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Todays tickets   (puppies) 21/9/2019 17:29:58

Congratulations Sue King dog and Jodi Lunn bitch ticket

West of England BCC Open rally and ltd obedience   (puppies) 18/9/2019 20:56:55

Entries for West of England Border Collie Club Open Rally and Limited Obedience Shows being held on 19th October are disappointing at the moment. Please support our shows the entries close 30.9.19. Schedules can be downloaded from our website or pm me and I will send you one. We are a happy bunch. Come along to have some fun. 😊😊

Too late for this year, but can I suggest you do a capped open, rather than limit show? It might get more entries?  (Rhia) 20/9/2019 13:9:54

Plantation Park, Blofield  (patjordan) 18/9/2019 21:55:52

Darren Goddard's funeral - for those that might like to know Darren was a good friend to the dog clubs that hold shows at Plantation Park, Blofield. His funeral will be at 11.00 am on 2nd October at St Faith's crematorium, Norfolk and afterwards at Plantation Park.

Help needed for Thurrock   (Fran) 18/9/2019 19:19:28

I'm STILL looking for scent decoy volunteers for Thurrock Show on Sunday 6th October. Getting people booked for this job in advance really helps the show organisers.

If you're going to the show and would like to help out with a very easy, mostly sit-down job which normally takes under an hour, please put your name forward. No previous experience necessary.

It's normally an afternoon job.

Needed for the following classes:-

B Dog Part 1 - Aiden Queen (via Jean Queen)
B Dog Part 2
B Bitch Part 1
B Bitch Part 2
C Dog Part 1 - Tanya Symonds
C Dog Part 2
C Dog Part 3
C Bitch Part 1
C Bitch Part 2
Championship C Dog - Jenny Holt
Championship C Bitch - Bridgette Cameron

Names please below or private message me.

Wigton C Report , EK Champ Dog Report   (gucci1) 18/9/2019 16:57:58

Both reports added

Pamela Lochrie

Obedience Reports 2019  (Blacksheep) 18/9/2019 16:26:13

I Have posted on the reports forum the following:
Cheltenham 'A' 24/8
Worcester Pre-Beg & Beg 26/8
Carmarthen Nov D/B 30/6
Carmarthen Pre-Beg & Beg
GSD Wales 'A' 14/4

Steward required for Elm Park  (iappleton) 18/9/2019 16:25:43

We need a steward for A Dog at our show in October. Can anyone help? Good company and a good lunch guaranteed.



New schedule - National Obedience Class Finals  (ObedienceUK) 17/9/2019 15:14:28

I've just uploaded the schedule for the National Obedience Class Finals, 30th November 2019. Thanks to Rhia Mulrenan.

Draw - Southern GSD  (ObedienceUK) 16/9/2019 16:38:31

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Southern GSD. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Thanks, guys!  (preciousgem) 16/9/2019 13:11:42

Big shout-out to Brian Reed, and sidekicks Reg & James for their help in jump-starting my motorhome at Sandwell yesterday after I had drained the battery. Grateful thanks, boys!
Mary Siddall

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 15/9/2019 16:49:28

Congratulations to Suzy tooley

Todays dog ticket   (puppies) 15/9/2019 16:24:5

Congratulations to dot watts

Stewards needed  (Mikadine) 11/9/2019 7:52:26

Is anyone at a loose end who could steward and scoreboard fo me at BAGSD Birmingham on 21st. I hate having to worry Doreen but I have run out of likely suspects, pretty please

Steward found. Thankyou very much to Sean Taylor, yet again the same old people giving up their day  (Mikadine) 15/9/2019 15:34:46

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 14/9/2019 18:32:6

Todays Bitch Ticket - congratulations to Phil Barnes & Scarlett - litter brother and sister win the tickets today

Todays dog cc  (puppies) 14/9/2019 17:35:15

Congratulations to Carolyn Heath on winning the dog cc. jezzady its time to play

Lichfield and District show  (apachearrow) 10/9/2019 9:20:33

Lichfield and District Dog Training Society
Championship and Open Obedience Shows 31st August and 1st September 2019
Show Secretaries Report

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the 50th anniversary show a successful one. We thought last year was stressful with problems, but this year beat it, hands down!

