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Obedience Members Forum

Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Les Perry (Coventry DTC) is the moderator for the forum.


Also, if you have made the decision that this site should not be used to advertise your course, we would also assume that you will not be 'mentioning' the course on this forum. (We feel that this is fair, and will remove such 'mentions'!)

This forum can only be POSTED TO by signed up, and approved, members of ObedienceUK (i.e. the people who have signed up to download schedules). At least this way we have 'knowledge' of the people who are posting.

PLEASE NOTE that anything that you post here will display your Username, but there will also be a link to your email address that you gave when you signed up to ObedienceUK. Hence you should not assume anonymity when you post to the forum.

The forum is, however, free for all to view that come onto the website.

Please note that all messages posted are the responsibility of the poster of the message and not the website owner. Also views expressed by posters are not necessarily the views of the website owner.


Schedules page - removing Shows  (ObedienceUK) 5/4/2020 8:52:44

I normally remove Shows (and the information) for a Show the day after the show, but if I did that I would also remove the refund instructions.

So, I'm going to leave all April shows on the schedules page until the beginning of May then delete all of them. Then May shows leave until beginning of June etc.

If Show secretaries want me to update the instructions please let me know.

If Show Secretaries believe all refunds have been actioned, then let me know and I'll add a note to that effect.  (ObedienceUK) 5/4/2020 9:13:17


Please tell me about cancelled shows  (ObedienceUK) 17/3/2020 10:35:38

I've started to put CANCELLED text against shows on the Schedules page that are being cancelled because of CoronaVirus concerns. Can all secretaries make sure they contact me when their show is cancelled email:, and if want me to add a comment (e.g. about your refund policy) please put it in your email.

Apparently the KC has made an announcement advising clubs to cancel shows   (e.hopwood) 17/3/2020 18:50:36

WATS obedience shows  (bayley) 8/4/2020 10:2:39

There are still a lot refunds still to be claimed from with your dog online entries. Could you message either myself {Kathy 07735357499}or Nicki if you don't want a refund please.

Solihull Show  (jenwyatt) 5/4/2020 17:42:11

Re Solihull Open and Championship Show. 4/5th July

Hi all,
I hope you are well in this difficult situation we all find ourselves in. We have made the sad decision to cancel the show this year on 4/5th July. Because of all the uncertainty surrounding us at the moment, we felt the right decision was to cancel for the health and well being of everyone. We have a few vulnerable and at risk committee members and helpers and it does not seem right to continue with preparations for the show.
I am sure you will understand and hope you will support our decision. Our show dates for 2021 are 3/4th July.

Any paper entries I have already received will be destroyed and online entries will have a full refund.

Stay safe and hope to see you all maybe towards the latter part of 2020.

Best wishes

(Show Secretary)

NBBAGSD Refunds  (NBBAGSD) 28/3/2020 17:24:39

If you have not yet contacted us regarding the destination of your fees for the show, please email me via asap

Please note due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, cheque refunds are not possible as both the other signatories are in full isolation & lockdown due to ongoing health conditions & it unsafe to post partly completed cheques to either & expect them to post them to claimants as they both live alone.

Payments can be made via BACS or PayPal directly meaning you are refunded immediately.

Weekly reminder  (NBBAGSD) 2/4/2020 12:21:26

Judge''s shows reports  (dingdongcharlie) 1/4/2020 16:25:1

Very sad to see nothing in the new reports section of ObedienceUK.

Come on you judges who have judged and not written a report. Give us something to read. Put a smile on someone's face.

Wirral ATS 09/10 May 2020 -Reminder Refund  (dellkos) 30/3/2020 19:56:31

Please remember you must send S.A.E.s for any refunds no later than 07th April 2020, after which date the remaining funds left from the entry fees will be given to Charity. Just to reiterate, the address to send them to is 25 Dell Close Bromborough Wirral CH63 0PP.


Nicki Fildes-Moss
Show Secretary W.A.T.S.

I'm happy for my entry money to be donated
Heather  (Wispasmum) 31/3/2020 14:16:14

WATS obedience shows  (bayley) 31/3/2020 11:54:40

WATS obedience show.
If you sent a postal entry, no cheques have been or will be cashed. All cheques will be destroyed unless you wish it to be returned to you. In which case you need to send a sae to the show secretary.
If you entered via WYD on line, to have a full refund of entry and camping you need to send a SAE to the show secretary. Unfortunately WYD had sent the money to our bank and were not able to take it back and process the refunds. Hence the need to do the above and for us to write upwards of 200 cheques.
Any full or partial money not reclaimed from online entries will be donated to charity.
Show secretary Nicki Fildes Moss, address as per schedule.
Kathy Mangan treasurer

