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Obedience Members Forum

Discussion forum for Competitive Obedience. You can either raise a new topic by clicking the 'Post a new thread' link, or reply to the topic by clicking 'Add comments to above thread'. Les Perry (Coventry DTC) is the moderator for the forum.


Also, if you have made the decision that this site should not be used to advertise your course, we would also assume that you will not be 'mentioning' the course on this forum. (We feel that this is fair, and will remove such 'mentions'!)

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As many of you know the Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation posted a plea on the 3rd April 2019 asking for a willing, computer savvy volunteer to take over the entire Border Collie Fitting Database. This was to include hosting, updating and maintaining the records. A full and clear knowledge of GDPR rules and their application was also requested as was a need to communicate sympathetically with owners on the sensitive and often distressing subject of fitting dogs. They requested that a formal proposal was sent via email, to reach them before the 5th of May, which we proceeded to do.

Suzanne Taylor & I formally proposed to take over the upkeep of the entire fitting database from the pbhf. We complied with all of the requests made and with the help of a few others were excited at the prospect of the entire database being transferred to the newly formed Border Collie & Working Sheepdog Fitting Database UK (BC & WSD FDUK).

Sadly, yesterday on the 18th of June, we were notified by the chair that the committee of the pbhf were withdrawing from negotiations and that no data would be transferred.

To this end, may we ask that if you are one of the 199 people that had dogs previously added to the pbhf database or if you had submitted the often painful details to the pbhf but had not had your submission uploaded, that you go to our submission page and kindly resubmit to us.

We will also now be taking new submissions from owners of fitting collies.

We can reassure you that the BC & WSD FDUK is definitely still going ahead and all dog's details provided will be uploaded without bias, with regular updates being posted.

More information on the members of the BC & WSD FDUK is available on the website ( We should have our first updates within the next four weeks, this will give time for owners to submit their forms and us to upload the data to the website.

Many thanks,

Debz, Suzanne, Frances & Margaret


Permission to cross-post is granted

We have had a lot of messages regarding old submissions. Unfortunately, the BC & WSD FDUK are unable to discuss any submissions given to previous databases. Please contact them directly with any queries you may have regarding your dog's details or notice of transfer.

SOUTH EASTERN DTS - OPEN SHOW  (REMMIE) 25/6/2019 22:40:40

On behalf of South Eastern Committee, I would like to thank all Judges/Stewards and everyone that helped make our show the success it was, not an easy task with such a small membership but since doubling up with Billingshurst Club it makes it possible. Many thanks to Lyn Green for taking over Wendy Hanlon's class when her husband became ill, it was great that you offered to be 'stand in' judge for us, thanks also to Lorna for stewarding. A minutes silence was held in remembrance for Chris King, thank you everyone for respecting this. All things being equal, we hope to be back again next year and a request to those that never give anything back to this sport, without those that DO then there would be no shows!
Sheila Legg-Smith

New schedule - GSD Club of Wales  (ObedienceUK) 25/6/2019 16:15:41

I've just uploaded the schedule for the GSD Club of Wales, Championship, 29th September 2019. Thanks to Sue Evans.

Draw - East Anglian Five of Clubs  (ObedienceUK) 25/6/2019 15:19:14

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for East Anglian Five of Clubs. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New schedule - Royal Manx Agricultural  (ObedienceUK) 24/6/2019 18:5:53

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Royal Manx Agricultural Society, 2 x Open, 9th & 10th August 2019. Thanks to Sue Biggerstaff.

Draw - Coventry (July Show)  (ObedienceUK) 24/6/2019 14:18:0

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for the Coventry July Show. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Draw - St Edwards  (ObedienceUK) 24/6/2019 8:7:15

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for St Edwards. Thanks to Alison Shaw.

SOUTH EASTERN DTS   (janet oliver) 23/6/2019 21:22:44


Sundays tickets   (puppies) 23/6/2019 18:26:0

Congratulations dot watts (dog cc) and Jodi Lunn bitch cc

Andover & District DTS - Refund of entries  (mb) 13/6/2019 15:18:48

Following the decision to cancel the 2019 Open Show Andover & District DTS is able to offer a full refund of entry fees. Competitors who require full refund must submit a request together with stamped addressed envelope to:

Show Secretary ADDTS
1 Station Road
Hampshire SP11 8LG

Requests for refunds must be submitted no later than the 1st July 2019.

Refunds not claimed before 1st July 2019 will be donated to a suitable Charity as determined by ADDTS Committee Members.

Please note we are unable to make refunds by Bank Transfer.