We are very grateful to our Chief Steward, Richard Kebble, for giving up his weekend to officiate at our show, year after year.
Similarly, Roy Page and Maurice Yates we are so thankful to yourselves and all of the members of your fantastic teams.
Also our first aider Lisa Fellows. Thank you for being on standby again for us this year, in the most important role that we hope never to need!

Thank you to the caravan warden team, for doing a brilliant job of parking the campers, and to Kathy Hood for manning the show field, where judges and stewards camped.

Sincere thanks to all of our judges, stewards, table stewards and decoys. In particular those who stepped in. We hope everyone who is unwell, has a speedy recovery.

Shows cannot be successful without everybody who helps before, during and after the show itself. Thank you to all Lichfield club members who mucked in with anything and everything, to make the show a success. Special thanks go to Janice and Lucinda for manning the urn all weekend and do this every year for us, despite not competing in obedience themselves. Also huge thank you to Josh and Tristan, for spending the whole weekend doing any job we asked of them. We couldn't do it without everyone who gives a hand!

After the original caterers let us down on Wednesday evening, we managed to find Hollywood Hotstuff (Jackie and Nyree) to do all the catering for both judges and competitors. They did an amazing job and we are so greatful to them for stepping in at the last minute. They are booked for next year, so we can't have scared them off too much!

Congratulations to Mary Ray and Suzy Tooley for winning the Championship C classes, good luck at Crufts!
We would also like to congratulate all the competitors in the Young Kennel Club classes who were placed and therefore gaining points towards qualification for Crufts 2020.

The whole show was sponsored by CSJ, for which we are very grateful and hope each winner enjoyed their bag of goodies. In addition we were also very fortunate to have Pre-beginners sponsored by Eliza Hollingsworth (Aloe Health and Pets), Beginners sponsored by Mark Hollingsworth (Rubberwebdogleadsandcollars) and YKC sponsored by Rick van Veeren. Thanks again for your kind generosity.

And finally, thank you to the majority of people attending the show, who adhered to the 5mph speed limit, keeping both those attending the show, and the local park users safe.

We are aware that this year there were a few problems with a select minority of the public, but we hope that everyone still enjoyed their weekend.

Next year we have a new venue!! We are very excited to let everyone know that our 2020 show will be held at Royle Farm near Burton upon Trent (DE15 9TU). This is a private dog events venue, which we are very lucky to secure and we hope that everyone will enjoy the show being held there.

This new venue will give us the ability to offer an extra night of camping (Friday to Monday), and has 190 acres of private woodland walks for us to enjoy! The venue also has water points every 50m, so no long walk to fill the aquaroll!

We look forward to seeing you all next year,

Bea and Tracey

Really enjoyed the show. New venue sounds absolutely brilliant. Nicki xx  (dellkos) 10/9/2019 20:5:37

Tracey Pilsbury, Beatrix Benton, Ladies from a purely selfish viewpoint; I have looked at the new venue and it truly looks remarkable. My personal concern is that the venue advertises clay pigeon shooting as a bookable event alongside other events.  . Would you happen to know or could you establish at some point please, if there is a possibility of a shoot happening concurrently with Lichfield & DDTS show. Many thanks.  (krwall) 12/9/2019 19:56:50

New schedule - BCOS East Anglia  (ObedienceUK) 12/9/2019 17:44:58

I've just uploaded the schedule for BCOS East Anglia, Unaffliated, 24th November 2019. Thanks to Sarah Jane Connell.

Draw - BAGSD  (ObedienceUK) 12/9/2019 16:13:5

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

New schedule - GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK  (ObedienceUK) 11/9/2019 14:16:36

I've just uploaded the schedule for GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK, Open, 23rd February 2020. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

John Blacker, Funeral Arrangements.  (MikeScott) 11/9/2019 12:37:37

John Blacker
Funeral Arrangements.

Monday 30th September at 1.30 pm
South Bristol Crematorium
36 Bridgwater Road
BS13 7AS

All friends welcome.

New schedule - Culverstone Capped Open  (ObedienceUK) 11/9/2019 8:50:28

I've just uploaded the schedule for Culverstone DTC, Capped Open, 16th February 2020. Thanks to Jo Newman.

