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Obedience Members Forum

Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Les Perry (Coventry DTC) is the moderator for the forum.


Also, if you have made the decision that this site should not be used to advertise your course, we would also assume that you will not be 'mentioning' the course on this forum. (We feel that this is fair, and will remove such 'mentions'!)

This forum can only be POSTED TO by signed up, and approved, members of ObedienceUK (i.e. the people who have signed up to download schedules). At least this way we have 'knowledge' of the people who are posting.

PLEASE NOTE that anything that you post here will display your Username, but there will also be a link to your email address that you gave when you signed up to ObedienceUK. Hence you should not assume anonymity when you post to the forum.

The forum is, however, free for all to view that come onto the website.

Please note that all messages posted are the responsibility of the poster of the message and not the website owner. Also views expressed by posters are not necessarily the views of the website owner.


OLC Questionaire for the next meeting  (ObedienceUK) 9/1/2020 16:15:12

Click HERE to access Obedience Liaison Council Questionaire

From Sharon. I've looked at the questionnaire but with the question regarding stays, why is ONLY about doing away with out of sight stays when the item is also about removing pre-beginner stays altogether and doing beginner and novice stays on a lead. If we agree to losing out of sight stays on the questionnaire, you're forcing us to agree with everything else covered by that discussion item.   (dingdongcharlie) 10/1/2020 9:4:15

South/Southwest OLC Regional Meeting Nr Exeter  (merlie) 25/1/2020 11:51:20

I will be holding a regional KC Obedience Liaison Meeting at the Kenn Centre, ( )Exeter Road, Kennford, Exeter, EX6 7UE at 2pm on Saturday 1st February 2020 for anyone wishing to discuss the items on the agenda of the next Obedience Liaison Council meeting scheduled for 6th February 2020. Please email if you are planning on attending this meeting in order that I may have an idea on numbers.
Further details of the agenda can be found here: .
Your opinions are important and I would like to represent you in the best way I can, but I can only do that if I have your opinions.
If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact either myself or David Moxon
Many thanks
Kay Allen

Multi-choice class  (SSparrey) 23/1/2020 21:17:34

I am looking to compete in the multi-choice class, but I can not find anywhere that is running it. Can anyone advise where I can find this? I have opened pretty much every schedule listed in the schedules tab, but to no avail.

I think Aylesbury did one last year, pay on the day.   (doghouse) 24/1/2020 9:11:23

As far as I know, the KC multi choice class has NEVER been scheduled.  (harrybean) 24/1/2020 13:8:41

New schedule - South Cotswold  (ObedienceUK) 23/1/2020 15:52:0

I've just uploaded the schedule for South Cotswold DTC, Open, 9th May 2020. Thanks to Susie Thomson.

NWKent Camping   (EileenRestell) 23/1/2020 13:12:21

NWKent Champ & Open shows - please note that a nights free camping is for judges and ring stewards only unfortunately we cannot extend this to scoreboard stewards.

Class Allocations - BCOS Bristol  (ObedienceUK) 22/1/2020 14:43:14

I've just uploaded the Class Draw Lists for the BCOS Bristol show. Thanks to Sophie Harrison.

New schedule - Winchester City  (ObedienceUK) 22/1/2020 14:7:54

I've just uploaded the schedule for Winchester City DTC, Championship, 12th July 2020. Thanks to Sue Garner.

New schedule - Oxhey  (ObedienceUK) 21/1/2020 17:38:2

I've just uploaded the schedule for BAGSD Oxhey & District Branch, Open, 11th April 2020. Thanks to Wendy Birch.

New schedule - Waldridge Fell   (ObedienceUK) 20/1/2020 23:25:18

I've just uploaded the schedule for Waldridge Fell DTS, 23rd (Open) 24th (Championship) & 25th (Open) May 2020. Thanks to Jenny Clarke.

OLC Areas  (preciousgem) 20/1/2020 12:47:49

Hi, please could someone confirm the areas for me? There is some confusion about which area Gloucestershire is in. Thanks

Midlands according to this page:  (ObedienceUK) 20/1/2020 14:22:35

If you are talking about Crufts Inter Regional Teams then it's South & South West according to this:  (ObedienceUK) 20/1/2020 14:41:28

No confusion Mary, Gloucestershire is in the MIDLAND OLC area. Western for Inter Regionals (crazy as it is!). Sue x  (harrybean) 20/1/2020 20:39:42

Thanks all.  (preciousgem) 20/1/2020 22:36:6

Midlands Meeting with OLC Reps   (louise21) 20/1/2020 22:9:41

For anyone not on Facebook who may not know, Worcester DTC have organised a meeting with the Midlands obedience liaison council reps this Friday (24th January).
It will be held at Broadview Farm, Twyford, near Evesham, WR11 4TP and will start at 7.30pm.
All 3 reps will be attending.

