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Obedience Members Forum

Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Les Perry (Coventry DTC) is the moderator for the forum.


Also, if you have made the decision that this site should not be used to advertise your course, we would also assume that you will not be 'mentioning' the course on this forum. (We feel that this is fair, and will remove such 'mentions'!)

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New eShop  (ObedienceUK) 18/4/2018 15:19:4

I've changed the software that runs the eShop, so I believe you will find it much simpler to use. There is a FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) link but I'll add more answers to questions if anyone finds a question that needs answering.

Cost of advertising is 2 by Paypal (or 3 by cheque) for a 30 day listing.

Adding pictures is a lot simpler in the new shop, and if you create an account you can manage (edit and delete) your ads. (Details in FAQS)

Draw - Wigton  (ObedienceUK) 15/8/2018 13:35:35

I've just uploaded the running orders for Wigton. Thanks to Anne Westover.

Pat   (Pat Wilson) 16/8/2018 16:36:55

Draw - Kilmarnock  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2018 16:8:54

I've just uploaded the running orders for Kilmarnock. Thanks to Andrew Kousourou.

Great Baddow Show 2nd September  (gbdtcjackie) 16/8/2018 15:34:5

I posted a message yesterday for help with an 'A' Steward. I have already got a steward for Beginner, which was needed, which she would be willing to do the 'A'. Therefore, if you could help with Beginner Steward I can swap. Email me if you can help

Training Day January 6th 2019  (sandy) 16/8/2018 8:53:11

Competitive Training Day with Sandy. See courses Sandy

Great Baddow Show 2nd Sept Steward Needed  (gbdtcjackie) 15/8/2018 14:46:2

Unfortunately our judge, judging 'A' Bitch now needs a steward, if you can help please contact me, Jackie, email and I will put you in touch.
Thank You if you can help us.

Draw - Cheltenham  (ObedienceUK) 15/8/2018 13:21:12

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Cheltenham. Thanks to Babs Sharp.

Draw - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 14/8/2018 22:0:15

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lisburn. Thanks to Anne Hamill.

Woburn unclaimed rosettes and lost property  (hackpack) 14/8/2018 21:26:57

unclaimed rosettes for: Madge Thompson, Susie Duke, Maggie Moran, and Mrs S Walsham.

left at shows: round titbit pot, white lid with 4 clips around it.
Circular woven black/white tuggy.
Long purple stretchy tuggy with 6inch fuffy end.

These will be taken to Ditton and Worcester shows.

Thurrock entries  (Kath) 14/8/2018 15:14:0

If anyone has missed Thurrock closing, dont worry about making a panic stricken phone call, either put in post ASAP (first class!) or Im happy to accept entries at Ditton 👍

Lichfield  (trimor) 14/8/2018 8:33:19

Will anyone steward an A for me at Lichfield on the Saturday, please?
Also I just need one more B judge for Newton Heath Show 30th December at Myerscough then I can get schedules out.

Draw - Wakefield  (ObedienceUK) 13/8/2018 22:1:8

I've just uploaded the running orders for Wakefield. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

training ring  (CHAPMAN.A4) 7/8/2018 12:12:6

Kathy Hood has kindly allowed me to have a training ring at Birmingham this year, so I hope to see all of the people that know me and those that do not in the ring and all my members of the stay breakers club!!
As some of you know that my wife Rosemary suffers from Dementia she knits for charity as knitting helps with the brain, if anybody could donate wool to help her I would be most grateful.
Hope to see you at the show.
Regards Alan Chapman

Alan I have some wool I will donate are you at any other shows , we have missed you. Jan Morse  (janmorse) 8/8/2018 1:6:16

I to be at ELM Thorrock  (CHAPMAN.A4) 10/8/2018 21:1:28

It will be good to see you Alan. Will try to remember to bring some wool for Rosemary

Sheilagh   ( 12/8/2018 17:28:6

We have missed you. Hope to see you at Elmrock. Caroline  (shaswi) 13/8/2018 20:34:3

Obedience direy  (myra) 13/8/2018 16:48:4

Please can anyone tell me where I can purchase the obedience 2019 diary from please

You can get the show diary from...." " Annette Benoist, I will message her address   (dingdongcharlie) 13/8/2018 19:33:31

Annette Benoist makes & sells them. Think it is usually November before they are available. Her email addy is  (Kairobea) 13/8/2018 19:35:39

New pictures - Lune Valley  (ObedienceUK) 13/8/2018 13:59:59

I've just uploaded Alison Thomson's pictures from Lune Valley to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Draw - East Kilbride  (ObedienceUK) 13/8/2018 12:35:49

I've just uploaded the running orders for East Kilbride. Thanks to Anne Marie Parker.

Used Trophies  (Gwithian) 13/8/2018 8:11:36

Can any club use some old trophies, maybe to re-badge for a pet dog show or club match?

Fitting Wumblibumblys  (Gwithian) 13/8/2018 8:5:46

Will the top handler who is spreading unfounded rumours about my line please note. I have never bred from any fitting bitches, used any fitting stud dogs or produced any fitting puppies, ever!

Woburn dog cc   (puppies) 12/8/2018 17:6:25

Congratulations to Dot Watts and Zyco

Congratulations   (kay2reynolds) 12/8/2018 22:22:4

Paulden BCs  (retcoll) 11/8/2018 12:53:46

Does anyone know anything about Paulden BCs, good or bad. Have a friend who is going to look at some puppies and shes trying to find out about them first hand.

May I suggest that your friend checks the health testing status of the parents, grand parents etc via the MYKC or KC health test page. Any health tests such as HD, ED, clinical test & DNA test/inherited normal status are shown. & also the epilepsy database(this is a voluntary databade). All breeding dogs should be hip & elbow scored & clinically tested for PRA & either be DNA tested if one parent is a carrier for any genetic condition or from 2 normal parents. I know nothing about this particular kennels bloodlines  (NBBAGSD) 11/8/2018 16:43:51

They seem to breed an awful lot of puppies......  (Debbax) 12/8/2018 20:31:36

Final Reminder!!  (Kath) 12/8/2018 17:58:27

Final reminder 😊 Thurrock entries close tomorrow

Woburn bitch ticket   (puppies) 12/8/2018 16:36:58

Well done to Jodi Lunn and Longhalves Fast n Furious Ob Ch subject to KC

Govan Ticket Results  (Whyso) 11/8/2018 18:5:28

Dog Ticket : Mo Edser & OB CH FOREVER MY MIRACLE
Bitch Ticket : Helen Murray Ryan & SIXELA UNO'S DIVA

Well done ladies! Janice   (Choxxstart) 11/8/2018 19:59:48

Ring Stewards Training Day 13 October 2018  (kyledon) 7/8/2018 7:12:35

Once again Culverstone Dog Training Club are hosting a Ring Stewards Training Day on Saturday 13 October 2018.Limited to 15 this will give attendees the opportunity to act as a ring steward with plenty of time for practice and questions. For further details please e-mail

bump  (kyledon) 11/8/2018 14:20:26

Puppies   (Mash) 7/8/2018 0:30:13

Friends of ours lost their Springer Spaniel last year and are now looking for a Springer puppy from from working lines can anyone recommend any reputable breeders please. They are aware that this breed needs lots of excerise as have owned Springers in the past. TIA

Please message me   (puppies) 8/8/2018 10:2:43

Friend of mine has labs, and advertised for a friend a litter of working springers. Where are they?   (ChrissieT) 8/8/2018 17:6:44

tawnyhill have some nice Springer puppies and have a look on the working gundog adverts  (myra) 9/8/2018 13:51:16

Thank you will look them up   (Mash) 10/8/2018 23:46:10

Draw - York City  (ObedienceUK) 10/8/2018 21:15:24

I've just uploaded the running orders for York City. Thanks to Sue Bean.