B.HAM & DISTRICT GSD ASSOC WEEKEND SHOW  (polomazda) 9/9/2019 11:35:8

Just to remind everyone camping in the three paddocks is not until 11am. Anyone arriving early who is not on the helpers list will be held in the stay area until 11 am. If you want to park in the large field at the bottom of the show area you may do so from 8am. DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 8am.

You may save ONE PLACE ONLY and it will be strictly enforced. Cones will be removed if more are reserved. Wardens in each paddock will be reminded of this rule.

MR ROASTIE will be in attendance and will be serving meals Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
Their menu-
In addition to our usual Hot Roast Beef, Pork and Turkey Carvery Menu and Giant Filled Hot Roast Beef, Pork and Turkey Yorkshire Puddings, Baps and Baguettes, we will also be serving Chips and Burgers.

The following EVENING SPECIALS will also be available from 5pm :

Friday :
Chicken Tikka Masala Served with Rice and/or Chips
(v)Vegetable Tikka Masala Served with Rice and/or Chips (Pre order by 4pm please)

Saturday :
Sweet & Sour Pork served with Rice or Noodles
Sweet & Sour Quorn served with Rice or Noodles (Pre order by 4pm please)
Teriyaki Beef with Rice or Noodles
(v)Teriyaki Quorn with Rice or Noodles (Pre order by 4pm please)

Sunday :
Chicken Jalfrezi Served with Rice and/or Chips
(v)Quorn Jalfrezi Served with Rice and/or Chips (please pre order by 4pm)

Opening Hours
Friday 5.00PM 8.00PM
Saturday 7.30AM 8.00PM
Sunday 7.30AM 8.00PM

CSJ who are sponsoring the show will be in attendance on Saturday and Sunday.

Hoping for good weather. See you all at the weekend

Kathy Hood

Looking forward to it. C u 8.00 am. Friday. Nicki xx  (dellkos) 10/9/2019 20:7:46

Plymouth DTC Open Obedience 5th & 6th Oct 2019  (Blacksheep) 10/9/2019 16:51:24

Please note changes for our forthcoming show on 5th & 6th October;
Saturday 5th Novice Bitch Judge John Farr
Chief Steward Val Bale

Sunday 6th 'A' bitch Judge Sue King
'B' D/B Judge John Farr
Show Secretary

New schedule - North West Kent (Capped)  (ObedienceUK) 10/9/2019 16:9:21

I've just uploaded the schedule for North West Kent, Capped Open, 23rd February 2020. Thanks to Eileen Restell.

Draw - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 9/9/2019 18:3:7

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for the GSD Club of Wales. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

B.A.G.S,D W/end 21 &22 Sept  (michael) 9/9/2019 13:32:41

We need 3 stewards
CD. PT1.
CB. PT2.
We need a B Bitch Judge and steward.
Contact Doreen Little 0121 353 1841
OR Mick Hodgetts 0121 688 4376

New schedule - GSD Club of Devon  (ObedienceUK) 9/9/2019 12:27:53

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD Club of Devon, Open, 26th October 2019. Thanks to Carol Bath.

Coventry CC Bitch report  (LouJackson) 9/9/2019 11:22:56

Report and add on posted.

Coventry CH (2) A dog  (bobs.labs) 8/9/2019 22:4:1

Report posted on OB uk

Todays tickets   (puppies) 8/9/2019 18:7:46

Congratulations to todays ticket winners Mary Ray and Lyric and Dee Steadman and Johnny

Todays tickets   (puppies) 8/9/2019 18:7:44

Congratulations to todays ticket winners Mary Ray and Lyric and Dee Steadman and Johnny

Micheldever- dont follow sat nav  (lesleyholmes) 6/9/2019 11:48:1

To get to Micheldever venue follow signs for Dummer Cricket Centre or put Dummer Down Farm in Google Maps - dont follow sat nav

New schedule - Lancashire BCOS  (ObedienceUK) 5/9/2019 17:57:23

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lancashire BCOS, Unaffiliated, 23rd November 2019. Thanks to Henri Carew.

Micheldever Obedience Show - info for arrivals   (lesleyholmes) 4/9/2019 23:54:49

Our first show is fast approaching and we hope you all like the venue and enjoy the weekend. We are a very small group and therefore any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Here is some information about the venue

Directions to the Venue

The postcode in your Sat Nav will get you near to the venue but do NOT rely on it for the last few miles. You can put Dummer Down Farm in google or follow the directions below and/or signs to Dummer Cricket Centre from A30.