Link for directions
The venue is not heated so wrap up warm!
Refreshments will be available but please bring your own cup.

There has been a lot of discussion about the proposals being put forward. This is your opportunity to have your say 😊
If you are planning to come please let me know so that I have an idea of numbers. Email: or 07766 636711 (texts preferred).

Hope to see lots of you there 🤞🤞
Louise (Secretary)

New schedule - Preston & Fylde GSD  (ObedienceUK) 19/1/2020 11:49:33

I've just uploaded the schedule for Preston & Fylde GSD Club, 2 x Open, 20th & 21st June 2020. Thanks to Kathy Hood.

New schedule - Great Baddow  (ObedienceUK) 18/1/2020 19:21:48

I've just uploaded the schedule for Great Baddow Dog Training, Open, 6th September 2020. Thanks to Jackie Jackson.

New schedule - Irvine Valley  (ObedienceUK) 18/1/2020 10:56:33

I've just uploaded the schedule for Irvine Valley DTS, 2 x Open, 27th & 28th June 2020. Thanks to Margot Thomson.

Downlands Obedience Group Shows in April  (Rhia) 13/1/2020 7:4:37

The schedules and entry forms for the Downlands Obedience Group shows on April 18th & 19th have just been sent to Les to add to this site.

My lovely partner has built a website ( for entries, because it is a bit more complicated than a 'standard' show - please see 'instructions' below...but if this proves too fiddly, I will also send the info to WithYourDog.


I am still in need of some more stay stewards for each show, as well as car parkers, so if you are willing to help, please let me know!

Finally, please keep your fingers crossed for improving weather - there's been SO much rain...


First, Register your user name and password at
Please be patient with the registration process, as it does seem to be a bit slow, but you only do this once!

You will receive an email with a link to confirm.

Once you have done that, complete your registration and add your dogs.
Please be patient with the registration process, as it does seem to be a bit slow, but you only do this once!

Then, select Available shows and enter whichever of the shows you want.
Please be patient once you have pressed a button, and wait for the next screen - don't just press the button again!

Once you have completed your entries, go to the My Account page to see how much you need to pay. You don't have to pay immediately, but do need to pay before the closing date, otherwise your entries may not be accepted.

To make a payment, go to the FAQ page under the Home menu option to find the bank sort code / account number / your unique reference. Your My Account page will be updated with payments received as soon as we are able to verify funds.

You can do each of these steps individually, even in different days, if you want; or one after the other.

Any problems, please email with as much info as possible

Are you saying there are NO postal entries?  (harrybean) 13/1/2020 14:47:39

Rhia, I'll leave the WYD icon off at the moment. If you want it on then let me know.  (ObedienceUK) 13/1/2020 17:25:2

Postal entries happily accepted   (Rhia) 13/1/2020 20:58:52

So how do we pay? Do we have to post a cheque separatey?   (dingdongcharlie) 15/1/2020 13:5:10

Sharon is trying to enter all 4 shows , so I will be available for stays both days
  (dingdongcharlie) 15/1/2020 19:40:35

Thanks Charlie - Sharon, see in the details above...go to FAQs and it will tell you   (Rhia) 17/1/2020 23:1:11

Judge needed  (Debbax) 17/1/2020 22:6:7

Spalding & DTC are looking for a B judge for their show on July 12th at Crowland, nr Peterborough. If you think you could help please email

New schedule - Cheshire  (ObedienceUK) 16/1/2020 15:15:6

I've just uploaded the schedule for Cheshire DTA, 2 x Championship, 27th & 28th June 2020. Thanks to Lisa Stock.

Crufts Running Order  (richardk) 16/1/2020 13:16:27

The draw for the running order for this years Crufts Obedience Championships has been made and all competitors will be notified by email later. In fairness to others, as in previous years, could I ask you not to discuss anyone else's draw on social media until the full running order is made public, which will be early next week. Thanks.