Draw - Bath ATC  (ObedienceUK) 10/8/2018 14:34:13

I've just uploaded the running orders for The Bath ATC. Thanks to Steve Wiltshire.

Draw - Lichfield  (ObedienceUK) 9/8/2018 18:1:21

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Lichfield. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Knightswood Entries Close Today   (gucci1) 9/8/2018 7:49:6

Just we reminder , Knightswood Champ entries close today

Aberdeen Reports   (gucci1) 8/8/2018 18:55:7

Reports posted for Aberdeen, beginners and C

WOBURN CHANGE OF JUDGE  (hackpack) 8/8/2018 17:34:27

At our Open show on Saturday, Novice Bitch will now be judged by Janet Plant, and not Lyn May.

Change of judge Cheltenham show  (HAGO) 8/8/2018 11:31:6

Change of judge for Cheltenham dog show novice dog part 2 will now be judged by John Farr and not Pete Lawrence

Thurrock entries closing   (Kath) 7/8/2018 12:25:50

Reminder - Thurrock entries close next Monday, 13th August

Liskeard DTC & South West DOC  (hilary_p) 6/8/2018 22:19:40

Hi, does anyone know where I can find a schedule for these two shows in October. Thanks, Hilary

Draw - Worcester  (ObedienceUK) 6/8/2018 21:24:40

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Worcester. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Paignton dog ticket   (puppies) 6/8/2018 14:7:55

Patricia Jones and Longwaves Cloudy Sky - congratulations

Paignton bitch ticket   (puppies) 6/8/2018 13:31:19

Congratulations to Kat Farrants and Solarwind Star Sapphire

Draw - Ditton  (ObedienceUK) 6/8/2018 11:24:29

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Ditton. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

SOUTH EASTERN - A DOG PART 2  (CarolS) 5/8/2018 18:49:57


Lune Valley Bitch Ticket   (puppies) 5/8/2018 18:8:15

Congratulations to Heather Grey and Ob Ch Be My Miracle

Lune Valley Dog Ticket  (puppies) 5/8/2018 17:37:27

Sharon Dunstan & Ob Ch Murellas Just Jasper

Hatchford Brook Bitch Ticket Winner   (Whyso) 4/8/2018 17:20:13

Hatchford Brook Bitch Ticket Winner
Lyn Tozer & Tizzy

Well done Lyn & Tizzy Next the Green Carpet.
You can do it Bryan Sylvia   (Bryan) 5/8/2018 16:2:44

Draw - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 4/8/2018 20:56:0

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Chesvale. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Hatchford Brook Dog Ticket   (Whyso) 4/8/2018 17:24:1

Rhia McGovern & Ob Ch Beckim Surprise Surprise

Knightswood Ticket Entries  (gucci1) 4/8/2018 10:4:32

I am at Lune valley if anyone wants to give me their Knightswood ticket entries

UNRGENT C Stewards needed Hatchford Brook  (corneroak) 3/8/2018 14:44:40

SOS. Hatchford Brook desperately need C stewards both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.
If you can help please call Annette 07989 053916.

judging appointments  (sandymay) 2/8/2018 8:49:46

I posted a note earlier during the week asking for clubs whom I have judged for to confirm my judging appointment over the past 6 years sadly only 1 club responded to my request. you all seem quick enough to come to me when you need help so shame on you. thank you OBUK for some of the information you provided.
brian reed

I assume you have looked on OBUK
` reports & typed your name in the search box  (dingdongcharlie) 2/8/2018 9:3:35

Chris King  (cybicraft) 31/7/2018 17:55:53

I am afraid we have just heard that Chris King has lost her battle with motor neurone the last message I had from her was wishing me luckj judging my first ticket I sent her a long message last week asking how she was and Woody and telling her about the ticket.She was so brave doing lots for our show in June we will miss you Chris x

Such sad news about Chris, and yes, we really will miss her. She kindly took over from me as Show Manager and has for the past few years done a wonderful job of running the shows. It was of course expected that her life expectancy would be cut short but we had no idea that it would be this soon and so unexpected. Sending condolences to her partner Roger.
  (REMMIE) 31/7/2018 18:29:44

So sad, such a lovely lady  (athyrium@tiscali) 31/7/2018 20:26:27

What sad news. Chris has been a great partner in planning our joint weekend shows, always full of amusing quips in her messages despite the knowledge that her condition would shorten her life. We will all miss you Chris.
Love Eunice xx  (eunice) 1/8/2018 9:23:53

So very sad.You will be missed.x  (brysue) 1/8/2018 9:35:14

I am saddened to hear Chris lost her battle with motor neurone disease.
We first met when I was judging beginners years ago at Slough. Chris and Woody were impressive and I knew she was going to do well.
As we know Chris soon became very involved with obedience, both with organisation judging and stewarding. She was always ready to help.
Last year Chris very bravely judged for us at NWK show.
As they say, it is always the good that die young.
Remembered fondly.   (cooky) 1/8/2018 11:4:31

one of lifes good guys. RIP Chris
  (Chrys) 1/8/2018 13:17:59

Very sorry to hear this, a lovely lady who bravely fought on & didn't let it get to her by enjoying her life doing what she loved best.  (Fishponds) 1/8/2018 14:56:38

Such a lovely supportive lady who encouraged me to go on when I was under fire. Whose hugs will be very much missed Lxx  (LinBJ) 1/8/2018 18:35:24

One of the good guys. Had the pleasure of being awarded a Novice win under here. Rest easy Chris. X  (chay) 1/8/2018 20:16:33

So very sorry to hear about Chris. A lovely lady.   (wendyfisher) 1/8/2018 21:48:46

very sad news
Brian Reed and Sandra Elliston  (sandymay) 2/8/2018 8:53:37

Lichfield and District Dog Training Society  (apachearrow) 1/8/2018 23:33:43

Lichfield and District Dog Training Society Obedience Show 2018

List of changes to named judges:

Saturday 1st September
Class 3 (Novice Dog) Loryn Oliver will replace Stuart Kimblin
Class 8 (B Bitch) Gwynneth Williams will replace Lesley Hardie
Class 8 (B Bitch) Peter Height will replace Loryn Oliver

Sunday 2nd September
Class 17 (A Dog) Helen Munks will replace Lynette Yates
Class 18 (A Bitch) Graham Wellings will replace Paul Spencer

Thank you to all who have stepped in to judge (and steward!) and we wish those who are unable to judge due to ill health, a speedy recovery.

East Grinstead Show  (athyrium@tiscali) 31/7/2018 20:24:42

There was a rumour going around a couple of weeks ago that East Grinstead was cancelling their show this year.
I was over at the club last night and this is NOT the case. East Grinstead show at Ardingly IS ON.
Please support this show and send in your entries.

NEWTON HEATH  (JanTootall) 31/7/2018 18:40:14

BEGINNERS - Saturday just posted.

