it a go.....orderly queue please......Sandra Trainer

Steward wanted for B Rugby CH  (sandrat) 13/4/2018 19:30:26

Due to a personal bereavement I find my self without a steward for B Bitch at Rugby CH SH on the 6th May. I can't promise sunshine but I can promise good company and you will be well looked after. If there is anyone who has never stewared a B and would like to give it a try then come on and give it a go....... Sandra Trainer

ST EDWARDS SHOW 7th July 2018 from 30th June  (AlisonShaw) 13/4/2018 18:44:10

ST EDWARDS SHOW 7th July 2018: Glebe Football Club ground (previously Old Elthamians) Chislehurst, BR7 6SD

Having had to cancel our original show date from 30th June I am pleased to confirm we have managed to secure our new venue for the following week of 7th July. However, before I get stuck into rushing round arranging everything I wanted to post on here first to make sure there are no other shows in the near vicinity being planned for the same date.

At the moment I am aware of three other shows (Peterborough, Devon and IOM) which should all be far enough away not to disrupt entries/judges for any of us but obviously if any of the show committees feel there would be an issue please let me know. Also if there are any other shows being planned then too please can you let me know urgently so I can cancel everything early enough that it wont cost us a fortune.

All left now is to try finding some more judges for the new date any lovely volunteers gratefully received of course :). My email is or feel free to message me on facebook. I shall also be at Oxhey if you want to grab me there, thanks Alison.

update coseley show  (bluezonic) 13/4/2018 17:29:7

Had a look at the fields and the show goes on may have to adjust my ring plan because its a bit water logged in places.Parking there will be limited parking on the grass none of which will be along the bank all will be opposite side to the bank and will be roped off there is plenty of hard standing parking so if you know your vehicle will get stuck use the hard standing i know if i used my van i would get stuck if anyone does get stuck come and find me i will take my 4x4 now we dont want any complaining about parking we are doing our best to keep this show on all you have to think is if this weather keeps on a lot of shows will be cancelled because they have no hard standing parking so though its not ideal at least you have a show Tony

BCOS Grand Prix Cancelled  (ObedienceUK) 13/4/2018 14:55:33


It is with a heavy heart that I post this message.... The BCOS Team have made a very difficult decision. Unfortunately we have been forced to cancel the show, due to the impact of the recent weather. The ground is basically flooded, and it would be unsafe to put any vehicle on it and have the foot traffic over the two days would make it challenging to say the least. We are obviously absolutely gutted!!

We have had people attend the venue this morning, in the vain hope that the ground would be at least usable. Sadly, although some parts may be marginally usable, the impact of a two day show, hundreds of people walking on the venue, dogs and vehicles, would leave the venue totally saturated and unsafe we feel we have no choice. The risk to safety and well being of attendees cannot be ignored. We can only apologise for the inconvenience it may cause you.

Information about entries and refunds will be be communicated in due course.

I have attached some photos, from this morning to illustrate the severity of the ground.

To say we are gutted, would be an understatement. The work and preparation put into any show cannot be overestimated, and this decision wasnt made lightly.

Once again, our sincere apologies.

The BCOS Team. (Kamal)

NBBAGSD 15/4/3018(Beverley)  (NBBAGSD) 13/4/2018 9:39:13

Please note the show is still on. The parking area is tarmac & adjacent to the rings.

Please do not arrive too early as we will be putting up the rings on the show day & not before.

The exercise area is the centre of the race track not the track itself(at the request of the Racecourse).

The refreshments will be in the Owners & Trainers building not our previous building.

Draw - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 13/4/2018 9:16:5

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Chesvale. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Coseley Show  (preciousgem) 12/4/2018 19:57:21

Hows the ground?

Draw - Burnbank  (ObedienceUK) 12/4/2018 15:55:0

I've just uploaded the running orders for Burnbank. Thanks to Andrew Kousourou.

B.ham and District GSD - 2 CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWS  (polomazda) 11/4/2018 19:31:26

I am pleased to announced that today it has been confirmed that our association has been granted DOUBLE CHAMPIONSHIP STATUS permanently. I have never reached the heights of working ticket myself so have not done this for personal reasons I have done this for the Obedience fraternity in general.(We are losing too many shows). It is always difficult to get judges, especially for Championship shows, so I hope I have not put my head in a noose, I would appeal to all ticket handlers please help to make this successful and offer to judge an open class at our shows once every 5 or 6 years. This years shows are sorted just awaiting the last 2 phone calls but offers for the future will be gratefully accepted. I will be there in my tent at this years shows armed with blank judging contracts.
Two ticket shows at the same venue, same weekend - 3rd ticket show follows the next weekend at same venue.
You all seemed to enjoy it last year - lets make it a success every year.

Kathy Hood

Great,well done.   (doghouse) 12/4/2018 7:50:34

Knightswood cancelled (and Leven)  (puppies) 11/4/2018 11:41:43

With regret we have to announce that KNIGHTSWOOD show on 15.4.18 is CANCELLED

The council said the ground is not safe to have cars on it.

Unfortunately there is not enough SAFE parking in surrounding area to allow show to go ahead.