Shirley Hayward
Show Secretary

Please donate my entry fee to your charity. Veronica Migliorini
  (miglio2) 23/6/2019 10:36:40

Derby and district show 27th July   (Sally) 22/6/2019 20:8:20

We desperately need a judge for class C part 2. Approximately 30 entries. Nigel Slater can't now judge. Take care Nigel . Sally Collins show sec

Cheshire Saturday Dog Ticket  ( 22/6/2019 17:59:13

Congratulations to Mary Ray and Frankie (Ob Ch Sarkam Sinatra) winning the Dog Ticket today after a run off

Cheshire Saturday Bitch Ticket   ( 22/6/2019 17:53:45

Congratulations to Jodi Lunn and Fia (Longwaves Luminescent) now Ob Ch, subject to Kennel Club approval

GSD WALES CHANGE OF TICKET BITCH JUDGE  (TheWizard) 18/6/2019 21:46:9

Michelle Verrill will now judge the Ch. C Bitch class at GSD Club of Wales show on 29th September. Sue Slater reluctantly withdrew from the appointment on health grounds.

So sorry that I have had to step down.
Hope that Michelle has an enjoyable day and I wish her the best of luck.  (Rubysian) 20/6/2019 19:41:0

Midlands Area Obedience Liaison Council Meeting  (bev) 20/6/2019 9:29:23

A meeting has been arranged for the Midlands area to discuss the forthcoming Agenda

Date and Time: Wednesday 26th June at 7:30pm

Venue: Dartmouth Central Club, Devonshire Dr, West Bromwich B71 4AA

We look forward to seeing you

Richard, Nigel and Bev

Thanks to you all for arranging this meeting.
Roy  (roypage) 20/6/2019 10:33:7

Thank you for arranging the meeting for us.
I hope there is a decent turnout.  (Rubysian) 20/6/2019 19:38:57

Loughborough Show  (robz) 19/6/2019 14:57:28

The following items left at our show have still not been claimed, they are
One ground sheet with a black bungee wrapped round it,One Hi-gear jacket with a small blue and pink ball on a red,yellow and white rope in the pocket,One red stringed dumbbell with white ends, One black and red lead, One fur tuggy with a red and black handle, One car phone charger, One small square internet thing black with two pink stripes,One small plastic titbit bottle and one new folding scissor chair.
Rosettes for
Margaret Grundy 6th place
KV & SA Britton 6th place
B Stevens KC GCDS 9th place
Val Ridgers 6th place
N Wakelin KC GCDC 7th place
Rebecca Boydell 5th place
If any of these items or rosettes belong to you please contact me . I will take them to the new Sheilagh Hyde show and Solihull show where I will be at the ticket bitch table any that are not collected by then will be disposed of. Ruth

I can collect the folding scissor chair at Midland Ob Soc capped show - we wondered where we had left it! We'll also be at Solihull both days.
Many thanks
Catherine Buecheler.  (Cathb) 19/6/2019 16:52:28

I will be at both shows  (robz) 20/6/2019 16:32:33

Report.  (Wayside) 20/6/2019 11:47:33

Sherborne Beginner report posted.

New schedule - East Kilbride  (ObedienceUK) 20/6/2019 8:56:41

I've just uploaded the schedule for East Kilbride DTC, Championship, 1st September 2019. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Draw - Midlands Obedience Society  (ObedienceUK) 19/6/2019 23:30:49

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for the Midlands Obedience Society. Thanks to Sheilagh Hyde.

Cheshire Dog Show  (StockysBabes) 19/6/2019 21:29:55

Cheshire Championship Shows 22/23rd June.
The Committee look forward to welcoming you this weekend to our first double championship show. Campers will be able to arrive any time after 1pm on Friday and the gate will be closed at 9.30pm
Mr Roasty will be in attendance and will do the following evening specials:
Friday - Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Saturday is Oriental night - Sweet & Sour Pork, Sweet Chilli Chicken or Beef Teriyaki all served with rice, noodles or chips. Usual offerings will be on sale as usual.
The ground is excellent just now and good weather has been requested. See you all at the weekend.
Lisa Stock
Tel: 07519 030 518

New schedule - Lisburn  (ObedienceUK) 19/6/2019 19:12:11

I've just uploaded the schedule for Lisburn & District DTC, 2 x Open, 17th & 18th August 2019. Thanks to Alison Hamill.

New schedule - Southern GSD TC  (ObedienceUK) 19/6/2019 18:46:10

I've just uploaded the schedule for the Southern GSD TC, Open, 29th September 2019. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw - Preston & Fylde GSD  (ObedienceUK) 19/6/2019 18:28:9

I've just uploaded the running orders for Preston & Fylde GSD. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

New schedule - BAGSD  (ObedienceUK) 18/6/2019 17:55:24

I've just uploaded the schedule for the British Association for German Shepherd Dogs, 21st (Championship) & 22nd (Open) September 2019. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.