Birmingham & District GSD Shows  (polomazda) 31/7/2018 16:31:42

Just a reminder entries close tomorrow (Postmarked). Should anyone wish to give me entries directly,I will be at Hatchford Brook at the weekend.
Kathy Hood

New schedule -East Grinstead  (ObedienceUK) 31/7/2018 16:10:26

I've just uploaded the schedule for East Grinstead & District DTC, Championship, 20th October 2018. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

show report   (suki) 31/7/2018 13:20:39

Nth West Kent report 22nd July added for A dog part 2 not part 1 as stated.

Sorry senior moment.

Judy Weight

Thanks Les for correcting it for me.

Judy  (suki) 31/7/2018 15:39:56

report added  (trimor) 31/7/2018 13:31:26

Cheshire DTA. B part 1 report posted

LUNE VALLEY DTC SHOW CONTACTS  (alithomson) 31/7/2018 11:4:50

Lune Valley DTC show contact -
as from Wednesday 1st August for the duration of the show contact details are
Lesley - 07469 398032 or
Alison - 07780 682934

Lune Valley DTC change of Judge  (alithomson) 30/7/2018 22:6:3

Lune Valley DTC change of Judge.
due to unforeseen circumstances class C part 2 on Sunday will now be judged by Dave Banks.
Many thanks to Dave for agreeing to step in at such short notice.

Lune Valley DTC change of Judge  (alithomson) 30/7/2018 22:5:59

Lune Valley DTC change of Judge.
due to unforeseen circumstances class C part 2 on Sunday will now be judged by Dave Banks.
Many thanks to Dave for agreeing to step in at such short notice.

Worcester DTC champ show- just 1 steward needed   (louise21) 30/7/2018 19:31:42

Huge thanks and our eternal gratitude to Susie Duke who has given up her day to judge C bitch part 2.

We just need a steward for Susie now - form an orderly queue please 😂

Fingers and toes crossed for an offer.

Ramsden BellhoDTC  (fionamears) 30/7/2018 16:8:0

Change of Judge

Unfortunately, Kim Ford cannot judge pre-beginners for us, we wish her a speedy recovery.
Dorothy Cullum has kindly stepped in to judge instead.
We are looking for a kind person to steward pre-beginners for Dorothy.
Only 10 in the class.

Judging  (sandymay) 30/7/2018 12:40:57

Brian Reed here. As many of you will know, I have been refused permission by the KC to Judge Tickets until I can prove to them that I am fully qualified to do so. I have Judged Tickets in the past but that was longer than 5 years ago so they require me to provide proof that I am up to date with Judging as in am I still judging. I don't think that they keep records. I have been judging around 11 shows each year for the past 30 years and during the last 5 years not having a dog to work I have judged more than that. This year alone I have judged 3 Cs an A and have more to do. I have decided that I would like to Judge Tickets so can any club members who remember me judging for them over the past 6 years please email me at Perhaps somebody at the KC will pick up on this.
thank you
Brian Reed

From Show Reports on OUK:

16/7/2017 Andover & District D T C B Dog Brian Reed
2/7/2017 cippenham A Dog One Brian Reed
14/5/2017 Plymouth C Brian Reed
24/9/2016 BAGSD C Bitch part 2 Brian Reed
11/9/2016 BAGSD Southern Area C Dog Part 1 Brian Reed
1/8/2016 Hatchford Brook DTC C Bitch part 1 Brian Reed
4/6/2016 Basingstoke & Dist DTC Novice dog part 1 Brian Reed
28/5/2016 Exeter DTC Novice bitch part 1 Brian Reed
1/5/2016 Chesvale Dog Training Club B Part 2 Brian Reed
23/4/2016 BAGSD Oxhey Novice Bitch part 1 Brian Reed
3/9/2015 BAGS C Dog Part 1 Brian Reed
12/9/2015 Thames D T C Novice Bitch part 2 Brian Reed
9/8/2015 Bath A T C A Dog part 2 Brian Reed
25/7/2015 Burnham on Sea C T C B Dog Brian Reed
19/7/2015 Andover & Dist DTS C Dog Brian Reed
12/7/2015 Winchester City DTC C Dog part 2 Brian Reed
27/6/2015 Billingshurst D T C C Bitch Brian Reed
20/6/2015 Sunbury & Hanworth DTC B Bitch part 2 Brian Reed
3/5/2015 Chesvale Dog Training Club A Part 2 Brian Reed
18/10/2014 East Grinstead & District DTC Novice D & B Part 1 Brian Reed
14/9/2014 BAGSD B Dog part 2 Brian Reed
25/8/2014 Worcester Dog Training Club C Bitch Part 2 Brian Reed
10/8/2014 The Bath Alsatian Training Club A Bitch Brian Reed
12/7/2014 Eastleigh and District DTC C Bitch Brian Reed
29/6/2014 South Eastern D T S A Dog Part 2 Brian Reed
28/6/2014 Billingshurst DTC Novice Dog Part 1 Brian Reed
8/6/2014 Newbury and District DTC Novive Bitch Part 2 Brian Reed
19/10/2013 East Grinstead & D D T C A Dog Btch Pt3 Brian Reed  (ObedienceUK) 30/7/2018 15:31:53

New pictures - Halstead  (ObedienceUK) 29/7/2018 20:30:24

I've just uploaded Richard Nicholls' pictures from Halstead to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Newton Heath  (ObedienceUK) 29/7/2018 20:14:24

I've just uploaded Chris Parkin's pictures from Newton Heath to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Halstead Tickets  ( 29/7/2018 18:38:30

Congratulations to Mark Herritts (Dog) and Caroline Eley (Bitch)

South West Competitive Obedience Group Novice Dog  (DWFFERR) 29/7/2018 18:13:37

Report posted.

Pauline Hill

Van recommendations  (K9crumpet) 9/7/2018 21:7:27

Does anyone have any recommendations for a van that will fit 4 cages for border collies. Preferably with 3 seats in front or still having the back seats. Desperately need something soon but struggling. can't have anything too big so to be honest the smaller and more economical the better


Ford Transit do a few different sizes & they are about the most popular , but most vans are much the same  (dingdongcharlie) 10/7/2018 11:53:46

I have a Peugeot Expert (Fiat Scudo and Citroen Dispatch are the same) with six collie cages, I have five collies, and a bench front seat. This travels three people fine. I have had this particular van for ten years and it is my second, also tows my caravan and I have no complaints on the fuel consumption. Hope this helps.  (Woodlark) 28/7/2018 20:22:6

Info please  (Janinew) 28/7/2018 13:17:30

Totally new to obedience, have taken part in rally got through level 1
My dog is registered on the activities register do I need to register somewhere else to take part in obedience?

Nope Activities register registration is fine for Obedience

The activities register used to be called the Working Trials & Obedience register  (NBBAGSD) 28/7/2018 14:49:49

Draw - Danesford  (ObedienceUK) 27/7/2018 23:30:57

I've just uploaded the running orders for Danesford. Thanks to Sue Bean.

Knightswood Championship Show 23.9.18 Birmingham   (gucci1) 27/7/2018 9:59:46

Just a reminder that we have re arranged our tickets from April to 23.9.18, running consequetivly with BAGSD . Entries close 5.8.18 . We have only received a few entries so far , so hopefully a great deal more will arrive soon.