If wish your entry fees returned please send SAE to show secretary

Pamela Lochrie

Keep Steve Shepherd's entry.  (MEGGYMOO) 11/4/2018 19:51:20

Leven & District Dog Training Club  (Beeuk172) 10/4/2018 23:42:29

It is with regret that I have to inform those who have entered or otherwise that due to the condition of the venue(waterlogged) Leven & District Dog Training Club Open Obedience Competition which is due to be held on Saturday 14th April has had to be cancelled. We are going to enquire at the Kennel Club if there is a possibledate later on to allow us to reschedule the show. Meantimeshould anyonerequire their entry fees to be returned,please send an SAE to me. please PM me for address or contact Show Secretary. We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter and we apologise for the short notice.
Sincerely yours
Samuel Perkins KCAI
Club Treasurer.

Keep Steve Shepherd's entry.  (MEGGYMOO) 11/4/2018 19:50:52

Camping NBBAGSD  (NBBAGSD) 11/4/2018 11:15:3

Please note the ground is not available in our usual place for camping & the alternative is very close to a very noisy cattle grid.

If you were planning on camping please & I haven't contacted you please contact me urgently on the show number 07731 663192

Please note the show is on & the ground is ok for "light" traffic. All parking is on hard standing  (NBBAGSD) 11/4/2018 16:50:27

New schedule - GSD Club of Devon  (ObedienceUK) 11/4/2018 15:30:19

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD Club of Devon, Open, 9th June 2018. Thanks to Carol Bath.

Urgent help needed Middlesbrough Show   (sorcha) 9/4/2018 13:55:7

Nicky Walker requires Judges A/B/C classes . Without volunteers this show will not proceed.
This show runs back to back with Redcar championship show. Fantastic venue good food.camping.
Acres of space to exercise your furry friends .
Beach within walking distance. Town nearby! Come on folks please dig deep and help, This club is
Very small and Nicky does most of the work by herself. Please form an orderly line, no punch ups in queue to judge, It would be great if someone who doesnt normally judge to jump on the wool sack and have a stunning time . Good food good company Please help 🙄🙄🙄

Show closed beginning of June so need help ASAP. Come on folks please help   (sorcha) 9/4/2018 14:21:52

If you are still looking for an A Judge, Beryl will offer to Judge.  (donwright) 10/4/2018 14:58:16

As I won't be competing. I'm willing to steward for pre beg / beg or novice. If that's ok.   (Bettsy Chris) 10/4/2018 22:56:55

coseley show  (bluezonic) 10/4/2018 19:13:56

Beginners will start at 12 oclock so all pre beginner handlers make sure you work before this time you will be informed of this in stays anyway which are at 10.30 Tony

MBCC - Whole weekend show Cancelled   (Whyso) 31/3/2018 7:3:40

Copy of facebook post by Sheilagh Hyde .. 31st March 9am:

MBCC It is with regret that we have had no option other than to cancel the complete show as it is considered too dangerous to allow it to continue

Personal note by Shirley Budgen:
If people are happy to have their entry fee retained to cover the shows large expenses please kindly add your full name and agreement for club to keep your entry fee in a comment below - thank you.

I am sure the club will also put out a policy on refunds when they have recovered from all this weekends work.

Please keep my entry fees Pauline Dixon  (Polly) 31/3/2018 7:55:33

Please keep my entry fees Sandra Trainer  (sandrat) 31/3/2018 9:27:37

Please keep my entry fees. Catherine Buecheler  (Cathb) 31/3/2018 11:2:18

Copy of facebook post by Sheilagh Hyde .. 31st March 3.30pm:

Sheilagh Hyde‎ to ObedienceUK
MBCC cancellation
Following the forced cancellation of our shows-and in accordance with Rule 9 on our schedule, anyone wanting a refund of their entries please forward a stamped addressed envelope to me - Mrs S M C Hyde, 43 Southfields Drive, Leicester LE2 6QS. This must be received by 28th April and refunds will be made within 3 months. Please note that refunds will be after expenses have been accounted for and that there expenses will include hire of the venue, marquee, toilets, chemical waste, printing, catering etc which have all had to be paid for. Any refunds not required will be donated to a charity to be announced later.  (Whyso) 31/3/2018 11:39:52

Please keep my entry fees - Sue Flight  (Ian) 31/3/2018 14:27:50

Only entered NFC for m6 young dog, you do a brilliant job, ignore all the negative feedback, without people like you we wouldnt have shows. I decided not to come because of the weather, but would like to come next year. Keep my entrance fee albeit only 1.00   (suechilds) 31/3/2018 16:42:14

So difficult for you, MBCC, after all the hard work, planning and putting on a Show. There was obviously no option but to cancel, so well done to all, and those who were there to help. If, and when the Ticket show is rescheduled, I will be there as Chief Stay Steward, should you need me. Marcia

  (marcia756) 1/4/2018 13:32:37

Please keep my entry fees Jean Everist  (Mikki) 2/4/2018 7:58:27

Lilian and Michael Turner, please keep the fees. We had a lovely weekend, arriving on Thursday and leaving on Sunday inspite of no show. We were staying till Tuesday but glad to be home. Hope everyone arrived home safely.  (doghouse) 2/4/2018 10:3:57

Please keep my fees Bryan.Oram  (Bryan) 2/4/2018 20:17:5

please keep my fees- we too had a lovely weekend away despite the no show.
Andrew Bird  (apbird0012) 3/4/2018 14:4:29