New schedule - Basingstoke  (ObedienceUK) 15/1/2020 21:24:32

I've just uploaded the schedule for Basingstoke DTC, Open, 13th June 2020. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

Is there any information regarding what the Special Fun Class (enter on the day) involves?  (SpanielsRule) 16/1/2020 11:54:20

New schedule - Prestwick  (ObedienceUK) 15/1/2020 23:52:27

I've just uploaded the schedule for Prestwick & District DTC, 20th (Championship) & 21st (Open) June 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Is the FB forum down ?  (mojdeh) 15/1/2020 23:12:22

Im getting an error message :(

No  (ObedienceUK) 15/1/2020 23:49:51

Class Allocations - BCOS Moulton  (ObedienceUK) 15/1/2020 0:17:35

I've just uploaded the Class Draw Lists for the BCOS Moulton show. Thanks to June Le Fevre.

New schedule - Warlingham  (ObedienceUK) 14/1/2020 20:20:27

I've just uploaded the schedule for Warlingham DTC, Open, 16th May 2020. Thanks to Allison Burrows.

New schedule - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 14/1/2020 19:6:17

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD Club of Wales, Open, 5th April 2020. Thanks to Sue Evans.

New schedule - Redcar  (ObedienceUK) 11/1/2020 11:35:12

I've just uploaded the schedule for Redcar & District DTC, Championship, 26th July 2020. Thanks to Karen Davies.

Dont know if its me or my computer but cannot find Schedule details in Redcar section  (donwright) 11/1/2020 17:21:53

It's been removed temporarily as a change is required  (ObedienceUK) 11/1/2020 18:4:52

OK, I've put the new version on the schedules page.  (ObedienceUK) 14/1/2020 13:2:42

Draw - Lune Valley  (ObedienceUK) 14/1/2020 8:32:5

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lune Valley. Thanks to Lesley Alsop.

New schedule - Downlands Obedience Group  (ObedienceUK) 13/1/2020 17:18:32

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Downlands Obediernce Group, 2 x Open on 18th & 19th April 2020, with Obreedience on 18th. Thanks to Rhia Mulrenan.

New schedule - BAGSD Northern Branches  (ObedienceUK) 13/1/2020 15:19:32

I've just uploaded the schedule for BAGSD Northern Branches, Open, 5th April 2020. Thanks to Sue Bean.

New schedule - Chalfield  (ObedienceUK) 13/1/2020 14:19:56

I've just uploaded the schedule for Chalfield DTC, Open, 21st June 2020. Thanks to Sue Bean.

New schedule - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 13/1/2020 9:22:7

I've just uploaded the schedule for Chesvale DTC, Open, 3rd May 2020. Thanks to Clare Williams.

New schedule - Culverstone  (ObedienceUK) 12/1/2020 18:5:12

I've just uploaded the schedule for Culverstone, Open (18th), Championship (19th) July 2020 - with 2 x Obreedience (18th & 19th). Thanks to Jo Newman.

Show report for Culverstone DTC   (kitbclow) 12/1/2020 15:1:29

Show report for Culverstone DTC capped show on 24th November 2019 just posted on ObUk

Class 'C' Dog / Bitch  (kitbclow) 12/1/2020 15:1:54

New schedule - North West Kent  (ObedienceUK) 10/1/2020 16:43:19

I've just uploaded the schedule for North New Kent, 25th (Championship), and 26th (Open & Obreedience) July 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New schedule - Isle of Man  (ObedienceUK) 9/1/2020 16:46:35

I've just uploaded the schedule for The Isle of Man, 2 x Open, 2oth & 21st June 2020. Thanks to Sue Biggerstaff.

S&SW Obedience Liaison Meeting: 31st Jan Hants  (dmoxon) 5/1/2020 21:46:57

Kay Allen and I are looking to hold Regional meetings for South and South West, prior to the next Obedience Liaison Council meeting scheduled for 6th February 2020. In this respect I will be hosting a meeting on Friday 31st January, 7pm at Otterbourne Village Hall (Bianchi Suite). Address is Cranbourne Drive, Otterbourne, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 2ET. Please email if you are looking to attend this meeting in order that I may have an idea on numbers.

You may have already seen some commentary on the obedience forums. Items on the agenda can be found at . I would draw your attention to the following where views will be sought.
Item 8 Recommendations from Obedience Working party to promote obedience and encourage new competitors.
Item 9 Proposals from societies and individuals
Item 10 Discussion Items

Item 8 is a proposal to introduce height classification for classes from July 2021. This is drafted as an option and as such Clubs and Societies that run shows can opt in, or out. Likewise, competitors that do not wish to have their dogs measured would continue to compete at Standard level. The change would therefore be available for those that would like to take advantage of the new classification and progression. Please do, however, take time to look at the other items.