Also polite notice , we have received a few entries with post dated cheques . Some even dated to the day of the show . Please do not post date your cheque as they require cashed prior to the show to allow us to run the show

We have taken a chance in re arranging these tickets , so hopefully it will all work out

Pamela Lochrie

Please note that the Closing Date is the 9th August (NOT the 5th as stated above).  (ObedienceUK) 27/7/2018 14:26:16

Witham show  (lynkavanagh) 17/7/2018 17:43:21

Is anybody going to witham show who could scoreboard a novice class for me please?


Hi Lyn, Yes I would be happy to do this for you. I have scoreboarded before a few times. Penny :)  (orlanothing) 18/7/2018 6:42:46

Hi Penny thankyou for your offer but someone has already said they would do it many thanks Lyn   (lynkavanagh) 18/7/2018 12:5:15

no problems, probably see you at the ring anyway as I'm in Novice :)  (orlanothing) 27/7/2018 11:45:21

Entries being received by post   (suesmutts) 23/7/2018 12:32:2

Silly query possibly, but if when the running orders are published and it only shows the first 10 dogs, and not all entries to that class, how does one know if ones entry has been received.

I do mine by post, so should I now get a certificate of posting? and if I do and my entry has got lost in the post will I be eligible to compete by paying my entry fee again once I turn up at the show.

I assume that if I turn up at a show assuming my form has been received (but hasn't) and I haven't got a certificate of posting then I assume I am unable to enter the show as I have no proof it has been sent.


I now always get Proof of Posting, just in case. I know that when it happened to me once, and the cheque had not been cleared, I did have PoP and went to the Secretaries tent and was added to the class list. I don't know if this still applies, that if you have Proof of Posting, that you will be allowed to be added, so I will be interested to see what comments the people in the know respond to this.  (Wizzpop) 23/7/2018 13:48:56

Sharon went to a show once , & her entry had not been received , & that was with " With Your Dog " she had the confirmation reply , & luckily Geraldine was at the show , so it was soon sorted  (dingdongcharlie) 23/7/2018 19:7:43

I always get proof of posting. You dont have to take it to the show with you, you fill in another entry form and pay again and you can then work your dog. If you get a place then its between you and the Kennel Club to sort out. Of course, if you check your bank statement, you will know if your cheque has been cashed so entry would have been received.   ( 23/7/2018 21:25:42

G regs 24(d)
Entries from competitors claiming that missing entries have been
correctly posted must be accepted on the day of the Show, subject to the conditions of Regulation G24.a. Such claims will have to be substantiated to the Kennel Club which will request documentary evidence, subsequent to the Show.

Proof of posting is free & worth getting for postal entries. Most secretaries will check for you.
  (NBBAGSD) 23/7/2018 21:54:23

Thank you for all your comments. Will get a Cert of Posting now :-)
  (suesmutts) 26/7/2018 15:21:9

Ramsey D.T.C. 7th & 8th July reports added  (GLENDALE) 26/7/2018 12:42:54

Charity Fun Class Sat 7th July & Class A 8th July reports now added

Halstead  (plug) 25/7/2018 15:1:46

What time can we get on with Caravans please for Halstead.

I remember a couple of years ago Rod White was on his way there Friday evening , & got caught up in heavy traffic & his van packed up . I was called to do the stays . Don`t know if that helps  (dingdongcharlie) 26/7/2018 11:23:52

Pre-beg and beg change at Hatchford Brook Sat 4th  (corneroak) 26/7/2018 9:40:53

Due to the number of entries in pre-beginners and beginners at Hatchford Brook on Saturday, both classes are being judged by Rita Goodfellow. Beginners will start on completion of the Pre-beginners class.

Draw - Paignton  (ObedienceUK) 25/7/2018 22:3:22

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Paignton & District Fanciers Association. Thanks to Robin Gretenkort.

Great Baddow Show - Judge Needed 2nd September  (gbdtcjackie) 25/7/2018 12:29:3

Unfortunately Richard Blinch, due to an operation cannot now judge Pre-Beginner for us.

Anyone who can help us out, it would be appreciated, please email or phone 01245 473213

NWKent Show report  (EileenRestell) 25/7/2018 10:20:43

NWKent Champ and Open shows

Well we have had some scorchers in the past but I think that the weekend exceeded anything that we have had before but somehow we got through it without a hitch.
Our thank yous will be like the Oscars as there are so many people that we just cant do without, from set up to break down and the days in between.
During the week of the show we discovered that we had less room available for campers due to the rugby club having recently being upgraded to a higher league which meant that no vehicles were allowed on the second pitch. Without Teresa Patterson, Gaynor Taylor, Linda Plows, Thelma Alexander, Malcolm Hanlon & Sean McCarthy we could never have managed to organise everyone so massive thanks to them all and hopefully you will do it again next year Teresa told me that everyone had complied with their orders with good grace other than the man who drove over the pitch to exit because he felt the rules did not apply to him, nor would he stop when Teresa tried to flag him down, we have your registration number, we will work out who you are and will refuse entries next year that rule was in force to ensure that we keep this venue.
We thank all our competitors for coping with the parking situation, it seems complicated on paper but with our team of parkers at both sides everyone was safely gathered in without giving anyone grief, I did suggest that Serenas husband wear his full battle dress and gun - lol
We had our own boy band bromance going on there lol, Stuart Calway, Jason Hibberd, Roy Williams, Peter Gregory, all commandeered from club, only 2 compete but all 4 are now expert at putting up the rings and having you there at the close of play to shift, load, unload and stack in the container is priceless-I hope that you enjoyed yours beers guys.
Thanks as per usual to our CSS Rod White every year he requests cool conditions, but we only get them with rain! Only one bit of bother for you and I am glad that we did manage to muster up stay stewards for you once everyone knew where you were in your outpost 😊 Shame on those that were asked but couldnt give a valid reason why they could/would not do at least one set when Georgie went round with the book in the morning, thank you to those that did help.
CS Sandra Cobbold, with you on board our ship sails smoothly, thank you so much and same place next year please.
Thank you to our judges & stewards, this year was a little testing as we lost a couple as soon as the schedule was issued, dont ask ☹ Then we had the accident prone ladies 3 who are hopefully on the mend. And one who had no transport! So huge thank you to those judges who agreed to step in and save the days. It is sad that this year we were without two stalwarts of shows in the SE, Barry Fitter & John Rogers, both poorly but hopefully better health is on its way to you both, I cant remember a time when you were not at one of our shows. We missed you.
Well done to our ticket winners, both travelling from afar to take the prize: Guus Scholten & Dominique Guenther good luck at Crufts. Thank you to Pat Burford, I hope that you enjoyed your first ticket appointment and to Jenny Gould for taking over from John Taylor who sadly had to withdraw from judging.
Our own team, from admin to poo sack collector, you all worked tirelessly from Friday to Sunday but we all had some laughs, no tears hooray and so we were rewarded with a sack load of rosettes between us including 5 first places interesting that and note worthy to those who think that putting something back to shows interferes with winning it doesnt, thats a fact.
We are grateful to the rugby club for allowing us to hold the show, they have recently been upgraded in their league hence the number 2 pitch not allowing vehicles on it. I am pleased to say that catering was much improved this year and received no grumbles about this.
Thank you Kirsty Stuart for manning the training ring for a while on Sunday, I think that it was way to hot for many customers this year. Jenny Harknets Charity fun class raised 90 for African Wild Dogs, again and our tombola raised 185 which we have shared with German Shepherd Elite Rescue and The Border Collie Spot.