Please keep my fees, Rita Oaten  (buzski) 3/4/2018 21:12:58

Please keep our entry fees Heather Grey & Moe Edser  (heathergrey) 9/4/2018 10:48:8

Please keep my entry fees. You had no choice after the 18hrs of virtually none stop rain on Friday through to Saturday? Hopefully see you later in the year Val  (valether) 10/4/2018 14:25:46

Please keep my entry fees. Hilary Parsons  (hilary_p) 13/4/2018 19:8:6

EXETER CHAMP /OPEN SHOW CAMPING  (Christhetoerag) 5/3/2018 6:56:1

I have booked the usual camping field direct with the owners for 12 days around the show. From Monday 21st May through to Friday 1st June. Anyone who would like to take advantage of a longer stay than that offered by the club please get in touch with me direct either at ,through messenger or my mobile 07768940826. Payment should be made direct to me either in advance or when you arrive. Once I know what nights you would like to stay I will send you out a pass.
Chris Fifield

It would appear that the Chairman has got his knickers in a twist. He would like people to only pay him for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and to organize payment with me for any nights you wish to stay outside those days, ie: Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday before the show and Monday through to Friday after the show. Hope this is clear for everyone  (Christhetoerag) 5/3/2018 14:31:40

I am writing in response to the post by Chris Fifield to clarify the position regarding camping at the EDTC Championship/Open Show in May of this year.

Exeter Dog Training Club has a contract with the owners of the camping field allowing us to provide camping for those attending the show. As stated in the catalogue this covers the period from 4.00 pm on Thursday 24th May until noon on Monday 28th May 2018. Camping for this period MUST be paid for with show entries.

Chris has organised the additional camping facility as a private individual and NOT as a member of the EDTC Show Committee or on behalf of the Exeter Dog Training Club. We appreciate that some people like to spend a longer period in Devon and extend their stay for a period prior to and/or after the show. Unfortunately the EDTC Committee were unable to give a guarantee to the owners of the field regarding security outside of the dates given in the show schedule, resulting in EDTC offering a shorter period of camping to competitors than in previous years.

Those who wish to extend their stay should pay Chris separately for those days outside of the period 4.00 pm on Thursday 24th May to noon on Monday 28th May 2018.

Paul Cousins
EDTC Show Committee
  (moortime) 5/3/2018 15:16:53

I'm just curious regarding who is responsible for security, insurance etc on the days outside those covered by the club?  (RobS) 6/3/2018 17:23:35

Not EDTC  (moortime) 10/4/2018 10:25:15

Draw - BAGSD Birmingham South  (ObedienceUK) 10/4/2018 8:49:0

I've just uploaded the running orders for BAGSD Birmingham South. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

Bryan Luckock  (NBBAGSD) 9/4/2018 13:47:47

I don't have your mobile or home telephone numbers. Can you check your BAGSD email asap need an urgent reply. Thankd

sent email
  (K9MadLady) 9/4/2018 15:24:42

Thanks Anna  (NBBAGSD) 9/4/2018 16:22:17

Plantation Park change of judges  (Kath) 9/4/2018 15:14:35

B Part 2 on Sunday will now be judged by Kathy Woodgreaves.
B Part 2 on Monday will now be judged by Julie Sheldrake.
Please pm either myself or Teresa Paterson if you have a preference.
ASAP please

Steward  (Mikadine) 30/3/2018 5:20:31

Not having a dog to work I seem to have taken a lot of judging appointments without having a steward, pretty please if anyone is available to steward a nov dog at Oxhey on 21st of April please form an orderly queue. Thankyou, Thankyou

Come on there must be someone willing to give up a few hours. Guarantee a short, easy round and good company. Cant do much about weather but keeping everything crossed. I live in hopes please ring 07778030863  (Mikadine) 6/4/2018 6:52:47

Once again someone who owes this sport nothing has volunteered. Thankyou so much Theresa Patterson you are a star  (Mikadine) 9/4/2018 11:19:21

New schedule - Lancashire BCOS  (ObedienceUK) 8/4/2018 23:36:33

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lancashire BCOS, Unaffiliated, 2md June 2018. Thanks to Henri Carew.

Lovely Obedience People  (preciousgem) 8/4/2018 18:34:47

Hi, to all you lovely people out there!
South Cotswold DTC Is hoping that theres some stewards champing at the bit to help out at our Open Show on 12 May.

We are needing one Novice, one A and one C steward. Although our club is very small, our ambition is great and we need your help to keep our show going.

The good weather is on order and you will be well looked-after.


Draw - BAGSD Northern Branches  (ObedienceUK) 7/4/2018 16:27:20

I've just uploaded the running orders for BAGSD Northern Branches. Thanks to Sue Bean.

Loughborough Show  (robz) 7/4/2018 13:3:40

Just a reminder entries close Monday 9th of April

Draw - BCOS Grand Prix  (ObedienceUK) 7/4/2018 12:22:7

I've just uploaded the full running orders for the BCOS Grand Prix Obedience Show. Thanks to Nicky.

New schedule - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 7/4/2018 12:9:42

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lisburn & District DTC, 2nd (Championship) & 3rd (Open) June 2018. Thanks to Anne Hamill.

Derby show  (pip) 6/4/2018 19:33:36

Does anyone know the date of Derby show please?