Regards and all the best for 2020.

David Moxon

BCOS Show Grd 6 27th October 2019  (kitbclow) 5/1/2020 15:38:50

Report posted on OBUk for the above mentioned show

New schedule - Aylesbury  (ObedienceUK) 4/1/2020 14:36:58

I've just uploaded the schedule for Aylesbury CTS, Open, 25th April 2020.Thanks to Helen Frost.

New schedule - Rugby  (ObedienceUK) 4/1/2020 13:52:2

I've just uploaded the schedule for Rugby DTC, Championship, 3rd May 2020. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

New Judges Training  (ObedienceUK) 3/1/2020 16:55:32

Jo Newman has just announced a new judges training course (organised by Culverstone DTC). You can see it on the Judges Training Page.

Lune Valley DTC change of judges  (alithomson) 2/1/2020 19:8:12

Just to update you -
Shelia Taylor is now judging B. Our Novice judges are John Grice, Henrietta Carew and Lisa Stock.

Culverstone February Cappped Show  (Dippi) 2/1/2020 16:43:41

Just a reminder to those of you thinking about entering Culverstone Capped show next month that entries close 2 weeks tomorrow. As usual both Novice & "A" are filling up fast. Jo.

Surrey DTS Ch Show 21st June 2020  (janewood) 1/1/2020 15:26:12

After a long period of uncertainty over our venue at The Star Gun Club, we finally heard just before Christmas that we have lost it. We had serious discussions as to whether this was the time to give it up as most of the very small team of officials are barely even involved in obedience. We decided to bash on however and have secured a superb ground near Godalming, Surrey with good links to the A3 and M25. Guildford Rugby Football is flat with a clubhouse, bar and proper toilets! No camping is allowed but numerous b&bs and campsites are not far away.
The next problem to be overcome is engaging judges. I need 8 more to cover Beginners to C. Some of these are Part 2s and may not be needed in the end but they need to be booked.
We are also running a PreBeginner Stakes heat this year and so need a judge who is familiar with that class too.
Please get in touch with me if you are able to volunteer to judge
Jane Wood

We used to go to a camp site at Liphook., lovely dog walks , near Godalming .
  (dingdongcharlie) 2/1/2020 7:36:10

Hi Jane.I could do a Novice or A if you are still short. Eunice  (eunice) 2/1/2020 15:9:21

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL  (jaro) 31/12/2019 23:29:9


You too. Mike and Lily  (doghouse) 1/1/2020 10:53:9

New schedule - Exeter  (ObedienceUK) 23/12/2019 17:21:35

I've just uploaded the schedule for Exetger DTC, 23rd (Championship) & 24th (Open) May 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Amended version uploaded with corrected camping instructions.  (ObedienceUK) 30/12/2019 20:0:32

New schedule - Reedyford  (ObedienceUK) 28/12/2019 22:38:54

I've just uploaded the schedule for Reedyford DTC, Open, 29th February 2020. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

New schedule - Knightswood  (ObedienceUK) 27/12/2019 18:31:55

I've just uploaded the schedule for Knightswood DTC, Championship, 21st April 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

There seems to be a problem with this schedule. The show date is Sunday 21st April 2020. 21st April is a TUESDAY!!!!  (harrybean) 27/12/2019 19:26:50

Amended version has been uploaded - date is now shown as 19th April.  (ObedienceUK) 27/12/2019 21:34:2

Mad greeting   (polomazda) 25/12/2019 21:51:34

Daphne Steane is now in a care home as her failing eyesight means she can no longer look after herself. She hopes you have all enjoyed Xmas Day and wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Daphne

Happy Christmas and New Year to Daphne, good that she's getting the care that she deserves. X  (LouJackson) 27/12/2019 20:24:44

New schedule - Lanarkshire CTA  (ObedienceUK) 27/12/2019 19:22:7

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lanarkshire CTA, Open, 26th April 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

New schedule - The Scottish Kennel Club  (ObedienceUK) 27/12/2019 18:11:4

I've just uploaded the schedule for The Scottish Kennel Club, Championship, 16th May 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Newton Heath  (suechilds) 23/12/2019 21:45:28

Ive exhausted all my friendly contacts as to accommodation near by. I was going to drive up on morning, but I am drawn and think it might be too far to do the journey twice in one day. Can anyone suggest a hotel that can take one dog please .