Derby show  (Sally) 27/3/2020 17:27:27

Derby and District Dog Training club- Open Show 25th July, 2020

It is with regret that due to the ongoing situation regarding Covid 19, and the fact that our venue is a school, we have no option other than to cancel this year's open show. This is in line with government directives regarding mass meetings, and the directives issued by the Kennel Club. Stay safe everyone looking forward to seeing you all later this year and next year at our show.
Sally Collins show secretary

Sherborne Vale Open Ob. Show 21.6.2020  (Sunhat) 23/3/2020 15:31:5

Have received confirmation from Val Bale at Sherborne Vale that their Open Ob. Show to be held on Sunday, 21st June 2020 has been cancelled. The few postal entries that Val has received will be destroyed and any entries via WYD will be refunded less their admin charge.

Take care and keep well everyone.

Teresa Paterson

NBBAGSD refunds  (NBBAGSD) 18/3/2020 17:2:47

If you wish to have your entry fees refunded please email your paypal account name or bank details to the show email

Anyone who does NOT want a refund will have the option to ask for their fees to be used for the 2021 show or donated to charity at a later date. At present you don't need to do anything to alliw us to refund fees first.

Please note fees will be at a reduced rate depending on the expenditure already incurred that cannot be recovered

Right in view of the KCs belated rules for refunds & no club to make a "profit"from the situation & the requirement for a pre agreement for not requiring a refund coming way too late for most shows that have closed, We have 3 options for people.

Please note refunds will be on a pro rata basis once I have totalled the expenses that have been incurred

Request a refund by email to with paypal account or bank details if entered online or just email if you paid by cheque as still have photocopied cheques. I cannot send out cheques for refund as the 2 other signatories are in isolation due to age/ health issues.

If you wish for your refund to be sent to a Charity email your name to

The charity will be Drone SAR for missing dogs

3. To be treated as a donation towards next year's show email your name to

If anyone wishes to report me to the KC for doing this go ahead. I know one person who will do so  (NBBAGSD) 21/3/2020 10:44:38

If you have not yet contacted us regarding the destination of your fees for the show, please l e mail me via asap  (NBBAGSD) 23/3/2020 12:9:37

New schedule - Rescheduled Burnbank  (ObedienceUK) 20/3/2020 19:43:29

I've just uploaded the new schedule for Burnbank DTC, Championship, 10th October 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns. (Wow that was swift.)

Reedyford DTC Class B Report  (GLENDALE) 20/3/2020 15:43:25

So sorry this report is late,

BILLINGSHURST DTC SHOW CANCELLED  (eunice) 20/3/2020 14:19:54

With regret we have made the decision to cancel the show, including the Rally classes, which was scheduled for 27th June 2020. With your Dog will deal with online refunds but please cut them some slack as every show up to the beginning of July has been cancelled, or rescheduled if you're lucky. Any cheques received by post for entry fees and/or camping will be destroyed unless you email me pdq if you want yours returned.

Hope to see you all next year - 26th June 2021

Eunice Pearson
Obedience Show Secretary
Billingshurst Dog Training Club

WIRRAL REFUNDS (09/10 MAY 2020 SHOWS)  (dellkos) 20/3/2020 12:58:51

Hi All Please note that unfortunately we are unable to transfer payments to you electronically, and WYD are also unable to help due to the many other shows which have cancelled before their closing dates. Please therefore can you let me have an S.A.E. for the return of your payments made via WYD. The refunds will be by way of a cheque. For confirmation, the address is the same as on the schedule, however for anyone who does not have a copy it is - Nicki Fildes-Moss 25 Dell Close Bromborough Wirral CH63 0PP. We will deal with the matter as quickly as we can. The S.A.E.s should be sent as quickly as you can, so that we close this year's non show down and start on preparation for next, by the way it is the 8th/9th May 2021, all being well. Nicki xx

Nikki please do not refund my fee send it to a charity of your choice
Regards Jean Everist  (Mikki) 20/3/2020 13:30:28

Rescheduled Burnbank Championshp Show  (jwatson) 20/3/2020 12:37:0

Burnbank Dog Training Club would like to Thank The Kennel Club,Our Judges and all who assisted in helping to arrange the Reschedule of Burnbank Championship Show on Saturday 10th October 2020. Yes *Saturday 10th October 2020.*
Schedules will be available on OBEDIENCE UK very shortly.
Keep fit and well during this difficult time.
Thanks Again.