21st July  (sandrat) 7/4/2018 11:55:56

Draw - Lanarkshire  (ObedienceUK) 5/4/2018 18:26:35

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lanarkshire CTA. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

Draw - Leven  (ObedienceUK) 5/4/2018 18:15:54

I've just uploaded the running orders for Leven & District DTOC. Thanks to Andrew Kousourou.

C steward needed for Ditton and Lichfield shows  (BarbShort) 5/4/2018 8:36:21

If anyone able to steward a C round at either of the above shows please contact me Barbara Short email is or txt 97713711535. Many thanks x

Sorry phone no. wrong is 07713711535  (BarbShort) 5/4/2018 8:37:43

AYLESBURY B AND C BITCH  (pulikuk) 3/4/2018 17:35:59

Hello from Aylesbury to everyone who has entered B or C bitch at our show on 28 April! We have had to split both of these classes, so I am writing to ask anyone who has a preference for a particular judge to let me know as soon as possible. I hope you will forgive me for not contacting everyone individually, but there are quite a lot of you :-) B bitch judges will be Gill Winyard (pt 1) and Teresa Paterson (pt 2); C bitch will be Wendy Birch (pt 1 ) and Pat Batchelor (pt 2). You can email me on look forward to hearing from you....Debbie Lammin

Have messaged you Debbie ,thanks June Stenning   (Sten) 3/4/2018 19:27:58

Have messaged you. Thanks. Jill Grattidge   (bisquet) 3/4/2018 21:44:45

Have messaged you Debbie. Thanks. Wendy  (TREEVY) 5/4/2018 7:1:26

New schedule - Jersey DTA  (ObedienceUK) 4/4/2018 20:37:12

I've just uploaded 2 schedules for Jersey DTA, 9th (Limited) & 10th (Open) June 2018. Thanks to Liz Keeler.

Wirral A.T.S. Sunday 13th May 2018  (dellkos) 4/4/2018 16:49:16

Who fancies a lovely meal, not sure about the weather, bacon butties, afternoon tea, just for stewarding a C on Sunday 13th May 2018. The judge is Shirley Clowes. Don't crush each other in the rush. Seriously Please either contact Shirley or myself on 0151 334 6432. Thanking you in advance.

Nicki Fildes-Moss

New schedule - South Eastern DTS  (ObedienceUK) 4/4/2018 14:54:48

I've just uploaded the schedule for South Eastern DTS, Open, 24th June 2018. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw - Sherborne Vale  (ObedienceUK) 4/4/2018 8:56:9

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Sherborne Vale. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw Oxhey  (ObedienceUK) 4/4/2018 8:45:44

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Oxhey. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Judges needed for 2018 and 2019 Witham & District   (Whatsname) 3/4/2018 20:46:49

Where are all the newly qualified judges. We need a novice judge for our show on 28 July 2018 and 3 novice judges for our show on 27 July 2019. We held these novice judging appointments for any new judges keen to take up their judging appointments. Unfortunately we have not had any response to our plea for these judges to come forward. We are now putting out a general urgent plea for a novice judge for 2018. Any takers please call me. 07796363688 Bridget.

Warlingham DTC Open Show - Judging amendments  (MrsEdwards) 3/4/2018 14:51:32

There will be two changes to our scheduled judges for our Open Show on 19 May 2018.

Jenny Lunn will replace Liz Jakeman in Novice Bitch.

Pat Batchelor will replace John Higgins in C Dog.

New schedule - Great Yarmouth  (ObedienceUK) 2/4/2018 21:59:11

I've just uploaded the schedule for Great Yarmouth DTC, Open, 15th September 2018. Thanks to Glynis Smith.

South Cotswold   (preciousgem) 2/4/2018 20:34:47

Entries close tomorrow Tuesday (postmark).

Status - GSD Club of Wales Open Show on 8th April  (ObedienceUK) 2/4/2018 20:14:55

GSD Club of Wales Open Show 8th April

Monmouthshire Showground

We have inspected the ground today and it is holding up well to the weather. The rings should be fine although the grass might be a little longer than we would like as we dont want to take a heavy grass cutter onto the field (but still very manageable as the area has been grazed). Cars may have to be parked around the perimeter roads that go through the site, but we will review the parking arrangements when we get to the venue on Saturday and have a more accurate picture. We will do our best to provide a good show but ask for your patience and understanding if things are a little more challenging than usual.

Sue Evans, Secretary

Culverstone Show   (Dippi) 2/4/2018 9:58:21

Just a reminder that entries close this coming Friday 6th April

Plantation Park Weekend (Norfolk)  (Kath) 2/4/2018 8:4:6

Reminder that entries close on Friday 6th April.
Come and spend a fabulous long weekend (3 shows) or even have a longer holiday and stay until West Suffolk the following weekend.

Forum clock  (dingdongcharlie) 31/3/2018 7:14:4

Is this clock wrong on this forum or are there really loads of people posting at stupid o'clock in the morning?

It's now 10 past noon.

I noticed that today, and I'll do something about it.