Ibis Preston North used to be good and permitted dogs - very handy, worth checking. I've stayed with 2 dogs at Charnock Richards services (north) which isn't too far away. But I've never been let down by, selecting the pet-friendly option. But you do need to check with the hotel before making a non-refundable booking to check if/what price they charge for a dog.  (jean tuck) 24/12/2019 21:17:4

New schedule - Loughborough  (ObedienceUK) 20/12/2019 23:11:0

I've just uploaded the schedule for Loughborough DTC, 16th (Open) & 17th (Championship) May 2020. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - Newton Heath  (ObedienceUK) 17/12/2019 21:50:17

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Newton Heath. Thanks to Julie Donohue.

New schedule - Andover & District  (ObedienceUK) 16/12/2019 14:50:10

I've just uploaded the schedule for Andover & District DTS, Open, 5th July 2020. Thanks to Shirley Hayward.

New schedule - Carmarthen Canine Society  (ObedienceUK) 13/12/2019 20:34:14

I've just uploaded the schedule for Carmarthen Canine Society, 10th (Championship) 11th (Open) & 12th (Championship) April 2020. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

New schedule - BAGSD Birmingham South  (ObedienceUK) 13/12/2019 19:48:25

I've just uploaded the schedule for BAGSD Birmingham South (Coseley), Open, 19th April 2020. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

New schedule - Leicestershire GSD  (ObedienceUK) 13/12/2019 19:14:32

I've just uploaded the schedule for Leicestershire GSD Club, Championship, 31st May 2020. Thanks to Bryan Luckcock.

Class Allocations - BCOS Moulton  (ObedienceUK) 10/12/2019 0:20:45

I've just uploaded the Class Allocations for BCOS at Moulton. Thanks to June Le Fevre.

Northern Ireland Inter-Regional Team  (TracyMcKinlay) 9/12/2019 22:30:51

I have great pleasure in announcing the Northern Ireland Inter Regional Obedience Team for Crufts 2020.
Many thanks to everyone who applied, Congratulations to those selected and commiserations to those who didn't make it this year, we had some lovely dogs and handlers to choose from, but unfortunately we just can't use everyone and at times the decision was quite difficult to call. but the lucky few are:

Beginners Reserve:
Tracey Dawn Watt & Vinny - (Vinny Vidi Vici) - Working Cocker

Rachel Garisch & Mimi (Cherryvalley's Mellififluos) - German Shepherd Dog

1. Janette Mitchell & Kerroo (Fenstyle Kerro Blue Diamond) -Shetland Sheepdog
2. Carol Lewin & Colby (Choxxstart Colby) - Bearded Collie

Class A
1. Claire McKinlay & Maia - (Newford's Marmite) - Doberman
2. Lisa Craig & Evie (Pepsanner Sutton Bell) - Golden Retriever

Class B:
Louise Jackson & Logan (Manannans Barrule) - Border Collie

Class C:
Helen Boyde & Lyric (Stillrockin and Heaven Sent) - Working Sheepdog

Many thanks to everyone who helped out on selection days on both sides of the Irish sea, and good luck with your training, and enjoy!

Tracy McKinlay

New schedule - Petersfield  (ObedienceUK) 9/12/2019 17:0:58

I've just uploaded the schedule for Petersfield & District DTS, Championship, 7th June 2020. Thanks to Rhia Mulrenan.

New schedule - West Suffolk  (ObedienceUK) 9/12/2019 16:33:42

I've just uploaded the schedule for West Suffolk DTS, 2 x Open, 6th & 7th June 2020. Thanks to Rhia Mulrenan.

New schedule - North East BCC  (ObedienceUK) 8/12/2019 16:34:44

I've just uploaded the schedule for North East Border Collie Club, Open, 5th April 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

New schedule - Burnbank  (ObedienceUK) 8/12/2019 14:1:53

I've just uploaded the schedule for Burnbank DTC, Championship, 2nd May 2020. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Culverstone November Cappped Show  (Dippi) 25/11/2019 12:7:11

I would just like to thank all the Culverstone members that turned up yesterday to run the show. Especially in that we have to set up o the morning which means a very early start especially for some of them that travel quite a distance to support their club. Thank you also to our Judges & Stewards for giving up their day so that the show can be held as without them well you all know the answer to that one. Especially I would like to thank Amanda Winborne For stepping a couple of weeks back & even more so Barry Fitter who so kindly agreed to judge at the beginning of the week when Wendy Birch was taken poorly. I mustn't forget Vince Winyard & Charlie Webley who are in the stay ring all day plus those that did their bit stay stewarding & scent decoy. Well done to all our winners & everyone else who got placed. Have a great Xmas & hopefully see you all again in February.

thank you for providing one of the tastiest judges lunches I have ever had !  (quilters1) 7/12/2019 12:9:38

NOCF Beginners Report added  (candlewind) 3/12/2019 18:26:11

NOCF Beginners Report now added.