LEICESTERSHIRE GSD SHOW  (snooki) 20/3/2020 8:43:35


well after all the problems i had with VE day and now unfortunately i have had to cancel Leicestershire GSD show. the cheques i have could you let me know if you want me to shred them or send me a S.A.E and i can send them back.i will be intouch with WYD . i will be intouch with all the judges later but thank you for agreeing to judge this year but if any judge is willing to do same classes in 2021 please let me know

many thanks

jacki snook

Wirral ATS 09/10 May 2020  (dellkos) 18/3/2020 16:38:43

Hi All
If you wish to receive a refund of entry fees, please send an S.A.E. to me at the address shown on the schedule no later than 31st March 2020. Cheques will issued to you as quickly as possible after that date. The date for destroying cheques is still the 7th April, if you wish your cheque returned please send an S.A.E.
IMPORTANT If you were down to judge for us this year, and would do so next , please can you let me know . I would very much appreciate it. Please email me on

thanks very much, looking forward to seeing you all sometime this year!

Nicki. W.A.T.S.

Hi Nicki, just wondering what will happen to the money if I choose not to claim a refund of my entry fees? Will it there be a donation to charity or something else. Thanks Sandra  (Rooney) 19/3/2020 17:45:11

hi, just checking does this apply if we paid WYD? if not how do we get the refund through WYD? thanks.  (alithomson) 19/3/2020 18:37:48

COSELEY SHOW CANCELLED  (bluezonic) 18/3/2020 12:20:47



As we have not banked the cheques,if you require your cheque to be returned could you please send a stamped addressed envelope to Alan Bratt 98 Compton road, Pedmore, Stourbridge.DY90TH. If you sent a postal order we can return the amount with a cheque if you send a stamped addressed envelope and state to whom the cheque should be made payable.After 31st march 2020 all remaining cheques will be shredded.

All the best Tony  (bluezonic) 19/3/2020 13:24:30

New schedule - Coventry (September)  (ObedienceUK) 18/3/2020 21:35:1

I've just uploaded the schedule for Coventry DTC (September), Championship, 13th September 2020. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Newbury Cancellation  (Brynards) 18/3/2020 17:13:28

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that Newbury & District DTS have had to cancel their show, scheduled for 14th June this year, according to the Government and Kennel Club recommendations. Who knows, if circumstances change dramatically, maybe we could hold a CDS or similar show later in the year. We will have to wait and see what God sends us.
All of you who have made a super human effort and entered already will get a refund just as soon as WYD get to sorting out our show.
I will miss meeting up with you all at the show, and maybe throughout the summer, but as Vera Lynn, that old-time singer said, 'We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day. That's one for us Oldies who, apparently, are the persons 'most at risk'.
Doreen, Show Sec.

Downlands Obedience Group Shows in April  (Rhia) 18/3/2020 14:6:26

Event cancellation - covid-19

Expenses already incurred will be deducted from entry fees before refunds - it is my intention to refund camping, postage fees, and obreedience entries full.

For refunds - if you entered on paper, please either provide your bank sort code and account number, along with details of your entry - either by post, or by email to; or send an sae to "Grasmere, Findon Road, Findon, West Sussex BN14 0RD", making sure you quote the name the entries were under.

If you entered online, the funds will appear as a credit in your online account - if you would like the funds returned to your bank, follow the instructions in the FAQs. If you do not want the funds credited, and would prefer them to be donated to the Group's reserves to assist with future shows, then please let me know.

Please allow some time for the refunds to be made.

If you are happy to donate your refund amount to the Group's reserves to assist with future shows, then please let me know, and if I have not heard from anyone who entered by paper within 3 months, it will be assumed that you are happy to donate your refund in this manner.

EXETER DTC SHOW 23RD & 24TH MAY 2020  (moortime) 18/3/2020 13:27:29

In line with KC recommendations the Exeter DTC have decided to cancel their show for 2020.
On line entry fees will be refunded by With Your Dogs and postal cheques will be shredded.
I will be contacting Judges due to judge at the show within the next few days.

Paul Cousins
Show Secretary

Woodman Open Show 2020  (shadowsofcolour) 18/3/2020 10:11:26

Woodman Open Show 25th of May

Sadly, following the Government and Kennel Club directives we are cancelling our show.
I have contacted nearly all our judges, and some have kindly filled our 2021 vacancies.
So, thanks to them for their help.

Refunds will be made on receipt of a S.A.E to me at my address(secretary) on the schedule.
All cheques will be destroyed unless a request for return is received.

Carol Curtis

Please note that WYD will now do on line entry refunds
Please dont send SAE  (shadowsofcolour) 18/3/2020 13:16:55

SOUTH COTSWOLD CANCELLED   (preciousgem) 18/3/2020 13:11:59

With Your Dog will be refunding online entries, less a nominal admin fee. If you have sent a postal entry and require your cheque back, please send an sae (Address on schedule). I will shred cheques and entry forms after a few weeks.

