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2022 Shows  (ObedienceUK) 20/8/2021 9:11:56

Can I ask Show Secretaries to add their 2022 Shows to the schedules page please. (I can always change the details if things change.)

New pictures - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 26/9/2021 21:56:55

I've just uploaded Jason Bath's pictures from the GSD Club of Wales Championship Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Todays tickets   (puppies) 26/9/2021 14:18:22

Congratulations to Carolyn Heath (dog) and Kathy Russell (bitch)

Elm Park Show  (iappleton) 25/9/2021 9:18:58

Hi Everyone coming to Elm Park Show next weekend, please allow extra travelling time on Saturday and Sunday. Thurrock Council have kindly announced that the A13 will be closed in both directions from the A1014 ( Stanford-le-Hope ) to the A128 ( Orsett Cock ) junctions.
These closures will be in force from 9pm on Friday 1st October till 5am on Monday 4th October.
If coming from the A127 you can still go down the A128 to the Orsett Cock roundabout or you could take B188, first right after the Dog and Partridge Pub on the A128, then left at the junction to the show ground.
If coming from Southend you can turn off the A13 onto the A1013 at the Stanford-le-Hope junction which will bring you to the Orsett Cock roundabout.
If coming from the M25 you can take Junction 31 ( Lakeside ) on to the A1306 then pick up the A1013 at the next roundabout and follow that to the little bridge ( signed Orsett Hospital ) that takes you to the show ground.
Those coming on Friday should miss the problems, sorry for all this but its out of our control. We look forward to seeing you all next weekend. Thanks Julie.

Micheldever Pre-Beginners  (sandymay) 24/9/2021 12:38:14

Micheldever Pre-Beginner report posted.

Andover & District Dog Training Society  (mb) 22/9/2021 14:58:24

It is with great regret that I have to announce that Andover & District Dog Training Society will shortly close.

Reduced membership and a lack of people willing to take on the running of the club, and following a Special General Meeting it was concluded that the best option was to close the club. As some of you will know the club has been in existence since 1968 and has seen many years of success but times are changing and with less and less people interested in competitive obedience we had to cancel our Open Show for the third year. So we are where we are!

Shirley (Chairman)

So sad to hear this. One of my favourite shows of the year.
Sharon   (dingdongcharlie) 23/9/2021 7:46:37

Oh Shirley what a shame! You would think that, with all these puppies being bought during lockdown, people would welcome being able to come to a club for some help with training and socializing. I guess there are just too many individual one-to-one 'trainers' out there and people are happy to pay them rather than join a group and socialize with other like minded owners. We'll miss your lovely show, there was always a calm and happy atmosphere. What a shame!
Eunice  (eunice) 24/9/2021 8:36:28

GSD WALES SHOW   (TheWizard) 21/9/2021 16:25:58

For competitors who are camping at the venue. There is a car boot sale at the ground on Saturday which finishes at 3pm. To avoid having to queue to get into the venue we would ask you arrive after this time. Thanks.

New pictures - Downlands Obedience Group  (ObedienceUK) 21/9/2021 15:9:16

I've just uploaded Daren Cantrell's pictures from the Downlands Obedience Group Open Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Draw - Elm Park  (ObedienceUK) 21/9/2021 6:14:41

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Elm Park. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

New schedule - Ditton Capped Open  (ObedienceUK) 21/9/2021 6:3:15

I've just uploaded the schedule for Ditton DTC, Capped Open, 20th November 2021. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New schedule - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 20/9/2021 15:16:38

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lisburn & District DTC, 2 x Open, 9th & 10th October 2021. Thanks to Kate McCartney.

Draw - Plymouth  (ObedienceUK) 20/9/2021 6:31:16

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Plymouth DTC. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Downlands show - awards not collected  (Rhia) 20/9/2021 5:43:35

I have rosettes/awards for the following people from the September show:

Miss Anne Morson and Seaposer Meant To Be
Mrs Kimberley Hampsheir and Kilnhust Kentish Man
Ms Irene Cullum and Carandmar Orange Aero
Mr William Forrest and Birkcross Gem

Mrs Liz Board and Moonwater Dulcinea
Miss Shirley Budgen and Whyso Barackaded
Miss Kylie Birch and Ch Downriver Free Spirit (Imp Can)

I will take to Elm Park weekend, if you can collect from me there, it would be appreciated - or otherwise, please get in touch so we can arrange something!