From M3 (both directions)
Leave M3 at Junction 7, signposted to Basingstoke A30. At the end of the slip road, take the exit off the roundabout towards Basingstoke (A30). At the next junction turn left onto A30 south, and follow signs to Dummer Cricket Centre. Go past Wyevale Garden Centre, and after approx. 1 miles, Turn left opposite the Wheatsheaf Hotel (signpost to Dummer Cricket Centre). After approximately half a mile the venue is on your right, on the same farm as Dummer Cricket Centre. Ignore the first entrance and turn in the second entrance on the right.

From A303 travelling from the West
Just after Popham Services, take the A30 exit, signposted to Basingstoke and Crematorium. Go past the Crematorium and merge with A30 towards Basingstoke. After mile, Turn right opposite the Wheatsheaf Hotel (signpost to Dummer Cricket Centre). After approximately half a mile the venue is on your right, on the same farm as Dummer Cricket Centre. Ignore the first entrance and turn in the second entrance on the right.

Gates to Camping Fields
The gate to the camping fields will be locked at 10pm each night, and there will be no access unless an emergency there will be a sign on the gate for contact details for key. If you know you will be late please contact Lesley Holmes on 07958 423184

There will be a caf open 9-5pm Friday to Sunday and there is a microbrewery on site which will be open 4-8pm on Friday and Saturday evening

Dog Walking
There are some lovely walks from the venue. There will be a map to show you the detail on the leaflet you will be given when you arrive.

Please look after the venue as we want to be able to return.

defibrillator Fund Donation  (Dave) 4/9/2019 10:17:44

We are indebted to Loughborough DTC for the donation of 100 to the Defib fund, especially good as we have ordered a further supply of pads due to the use by date expiring

Draw - Elm Park  (ObedienceUK) 3/9/2019 17:42:8

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Elm Park. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

John Blacker  (MikeScott) 2/9/2019 11:3:37

John Blacker,
Very sad news this morning. Have just heard from Doreen Prosser who has asked me to let his many friends especially in the West country know that John died earlier today.... the 2nd September.
He had been associated with Obedience for many years, and only recently lost his loveable big collie.."Astra"
More details to follow when known.
R.I.P John.

So sorry to hear this, he was a really lovely man. :(
  (Wizzpop) 2/9/2019 11:21:16

I have many fond memories of John when this Sport was fun and perhaps more enjoyable than it seems to be today. I remember great times with Andy Moxham Di Deahath sorry about the spelling. Ross Huey Binnie and Cyril. I lovely guy who I bumped into at Bath Show only a few weeks ago. it was a pleasure to know him.
R.I.P Big Man
Brian Reed  (sandymay) 3/9/2019 16:43:3

Micheldever Obedience Shows - September 2019  (cotterell) 3/9/2019 10:45:32

Further change of judge for Saturday 7th September

Emma Galbraith will now judge Novice Part 3.

Thank you Emma.

Draw - Norfolk Broads  (ObedienceUK) 3/9/2019 8:7:21

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Norfolk Broads. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

URGENT - IMHA - so sad  (chris P) 28/8/2019 17:28:58

Hello folks, Just to say thank you all for your advice. Saw Richard and Lauren on Friday and he thought that the dog "had turned a small corner" inasmuch that he had a little play with his Dad and Mum that evening. Very sadly the little boy had to be PTS yesterday a.m. We are all very saddened by this but thank you all for your inputs.
So young to be taken.
Kind regards
Chris xx

So sorry to hear this. Love to all. x  (LouJackson) 2/9/2019 23:26:0

Inter Regional Application Forms  (LouJackson) 2/9/2019 23:23:57

For downloadable application forms for The Midland Inter Regional Obedience Team for Crufts 2020 go to 'News' then latest news.

Todays tickets   (puppies) 1/9/2019 17:6:56

Congratulations to Kathy Russell on winning both tickets

With Winston and Zuri  (puppies) 1/9/2019 18:4:19

New schedule - Phoenix Obedience Dog Club  (ObedienceUK) 1/9/2019 13:49:26

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Phoenix Obedience Dog Club, Open, 10th November 2019. Thanks to Joanne Woodhead.