If our lovely judges would consider offering judging for us in 2021, please let me know. We really value your expertise.

We look forward to seeing you all next year. Keep safe.

Mary Siddall

Plymouth DTC Open Obedience 9th/10th May Cancelled  (Blacksheep) 18/3/2020 12:57:56

As Advised by Kennel Club relating to the Corona Virus issue I am advising all competitors that the show has been cancelled for May of this year.
We do not consider that it is worth putting your selves,judges/stewards/helpers at risk.
With regards to refunds: All on line entries will be dealt with by 'With your Dog' Please be patient as there are a few shows to be dealt with. All entries & Cheques sent to Mrs T Patterson will be shredded.
Hopefully see you in October watch this space.
PDTC Show Sec

Loughborough Show Cancelled  (robz) 18/3/2020 10:46:13

Sorry to inform you as Kennel Club announcement to cancel shows Loughborough unfortunately has to do this, any cheques I have received by post will be shredded none have been cashed, I will arrange a cheque for you Polly before you ask because yours was postal order. I will contact WYD for them to cancel payments made to them and will contact all judges later. Ruth

CARMARTHEN CS EASTER SHOW 2020  (tervyuk) 17/3/2020 21:3:44

Good Evening All

In light of the current advice relating to the Corona Virus issue I am advising you that the show has been cancelled for this year.
We do not consider that it is worth putting you, our judges/stewards and helpers at any risk.
With regards to refunds I will send a further email advising you of our procedure.
I hope that you will all understand why we are taking this essential action and will bear with us.
Look after yourselves and try and help those that are vulnerable

All the Best
Bryan Luckock

Hi Brian,
What a lot of hard work you have all put in for this fabulous show.
Please keep my entry fee's.

Best wishes to you all,
Janet Oliver.
Coriecollies  (janet oliver) 17/3/2020 22:14:21

BAGSD Oxhey cancelled  (WendyB) 17/3/2020 20:42:4

BAGSD Oxhey - Saturday 11th April 2020.

With enormous sadness we regret that Oxhey will not go ahead this year.

I will post further details as soon as possible.

So sorry but we want everyone to stay safe...

Wendy Birch
Show Secretary

AYLESBURY SHOW  (gillygsd) 17/3/2020 20:17:39



Following on from the Governments directives and the KC announcement plus the likelihood of not having a venue available the Aylesbury show has been cancelled.

Please give us a few days to sort ourselves out and we will post regarding refunds.

Sad times but in the overall scheme of things the main thing is for us all to stay safe, healthy and look out for each other. We still have our lovely dogs and think of all the training we can do!

A big thank you to all our judges, I will be contacting you personally.

Gilly Hunter

Plantation Park Weekend cancelled  (Kath) 17/3/2020 18:53:58

Following the KC announcement, its with sadness I have to say that the Plantation Park weekend at the end of May will have to be cancelled (Les Perry)
Would all the people who have already paid for camping only, please send an sae to Liz White for a full refund. To the competitors who have already entered, please bear with us for a few days while we sort the finances out (and get new cheque books!) Ill make a further announcement regarding refunds in a few days.
To all our judges, Ill be in touch and really hope youll all agree to judge next year instead 😊

Sherborne Vale Limit Ob. Show 26.4.2020  (Sunhat) 17/3/2020 12:15:25

Message from Val Bale and Committee of Sherborne Vale DTC - the limit show scheduled for Sunday, 26th April has been called following the advice given by the government. Those wishing to claim entry fees please read Rule 11 on the schedule. Any money over after reasonably incurred espenses have been deducted and/or entry fees returned will be donated to Veterans with Dogs.

Teresa Paterson

New schedule - Halstead  (ObedienceUK) 16/3/2020 16:52:12

I've just uploaded the schedule for Halstead Dog Obedience Club, Championship, 2nd August 2020. Thanks to Tanya Symonds.

cancelled show  (EllieA) 15/3/2020 16:50:28

Don't bother to refund my entry, give it to charity, Elinor.

GSD Club of Wales Cancelled Show  (TheWizard) 15/3/2020 15:24:55

In light of the escalating coronavirus situation we have decided to cancel our Open Show due on 5th April. We can arrange refunds, with a very small deduction for admin costs, in two ways.
You can send a stamped addressed envelope to Sue Evans, 64 Severn Grove, Cardiff CF11 9EP and we will refund by cheque; alternatively we can refund directly into your bank if you provide your banking details via email to Any unclaimed entries, minus admin costs, will be donated to a dog charity.

C Judge needed  (preciousgem) 22/2/2020 18:42:59

Is there a lovely person out there that would like to judge a Class C at South Cotswold on Sat 9th May? One or our judges has had to pull out due to poor health. Usually fairly small C entry, sunny weather on order.