Downlands - online scoresheet  (Rhia) 19/9/2021 7:26:28

Scoresheet here  (ObedienceUK) 19/9/2021 11:35:37

Sheffield GSD   (Kairobea) 17/9/2021 15:30:1

Good news the cap on class C has been removed. Emma Lavender has kindly agreed to Judge. Anyone on the reserve list please either PM me Sue Bean or email me or I will email you all after entries close & I have your details from WYD

CHANGE OF JUDGE GSD WALES  (TheWizard) 17/9/2021 9:15:12

Mike Price will replace Dee Steadman as Novice Dog Judge.

There is also a change to our Emergency Vet on Call, 'Vets Now Newport' will cover any emergencies as the local vet no longer offers this service.

RING STEWARD FOR A URGENTLY NEEDED AT ELM PARK 2nd  (BarbShort) 16/9/2021 7:34:48

Hi is any kind person available to steward a very easy A round at Elm Park on Saturday 2nd October? Contact Barbara 07713711535

East Kilbride Show - Show Secretary Report   (AMP) 15/9/2021 10:32:31

This was the first of a Scottish Triple of Championship Shows in 2 weekends & it both started & ended the contribution to the show calendar for our part of the world.

We were given the chance of running a no frills show after a relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions, and we grabbed it with very little time to spare.

No catering, no access to the building apart from toilets- these were the things we had to accept if we wanted to proceed.
So HUGE thanks to our judges, most of whom were in a position to fulfil their 2020 obligation, and to those who stepped in to fill the gaps.
Thank you for understanding & accepting the restrictions brought about by these strange times.
To the stewards and scribes- again thank you all for giving up your day so that others could compete.

To our club members, their families & to our support team of Burnbank DTC, your help on the field is always appreciated- a mere thank you seems inadequate.

We were blessed with a fine day, sunshine included so what more could you ask for?
It was fabulous to see so many smiles & there was a definite feel - good atmosphere around the rings.
Congratulations to all of our winners & to those placed on the day.
Thank you all for the lovely comments about our show- it really does make the work worthwhile.
We will be back next year on Sunday 4th of September 2022.
Good luck to everyone for the rest of the season, stay safe & we hope to see you all then.
Anne Marie & EKDTC.

Sheffield GSD Open Obedience and Obreedience show   (Sheffieldgsd) 15/9/2021 4:12:33

Sheffield Show 17th October 2021

Urgently need a C Judge and a Beginner judge
Stewards for a novice class and an A.
While this appeal is going out any judges short of a steward please contact me

If you are willing to help please contact Anne Hardy at 0r 07575 141494

Draw - Louth  (ObedienceUK) 14/9/2021 11:34:42

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Louth & District DTC Shows. Thanks to Sue Bean.

Keep scrolling for Sunday, it is on there honest.
  (Kairobea) 14/9/2021 12:6:53

Report.added  (bobs.labs) 13/9/2021 16:10:9

Report Added from Coventry Champ A d&b Pt 1

New pictures - Coventry  (ObedienceUK) 13/9/2021 6:49:16

I've just uploaded my pictures from Coventry to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Burnbank  (ObedienceUK) 13/9/2021 6:46:53

I've just uploaded Charlotte Mullen's pictures from Burnbank to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Ticket Draw - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 10/9/2021 13:57:7

I've just uploaded the Ticket Draw (only) for the GSD Club of Wales. (Open Class running orders to come shortly)

Now the Open Class running orders are available  (ObedienceUK) 12/9/2021 18:2:12

SKC Bitch Ticket  ( 12/9/2021 11:44:42

Congratulations to Sharon Dunstan & Merry

Coventry Dog Ticket  ( 12/9/2021 9:58:19

Congratulations to Dianne Cobon & Borderquest Rolling Thunder

Scottish Kennel Club  ( 12/9/2021 9:49:48

Congratulations to Shirley Bowlas and Frankie (Franks for the Memory) winning The Dog Ticket today (not Coventrys Ticket!)