We hope to see many of you again: 27th & 28th July 19

New schedule - Down District  (ObedienceUK) 25/7/2018 0:41:46

I've just uploaded the schedule for Down District DTC, Open, 8th September 2018. Thanks to Jill Davis.

New schedule - Culverstone  (ObedienceUK) 24/7/2018 20:13:27

I've just uploaded the schedule for Culverstone DTC, Capped Open, 25th November 2018. Thanks to Jo Newman.

Great Baddow DTC Sad News  (gbdtcjackie) 24/7/2018 17:49:34

I have some very sad news that our lovely chairman, Phil Knight has sadly passed away today. It was not expected and everyone on the Club Committee are devastated as will our Members tomorrow night.

Do not have any details yet of the funeral, but will post this. If you need to contact me you can email me

NWKent left over rosettes  (EileenRestell) 24/7/2018 14:42:0

Can be collected from me at Halstead, C Dog or Ditton, A Dog (I think).

Lesley Taylor 5th A Dog Pt 2 & Fun class 5th
Jacqueline Willis 6th A Dog Pt2 Open show & 6th Place A Dog Pt 1 Champ show
Marion Cooper 2nd Fun Class Higher level
Imogen Woodman 2nd Fun Class Higher level will give this one to Bill Larkin
Margaret Young 3rd Fun Class Lower level
Myra McCarthy 6th Fun Class Lower level

New pictures - more from NWK Open  (ObedienceUK) 23/7/2018 21:59:10

I've just uploaded Richard Nicholls' pictures from North West Kent (Open) to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - NWK Open  (ObedienceUK) 23/7/2018 21:35:42

I've just uploaded Alan Brierley's pictures from North West Kent (Open) to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Calling Midlands Border Collie Club members  ( 23/7/2018 20:53:8

I have emailed Club Members, where I know an email address, giving you the nominations for election to the Obedience Liaison Council - please reply as soon as possible with up to 3 nominations. If you are a Club Member who currently competes in obedience and I have not emailed you please contact me -

North West Kent - YKC report posted  (minpartner) 23/7/2018 19:46:32

I have posted the reports for the Basic and Novice classes

Draw - Royal Manx  (ObedienceUK) 23/7/2018 15:13:46

I've just uploaded the running orders for Royal Manx Agricultural Society. Thanks to Sue Biggerstaff.

Draw - Halstead  (ObedienceUK) 22/7/2018 22:0:40

I've just uploaded the running orders for Halstead. Thanks to Tanya Symonds.

Redcar Tickets  ( 22/7/2018 18:46:46

congratulations to Mary Ray for doing the double and winning both Dog and Bitch Tickets

Draw - Woburn  (ObedienceUK) 22/7/2018 16:41:21

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Woburn. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New pictures -North West Kent  (ObedienceUK) 21/7/2018 22:13:54

I've just uploaded Alan Brierley's pictures from North West Kent to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - SWCOG  (ObedienceUK) 21/7/2018 21:51:58

I've just uploaded David Kirkby's pictures from South West Competitive Obedience Group Open Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

NWKent Ticket  ( 21/7/2018 17:29:57

Congratulations to Guus Scholten - Dog - & Domi Geunther (Ficek) - Bitch

Carmarthen My surprise  (Blacksheep) 10/7/2018 16:30:48

A wonderful Surprise happened to me at Carmarthen Show recently.

Im a small part of the army of volunteers who all enjoy nothing more than organising and co-ordinating fur filled weekends at Obedience Shows across the land.

We happily while away our time organising caterers, vendors, car/caravan parking, collating show applications, balancing the fees, cajoling potential judges, judging and ring stewarding our selves, booking venues and checking local bye laws, encouraging Ring and scoreboard stewards and so so much more and all with a smile!!!!!!!!!!!

The ultimate aim we all know, is to perpetuate canine utopia where our dogs can demonstrate their abilities and hope their handlers can actually handle the pressure without a wrong turn, miss throw, trip up or howler of howlers work the wrong class or miss the running order.

What fun we all have, knowing what it takes to keep our beautiful amateur sport bounding along and ever growing to reaching more competitors and their handlers.

Utopia Where everything is perfect.

Carmarthen. Where I had a personal moment
In front of my friends and peers who, to my utter delight, presented me with a Heart of Gold award in recognition of my contribution to Obedience.
I was speechless and unable to share my gratitude and pleasure to everyone, other than a cheessey grin and spluttered words of inadequate thanks.

My appreciation for this award is limitless and sincere. Everyone that contributes in anyway will appreciate the fun and anguish in setting up and the relief at the smoothness of the numerous shows we all support.

I realise how lucky I am to be recognised for my effort. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone involved in this enormously pleasant surprise.

Im still trying to conjure the words to describe my Joy!!

Which is funny really, as Im normally at the front of the queue, when it comes to speaking my mind.................


Sounds richly deserved. Well done   (puppies) 11/7/2018 8:56:54

Absolutely so much deserved Rita,brilliant, well done to you.
Roy Newman.  (Wayside) 11/7/2018 10:0:13

Well deserved Rita xx  (HAGO) 11/7/2018 15:27:14

Well deserved Rita, glad you enjoyed the moment. Dee x   (ddsteadman) 16/7/2018 13:56:49

Many Congratulations Rita on your award. You are one in a million and like the famous Martini - Anytime , Anywhere should be your motto. Apart from organising Plymouth double weekend shows, you appear to be everywhere else doing your bit. Look forward to catching up with you soon.
Love Sheila x
  (REMMIE) 20/7/2018 22:48:17

Judges Needed for Worcester Champ Show 27th August  (louise21) 20/7/2018 22:37:2

Now all entries are in we need to split both C dog and C bitch classes. We are looking for judges for part 2 of these classes. We can promise you a lovely day out in the Worcestershire countryside and our eternal thanks.
Please email me, Facebook message or text 07766 636711.

Keeping everything crossed for offers
Louise (Secretary)

NWKent Open & Champ Shows  (EileenRestell) 20/7/2018 9:22:23

NWKent Camping info

A late change to the amount of space available for camping means that its going to be a bit of a squeeze so please expect to be parked as directed. Please keep gardens to the absolute minimum. If everyone complies we will get you all in.
The option of staying an extra night is still available please book at the club house.

Steward needed for NWKent on Saturday  (EileenRestell) 18/7/2018 19:17:34

NWKent desperately seeking a steward for Novice Dog on Saturday Val Dickeson has kindly stepped in to cover but needs help so that she can actually judge the class. Can someone help please?

Steward now found for Novice but now we need one for Beginner class on Saturday - anyone? Please?   (EileenRestell) 19/7/2018 11:59:37

All stewards found - thanks to Alice Cornish and Kathy Gorrick  (EileenRestell) 20/7/2018 9:22:9

Draw - Ramsden Bellhouse  (ObedienceUK) 19/7/2018 16:8:43

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Ramsden Bellhouse. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

WOBURN CHANGE OF JUDGE AND START TIMES  (hackpack) 18/7/2018 19:32:51

OPEN SHOW (Saturday) Pre-Beginner will now also be judged by Jean Payne.
KCGC Special Pre Beginner Stakes will now start at 1pm. Please book in by 12pm.
'A' Bitch Pt 1 will now be judged by Ian Appleton.

CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW (Sunday) Pre-Beginner will now also be judged by Rob Summerfield, followed by Beginner D/B starting after 11am.
'B' Dog will be judged by Annette Dowd.