Weve still not had any offers for a C judge. Cmon people, I know you wont let us down.  (preciousgem) 27/2/2020 11:29:17

Grateful Thanks to Steve Wiltshire for agreeeing to judge Class C Bitch for us  (preciousgem) 15/3/2020 14:45:21

Running orders  (L.James) 12/3/2020 23:19:5

Where can I find running orders for shows on this site, please?

On the Schedule page  (Dodger) 13/3/2020 7:39:15

It's the wrong time of year to ask that question, as currently it's the start of the year and at the moment you won't see any running orders on the site. But yes, they will be on the Schedules page (against the particular show) when they are available.  (ObedienceUK) 13/3/2020 9:0:5

New schedule - BCOS 2020 Grand Prix Final  (ObedienceUK) 11/3/2020 21:6:5

I've just uploaded the schedule for the BCOS 2020 Grand Prix Final + Qualifying show 2021 on 4th April 2020. Thanks to Anita Neal.

New schedule - St Edwards  (ObedienceUK) 11/3/2020 11:25:13

I've just uploaded the schedule for St Edward's DTC, Open, 10th May 2010. Thanks to Jenny Harknett.

Wirral ATS 09/10 May 2020  (dellkos) 11/3/2020 8:34:54

Just a reminder our entries close 15/03/2020 1st class postmark (yes its a sunday!)


Karen Davies  (GLENDALE) 10/3/2020 12:43:48

Trying to contact you re;van

Ann Moore  (Pat Wilson) 2/3/2020 9:58:51

Hi - I am trying to contact Ann Moore (makes lovely cakes and has a Candlewind bitch). If she could either e-mail or phone me (number on schedule for Wigton) I would be most grateful. Pat

Hi Pat will leave you a message the by the forum Annxx  (annmoore) 2/3/2020 16:54:26

Hi Pat my email is playing up will bring cake to obedience collecting ring on friday will leave your name on it if thats ok if not just let me know
Regards Ann xxx  (annmoore) 2/3/2020 17:9:32

cake delivered seemed to be happy xxxx  (annmoore) 8/3/2020 19:47:12

Many thanks Ann - Linda confirmed it to me earlier today. Pat  (Pat Wilson) 8/3/2020 20:17:35

Thankyou Ann for the cake. I did try & contact you on FB. Again many thanks, hope to see you soon. Linda
  (GLENDALE) 10/3/2020 12:39:58

Wirral ATS 09/10 May 2020  (dellkos) 9/3/2020 18:35:41

Hi All
Anyone fancy judging a Novice on Saturday 09th May 2020? Good food, great ground, ... Please contact me on 07754 679684 I await contact .

Cheers Nicki
Show Secretary

vacancy now filled thanks to Jackie Muir. Nicki xx
  (dellkos) 10/3/2020 9:31:26

Thanks to all at Ob uk  (K9crumpet) 8/3/2020 18:25:3

Thanks for all your updates, really appreciate it along with watching on facebook is great seeing as though couldn't be there this year. Thanks to all xxxxxx

All the team at ObedienceUK appreciate the thank you.  (Whyso) 8/3/2020 19:6:33

I'll second that! Thank you all for your hard work and giving up your time for us.
Wendy x  (TREEVY) 9/3/2020 9:3:55

Adding my thanks for all you do.   (Trenaman) 10/3/2020 7:53:15

B steward needed for Beverley 5th April  (NBBAGSD) 26/2/2020 19:3:40

Request no 3 another of our lovely judge,
Graham Wellings, needs a steward for his B class at Beverley on 5th April.
Don't forget there will be Lemon Meringue for after judging
Please form an orderly queue for the honour

Come there must be someone, free entries, next year, if you volunteer  (NBBAGSD) 2/3/2020 15:23:4

No one then ??? No Steward no class, no class no show.  (NBBAGSD) 4/3/2020 9:53:8

Still needed plus C steward for Mick Vessey  (NBBAGSD) 9/3/2020 21:29:53

Downlands capped show - classes update  (Rhia) 8/3/2020 22:19:6

The following classes have now reached their caps:

SATURDAY AM - Class 3 - Novice Dog
SATURDAY AM - Class 7 - B Dog & Bitch
SATURDAY AM - Class 8 - C Dog & Bitch

SATURDAY PM - Class 11 - Novice Dog
SATURDAY PM - Class 15 - B Dog & Bitch
SATURDAY PM - Class 16 - C Dog & Bitch

SUNDAY AM - Class 23 - B Dog & Bitch
SUNDAY AM - Class 24 - C Dog & Bitch

In addition, the following classes don't have much space in them, so you'll need to be quick:

SATURDAY AM - Class 4 - Novice Bitch
SATURDAY AM - Class 5 - A Dog

SATURDAY PM - Class 12 - Novice Bitch
SATURDAY PM - Class 13 - A Dog

SUNDAY AM - Class 19 - Novice Dog
SUNDAY AM - Class 20 - Novice Bitch
SUNDAY AM - Class 21 - A Dog

SUNDAY PM - Class 27 - Novice Dog
SUNDAY PM - Class 29 - A Dog
SUNDAY PM - Class 31 - B Dog & Bitch
SUNDAY PM - Class 32 - C Dog & Bitch

Still in need of lots of PreBeginners and Beginners please; and also Obreedience entries!!!