Worcester DTC show - thanks   (louise21) 11/9/2021 16:0:9

A great big thank you to all our lovely judges, stewards, members, helpers and competitors who made our show a great success.
Weather was bearable - not too hot and no rain 🤣🤣 but great for the dogs.
Thanks to Ruth Lewis and Loughborough who ran their ticket classes on Friday enabling 2 more people to qualify for Crufts.

Sadly there's always one who spoils it for everyone else.
Not so many thanks to the vile individual who emptied the contents of their toilet onto the grass under the skip. Unfortunately it wasn't just liquid waste either 😡😡
You must have seen that the Elsan was full (toilet company didn't service/empty on Sunday as arranged) and rather than do what any normal person would do (take it home), you decided to put it where you thought no one would see it.

Luckily, I always do a last walk round the venue once everything has gone to check nothing has been left behind. As you can imagine, I was furious and absolutely disgusted to find this and have to clean it up with poo bags as that's all I had handy 🤢🤢🤮🤮
To add to my delight, I had to then put it in my van and take it home to dispose of properly.
I say luckily, as if the venue owner had found this I doubt we would ever been welcomed back!

If anyone knows who did this please PM me as I would love to know and ban them from ever entering our show again.

Glad it's all over this year and looking forward to seeing you all again on Sunday 28th (open) and Monday 29th (champ) August 2022.

Club and show secretary

Worcester DTC show - lost property, etc  (louise21) 11/9/2021 15:26:24

I have a reasonable collection of lost property, including a black/red webbing lead, various tuggy balls, glasses and a gold Labrador ring clip, along with 8 unclaimed rosettes.
I'll be taking them to Coventry, GSD Wales and Sheffield GSD shows and will put in the Secretary's tent.
Anything not claimed by Sheffield will be disposed of.
Still have sunglasses and tuggy belonging to Angela Reyolds left at Phoenix and not collected at Hatchford Brook.

Rosettes for -
Chris Turner 3rd Novice Dog
Gloria Crimmin 4th A Dog
Alison Gresty 4th C D&B
Carolyn Heath 5th Novice Girls
Rebecca Boydell 6th Novice Girls
Chrissie Skelly 6th A Dog
Leslie Deegan 6th Novice Dog
Alison Hurton 1st YKC Novice


Todays tickets   (puppies) 11/9/2021 14:4:37

Marie Cartwright and Keltlodge Blue Highlander and Helen Murray and Sarkam Madameoiselle Phury

Draw - Bitesize BCOS Show  (ObedienceUK) 10/9/2021 13:23:13

I've just uploaded the full running orders for the Bitesize BCOS Show. Thanks to Zoe Gilbert.

Golden Retriever Limit Show  (suehoward) 10/9/2021 10:44:9

Due to health problems I'm not able to judge at the above hoping some very kind person will be able to do it..
It will be held at Penyrhoel Community Centre, Caerphilly, CF83 2PG on September 19th...
The classes are Intro, Pre-beginners, Beginners and Novice...

Fingers crossed..and thank you

New schedule - Downlands Obedience Group (October)  (ObedienceUK) 10/9/2021 9:19:17

I've just uploaded the schedule for Downlands Obedience Group, Capped Open, 31st October 2021. Thanks to Rhia Mulrenan.

Micheldever Show - Change of Judge  (lesleyholmes) 9/9/2021 18:14:42

Unfortunately Denise Fry is unable to judge Beginner class on Saturday 11th Sept. Juliette Bloomfield has kindly agreed to take her place.
Thank you

East Kilbride Championship Show  (Kenya) 9/9/2021 17:53:28

I have posted my Report on Novice Part 1.

Coventry Championship Show 12th September 2021  (glenysjosie) 9/9/2021 14:24:13

Change of judge. Due to an accident at home Mo Graham is unable to judge Championship C Ladies. Herbie Watson has kindly agreed to take her place. Thank you Herbie and get well soon Mo.
Glenys Roberts.