Lune Valley  (trimor) 1/9/2019 10:14:2

Report posted Novice pt 2 3/8/19

New schedule - Liskeard  (ObedienceUK) 1/9/2019 8:2:30

I've just uploaded the schedule for Liskeard & District CA, Open, 12th October 2019. Thanks to Kay Allen.

Micheldever Obedience Shows - September 2019  (cotterell) 31/8/2019 20:56:5

Confirmation of change of judges
Beginner Jan Knott
Class A Pt 3 Sarah Delany
Beginner Sharan Wicks
Class A Pt 3 Val Dickeson
Class B Pt 2 David Moxon

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 31/8/2019 18:15:22

Well done to Suzy Tooley and OB CH Everush Olympic Flame in winning the bitch cc

Todays dog cc  (puppies) 31/8/2019 18:0:38

Congratulations to Mary Ray and Frankie winning dog ticket today

Liskeard & SWCOG October  (SpanielsRule) 30/8/2019 17:27:23

Does anyone know if the two back to back day shows of Liskeard & SWCOG are going ahead in October at the Royal Cornwall Showground? Been looking out for the schedules but nothing appearing.

Liskeard is showing in the diary , nothing on the other one
  (dingdongcharlie) 31/8/2019 15:25:57

Thank you. Rang organiser, said schedule is on DRS Dog Shows. Found it, looked at schedule - all breed classes! Looks like the obedience show is not going ahead?  (SpanielsRule) 31/8/2019 16:25:41

New schedule - Reedyford  (ObedienceUK) 29/8/2019 21:44:8

I've just uploaded the schedule for Reedyford DTC, Open, 30th November 2019. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

Andover & District DTS - Refund of entry fees  (mb) 29/8/2019 16:24:9


It has now been three months since our invitation for competitors to reclaim their entry fees. In accordance with Kennel Club Rules we are now obliged to provide details of show expenditure including any refunds to the Kennel Club. Therefore, entry fees will not be refunded after the 13th September 2019. After this date any remaining entry fees will be donated to a charity as determined by the dog club committee.

Shirley Hayward (Open Show Secretary)

IMHA - so sad  (chris P) 28/8/2019 17:30:35

Thanks and see below posting.
Chris xx

LEICESTER GSD SHOW   (snooki) 28/8/2019 13:20:39

Well what a headache its has been all because the bank holiday at the beginning of May has changed. the new date is SUNDAY 31ST MAY 2020.i hope you will be able to support me, as to run this show with not a lot of help is very if you get an email from me please consider it as with out judges & stewards I have a very big problem & as a result you may lose a show which has already been considered by the committee
jacki snook

Draw - Birmingham & District GSDA  (ObedienceUK) 27/8/2019 17:29:12

I've just uploaded the Catalogue (including running orders) for Birmingham & District GSDA. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

New schedule - Wigton DTC  (ObedienceUK) 27/8/2019 16:33:22

I've just uploaded the schedule for Wigton DTC, Open, 16th November 2019. Thanks to Pat Wilson.

Draw - Coventry  (ObedienceUK) 27/8/2019 16:11:40

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Coventry. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Running Order - National Australian Shepherd Assoc  (ObedienceUK) 27/8/2019 16:3:44

I've just uploaded the running orders for the National Australian Shepherd Association Obreedience Heat. Thanks to Jo Morley.

Todays tickets  (puppies) 26/8/2019 21:0:54

Mary Ray and Lyric - bitch
Steph Woollam and Luc - dog

Dog cc   (puppies) 25/8/2019 19:21:44

Well done to Ria and Vito On winning dog cc

Todays bitch cc   (puppies) 25/8/2019 17:57:36

Well done Kathy Russell on winning the bitch cc with Kafna

B. Ham & District GSD Assoc - Change of judges   (polomazda) 25/8/2019 12:52:54

Due to health issues
Penny Hirsch will be replaced by Rob Bint
Jim Egg by Ray Waklin
For personal reasons
Sarah Jane Campbell has been replaced by Nicki Fildes-Moss
Jean Queen and Ann Rogers are now judging opposite sex
Hopefully everything else should remain the same.
Kathy Hood

Draw - Great Yarmouth  (ObedienceUK) 24/8/2019 19:42:5

I've just uploaded the running orders for Great Yarmouth. Thanks to Glynis Smith.