Newton Heath Show  (trimor) 2/12/2019 21:0:31

I need another A judge for our show on 30th December. Any offers?

Culverstone July Shows  (Dippi) 2/12/2019 12:32:50

Culverstone D.T.C are in need of one judge for their July shows for an Obreedience heat. Anne Strachan has very kindly offered to judge but is worried she might still have puppies at home then. Is there anyone who would be kind enough to judge this class for us? It is on the Sunday.

Ditton Champ Show Ticket Judges  (gefion) 2/12/2019 11:19:36

We have just had confirmation from the kennel club stating their acceptance of our ticket judges for 2020 and 2021. They are :2020 :DOG : Anita Neal. BITCH : Russel Becque. 2021:Dog:Dave Gillet. Bitch:Barry Fitter.

SE&EA Final. Urgent traffic message   (WendyB) 1/12/2019 13:37:23

Got the following helpful message from Clare Williams... please everyone, take note.
It involves traffic going to the hall in Flaunden for the SE&EA Final this coming Saturday!

Hi Wendy, I dont know if you are aware, but for the last few Saturdays Bovingdon has been gridlocked with traffic thanks to Bovingdon Market flouting their planning conditions and just using one entrance and exit route. It means getting from Hemel to Bovingdon is taking well over an hour! People have then started using the lanes which have also become gridlocked. The traffic was already queuing at 8am yesterday. We are trying to get this sorted via the council and police but they are being very slow to act. I think you need to warn people coming to the try outs on Saturday that they should plan their routes to avoid Bovingdon altogether, or allow a significant amount of extra time for their journey if they dont. The map below shows the totally gridlocked areas in red, so dont come via Hemel. The amber lines show where there has also been a problem as people follow their sat navs up Grove Lane which is a one way track. If anyone is coming from the A41 I suggest they get off at the Chesham exit and follow the route in blue (it also avoids any single track lanes). If I hear that traffic will improve by next Saturday Ill let you know, but Im sure everyone will want to avoid arriving late and stressed to the Try Outs! As you are coming from Hemel you would be better coming via Kings Langley and Chipperfield. Clare x
Sorry cant add map. Please check out obuk Facebook if you can
Wendy Birch

Defibrillator Fund  (Dave) 1/12/2019 12:15:48

We would like to thank Kathy Hood on for sending us a Cheque for 150 on behalf of the Committee of the Birmingham & District GSD Association.
We are getting closer to the time when the batteries will have to be replaced again so this is a welcome addition to the fund . for those who are not aware the fund is ring fenced in the accounts of RugbyDTCs registered Charity The Avon Valley Canine Trust

Reedyford DTC show 30-11-2019  (Kymza) 30/11/2019 22:4:23

Reedyford DTC Show Saturday 30th November 2019
Can I first thank all of the committee for putting in the amount of work needed to put on this show, their really are just a handful of us ,Brenda Holden our acting Chief Steward, Elaine Hargreaves our Chief Stay Steward along with Susan,Wendy,Judith, (stay Stewards) , Lynne& Judith serving the Judges & Stewards their meals in the Cafeteria, also Ian Hargreaves,Audrey Wilkinson,Steve Rutter and Rachel Millington who were all there to help at the crack of dawn on a very cold and frosty morning with setting up the rings and anything else that needs doing early on show day, the help was very much appreciated as it always is but even more so today as we were 3 members down due to ill health

A MASSIVE Northern THANKYOU to all the Judges and Stewards for giving up their day to judge for us at Croft Top Equestrian Centre, with some of you traveling quite a distance to do so, without you all we wouldnt have a show to put on, hope you all enjoyed your day and our hospitality,

It really does go without saying THANKYOU to all the competitors who entered and joined us on the day a very cold and frosty day at that, think I heard someone say it was -4 at 7.30am, I dont think it got above freezing the entire day.
I saw some very happy faces walking past carrying their Trophies, Rosettes & Prize Cards, well done all of you.