Closing date is approaching - don't miss out...

Dog Championship 2020 Results  (Whyso) 8/3/2020 19:5:11

Dog Championships 2020 Top 6 placings:
1st Shirley Clowes & SARKAM SOUL SEARCHER
3rd Patricia Jones & OB CH LONGWAVES CLOUDY SKY aro
4th Mary Ray & OB CH SARKAM SINATRA aro
5th Dot Watts & OB CH ZIGGDAN ZYCO
Congratulations to all in the Championships 2020

Shirley - Admin - Obedienceuk

re homing  (kay2reynolds) 7/3/2020 21:50:37

Friends are looking to offer home to a smallish (small collie/sheltie,spaniel) sized dog 1 to 6 years. They are a little older but dog would be exercised every day rain, snow etc and they have school aged grandchildren who visit more than regularly. The dog would have a great home and be very loved .. anyone any ideas or knowledge of such will u message me...thanks

Bitch Championship Results 2020  (Whyso) 7/3/2020 16:32:53


Shirley - admin - ObedienceUK

Kennel Club Special Pre-Beginners Final 2020  (Whyso) 7/3/2020 14:2:16

Kennel Club Special Pre-Beginners Final:
1st Sarah Price with Foxbarton Lady Penelope - Border Collie
2nd Anne Dent with Fizella Helleins Angel - Norwich Terrier
3rd Louise Wilson with Our Girl Betty with Crossbreed
4th Georrgina Krall with Ambertollers Devotion - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
5th Rowan Carter with Super Sammi Squidgeman - Crossbreed
6th Cheryl Spurr with Reinhund Diamond Von Reinglen - German Shepherd

post by Shirley - Admin - ObedienceUK

Inter Regional Team Results 2020  (Whyso) 6/3/2020 18:16:50

Inter Regional Team Results 2020:
1st Northern
2nd South East & East Anglia
3rd Wales
4th Northern Ireland & Midlands (Joint)
6th South & South West
7th Scotland
Congratulations to all team members

Downlands capped classes update  (Rhia) 3/3/2020 17:52:5

Please note that the following classes have now reached their caps:

SATURDAY AM - Class 7 - B Dog & Bitch
SATURDAY AM - Class 8 - C Dog & Bitch

SATURDAY PM - Class 15 - B Dog & Bitch
SATURDAY PM - Class 16 - C Dog & Bitch

SUNDAY AM - Class 23 - B Dog & Bitch
SUNDAY AM - Class 24 - C Dog & Bitch

In addition, the following classes don't have much space in them, so you'll need to be quick:

SATURDAY AM - Class 3 - Novice Dog
SATURDAY AM - Class 4 - Novice Bitch
SATURDAY AM - Class 5 - A Dog

SATURDAY PM - Class 11 - Novice Dog
SATURDAY PM - Class 12 - Novice Bitch
SATURDAY PM - Class 13 - A Dog

SUNDAY AM - Class 19 - Novice Dog
SUNDAY AM - Class 20 - Novice Bitch
SUNDAY AM - Class 21 - A Dog

SUNDAY PM - Class 27 - Novice Dog
SUNDAY PM - Class 29 - A Dog
SUNDAY PM - Class 31 - B Dog & Bitch
SUNDAY PM - Class 32 - C Dog & Bitch

Still in need of lots of PreBeginners and Beginners please; and also Obreedience entries!!!

SATURDAY PM - Class 11 - Novice Dog now full!  (Rhia) 5/3/2020 9:59:16

CRUFTS SCORESHEETS 2020  (Whyso) 4/3/2020 14:43:24

The Scores for Crufts 2020 can be found under the section 'Crufts/Class Finals' ... then select 'Scoresheets' ... then select the name of the class you want to see results in. Refresh your screen regularly to get the lastest results.

Please NOTE that until each class has completed the Stay exercise the stays for every dog will show as a '0' zero (implying they are clear).
Any stay failures will be added in AFTER the stay exercise is complete.