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 24/8/2019 16:53:52

Congratulations to Phil Barnes and Floosie on winning bitch cc

Todays dog cc   (puppies) 24/8/2019 16:44:53

Congratulations to Kathy Russell and Sarkham Image Fuelled by Ruskath on winning the dog cc today

URGENT - IMHA - URGEnt - HELP NEEDED  (chris P) 22/8/2019 16:33:1

Hi, I have a friend with a mongrel, who is 6 years old. Been diagnosed with IMHA - has any one on this site had their dog diagnosed with this, prognosis, medication etc?
Any help would be much appreciated. Dog currently on steroids and current vet has said could do a blood transfusion.
No idea of history of parents.
I have suggested getting a second opinion which he is doing but if anyone can provide any information on this illness please could you email me or reply on here. At the moment the dog is not eating, but is having snacks but very obviously is terribly lethargic.
Many thanks.
Chris P

Is this immune haemolytic anaemia ?  (LouJackson) 22/8/2019 20:37:18

Yes this is and the owners are absolutely devastated.
Chris   (chris P) 22/8/2019 21:4:9

I can't add much other than I had a collie cross with this some years ago and it was treated with steroids and she lived with it for many years to be about 14 when she died from cancer. IMO. it was due to over vaccination, this was when I changed my views on the subject. She was probably about the same age as your friends when she contracted the disease. I hope your friends dog picks up soon.  (LouJackson) 22/8/2019 22:57:29

I had a collie bitch many years ago which had this. I believed it was triggered by exposure to contaminated water. It was not well known back then and unfortunately it was not diagnosed quickly enough and by the time I got her referred to the AHT it was too late.In spite of blood transfusions she died. Best wishes to your friends dog.  (bisquet) 23/8/2019 8:51:34

I had a rescue GSD diagnosed with this many years ago, and which was thought to be caused by vaccine damage. He was treated with steroids initially and then was treated by an excellent homeopathic vet, making a full recovery eventually, and he was never vaccinated again. Best wishes to your friends and their pet, Sandra  (Rooney) 23/8/2019 16:54:8

Thank you so much for your replies, Richard and Lauren are very interested in the homeopathic vet, are you able to provide details, we live in the South of England, but Richard and wife will go to the end of the earth to give their dog life.
Also drinking a lot and weeing a lot, because of the steroids.
So sad.
X  (chris P) 23/8/2019 19:27:51

The practitioner we saw was Peter Gregory when he was working in the Midlands area. He subsequently moved to Sussex I think. Not sure if he is still practising as this was a few years ago. Good luck with treatment options.  (Rooney) 24/8/2019 9:55:3

Have just searched, and I see that Peter Gregory is still practising, both in Lewis Sussex and at his home in Dorset, hope this helps.  (Rooney) 24/8/2019 10:7:21

Thank you all - and have just rang Richard to tell him about Peter Gregory. We are south of Horsham, so Lewes is not that far away from Richard.
Kind regards
Chris  (chris P) 24/8/2019 10:34:16

Thank you all - and have just rang Richard to tell him about Peter Gregory. We are south of Horsham, so Lewes is not that far away from Richard.
Kind regards
Chris  (chris P) 24/8/2019 10:34:16

Ditton Championship Show  (eunice) 21/8/2019 11:46:9

Novice Bitch Pt 2 Report posted.

Eunice Pearson

I should have also added grateful thanks to Andrew Bird for leaving his tent up for me to use instead of getting mine wet! Thanks Andrew - hope it was dry by the time you went home.
Eunice  (eunice) 23/8/2019 12:40:17

New schedule - GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK  (ObedienceUK) 15/8/2019 19:4:40

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD (Alsatian) Club of the UK, Open, 24th November 2019. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Les my name is Farris not Ferris!  (Shefar) 22/8/2019 14:35:39

Draw - Micheldever Obedience Training Club   (ObedienceUK) 21/8/2019 23:33:17

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Micheldever Obedience Training Club. Thanks to Lesley Holmes.