All I can think of is that since I changed hosts the site is now on a server in the US, so it's on US time.  (ObedienceUK) 31/3/2018 8:56:55

A bit of a manual fix, but time should be OK until the clocks change again. Time now 11.27  (ObedienceUK) 1/4/2018 11:28:5

St Mary''s DTS  (Kenya) 1/4/2018 4:44:27

Unfortunately due to the bad weather forecast we have made the decision to cancel St.Mary's show on Easter Monday. Anyone wanting a refund please send a stamped addressed envelope to the secretary. 😥😥😥

MBCC - If you want an entry refund info ..   (Whyso) 31/3/2018 11:41:24

Copy of facebook post by Sheilagh Hyde .. 31st March 3.30pm:

Sheilagh Hyde‎ to ObedienceUK
MBCC cancellation
Following the forced cancellation of our shows-and in accordance with Rule 9 on our schedule, anyone wanting a refund of their entries please forward a stamped addressed envelope to me - Mrs S M C Hyde, 43 Southfields Drive, Leicester LE2 6QS. This must be received by 28th April and refunds will be made within 3 months. Please note that refunds will be after expenses have been accounted for and that there expenses will include hire of the venue, marquee, toilets, chemical waste, printing, catering etc which have all had to be paid for. Any refunds not required will be donated to a charity to be announced later.

New schedule - Irvine Valley  (ObedienceUK) 31/3/2018 11:14:51

I've just uploaded the schedule for Irvine Valley DTS, 2 x Open, 23rd & 24th June 2018. Thanks to Margot Thomson.

JUDGE CHANGE AT LEICESTER GSD SHOW  (snooki) 31/3/2018 5:31:50

we have had to change judge for the Jim Horan class and it now going to be judge by Sally Collins thanks sally for doing this

MBCC - URGENT  (ObedienceUK) 31/3/2018 2:59:47

From facebook:

It is now pouring down with rain again. Its too late to cancel today but Sundays show is now CANCELLED. Please reply on this thread to let me know that you are aware of this and anyone else who you are able to let know.

Sheilagh Hyde

Thanks for the information. Tracey Brawn  (Noodlenoo2 ) 31/3/2018 3:33:23

Im afraid the decision has been made to cancel todays show (Saturday) also.  (ObedienceUK) 31/3/2018 3:50:52

Thank you for update Ted Deadman  (TedDeadman) 31/3/2018 4:19:38

Warlingham Open Show  (lexi) 30/3/2018 15:40:52

Entries close on the 6th April, next Friday! so get your entries in!

MBCC update  ( 30/3/2018 5:10:19

the farmer has opened another field up for both campers and day parking. You will not drive very far off the main road so please keep your eyes open for signs and drive carefully

URGENT - MBCC  ( 30/3/2018 3:55:21

Due to the volume of rain yesterday/last night, there is standing water and access for caravans/motorhomes is not possible. Please bear with us to see if the ground dries up - I will post further at lunchtime

Border Collie Club of Wales  (Cathysl) 26/3/2018 12:31:31

Due to unforeseen circumstances we need a judge for Beginner on Thursday 31st March 2018. The entry is usually very small and the class should finish by 1pm. If anyone can help we will be very grateful. Thanks Cathy

Thanks to anyone who was considering helping us. We are sorted now 😊  (Cathysl) 27/3/2018 12:46:50

South Cotswold Show  (preciousgem) 26/3/2018 19:22:56

Entries close on Tuesday next, 3rd April. Please bear in mind that Easter comes between now and then and get your postal entries off as soon as you can, preferably before the weekend.
Much appreciated.

Judges required Worcester Show  (louise21) 26/3/2018 8:27:53


We are looking for some kind people to judge at our ticket show on Monday 27th August. We need -
B dog part 2
C bitch part 2
C dog part 2

We have ordered fabulous weather and promise you a lovely day in the Worcestershire countryside ☺

Please email me if you can help (

Eagerly awaiting a bombardment of replies (crosses fingers)

Louise (club & show secretary)

Draw - Knightswood  (ObedienceUK) 25/3/2018 15:46:20

I've just uploaded the running orders for Knightswood. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

Draw - Sheffield GSD  (ObedienceUK) 25/3/2018 6:9:14

I've just uploaded the running orders for Sheffield GSD. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

Info for Sirius Show 25th March   (shadowsofcolour) 24/3/2018 8:52:2

Please be aware if you walk by the river behind the venue, please do not let your dogs in the water it can be very fast moving.
We only have 4 sets of stays please can we have some help, they will be before and after lunch in the working rings no separate stay ring.
The caf is good and cheap, a great deal of choice, sandwiches/rolls from 1.20, lots of things on toast, eggs mushrooms beans from 1.10, all day breakfast 4.65 plus smaller versions, fish and chips 4.40 and salads 3.00 and more plus cakes.
We hope you enjoy the day.