Newton Heath DTC  (trimor) 16/7/2018 10:1:55

Our show dates for 2019 are 20/21st July as we have had to swap with Redcar

Just to inform everyone that Redcar is on 4th Sunday in July each year and always has been. We have never changed our date and wont be for the foreseeable future. Next years show will be on 28th July
Karen Davies
Show Sec  (Justie) 18/7/2018 15:17:15

NWKent 22 July Champ Show  (EileenRestell) 18/7/2018 11:12:46

NWKent Change of judge, Champ Day Alison Lui has had to withdraw from judging Nov Dog Pt 1. Val Dickeson has kindly agreed judge this class. Many thanks to Val.

Wakefield Dog Show  (EmmaL) 18/7/2018 9:15:0

Just a quick reminder, Wakefield Dog Show entries close today. You can enter on line WYD until midnight tonight.
Any problems please contact us.

Preston and Fylde G S D Club  (petann) 17/7/2018 19:0:27

Change of show dates for 2019 As you have seen unfortunately Cheshire have had to change their dates for their show and have been given our dates after a lot of phone calls we have come this arrangement they will be having our weekend in june and will be staying on that date next year will be 22nd and 23rd of june Preston and Fylde will be on 29th and 30 of june and Newton heath will be on the 6th and 7th at our venue at littlebrough I will be in touch with judges who signed to see if they can still judge on our new dates thanks peter.

Cheshire Dog Training Association  (StockysBabes) 17/7/2018 15:40:8

Unfortunately, the venue for our Show in 2019 is now unavailable to us. In consultation with Peter (Height) of Preston & Fylde GSD Club, and with his kind permission, we are now holding our 2019 Shows on the following dates:
Saturday 22nd June - Championship Show
Sunday 23rd June - Open Show
The Committee of Cheshire Dog Training Association would like to thank Peter for his kind gesture.
The venue will still be the same at Lever Sports Fields, Bromborough.
Lisa Stock
Show Secretary - C.D.T.A.

New pictures - Spalding  (ObedienceUK) 17/7/2018 14:56:9

I've just uploaded Richard Nicholls pictures from Spalding to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Andover & District  (ObedienceUK) 17/7/2018 9:31:14

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from Andover & District Open Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Spalding & District Open Show - 15.07.18  (Debbax) 17/7/2018 1:12:31

Another Show over and it can be described in many words but the one that springs to mind is - HOT. Luckily our venue is lined with big, aged trees so there was plenty of room to park in the shade.

Thanks must go to Val and our very small committee for rallying around and doing the catering for Judges & Helpers; another success and the sausage pie went down a storm! We had a slight hitch with the competitor catering when we found out (at 9.30) that they couldn't supply any drinks..... In true 'Spalding style' and thanks to a mercy dash to the co-op for emergency supplies of tea, coffee, water etc I think everyone kept hydrated.

Thanks to the Judges, Stewards and score-boarders for gently roasting in the rings - much appreciated by all :)

Vince did a sterling job as Chief Stay Steward, thanks to all that volunteered for a class, especially his two full time helpers of Alison and Beath (a remarkable lady who we could all learn from).

Thanks to the ring erectors on Sunday Morning, done in record time with just 5 of us.

One small gripe, it is not nice to let your dogs pee up the poo bags or posts; ring posts included (!?!) someone has to pick them up and put them away.

Congratulations to two members of Dot's pet class, Karen and Kayleigh for getting placed in Prebeginners; to Ted for his place in B and to Dot herself for winning her last A with Keepa.

Lastly, many thanks to the competitors for all the lovely comments both on the day and through social media. They are much appreciated.

Left at the show, 1 pair of sunglasses and 1 dumbbell

Next year's date is Sunday 21st July. If you feel like offering to Judge for us, please let me know.

Debbie Back

Andover & District DTS Open Show Report  (mb) 16/7/2018 20:30:50

Show Secretary Report added

Sponsorship of rosettes for Elm Park  (iappleton) 5/7/2018 9:32:13

As many of you are aware, our Treasurer has stolen monies in excess of 18,000 from our club. We are therefore asking if anyone would kindly sponsor rosettes for a ring at our show. We would be extremely grateful to anyone or club who wishes to do so. Please e mail me

Many thanks

Julie Appleton

Oh my goodness how awful, I had no idea this has happened.
Happy to sponser .
Janet Oliver. coriecollies.
  (janetoliver) 6/7/2018 10:40:26

What a shame. We all hope never to be in that situation. Perhaps you could give an idea of the cost of sponsoring a class?  (jessica) 6/7/2018 14:5:34

Julie I have emailed you have you received it let me know please. Cheers Chris Milner (cann)   (christine.cann) 7/7/2018 16:56:20

OMG Julie that is terrible!! Mish and I will sponsor a class for you if you would just let us know the cost please. xx  (ronnie) 8/7/2018 12:55:51

Love this show so happy to sponsor a class. How do we pay?  (Mikadine) 10/7/2018 7:20:45

Hi Julie

I'll be happy to sponsor a class. Just let me know how much. I know what it's like when someone you thought was trustworthy does the dirty on you. Eunice  (eunice) 10/7/2018 9:25:15

Julie please E mail me with the cost of sponsoring a class. Dee Steadman  (ddsteadman) 16/7/2018 14:0:15

Still accepting entries for Worcester show   (louise21) 16/7/2018 13:24:10

If you missed the closing date for Worcester show don't panic!
I'm still accepting entries as long as I receive them by Thursday (19th July).

Louise (secretary)

NWKent 21 & 22 July  (EileenRestell) 16/7/2018 11:45:25

NWKent 21 & 22 July
Stays this year we will have the stay book in the tent at the stay ring, we hope that plenty of you will pop along and put your name down to steward a set or two. The reward is that Rod White has agreed that 2 training sets can be carried out at the end of the class stays about 3.30 pm on Saturday Intro to Novice and then A to C no charge.

Training Ring this will be on the club side of the venue. So far 2 offers to man this, thank you Kathy Woodgreaves and Kirsty Stuart anyone else that would like to lend a hand will be welcome. 2 a go which will go to the Fun Class charity.

Fun Class on Sunday pay on the day at the ring, 4 per entry, 2 for 16 and under, dogs must be entered at the show. 25 to the overall winner and rosettes for Intro Novice and A C with the winners of each group running off for the main prize. Goody bag for the best YKC member. Full details at the ring on Sunday. Charity is The David Shepherd Wildlife Fund, specifically for the Painted Dogs campaign, Judge, Jenny Harknetts choice. 30 places available up to Novice and 20 A C.

New pictures - Coventry Open  (ObedienceUK) 15/7/2018 10:45:48

I've just uploaded my pictures from Coventry to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

PRESTON and FYLDE C PT 1  (MAVE) 15/7/2018 10:45:45


Draw - Newton Heath  (ObedienceUK) 14/7/2018 18:51:16

I've just uploaded the running orders for Newton Heath. Thanks to Annette Benoist.

SYLVIA BISHOP   (janetoliver) 13/7/2018 17:52:33









Lovely comments Janet I enjoyed my spectating day very much! If it wasn't for Sylvia I would never have had all the enjoyment and success of competitive obedience that I have had! The best problematic trainer you will ever see!   (Hasia) 13/7/2018 18:28:57

Great week. Thank you Sylvia and your team. Sandy  (sandy) 14/7/2018 8:2:6

solihull dog ticket added  (jaro) 13/7/2018 18:30:21

as above

Worcester Show - closing soon  (louise21) 12/7/2018 23:17:29

Just a quick reminder that entries for Worcester show close this Saturday, 14th (postmarked).
I will be at Coventry show and am happy to accept entries there.