West Suffolk DTS Show report added   (kitbclow) 20/8/2019 13:33:57

Pre-Beginner D / B show report added

Food at Worcester show   (louise21) 19/8/2019 18:44:45

Hot food available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday evenings. Chilli, curry, etc plus mobile fish and chip van (gluten free too) on Sunday and Monday. Usual breakfast rolls, sandwiches, etc available all day Sunday and Monday.
Please bring own cups where possible to reduce waste. Thanks, Louise

Todays bitch ticket   (puppies) 18/8/2019 19:10:16

Well done to Shirley Clowes

Todays dog ticket   (puppies) 18/8/2019 18:59:32

Well done to Lorna Hilton on winning the dog ticket at Ditton

Draw - Great Baddow  (ObedienceUK) 18/8/2019 15:11:19

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Great Baddow. Thanks to Jackie Jackson.

Show Report  (JanTootall) 17/8/2019 16:32:54

Just posted show report for A pt 1 at Danesford show.

Todays tickets   (puppies) 17/8/2019 16:23:39

Janet Aldridge Cougar and Pauline Hill and Glitz

Running orders in C  (sandymay) 17/8/2019 7:39:53

Just read Helen Collonys show report Hatchford Brook C. She was still Judging close to 7pm and the pouring rain and I have no doubt its because of selfish handlers wanting to work late. Its time running orders were in place for C Classes at Ticket Shows. I Judged a C many years ago at Litchfield and C was a complete running order which worked for me. Its just not good enough to keep people waiting who have given up working their own dogs. Same people as usual taking and putting very little back.
Brian Reed

Draw - Stanhope  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2019 21:5:34

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Stanhope. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Draw - East Kilbride  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2019 21:3:13

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for East Kilbride. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Draw - Kilmarnock  (ObedienceUK) 16/8/2019 20:59:29

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Kilmarnock. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

BAGSD W/E 21 &22 Sandwell Valley  (michael) 12/8/2019 16:52:44

If you would like this show to survive We need judges.
Saturday A.Dog, B.Dog and C.Bitch
Sunday A.Bitch, B.Dog, B.Bitch and C.Bitch.
Contact Doreen 0121 353 1841

Ill do one of them as not working a dog if any help  (Mikadine) 13/8/2019 7:15:10

I rung Doreen last night and told her I would steward the A on the Saturday if the judge needed one x soooooo if any one would like to judge the A I am ready, willing and able to steward... I can promise you a day of good company (hopefully) Fantastic dogs competing (I allow no other!!!) and also as well as being very well looked after by the club JP usually looks after us as well pmsl xxx  (alternatejan) 16/8/2019 19:50:0

reports  (bayley) 16/8/2019 17:8:56

reports for C1 Preston & Fylde show 29/07/19 and B2 Newton Heath show 7/7/19 now on show reports. Sorry for the delay

ditton copied off facebook  (puppies) 16/8/2019 10:55:38

For anyone coming to the DITTON SHOWS this weekend at Ashford Rugby Club, please be aware the M20 will be closed all weekend between junctions 9 and 11. The closure starts at 8:00 p.m. on Friday and continues until 6:00 a.m. on Monday. Anyone travelling coast bound will be caught up in the diversion off the M20. There are likely to be delays to your journey even though you want to leave the M20 at junction 9 so please allow extra time for your journey - the breakfast in the clubhouse is worth arriving early for anyway!

Danesford Show Thank You  (gwymwilliams) 16/8/2019 9:42:20

On behalf of Danesford ODTC I would like to say a huge thank you to all our members, friends and relatives who contributed to the running of our show, all the runner arounders, the putter uppers and the taker downers, and all the bits in between Big thanks to all the judges and stewards and the stay team, you were all great. Congratulations to all the winners, there are some lovely photos on our website and the Danesford fb page. If anyone would like to judge next year, please pm me, you know I hate asking !!! Best wishes to you all x x

Draw - Wigton  (ObedienceUK) 15/8/2019 13:28:19

I've just uploaded the running orders for Wigton. Thanks to Anne Westover.

Draw - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 13/8/2019 23:54:54

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) Lisburn & District DTC. Thanks to Kate McCartney.

Show Report Added  (kimford) 13/8/2019 21:23:44

Show Report added for North West Kent Pre-beginner's Saturday 27/07/19

Bath Alsation Show.  (Wayside) 13/8/2019 20:28:58

Report posted for the Beginner D & B class.

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