ST.EDWARDS DTC OPEN SHOW IN JUNE  (jennyH) 24/3/2018 4:45:30

We have had to cancel our show date on 30th June this year as we have not been able to definitely book a venue. We hope to hold our show a little later in the year if we can get a suitable date and venue agreed.

stewards needed  (trimor) 23/3/2018 3:19:1

Midlands BC. I'm doing Pre Beginner on the Saturday. Leic B.
Can anyone help please

I've now got a Pre Beg steward. I still need a B steward for Leicester  (trimor) 23/3/2018 13:11:59

New schedule - Okehampton  (ObedienceUK) 23/3/2018 7:58:33

I've just uploaded the schedule for Okehampton & District CS, Open, 7th July 2018. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

IVOR RICKETSS  (janet oliver) 17/3/2018 4:12:15





So sorry to hear this sad news of Ivor, lovely gentelman, a great loss to our sport. Thoughts are with Diane and family. Mike and Julie.  (MikeScott) 17/3/2018 6:3:0

So sorry Diane to hear of the passing of Ivor. A lovely gentleman. Barrie and I knew him well.RIP.xx  (sueison) 17/3/2018 8:43:7

Oh Diane - I am so sorry to read this. I remember Ivor so well from when I started out at the shows. Thinking of you. xxx
  (SueReed) 18/3/2018 7:53:7

Sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you Diane. xxx  (harrybean) 18/3/2018 15:19:19

Sue Luce  (harrybean) 18/3/2018 15:20:3

So sorry to read of Ivors passing. Our thoughts are with Diane and family at this sad time. RIP Ivor- Roy and Shelagh xx  (roypage) 18/3/2018 18:1:5

Have just seen this message, it is a great shock, as I remember Ivor with affection, he was always a great support to Di right from when I first new them at the old Worcester Branch of B'Ham & Dist GSD Association. My condolences to Dian & Family R.I.P. Ivor.  (behseh) 21/3/2018 15:7:29

Such sad news Ivor was a lovely man a real gentleman, my thoughts are with the family and Di.RIP Ivor
Sandy  (levi) 22/3/2018 4:15:52

Sorry to hear this, He was a great man, RIP. Sue  (suechilds) 22/3/2018 9:58:16

New schedule - Coventry Open  (ObedienceUK) 21/3/2018 12:21:29

I've just uploaded the schedule for Coventry DTC, Open, 14th July 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New schedule - Plymouth  (ObedienceUK) 21/3/2018 12:5:49

I've just uploaded the schedule for Plymouth DTC, 2 x Open, 6th & 7th October 2018. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw _ Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 20/3/2018 8:30:7

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lisburn. Thanks to Kate McCartney.

SHEFFIELD GSD SHOW  (donwright) 20/3/2018 7:35:2

Sheffield GSD Club urgently need a volunteer to act as Chief Stay Steward at they show on the 8th April at the Newark Showground. Please contact Anne Hardy on or telephone her on 01777703417

Draw - St Marys Easter Show  (ObedienceUK) 19/3/2018 14:11:53

I've just uploaded the running orders for St Marys Easter Show. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

NBBAGSD 15/4/3018(Beverley)  (NBBAGSD) 19/3/2018 13:40:5

Just a reminder that entries close tomorrow. Some of our regular handlers haven't entered do just a heads up. Show is on Withyourdog & schedule etc on the schedule page here

Draw - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 19/3/2018 12:46:32

I've just uploaded the running orders for the GSD Club of Wales. Thanks to Sue Evans.

Draw - Sirius Capped Show  (ObedienceUK) 19/3/2018 12:36:4

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Sirius Capped Open Show. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New schedule - St Marys  (ObedienceUK) 19/3/2018 10:22:23

I've just uploaded the schedule for St Mary's DTS, 9th (Open) & 10th (Championship) June 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Steward needed please.....  (June Este) 26/2/2018 4:58:25

I am judging B Dog (for my sins) at Petersfield on 3rd June. I will, though, need a steward, so if someone could please be kind enough to help me out, I would be grateful, as I'm sure Sue and the committee will be as well. It will be a straightforward and basic round so won't be hard. Thanks a lot.

Still waiting.....I am not a bad person, merely trying to help another show keep running. If you want another show to close, continue to stop offering help. Sorry, rant over, but DO need help.......  (June Este) 5/3/2018 14:11:52

sorry June, already stewarding at the show  (chrys) 6/3/2018 7:37:50

Hello June
I can do it if you're still looking.
Eunice Pearson  (eunice) 11/3/2018 12:37:53

Thank you Eunice, have emailed you.
June  (June Este) 17/3/2018 14:20:0

New schedule - Ditton  (ObedienceUK) 17/3/2018 11:11:21

I've just uploaded the schedule for Ditton DTC, 18th (Open) & 19th (Championship) August 2018. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Exercises in Special Classes  (launatzarben) 16/3/2018 14:15:13

I'm new to obedience and wanted to know what exercises are in the Special Introductory Class and in the KCGDCS class.
many thanks

Have a look at Shirley's site:  (ObedienceUK) 16/3/2018 17:35:28

You can find all the info you need and the Rules and Regs on the Kennel Club site. There is also a booklet, downloadable, for new folk to Obedience.   (doghouse) 17/3/2018 3:45:38

steward needed  (trimor) 16/3/2018 14:29:30

Can anyone steward a B for me at Leicester?

GCDS  (CHRISBEN) 15/3/2018 11:24:17

Does anyone know where I can buy either the cloth badge with the read GCDS logo or a polo shirt or other similar item of clothing, I've seen people wearing them but cant find any for sale anywhere?

As it's run by the Kennel Club, I would suggest you try the Kennel Club website.  (glenysgrimes) 16/3/2018 6:0:39

Kennel club dont do them i have already tried them, but someone must be doing them cause I've seen people wearing them.
  (CHRISBEN) 16/3/2018 10:0:54

Burnbank DTC Championship Show 5th May 2018  (jwatson) 16/3/2018 9:34:47

** Only a few days left to enter ** Burnbank Dog Training Club Championship Obedience Show on 5th May 2018 ** Entries close ** 19th March 2018 (Postmark).
So hurry don`t delay post today.