Lisburn Championship Show Cancelled  (ObedienceUK) 9/9/2021 12:41:14

Regrettably the committee have taken the decision to cancel this year's Champ show. Details surrounding the Pet Passport issue hadn't been resolved in time to save the Champ show.

We are still going ahead with a two day open show on the same dates.
Apologies to everyone that have this in their diary but we will be back on our usual weekend 2022.

Kate McCartney

Draw - Downlands Obedience Group  (ObedienceUK) 9/9/2021 7:17:6

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for the Downlands Obedience Group show. Thanks to Rhia Mulrenan.

New Report  (robz) 8/9/2021 11:12:36

Loughborough Champ Bitch report now on.

Loughborough Champ Show Secretary Report  (robz) 8/9/2021 11:9:16

I would really like to thank Louise and Committee for their kind invitation to hold our ticket classes at their venue on the Friday before their own shows. Thank you very much for being so helpful in letting us use your rings and tables etc.Bill Pykett was to judge the Bitch class but due to personal reasons he was not able to do it and to save me hassle Tony (my husband) offered to do it which KC agreed to, thank you for doing that, thank you also to John Patilla for stewarding, Carol Hartland for scribing and Bev Hughes for keeping the scoreboard in order. Thank you also to Delia who was Chief Steward and Chief Covid Officer, thank you all. We had a good day weatherwise seeing some sunshine and not having the cool wind. Conratulations to the ticket winners Mary Ray dog and Alison Gresty bitch which made Dani up to Obedience Champion, I know you were really pleased with her today. Hopefully fingers crossed we will be at our own show next year in May.

Congratulations not Conratulations  (robz) 8/9/2021 11:11:3

D.O.G. September show  (Rhia) 8/9/2021 5:2:53

Does anyone know Louise Smith with 'Loved To pieces'... Could you please ask her to urgently check her emails and pay for her entry for Downlands Obedience Group show... Entry will be cancelled if no contact by tonight 🤞

New schedule - BCOS Moulton  (ObedienceUK) 7/9/2021 15:21:17

I've just uploaded the schedule for BCOS Moulton, 24th October 2021. Thanks to Anita Neal.

New Report  (TREEVY) 6/9/2021 9:56:49

Just posted my report for DITTON DTC (Sunday) Novice Dog Pt2


New pictures - Great Baddow  (ObedienceUK) 5/9/2021 21:31:46

I've just uploaded Richard Nicholls' pictures from Great Baddow to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Wirral Alsatian Training Society CC show 31/07/21  (dellkos) 5/9/2021 14:33:57

Wirral Alsatian Training society CC show 31st July 2021
Firstly I must apologise for the long delay in posting this report. Our thanks go to Lune Valley, for their wonderful venue, and Wigton our co hosts for the weekend. The weather was pretty good on the whole, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Congratulations to our Ticket Winners, good luck at Crufts. The shows ran very smoothly. We managed to lose a judge the day before, Hope your knees are better Jeremy. Thank you to Annegret Tack Benton who stood in at the very last minute, and to John one of our club members, who stepped forward to steward at the last minute as well. See you all next year.

Show Secretary

Today''s dog ticket  (puppies) 5/9/2021 12:23:27

congratulations to Moe Edser

well done Moe


Nicki xxx  (dellkos) 5/9/2021 14:22:41

Todays bitch ticket   (puppies) 5/9/2021 13:32:28

Congratulations to Janet Aldridge on winning the bitch ticket

New pictures - Great Baddow  (ObedienceUK) 5/9/2021 13:26:6

I've just uploaded Bernice Emanuel's pictures to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New schedule - Phoenix ODC  (ObedienceUK) 5/9/2021 12:39:34

I've just uploaded the schedule for Phoenix ODC, Open, 13th November 2021. Thanks to Joanne Woodhead.

UPDATE: GSD Club of Wales 26.9.21  (TheWizard) 4/9/2021 16:57:45

We've just been informed by our venue that there will be NO electric fences in operation as we thought, they have been replaced by hurdles.

Elm Park Show  (iappleton) 3/9/2021 11:39:13

Hi everyone. Just a reminder that the entries for Elm Park's double weekend close on Monday 6th September.