The food in the cafeteria was excellent and the staff brilliant all day , and as a bonus the cafeteria overlooks both the main arena where all the rings were and also looks over the smaller arena where the large stay ring was, so you could if you wanted to sit in the warm and just watch,.

Hope you all had safe and uneventful journeys home with your precious 4 legged friends ,

If you won a ribbon or not your dogs are all so very precious and should never be taken for granted they can be gone in a heartbeat, cherish every moment with them at your side .

The staff at Croft Top again pass on what a pleasure it is to have so many well behaved dogs at our show and asked me to pass on their compliments.

All of us at Reedyford DTC look forward to see you all at our next show on Saturday the 29th February 2020.

New schedule - East Anglian Five of Clubs  (ObedienceUK) 29/11/2019 17:19:43

I've just uploaded the schedule for the East Anglian Five of Clubs, 3 x Open, 3rd, 4th & 5th July 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Reedyford Show change of Judges   (Kymza) 27/11/2019 18:56:5

Reedyford DTC show Saturday 30th November

Rachael Young will now be judging C pt 2
Bill Pykett will be judging B
Brenda Holden will now be acting Chief Steward

Pre-Beginners judging starts at 9:30am
Beginners judging will start no sooner than 11:30am
Finally if anyone can spare some time to do some stay stewarding your help would be very much appreciated.

N O C F on Saturday  (Rhia) 27/11/2019 18:35:6

Emergency change of judge for class A on Saturday - this class will now be judged by Kathy Hood

New schedule - Sherborne Vale  (ObedienceUK) 27/11/2019 16:39:21

I've just uploaded the schedule for Sherborne Vale, Open, 21st June 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Midlands Inter Regional Obedience Team Crufts 2020  (LouJackson) 26/11/2019 20:46:7

Lyn, Steve and myself have great pleasure in proudly announcing our Midland Inter Regional Obedience Team for Crufts 2020.
Congratulations to those selected and commiserations to those who didn't make it. We were so lucky to have such great teams to chose from but it also made the decision very difficult.
Beginners: Emma Daniel. Indie. Husky Janet Cross
Novice: Carol Hartland. Lola. Working Sheepdog.
Novice: Dawn Cox. Ruby. Working Cocker.
Class A: Kay Reynolds. Dusty. GR.
Class A: Rachel Richards. Chip. Min poo / terrier.
Class B: Joy Patilla River. GR.
Class C: Carol Clack Barnie. GR.
Res. Beg. Maggie Wills. Evie. Working Sheepdog.
Welcome to team purple to you all. XX

New schedule - Plantation Park Weekend  (ObedienceUK) 26/11/2019 16:2:15

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Plantation Park Weekend, 3 x Open, 23rd, 24th & 25th May 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Maintenance downtime  (ObedienceUK) 14/11/2019 18:35:42

Please note that I've been given advance notice that there will be some possible downtime for our server (on which ObUK is hosted) on 24th November. I'm told:

"We will be installing new DoS attack mitigation devices during that time. As a result of this maintenance, we will be able to provide you with a more secure and reliable network environment"

I've copied all current Users, Schedules, and Reports to the backup site tonight (up to end of 22nd Nov), so just in case of downtime on Sunday morning you can find latest schedules on  (ObedienceUK) 23/11/2019 0:59:52

Norfolk Broads Open Show  (patjordan) 22/11/2019 19:6:54

Norfolk Broads DTC - Please is anyone available to Judge our Pre-Beginner class on Sunday 30th August 2020 at Plantation Park. Blofield,Norwich. 3 day show alongside Gt Yarmouth same venue. Thank you.

Draw Reedyford  (ObedienceUK) 21/11/2019 19:16:26

I've just uploaded the running orders for Reedyford. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

New schedule - Plymouth  (ObedienceUK) 21/11/2019 17:39:20

I've just uploaded the schedule for Plymouth DTC, 2 x Open, 9th and 10th May 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New schedule - Caterham, Chipstead & Coulsdon  (ObedienceUK) 21/11/2019 10:40:3

I've just uploaded the schedule for Caterham, Chipstead & Coulsdon DTC, Open, 6th June 2020. Thanks to Barbara Short.

New schedule - Woodman  (ObedienceUK) 20/11/2019 18:18:23

I've just uploaded the schedule for Woodman Open Obedience Show, 25th May 2020. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw - BCOS East Anglia  (ObedienceUK) 19/11/2019 11:22:12

I've just uploaded the running orders for BCOS East Anglia. Thanks to Sarah Connell.