Novice Judge Needed for Sirius 28th of March  (shadowsofcolour) 15/3/2018 7:49:3

Unfortunately our novice dog judge has had to pull out of judging, we urgently need a replacement if anyone can help.

phone 01304 361700 or mail


Should have read the 25th of March, getting my shows muddled  (shadowsofcolour) 15/3/2018 7:56:30

Carol Stewart will now judge the class, thanks to her for stepping in.
  (shadowsofcolour) 15/3/2018 13:46:58

New screen - Lichfield  (ObedienceUK) 14/3/2018 13:56:36

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lichfield & District DTS, 1st (Championship) & 2nd (Open) September 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - Midlands Border Collie Club  (ObedienceUK) 14/3/2018 13:14:31

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Midlands Border Collie Club. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New schedule - Worcester  (ObedienceUK) 14/3/2018 3:55:48

I've just uploaded the schedule for Worcester DTC, 26th (Open) & 27th (Championship) August 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New schedule - Hatchford Brook  (ObedienceUK) 14/3/2018 3:40:1

I've just uploaded the schedule for Hatchford Brook DTC, 4th (Championship) & 5th (Open) August 2018. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Crufts picture now in flickr  (ObedienceUK) 12/3/2018 12:30:15

I have now put all the various Crufts events into Out & About / flickr. Please note that all flickr images are saved at a lower quality level than the originals retained by the photographers.

For those of you wishing to obtain a copy of a picture (for whatever use) you should contact the photographer. Every picture has a unique number which can be seen in flickr (something like Z18AH123).

The photographer for your picture is:

Les Perry picture prefixes Z18AD, and Z18AJ

Kieran Liggins picture prefixes Z18AF, Z18AG, and z18AK
Contact details for Keiran are: email , tel 07583 024462

Michael Knowles picture prefixes Z18AM, A18AE, Z18AH and Z18AL
Contact details for Michael are: email , tel 07976 591233

thanks everyone and Les  (puppies) 12/3/2018 13:36:4

New schedule - Prestwick  (ObedienceUK) 12/3/2018 13:5:34

I've just uploaded the schedule for Prestwick & District DTC, 16th (Championship) & 17th (Open) June 2018. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

Petersfiled show  (suehoward) 12/3/2018 12:12:27

PETERSFIELD show is trying to be as "non-plastic" as possible with the catering this we are asking competitors to bring their own cups/mugs. There will be wooden stirrers, and some plastic spoons for sugar...Thank you..

Oooppsss!! someone's fingers are inside out and totally out of control... !!! PETERSFIELD...  (suehoward) 12/3/2018 12:13:39

Judging Changes at Culverstone May Shows.  (Dippi) 12/3/2018 11:38:34

On Saturday A Bitch Pt 1 will now be judges by Anne Morson & Special Pre-Beginner will be Lesley Manning. On Sunday B Dog Pt 1 will be judged by Teressa Patterson. Thank you all for stepping in to help us out.

New schedule - BAGSD Huddersfield Branch  (ObedienceUK) 12/3/2018 9:3:31

I've just uploaded the schedule for BAGSD Hudderfield Branch, Open, 7th October 2018. Thanks to Lynne Blair.

thank you - Crufts 2018  (puppies) 12/3/2018 5:58:36

a huge thank you to Les and his team for the wonderful reporting, videos, photos etc.... and thank you so much to Kate for her videos .....

All very much appreciated ...

Congratulations to everyone who qualified/were selected to compete at Crufts...

wirral ats 12/13 May 2018  (dellkos) 12/3/2018 3:42:5

Just a reminder, the entries close 18/03/2018postmark. spot the deliberate mistake... entries will be accepted 19/03/2018 postmark as the 18th is a Sunday.!!


Nicki Fildes-Moss

Wirral ATS 13 May 2018. RE ABC Class  (dellkos) 13/2/2018 9:59:3


Just to remind everyone who is interested, that in accordance with the new regulations introduced from 01/01/2018, you no longer have to enter your lowest class in obedience to enter the ABC class. It can be entered as a stand alone entry.


Show Secretary WATS

bump  (dellkos) 12/3/2018 3:39:34

New schedule - Woburn  (ObedienceUK) 11/3/2018 7:38:38

I've just uploaded the schedule for Woburn & District DTC, 11th (Open) & 12th (Championship) August 2018. Thanks to Janet Hackett.