Because we have extended our closing date, late entries cannot be accepted.

So hurry, hurry, hurry and get your entries in now!

Regards Julie

New pictures - Woodman Show  (ObedienceUK) 2/9/2021 18:28:55

I've just added Lizzy Ungaretti's pictures from the Woodman Show to Out & About. Enjoy!

Cheshire Dog Training Association   (StockysBabes) 2/9/2021 12:36:10

Cheshire Dog Training Association- Refund Cheques:

So that we can reconcile our Club accounts, can I ask those who received refund cheques cash them as soon as possible. Also, If you know someone who is not on Facebook or Ob.Uk, can you please pass on this message.
Thanks very much,

Secretary- CDTA

New pictures - Worcester Bank Holiday Show  (ObedienceUK) 2/9/2021 10:31:48

I've just uploaded Richard Moss's pictures from Worcester Bank Holiday Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Woodman Open Show 2021  (shadowsofcolour) 2/9/2021 6:35:5

Pleased we were finally able to have a show. All of us Woodman would like to thank our Judges, Stewards and scorers who gave up their day. Thanks to John and Jan Green for help at the end of the day. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to all the winners and those with places. Hope everyone had a good day and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

New schedule - Culverstone DTC  (ObedienceUK) 1/9/2021 12:13:17

I've just uploaded the schedule for Culverstone DTC November Show, Capped Open, 21st November 2021. Thanks to Jo Newman.

Sad news  (Mikadine) 28/8/2021 9:8:36

JEAN RAWLINGS 14.12.1936 24.8.2021
It is with much sadness I am posting this in line with mums specific wishes - to let all who knew
her from her time both as a member of Billingshurst Dog Training Club and competing and being
involved in many events all around the UK that she passed away peacefully on Tuesday, 24 August.
Mum had been living with vascular dementia for many years and, in 2017, moved from her lovely
home in Billingshurst to be closer to myself and other members of her family in the Bognor Regis
area. It was hard for her to leave all her friends and doggie acquaintances from Billingshurst and
beyond but it was clearly the right move at the right time as her dementia steadily worsened over
the past 4 years. She did, however, delight in being able to see more of her family and, to top it all,
see her newest great grandson, Jaxon (born July 2018), on nearly a daily basis.
After a fall in June this year, resulting in a broken hip, she declined both physically and mentally very
quickly and, mercifully for all involved, the end was not prolonged that would have been her worst
Funeral details can be found, online tributes posted (inc photos) and donations made to her chosen
charity, Canine Partners for Independence, at:
All are welcome to attend the crematorium if you would also like to join the family to raise a glass
to mum afterward please get in touch with me at to enable me to keep a
note of numbers.
Debbie (Jeans daughter)

So sorry to hear of Jeans death. She and I often chatted at the shows and lent each other things like send away markers. I know she must have been very sad to have to have given up obedience and her GSDs. Thank goodness she had a lovely family to take care of her in her last years. Rest peacefully Jean.  (Vivbrov) 28/8/2021 10:20:32

So sorry I remember Jean very well from my time doing stays , always had a nice chat with her . RIP Jean .  (dingdongcharlie) 28/8/2021 13:58:47

That is sad. I was only thinking about her the other day. A lovely lady and great dog trainer. RIP Jean.
Sharon   (dingdongcharlie) 28/8/2021 16:50:25

That is so sad. lovely memories going back over many years.
Jean always had time to stop for a chat and was always interested in how my dogs.
Brian Reed  (sandymay) 30/8/2021 14:26:37

So sorry to hear of Jean's passing. Thinking of family and friends  (Fiona) 31/8/2021 8:15:21

On behalf of Billingshurst Dog Training Club I send our deepest condolences. Jean was a longstanding member of the club, both as a member with her own dogs and as a trainer for the competition class. She organised and coached our team for the regular matches we held and for the numerous demonstrations we used to do at local events. She competed successfully in obedience with her lovely German Shepherds and later with her Pyrenean Sheep Dogs until she was no longer able and we missed her when she had to move away. Rest in peace Jean.
Eunice Pearson
Billingshurst Dog Training Club  (eunice) 1/9/2021 10:59:51

New pictures - Worcester Sunday Show  (ObedienceUK) 1/9/2021 6:5:44

I've just uploaded Richard Moss's pictures from the Worcester Sunday Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Worcester DTC Novice Bitch Part 1   (mb) 31/8/2021 15:12:35

Report is on here
Shirley Hayward

Hatchford Brook Beginners Report  (sandymay) 31/8/2021 14:17:22

I have at last managed to type up my report. Sorry its so late.