Wirral ATS 09/10 May 2020  (dellkos) 14/11/2019 16:36:16

The schedule for the show next year on Sunday 10 May 2020 should read Nina Weaver for A and not Brenda. Sorry about that, Brenda.

Nicki Fildes-Moss

Crufts Inter Regional Obedience  (LouJackson) 10/10/2019 21:17:22

I posted this for The Midland Area and although the selection process varies in other areas, the bones of the post still apply. Please contact your local team manager for details.
As some people may not understand what happens with the team selection, training and appearance at Crufts, I thought I should explain a bit more.

At the moment we are giving out application forms for anybody working beginners to C who are not already qualified for the obedience championships and would like to have a chance of a place in The Midland Team.

The team consists of 8 members, 1 beginner, 2 novice, 2 A's, 1 B, 1 C and a reserve beginner.

The selectors are myself, (Lou Jackson, Lyn Tozer and Steve Frazer.

We only have one try out day and don't see anybody at other times because we feel it's then a level playing field for everybody, under the same conditions. Our venue is as near as we can get to the center of our large area.

On 24th November at Markfield Canine Center, Leicestershire we have a try out day where everybody who has sent in a form will work their dog in their appropriate class, not as a competition, but so that we can see you as a team under competitive conditions. We also have a raffle to raise funds (we are self funding apart from a small contribution from the Kennel Club), there is catering and it's generally a great, sociable day out where everybody supports each other in a team atmosphere.

We will be not only be considering your successes during the year but also your teamwork and handling on the day. We are restricted by breed, we can only have 2 border collies or working sheepdogs, 3 crossbreeds ,1 of which must not be of collie type and 3 of any other specific breed. On the evening of the tryouts we sit down and compare notes and decide on our team. The next day I send everybody a letter either offering them a place on the team or thanking them for putting in an application.

During January and February there will be be 4 training sessions to enable the team to get to know each other and support each other. These are not to change anybodies training methods or ideas although we have two top obedience instructors who will offer advise.

On the final get together we usually finish up with gifts and cards and a meal out at the pub then it's off to Crufts!!

Inter Regionals are on the Friday and I think everyone who has participated in the past will agree that you will have a ball and the friends you make in the team will be lasting.

I hope this explains a little of how things work but please ask questions if you want any more info.

Thanks for all that information very helpful know what I'm letting myself in for now lol
Jean +Reggie Jackson  (MillieMo12) 13/11/2019 14:50:54

Draw - Lancashire BCOS  (ObedienceUK) 12/11/2019 18:4:46

I've just uploaded the running orders for Lancashire BCOS. Thanks to Henri Carew.

Midland Inter Regional Obedience Team Try Outs  (LouJackson) 11/11/2019 14:17:45

Midland Team Try Outs Crufts 2020

Thank you all for your team applications and for supporting Team Purple. The try out day is to be held on Sunday 24th November 2019, (this isnt a competition but will enable us to see you and your dog work in a competitive environment) at:
Tomlinsons Canine Centre,
Upper Grange Farm,
Ratby Lane,
Markfield. LE67 9RJ.
Directions: From M1 J.22. Take A50 towards Leicester. At 1st roundabout turn right towards Ratby. We are situated about mile from the first roundabout on the right and just before a right hand bend.
Arrival Time: 9-30am for 10-00am start. (Please note that NOBODY EXCEPT ORGANISERS WILL BE ADMITTED BEFORE 9-00am and we need time to set up).
We will start with novice.
When you arrive please see Shirley Owen to take a running order draw for your class.
Spectators are welcome to bring their dogs but unfortunately they will not be allowed to train in the hall.
Catering is available eg: Bacon, eggs, burgers, chips, cakes tea and coffee (at only 1-00 per cup).
We are very fortunate to secure this centrally located venue so please take note of the following:
NO DOGS OFF LEAD as this is a working kennels and kennel dogs are being exercised.
You may walk your dogs on lead around the grassed tracks around the paddocks. Beyond the paddock is a public footpath across fields which could be muddy.
Please take a towel to clean your dog off before bringing into the training hall.
If anyone has barking dogs please park behind the building to keep peace with the locals.
Please clean up after your dogs, there are plenty of waste bins available.
Although you are under no obligation to stay on after your work out, this is a team event and as such we would really appreciate that you stay on to support the rest of the applicants.
Looking forward to seeing you all on the big day, dont forget to bring some pocket money to spend on the raffle which is going to be fabulous with loads of lovely prizes that people have generously donated.
Lou Jackson (Team Manager).

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