Results of CruftS Bitch Championships  (ObedienceUK) 10/3/2018 11:51:26

1st Philomena Barnes & Ob Ch Jezzaddy It's Snow Floozie
2nd Marie Cartwright & Stillrockin The Magic
3rd Helen Murray & Sixela Uno's Diva
4th Mary Ray & Ob Ch Sarkam Sings the Blues
5th Sue Howell & Candlewind Disaronno
6th ARO Ann Rogers & Ob Ch Touch of Clubs Diamond Edge

JIM HORAN DONATIONS  (snooki) 8/3/2018 12:42:0

This is a message sent on behalf of Marg Horan.
She would like to thank everyone for there kind donations that went to the dogs trust in memory of Jim.
A total of 382 was raised.
Many thanks to everyone

Chalfield - Chief Stay Steward needed  (jazztherazz) 22/2/2018 19:25:39

Hello to all you lovely Dog People,
We at Chalfield are in need of a kind volunteer to help at our open show on June 17th as the Chief Stay Steward. Anyone who has been to our show in the lovely ground of Rushcliffe County Park in Nottingham, will know that its a really fine venue, the stay ring is tree sheltered on three sides and all working surfaces are mown the day before to give competitors the best experience that we can. Chalfield does its best with our very small team to be a friendly, welcoming team, we also look after our helpers very well, as of last year, we introduced an off site Italian lunch, as well as looking after those who prefer to stay on site.
If anyone can help us, or knows someone who might help to be in charge of the stays, please let us know, either by phoning shelia on 01159745746, or contacting her via the obuk facebook page, or of course by this thread - Thanks - 'Fred' CDTC

Alternatively please use email  (jazztherazz) 6/3/2018 17:13:19

Loughborough Show Change of Judges  (robz) 6/3/2018 15:54:55

Open show Saturday Lyn Tozer is replacing Pat Burford in Novice Dog and Champ Show Sunday Darren Wallace is replacing John Higgins in C Dog, thank you both. Ruth

REEDYFORD DTC Cancelled show  (Kymza) 3/3/2018 5:14:41

As we had to cancel our show due to unforeseen circumstances
Reedyford dtc will refund entry fees less reasonable show expenses incurred

Any excess monies after expenses and returned entry fees have been paid
Will be donated to Pendle Dogs in Need (charity no 1155298)
which is very local to us.

Please send a S.A.E. for refund by 3rd April 2018 to

Reedyford dtc
Kym Pearson
16 Brent st
BB10 2QE

Kim, Please put my entry money into the charity. Thanks Sandy  (sandy) 5/3/2018 6:38:44

NEBCC - refunds  (abenoist) 4/3/2018 16:30:27

As we have had to cancel our NEBC Obedience show due to unforseen circumstances we will refund entry fees less reasonable show expenses incurred.
Any excess monies after expenses and returned entry fees have been paid will be donated to a dog charity of our choice, which will be decided by the committee.
Please send a SAE for refund by the 4th April 2018 please send to

Jan Grant
7 Golden Acres
East Cowton

We are looking to hold this event later in the summer.

ST. MARY''S DTS  (Kenya) 4/3/2018 7:32:13

Closing date for our Easter show (1 April) is 5th March. If you have not entered and would like to I will take late entries.

CRUFTS DTW  (janet oliver) 2/3/2018 10:54:42



I believe the contact email address is:  (ObedienceUK) 2/3/2018 12:11:10

SHEFFIELD GSD SHOW  (donwright) 1/3/2018 7:4:20

Sheffield GSD Show to be held on Sunday 8th April at the Newark Showground, require 2 Ring Stewards one each A & B Classes, also a Chief Stay Steward. PLease contact Anne Hardy on or telephone her on 01777703417 if you are willing to help. Assistance is also needed on the day for helping with the stays and taking the rings down at the close of the Show.

Bump  (donwright) 2/3/2018 8:24:38

crufts obedience ring saturday 10 march2018  (kyledon) 17/2/2018 13:55:59

Due to ill health I have two tickets for the Crufts Obedience Ring on Saturday 10 March which I am now unable to use. They are row H and cost 12 each. If you are interested lease message me Thanks Mike Moloney

still have 2 tickets available for the obedience ring for Saturday 10th March 12 each  (kyledon) 1/3/2018 13:7:50

New schedule - Elm Park  (ObedienceUK) 1/3/2018 12:3:45

I've just uploaded the schedule for Elm Park DTC, Championship, 6th October 2018. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

New schedule - Witham  (ObedienceUK) 1/3/2018 11:45:46

I've just uploaded the schedule for Witham & District DTS, Open, 28th July 2018. Thanks to Bridget Taylor.

Parham Point to Point, near Storrington WestSussex  (chris P) 1/3/2018 11:21:26

Hi, On 17 March, there is the Parham Point to Point just outside of Storrington. They are having their first fun dog show, and classes are best veteran dog, fun dog, best gundog etc, 7 classes in all. They are looking for a versatile fun judge who could do the judging and although not paid, would be VERY well looked after, the hospitality would be second to none, free breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, parking etc etc. The parking would be superior parking and free tickets for a friend/s who can also help the judge, and possible share the load. Also free tickets for the point to point spectating if you have a horsey friend who would like to watch.
As usual, time is running out, so if any kind person/s in the local would really like a great day out, please contact me and I will give you the contact number of Sue who can tell you more about it.
Waiting in anticipation, many thanks.
Chris P

Reedyford dtc show CANCELLED  (Kymza) 28/2/2018 16:12:2

Absolutely gutted to be having to let you all know that Reedyford dtc show this coming saturday 3rd March is now CANCELLED due to the snow, with more on the way.
This decision has not been taken lightly and with more heavy snow forecast for us again tonight,tomorrow and friday night we have decided to cancel it just would not be safe for people traveling with their dogs, we also have judges snowed in with no sign of moving their vehicles within the next few days.
It just is not worth taking the risk travelling unnecessarily .

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