Louise (secretary)

Crufts News  (richardk) 12/7/2018 20:20:40

Some of you may be aware that Gerard Paisley is retiring from his post as commentator in Hall 5 at Crufts, and 2019 will be his final year.
Jane Prince has worked with Gerard for a couple of years, at Crufts 2018 she joined him both on Rally day and the Inter-Regional Obedience on Friday. I am very pleased to announce that Jane has agreed to continue with both competitions and will again be supporting Gerard in 2019 and taking over from 2020 onwards.
I am also delighted to announce that Sue Slater has agreed to take over the role for Championship Days. Sue will work alongside Gerard next year and will be going solo in 2020.
I am sure that everyone will join me in thanking Gerard for all he has done since taking over the commentary all those years ago, and also in wishing Jane and Sue the very best for their new roles.

Richard Nicholls - photographs at shows  (iappleton) 12/7/2018 17:57:32

Thank you to Richard Nicholls who is taking photos and donating proceeds to Elm Park. Please keep him busy.


Julie Appleton

Draw - Hatchford Brook  (ObedienceUK) 12/7/2018 15:9:2

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Hatchford Brook. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

A thank you from Elm Park  (iappleton) 12/7/2018 14:47:42

I would just like to say on behalf of the Elm Park Dog Training Club a huge thank you for all the donations for our show. The response has been absolutely amazing from both clubs and individuals. This has made a big difference to running our show.

Again many thanks to everybody who has donated.

Julie Appleton

NWKent Car Parking Arrangements  (EileenRestell) 12/7/2018 11:1:18

North West Kent DTC
Champ & Open shows
Car Parking arrangements for 21 & 22 July
Please note that the main entrance to the rugby club is for judging teams & known helpers on the day. Disabled parking is for Blue Badge holders only please note that bitch classes will be in Ferryfield, see below, disabled spaces will be near to those rings, dog classes will be on the rugby club side as will Intro Beginner classes, KC Special and YKC. Also pre booked campers.
Competitors may enter via the main entrance if they are prepared to park on the rugby club car park there are plenty of spaces and there is CCTV for security.
Competitor parking do not turn in to the venue entrance, continue to the end of the road and turn right in to Station Road, car parking is 30 yards on to the right Ferryfield Recreation Ground. The gates will be open at 7.30. Please follow the stewards instructions, any car that is moved to the shade of the trees (sorry but this area is out of bounds by the Parish Council) will be directed back to the original place, if this is challenged you will be asked to leave the show and further entries will be refused. Please note that there is a height barrier to Ferryfield, any over height vans are to go the entrance in Hall Road and park in the camping area where direceted or on the hard standing. No towed caravans in the park.
It is not advisable to leave tents up overnight and there is no camping in Ferryfields.
The park gates will be locked at 7.30 there will be a security guard on duty from 8.00 to 5.30 after which time the inner gate will be locked and the key obtained from the Show Secretarys tent.

NWKent Camping & Catering Info  (EileenRestell) 12/7/2018 11:0:9

North West Kent DTC Champ and Open Shows 21 & 22 July 18
Use POST CODE ME20 7QZ (post code on schedule is for Junction 5 of M20) Or Hall Road, Aylesford

Camping arrangements from Friday 20th July; Please do not turn up if you have not booked a camping space as we have a huge camping list to accommodate, do not take a chance and arrive with your caravan as you will be turned away all campers will be checked against our list on entry. Not on the list no entry.

Do not arrive at the venue before 3:00 PM on Friday unless you are part of the set up party and we are expecting you.

Please expect to be directed to a parking place by the caravan parking stewards. If you wish to park with a friend please arrange to arrive together there is a parking area in front of the club house but please do not hinder other businesses that are on the same site. There must be a clear access for emergency vehicles between rows of parked caravans/tents.

All caravans must have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket
If you plan to have a BBQ it must be clear of the ground, i.e., no hot trays in direct contact with the gound.
Showers are available in the club house.

There will be a waste receptor unit for caravan toilet waste in the car park to the front of the venue near the containers and skip. Anyone attempting to empty caravan waste in the toilets or Portaloos will have future entries refused.

Please do not put dog waste in bags destined for the skip, use the black bin bags for dog waste, yellow for general waste.

Please consider fellow campers with regard to noise levels, be it generators or barking dogs.

The rugby club bar will be open each evening from 6 pm. A fish & chip supper will be available on Friday. The rugby club will have a barbeque on Saturday night these are famous in the area! Please pre pay at the bar as availability may be limited.
In addition to the clubhouse catering there is a new seafood bar, Chummies, on site which also sells drinks.
Competitor breakfast & lunch catering will be from the BBQ Hut open from 8.00 am until 10 am then 11 3.00 pm. There will also be lunchtime food, such as a cone of chips & ice creams, from the bar.
Only alcohol purchased at the bar may be consumed whilst at the venue this is due to the clubs licencing arrangement so put your wine in water bottles 😊

Report Added  (Blacksheep) 11/7/2018 17:13:40

Carmarthen Champ Show NoviceD/B & Liskeard Novice Dog

New schedule - Southern GSD  (ObedienceUK) 11/7/2018 11:14:55

I've just uploaded the schedule for Southern GSD DC, Open, 30th September 2018. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Report added.  (Wayside) 11/7/2018 9:53:43

Report added for Novice Bitch.
Liskeard show.

Draw - Lune Valley  (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2018 20:18:4

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lune Valley. Thanks to Lesley Alsop.

New pictures - Winchester City  (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2018 19:57:17

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from Winchester City Championship Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - St Edwards  (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2018 19:45:31

I've just uploaded Lin Bagley's pictures from St Edward's Open Capped Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Draw - Witham  (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2018 19:23:29

I've just uploaded the running orders for Witham. Thanks to Sean Taylor.

Knightswood at Birmingham 23/9  (jennyl) 8/7/2018 17:15:54

The schedule and ticket latest info isnt the same as to who is judging which champ class ?

Whats the problem?  (ObedienceUK) 10/7/2018 8:33:51

Carole Patrick is judging Dogs and Joan Jordan judging Bitches. That's what the schedule on ObedienceUK says Jenny. Am I missing something? Roy  (roypage) 10/7/2018 11:39:8

New pictures - South Eastern  (ObedienceUK) 9/7/2018 12:29:41

I've just uploaded Marie Patchell's pictures from South Eastern to Out & About. Enjoy!