Ditton A Bitch  (minpartner) 31/8/2021 12:37:36

Report now posted

CHESVALE SHOW MANAGERS REPORT  (CarolS) 31/8/2021 10:57:39

CHESVALE DTC Open Obedience Show
Sunday 29th August 2021

Our first show in 2 years due to the pandemic and after the initial shock in realising that Clare Williams and myself are not match fit the show turned out to be fantastic!
With 25 of our members on hand to help set up, rake all the rings from grass clippings, work all day and finish off leaving the showground in perfect condition it reminds me of how lucky we are to have such a supportive membership. I would like to thank them all personally, but it would make this post even longer so consider this a collective pat on the back with an extra one for Clare Williams our show secretary and my partner in crime without whom we couldnt run the show.

Thanks to our super judges and their stewards who gave their time freely, with many competitors giving thanks for their efforts and for the help, advice and the time they gave to everyone who came into their ring. Our entries were 23 in Special Pre-Beginner, 30 in Pre-beginner, 38 in Beginner, 87 in Novice. The numbers were down on our previous August show which Im hoping was a just a blip because of the 3 day show being put on at Plantation Park but after losing so many shows over the last 18 months every show is precious.

The weather was perfect for the dogs, with cloud cover and occasional sunshine but never too hot. Our new caterers were on hand to not only cater for the competitors but also supplied a great buffet lunch for our judges and stewards. One thing Chesvale is renowned for is our catering and no-one goes home hungry!

The training rings were manned by Donna Bastin and Sue Monk who worked tirelessly throughout the day, starting before judging commenced and ending with us having to call a halt to it at 4.30 p.m. Our chosen charity was The Thin Blue Paw, a charity that provides care for ex-service dogs in need of support when their organisations can no longer care for them. Donna and Sue took 167.55 on the day and Chesvale will make this up to a round 200.00 to donate to this wonderful charity.

We would like to thank YuMOVE for their support and donations of a years supply of their super product, Adult Daily Bite, for our winners in each class and a large tub for 2nd and 3rd places. One competitor won 2 classes and was a small dog so probably has 6 years worth of supplements!

I have already posted photos of the day which I hope will be an inspiration to newcomers to the sport showing so many different breeds taking part and being successful in their own way. The atmosphere at the show was fantastic, relaxed, friendly with a minimum of restrictions but with everyone being considerate regarding social distancing. We were touched by the number of wonderful remarks and thanks given to us on the day and in some posts on Facebook, it is always great to hear that you have done good!

Final thanks go to all the competitors who came to the show, it was lovely to see so many old faces and many new ones. We look forward to welcoming you at our 2022 shows on Sunday 1st May and Sunday 28th August 2022.

Carol Spencer
Show Manager and proud Chairman

Ditton KC Special Pre-Beginner report now posted   (minpartner) 31/8/2021 9:55:22

Report now posted on here and on Facebook page

New pictures - Worcester Weekend  (ObedienceUK) 30/8/2021 21:48:18

I've just uploaded Jason Bath's pictures from the Worcester Weekend to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Worcester Championship Show  (ObedienceUK) 30/8/2021 17:29:14

I've just uploaded my pictures from Worcester Championship Show to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New pictures - Elmrock at Plantation Park  (ObedienceUK) 30/8/2021 17:26:40

I've just uploaded Richard Nicholl's pictures from Elmrock at Plantation Park to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

Todays tickets   (puppies) 30/8/2021 15:17:55

Congratulations to Mary Ray and Frankie and Lyn Tozer and Tizzy

New pictures - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 29/8/2021 17:17:11

I've just uploaded Carol Spencer's pictures from Chesvale to Out & About / flickr. Enjoy!