Thank you Les Perry for preparing the forms and to all on the day inputting the data.
Shirley Budgen - Admin - ObedienceUK

Exeter Show - 24th May 2020 - Sp. Pre-Beg. Stakes  (moortime) 4/3/2020 12:24:9

I have just received the official wording for the entry qualification for the Kennel Club Good Citizens Special Pre-Beginner Stakes for 2020. The are as follows:

To compete in the Kennel Club Good Citizens Dog Scheme Special Pre-Beginner Stakes a handler or dog must not have won two First Prizes in either Pre-Beginners or Beginners nor gained a third place or above in any other obedience class (Introductory Class excepted).

Dogs which qualified out of Pre-Beginners prior to 01.01.2020 will not be eligible. Exhibits must have obtained a minimum of their Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze award prior to the closing date of the show.

Paul Cousins
Show Secretary

INSURANCE QUERY  (TREEVY) 3/3/2020 23:53:26

Has anybody had any dealings with Bought by Many pet insurance. It sounds pretty good but would be nice to know if anyone has any feedback (good or bad) please.

Many thanks


New schedule - BCC of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 3/3/2020 15:23:43

I've just uploaded the schedule for The Border Collie Club of Wales, Capped Open, 28th May 2020. Thanks to Cathy Loughrey.

Exeter show 23rd May 2020 - change of judges  (moortime) 2/3/2020 20:48:35

The following changes have been made to the schedule for Saturday 23rd May 2020

Novice Bitch part 2 - Carol Bath will be replaced by Richard Everett

Open C Dog/Bitch part 2 - Annette Boulter will be replaced by Carol Bath

Paul Cousins

New schedule - Woburn  (ObedienceUK) 2/3/2020 14:28:5

I've just uploaded the schedule for Woburn & District DTC, 8th (Open) & 9th (Championship) August 2020. Thanks to Janet Hackett.

4 day Crufts Ticket  (Christhetoerag) 1/3/2020 22:19:6

Thanks to my car I cant go to Crufts this year. I have a 4 day ticket going cheap if anyone would like it

New schedule - Lichfield  (ObedienceUK) 29/2/2020 18:9:5

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lichfield & District DTS, 5th (Championship) & 6th (Open & Obreedience Heat) September 2020. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New schedule - Solihull  (ObedienceUK) 29/2/2020 17:22:33

I've just uploaded the schedule for Solihull DTC, 4th (Open & Obreedience Heat) & 5th (Championship) July 2020. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New schedule - Wessex BCC  (ObedienceUK) 28/2/2020 16:39:8

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Wessex BCC Show, Capped Open, 23rd May 2020. Thanks to Trish Hartfield.

New schedule - Jersey  (ObedienceUK) 26/2/2020 16:11:13

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Jersey Obedience Festival, 2 x Open, 25th & 26th July 2020. Thanks to Andre Rees.

New schedule -Anglian Acorns  (ObedienceUK) 26/2/2020 15:45:49

I've just uploaded the schedule for Anglian Acorns Obedience Group, 2 x Open, 15th & 16th August 2020. Thanks to Jacky Roddick.

New pictures - BCOS Moulton  (ObedienceUK) 25/2/2020 19:3:55

I've just uploaded Anita Neal's pictures from the BCOS Moulton show to Out & About.

New schedule - Thurrock  (ObedienceUK) 25/2/2020 16:49:51

I've just uploaded the schedule for Thurrock DTS, Championship, 4th October 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New pictures - GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK  (ObedienceUK) 25/2/2020 14:50:54

I've just uploaded Chris Parkin's pictures from the GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK.

New schedule - Micheldever OTC  (ObedienceUK) 24/2/2020 21:30:23

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Micheldever Obedience TC, 2 x Open, 12th & 13th September 2020. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Steward needed for NBBAGSD. 5th April  (NBBAGSD) 24/2/2020 16:30:20

The lovely John Grice is in need of a steward on 5th April at Beverley for his Novice class

At the speed of light vacancy filled. Thanks Wendy  (NBBAGSD) 24/2/2020 18:0:51

REEDYFORD DTC SHOW saturday 29th February  (Kymza) 23/2/2020 16:59:49

REEDYFORD DTC Show , Saturday 29th Feb 2020

All classes will commence at 9:30am including BEGINNERS due to large entry.

Changes of judges

Pre-Beginners will now be judged by Lyz Ludlow .

B part 2 will be judged by Gwynneth Williams.

New schedule - Danesford  (ObedienceUK) 20/2/2020 16:15:36

I've just uploaded the schedule for Danesford DTC, Open, 9th August 2020. Thanks to Sue Bean.

New schedule - Lune Valley  (ObedienceUK) 20/2/2020 15:9:55

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lune Valley DTC, 1st (Open) 2nd (Open) 3rd (Championship) August 2020. Thanks to Lesley Alsop.