PP Weekend  (kitbclow) 9/7/2018 12:20:0

PP weekend show report for 'A' Dog / Bitch Part 2 posted to OBUK

Kit Clow

Wnchester City DTC, Championship Show  (breeze) 9/7/2018 7:28:23

Thank you
Well it was certainly hot! We must say a huge thank you to all judges, stewards, club members and helpers who worked to make the show run so smoothly. A number of competitors elected not to attend but those who did hopefully had an enjoyable day. We did our best to ensure the dogs were kept as comfortable as possible, making as much use of the shade as we could. Especially for stays.
We must make a special mention to all those club members who are there at 6am to set up rings etc, all by 7.30! How would we manage without you.
Judges were sensible and set a test to cope with the heat and stay times were adjusted accordingly.
Congratulations to all class winners, and good luck at Crufts to ticket Winners Mary Ray and Bronwen Bartley.
Hopefully everyone had an uneventful journey home and we look forward to see you next year on Sunday 14 July.
WCDTC Committee

Todays tickets   (puppies) 8/7/2018 16:45:22

Bron Bartley and Tallis won dog ticket.
Mary Ray & Lyric won bitch ticket

NWKent Open & Champ Shows  (EileenRestell) 8/7/2018 10:41:46

NWKent DTC Champ & Open shows change of judges:

Pre Beginner D&B on Saturday will now be judged by Julie Daly a replacement for Kim Ford who has a broken wrist so a little difficult to hold clipboard and pen!
B Dog Part 2 Melinda Partner is replaced by Juliette Bloomfield as Min is now judging YKC on Sunday
Beginner D&B on Sunday Allison Barrell has kindly agreed to judge in place of Donna Bastin we really hope that Donna is back on both feet soon, she has suffered enough!
YKC classes Jane Wood has broken bones in her foot ☹ but Min Partner kindly offered to swap from judging on Saturday to this class much appreciated Min.
We hope that our walking wounded are all on the road to recovery and thank those that have stepped to cover, including stewards, and have saved us a great deal of stress.

Draw - North West Kent  (ObedienceUK) 7/7/2018 22:14:1

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for North West Kent. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Show Report Thank you - Janet Oliver  (Whyso) 7/7/2018 22:7:11

Thank you for the lovely show write up for Mazz .. Whyso Amazzin. Your round was fabulous to work and thanks to you and your team.


Birmingham & District GSD entries  (polomazda) 7/7/2018 21:14:43

I have just been informed that some of my post may have been intercepted at the end of June. If you have sent postal entries at that time and your name is not listed below please contact me on 07714159712. Kathy Hood
Entries received as of 7/7/2018
Beale, J. Berry, Crowe, Carter, A.Davis, Earp, K. Green, Grindley, Hewitson, Loughrey,T. Morris, Ridgers, Y. Roberts, M. Scott, Shepherd, Turner, Walker, D.Williams, B. Young

ST EDWARDS DTC  (janetoliver) 7/7/2018 20:24:26


New schedule - Norfolk Broads  (ObedienceUK) 7/7/2018 13:27:35

I've just uploaded the schedule for Norfolk Broads, Open, 16th September 2018. Thanks to Pat Jordan.

Catalogues and running orders  (jessica) 6/7/2018 13:19:58

Is anyone else finding the lack of a catalogue means you are losing track of who is who and has which dog. My interest is waning in obedience due to lack of information. A possible solution would be if the full running orders could be published in the format of Winchester and Andover. These give you the classes the dog is drawn in, but also the name of the owner and the breed of the dog. I can then print and take to the show where if I see a nice dog or super round I can look up who it is! It also helps the judge, anything to assist them must be good. What do you think?

Novice judge required Witham Dog show 2018  (Whatsname) 4/7/2018 11:10:58

Hi everyone Michelle Newman has very kindly agreed to judge 'C' for us at Witham dog show 2018 due to Barry fitter unable to judge but now we are looking for a Novice judge can any one help please !!!! Thank you in advance

Hi Bridget I will do the novice class for you but can you find me a steward and scoreboard Lyn Johnson  (lynkavanagh) 4/7/2018 17:17:45

Hi Lyn thank you for offering to judge for us I have a steward for you but will need to find a scoresteward for you. We are on holiday at the moment will send you a letter on our return to advise on amount in class thanks again   (Whatsname) 5/7/2018 14:5:12

Hi Bridget thats great thanks for getting me a steward and hopefully a scoreboard hear from you soon have a lovely holiday lyn  (lynkavanagh) 5/7/2018 20:46:59

Hi Bridget I have a scoreboard steward know so dont worry about getting me someone thanks Lyn  (lynkavanagh) 6/7/2018 9:8:39

Draw - Govan  (ObedienceUK) 5/7/2018 16:17:22

I've just uploaded the running orders for Govan. Thanks to Andrew Kousourou.

Draw - Derby  (ObedienceUK) 5/7/2018 15:59:38

I've just uploaded the running orders for Derby & District DTC. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

NWKent Camping - Extra night on Sunday available  (EileenRestell) 5/7/2018 11:48:9

NWKent 22 & 23 July if you would like an extra nights camping on Sunday, departing Monday please pm me or email 5 payable directly to the rugby club but must be pre arranged.

Winchester Show - reminder on parking  (dmoxon) 5/7/2018 11:23:48

WCDTC Sunday 8thJuly We look forward to welcoming judges, officials, and competitors this Sunday to our usual venue at Botley. Please may I remind you there is strictly no overnight camping on the venue. Also, on the day, no caravans please or other towed vehicles. We unfortunately cannot allow these on the venue. Camper vans are welcome but parking will not allow for gardens. If you wish to be parked next to friends, please try to arrive with them before entering the venue. Usual signposting will ask you to put your hazard lights on if you have a tent for the rear of your car. Our parking team do an excellent job, and this enables us to get the most out of our venue, including a good exercise area for all dogs. The weather is forecast to be sunny so please help us, so that everyone will have an enjoyable day.

David Moxon
Chairman and Show Manager
Winchester City Dog Training Club

Draw - South West Competitive Obedience Group  (ObedienceUK) 4/7/2018 9:17:34

I've just uploaded the running order for the South West Competitive Obedience Group. Thanks to Kay Allen.

Draw - Spalding  (ObedienceUK) 4/7/2018 9:0:59

I've just uploaded the running orders for Spalding. Thanks to Debbie Back.

surry bitch cc added  (jaro) 3/7/2018 21:22:11

as above

Draw - SomerObedience Society  (ObedienceUK) 3/7/2018 20:0:27

I've just uploaded the running orders for the Somerset Obedience Society. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

New pictures - Preston & Fylde GSD Club  (ObedienceUK) 3/7/2018 17:28:19

I've just uploaded Stephen Shepherd's pictures from Preston & Fylde GSD to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New schedule - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 3/7/2018 15:12:41

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lisburn & District DTC, 18th (Open) & 19th (Championship) August 2018. Thanks to Anne Hamill.

Sunday is an OPEN show not Championship - sorry   (K8) 3/7/2018 15:18:22

OK, I've changed it.  (ObedienceUK) 3/7/2018 16:38:16

Cheshire Dog Training Association  (StockysBabes) 2/7/2018 18:43:20

Show Secretary's Report added to Reports

GOVAN CHAMP SHOW 11th AUG 2018  (lookno) 2/7/2018 13:5:42

Helen Rajska.
Show Sec.

Draw - Okehampton  (ObedienceUK) 2/7/2018 12:52:32

I've just uploaded the running orders for Okehampton. Thanks to Caz Turner.

Draw - Aberdeen  (ObedienceUK) 2/7/2018 0:39:21

I've just uploaded the running orders for Aberdeen. Thanks to Alison Robertson.

Danesford Ob DTC - Special Training Class  (Kairobea) 1/7/2018 21:0:0

Class 8 Special Training Round. Thank you to all that have entered this class. This is a capped class & is now full - no more entries will be accepted. Thank you.

todays bitch cc   (puppies) 1/7/2018 18:44:50

Congratulations Mary Ray and Lyric

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