New schedule - The Golden Retriever Club of Wales   (ObedienceUK) 29/8/2021 6:36:7

I've just uploaded the schedule for The Golden Retriever Club of Wales, Limited (to members of the club), 19th September 2021. Thanks to Lara Williams.

Todays dog cc  (puppies) 28/8/2021 15:10:55

Congratulations to Ria McGovern on winning the dog ticket

Todays bitch ticket   (puppies) 28/8/2021 14:20:38

Congratulations to Sharon Dunstan and Redistedi Merry Dancer

Worcester DTC show - change of judges  (louise21) 28/8/2021 11:39:15

On Sunday, B Part 1 will now be judged by Annette Dowd and not Brian Reed.

On Monday Novice Bitch Part 2 will now be judged by Wendy Parkin and not Madeleine Hand.

Best wishes to Brian and Madeleine from all at Worcester DTC.

Woodman Open Show Bank Holiday Monday  (shadowsofcolour) 28/8/2021 10:0:21

There will be all day catering for competitors with breakfast rolls as normal.
Then lunch time choices including jacket potatoes, chips, sandwiches scotch eggs etc available in the club house.
New competitors needing a bit of help come and see us at the club house. Hope you all have a good day.

Carol Curtis

Very helpful to all, thanks. Carol  (Vivbrov) 28/8/2021 10:15:13

Todays tickets   (puppies) 27/8/2021 15:3:37

Many congratulations to Mary Ray - dog ticket
- and Alison Gresty - bitch ticket

Food for Worcester campers tonight and tomorrow   (louise21) 27/8/2021 14:13:23

Food will be available for collection from 6.30pm ish
Those who have ordered will be ticked off the list.
Meals are 6 each and it's cash only I'm afraid, no card facilities available.

If you haven't ordered in advance there will be some extra food available but on a first come, first served basis.

See you later 😊

Banking  (preciousgem) 23/8/2021 14:42:4

Hi, can I ask which banks clubs use. Our bank is closing our account at the end of October.

Lloyd's, has the bonus of being able to pay cheques in via their App  (NBBAGSD) 25/8/2021 10:54:4

Chesvale DTC Show  (Iggly) 24/8/2021 15:52:10

We're looking forward to seeing you all at our show on Sunday. Good weather has been ordered!

Please make sure you read the Covid 19 instructions on the front of the running order document so we can keep you and everyone else safe.

Remember to bring your money because we have:

fab new caterers this year who need your support
two training rings with all proceeds going to charity.

Finally don't forget your pen and ring number card, and a bag to take home your own rubbish. Don't panic, there will be bags for dog poo!

UPDATE: GSD Club of Wales 26.9.21  (TheWizard) 24/8/2021 13:58:23

Just to let competitors know that we have finally managed to get a burger van for the show so breakfast rolls, tea and coffee, etc and burgers at lunchtime will be available.
We'd also like to make competitors aware that there will be grazing sheep in the fields adjacent to the main field we are using for the show. The electric fences surrounding those fields will be live. Its unfortunate but a way for the venue to recoup some of their financial losses from not holding their big agricultural show for past two years.

STEWARD STILL NEEDED - Worcester DTC   (louise21) 22/8/2021 11:39:34

Hi All,

I'm now desperate, I still need a steward for C on Sunday (open day).
Please, please, please can someone volunteer to do this.🤞🤞
Usual perks apply - breakfast, lunch, cakes afterwards, 2 nights free camping and my eternal gratitude ❤

If no one offers it means no class, no class means no show - I don't want to have to cancel but .........

Please PM, text (07766 636711), call or WhatsApp me.

Louise (very stressed show sec 😢)

UPDATE - now sorted, thanks Lou Jackson for offering 😊  (louise21) 24/8/2021 11:5:10

Burnbank Championship Obedience Show  (jwatson) 24/8/2021 8:48:39

Burnbank Championship Obedience Show on Saturday 11th September 2021.
SHOW BUDDIES --- For New and Young Handlers starting at Obedience Shows.
(Lynne and Ann will wear Pink Tops with Show Buddy on the
Tops, * they are there to assist you *).
SNACK WAGON --- No Snack Wagon will be at Show.