Loughborough Show Change of Judges  (robz) 20/2/2020 9:21:38

Jane Sutherland will now be judging C Bitch part 1, Sandra Trainer will judge B Dog part 1 on Sunday 17th and Kay Allen will now judge B Dog part 2 on Saturday 16th May, thank you to all concerned.

New schedule - Surrey  (ObedienceUK) 19/2/2020 18:45:0

I've just uploaded the schedule for Surrey DTS, Championship, 21st June 2020. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

New schedule - Elm Park  (ObedienceUK) 19/2/2020 12:50:41

I've just uploaded the schedule for Elm Park DTC, Championship, 3rd October 2020. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Downlands Obedience Group - Latest update  (Rhia) 18/2/2020 15:42:16

Please note that the following classes have now reached their caps:

SATURDAY AM - Class 7 - B Dog & Bitch
SATURDAY AM - Class 8 - C Dog & Bitch

SATURDAY PM - Class 15 - B Dog & Bitch
SATURDAY PM - Class 16 - C Dog & Bitch

SUNDAY AM - Class 23 - B Dog & Bitch
SUNDAY AM - Class 24 - C Dog & Bitch

In addition, the following classes don't have much space in them, so you'll need to be quick:

SATURDAY AM - Class 3 - Novice Dog
SATURDAY AM - Class 5 - A Dog

SATURDAY PM - Class 11 - Novice Dog
SATURDAY PM - Class 13 - A Dog

SUNDAY AM - Class 21 - A Dog

SUNDAY PM - Class 29 - A Dog
SUNDAY PM - Class 31 - B Dog & Bitch
SUNDAY PM - Class 32 - C Dog & Bitch

Still in need of lots of PreBeginners and Beginners please; and also Obreedience entries!!!

Job Opportunity for Up & Coming Judges  (K9MadLady) 18/2/2020 14:1:59

This is a plea from Yvonne, secretaryfor Birmingham & District Dobermann Club :
I need an obedience judge (& steward?) for our limited breed club open show on 9th May at Rawnsley, WS12 0QF & wondered if you knew anyone local who would like the experience? 5 classes scheduled, limited to Dobermanns.
Unfortunately the judge I had cannot now fulfil the appointment.
Hope someone may be able to help me if you could let me know either way so I can end or continue my quest it would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,
Birmingham & District Dobermann Club

New schedule - Govan  (ObedienceUK) 17/2/2020 16:43:51

I've just uploaded the schedule for Govan & District DTC, Championship, 8th August 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

DITTON SHOWS A PLEA FOR JUDGES  (Sunhat) 14/2/2020 10:54:24

Ditton Open 22.8.2020 - Reserve A Bitch; Reserve C Dog

Ditton Ch. 23.8.2020 - Judge C Bitch; Reserve Judges all classes

It would be great to get the schedule out there.

Free camping for judges and ring stewards. Superb catering by the members of Ashford Rugby Club TN24 9QB

Teresa Paterson

can do reserve A bitch  (Chrys) 14/2/2020 12:23:6

Chrys Hancock - is that you?  (Sunhat) 17/2/2020 10:12:43

Reports for the Dutch Obedience Champs 2019 posted  (louise21) 17/2/2020 1:17:50

As above, reports for all classes posted on here and on FaceBook

Draw - Reedyford  (ObedienceUK) 15/2/2020 11:54:27

I've just uploaded the running orders for Reedyford. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

New schedule - Cheltenham  (ObedienceUK) 14/2/2020 20:54:48

I've just uploaded the schedule for Cheltenham & District DTC, Open, 29th August 2020. Thanks to Babs Sharp.

Draw - BCOS Moulton  (ObedienceUK) 13/2/2020 20:50:38

I've just uploaded the Class Draw Lists for BCOS Moulton show. Thanks to June Le Fevre.

Draw - North West Kent  (ObedienceUK) 13/2/2020 16:52:58

I've just uploaded the full class running orders for North West Kent DTC. Thanks to Eileen Restell.

New schedule - Newbury  (ObedienceUK) 12/2/2020 18:48:4

I've just uploaded the schedule for Newbury & District DTS, Open, 14th June 2020. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

New schedule - Nuneaton  (ObedienceUK) 11/2/2020 21:42:25

I've just uploaded the schedule for Nuneaton DTC, Open, 6th June 2020. Thanks to Zoe Gilbert.

New schedule - Midlands Obedience Society  (ObedienceUK) 11/2/2020 17:22:39

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Midlands Obedience Society, Open & Obreedience Heat, 13th June 2020, Thanks to Sheilagh Hyde.

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