Draw - Micheldever Dog Training Club  (ObedienceUK) 23/8/2021 20:7:37

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Micheldever Dog Training Club. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

GREAT BADDOW SHOW - STEWARD NEEDED  (gbdtcjackie) 23/8/2021 16:22:0

Hi there, am wondering if anyone would like to help with Stewarding for Dorothy Cullum who is judging Beginner Dog/Bitch, it is not a big class, so would really appreciate if you could help. Please either telephone or email Jackie 07789 035040 or email

Thanks you Jackie

Draw - Burnbank DTC  (ObedienceUK) 23/8/2021 12:5:52

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Burnbank DTC. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Todays dog ticket   (puppies) 22/8/2021 13:7:47

Lorna Hilton and Lennie

Todays bitch ticket   (puppies) 22/8/2021 8:47:22

Congratulations to Kat Farrants and Solarwind Star Saphire, ASD

Draw - Great Baddow DT  (ObedienceUK) 22/8/2021 7:39:38

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Great Baddow DT. Thanks to Jackie Jackson.

Reedyford Dog Training Club  (Kymza) 20/8/2021 19:5:32

Reedyford Dog Training Club the end of an era
We were running shows at a loss so no longer viable to carry on.

Burnley & District Alsation Club amalgamated with another local dog club Reedyford which was mainly a GSD breed Club back in the 60's together they became Reedyford Dog Training Club which at the time held a training club in the grounds of Nelson & Colne College where they also held their shows Breed along with Obedience for many years before the Breed side of the club folded and the show became just an open obedience show, moving to Osbalderstone Equestrian Centre in the early 80's then onto Myerscough College finally at Croft Top.
My dear old Dad Peter Steel was show secretary for a number of year from when the new club was formed.

We have tonight sadly come to the hard decision of folding Reedyford dtc , covid has had a big part to play in this outcome, we have lost our community centre that we have held our training classes in for over 20 years along with committee members resigning.

we were forced to close the doors early in March 2020 by order of our local council , we have been informed at the begining of August that the centre will not be reopening due to the financial costs of much needed repairs along with asbestos being found in the building, I have been trying to find another venue but as soon as dogs are mentioned it is a firm no.

We thank each and everyone of you who have supported our shows over the years, the judges, stewards, competitors and the early morning helpers .

That is very sad. I should like to thank you all over the years for running so many excellent shows.I think I was in it from the start and would like to thank many Reedyford members for their friendship and hard work for so many years.

Wishing you all the very best for whatever the future holds.

Christine smeaton.  (silver) 21/8/2021 16:18:57

Deborah Boyle  (Marg H) 9/8/2021 9:5:14

It is with great sadness that I let everyone Know Deborah passed away on Friday 30th July .Deborah always had a smile for everyone and willing to help in any way she could. Many people will remember her competing with her fabulous dog Tyson Ob Ch Stingdale of Megglenans and we, at St Mary's DTS were all very proud watching them compete at Crufts on several occasions.

Oh, so very sad to read this. as you say such a lovely sunny person.

She will be greatly missed. Most sincere condolences to family and friends.

Christine Smeaton.   (silver) 9/8/2021 12:23:9

So sorry to read this. Thinking of friends and family.  (Fiona) 15/8/2021 19:48:11

SO sorry, she was a lovely person
  (Wispasmum) 17/8/2021 4:27:51

So sorry to read this - a sunnier person you couldn't wish to meet . I judged her on a number of occasions and always the same smile. RIP Deborah. Pat  (Pat Wilson) 21/8/2021 11:57:2

Draw - East Kilbride  (ObedienceUK) 20/8/2021 17:16:7

i've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for East Kilbride. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

bell  (PAMLLEWHELLIN) 19/8/2021 18:58:30

Was there any dumpbells left at solihull. My name and address is on it. I am going to Worcester show.

Pamela Llewhellin

New schedule - East Grinstead  (ObedienceUK) 19/8/2021 14:34:56

I've just uploaded the schedule for East Grinstead & District DTC, Championship, 16th October 2021. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

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