Draw - Winchester City  (ObedienceUK) 18/6/2019 16:3:53

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Winchester City. Thanks to Sue Garner.

Prestwick and District Dog Club.  (Whoopie) 18/6/2019 12:13:25

Novice Part posted.

Billingshurst/South Eastern Weekend  (eunice) 18/6/2019 12:8:28

There are overnight lane closures on the M23 J9 Gatwick from 8pm to 5am which shouldn't affect us but who knows! Also be aware if coming from the south coast and using the A23 past Hickstead it is the Hickstead Derby weekend so there will be horse boxes all over the place on approach roads. Drive safely.

Draw - Ramsey (IOM)  (ObedienceUK) 17/6/2019 22:34:20

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Ramsey (IOM). Thanks to Voirrey Horne.

Draw - Solihull  (ObedienceUK) 17/6/2019 17:26:21

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Solihull. Thanks to Stephanie Evans.

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 16/6/2019 17:52:21

Malcolm Websters ob ch Borderlair Squiff It Is

Todays dog ticket   (puppies) 16/6/2019 17:3:21

Many congratulations Michelle Newman and Usher. Now an obedience champion subject to kc xx

Newbury 2020 report  (Brynards) 15/6/2019 20:9:11

The Newbury Open Obedience Show Sunday 9th June 2019.

Well what a show it was this year. Everything was going according to plan but then The DIVERSION hit us. Yes, the M4 was open, the A34 was open but the two couldn't meet as the Roundabout at junction 13 which joins them was Closed!! Oh my word, that 'fan' soon became clogged with 'it'.

I rang the Highways Authority (HA) and liaised with Andrew Dicker from the Agility show - which was being held on the same weekend and only half a mile away. Unfortunately they couldn't change anything but did say they would put a 'Diversion/Showground' sign at the Robin Hood Roundabout and the B4009. They were also most helpful sending maps and clear instructions to me for issue to whoever wanted them, and there were lots who did.

I also rang the Kennel Club to ascertain what we could do with regard to the Booking-in time and they granted me special dispensation to extend it! They also said it was up to me, as Show Secretary, to amend or make any other adjustments I thought necessary to aid the smooth running of the Show, despite the inconvenient diversions. . In fact, the only thing I thought necessary was to re-schedule the first Stays. The KC couldn't have been more helpful and I thank them very much.

Some of the other people who were a huge help to me at this time were Bernice, Les, Rebecca, Sue G, Heidi, Joan, and the man with all the answers, our Supremo, Roy. Thank you All so much, you really helped to ease my problems.

Then there are the usual prolific and willing workers who knuckle down and produce the 'nuts and bolts' every year which culminate in our usual happy and efficient show. ie The early Saturday crew of Angie, the inimitable ring planner, laminater and notice provider; the Ever-Ready champion Gofer Carol, who is only happy when she's working, paint spraying and bashing in the wobbly posts, and me with my can of paint. The rest of the crew arrive about 10.30am and carefully venture into the container, sorting, removing, and then erecting the ropes and stakes. Joan organises the hall together with the flower ladies Wendy and Diane. Pet Needs provides us with the trophies. Ellie, Sue and Martin provide the bacon butties. Karen takes on the rolls, the cakes and the cream teas. Val W is the caterer who provides us with our delicious 3 course lunch.

Then on Sunday THE day of the Show. Judges and stewards, more family and friends were added to our already brimming list of helpers. There was Jane in charge of car parking and Kate, under Alan's direction, in charge of stay stewards and Val D keeping her eye on the Rules and Regulations. Thank you all. All this help makes me happy and all my prior admin work worth while.

Whilst I'm at it I would also like to thank my committee at NDDTS who allowed me to run the Show again this year and for their continued support on both days. How can I possibly thank all the people who helped to run our show. Thank you seems so inadequate but that is the best I can offer. So THANK YOU to you all - committee, club members, family, friends, et al.

Last but definitely not least I would like to Thank You, the contestants, for entering and working at our show and never complaining. I really appreciated your company. You were Brilliant To be honest I did expect some adverse comments about the diversions but there was nothing. Yeah!

Doreen Davies
Show Secretary

Andover & District DTS - New Show Date  (mb) 13/6/2019 15:33:21

I have great pleasure in announcing that Andover & District Dog Training Society has a new date for 2020.

Our Show will be on Sunday 5th July 2020.

As far as I am aware there are no other dog shows on that date that may interfere with us.

So please make a note of this date in your diaries.

Shirley Hayward
Open Show Secretary

Well done Shirley!!  (doghouse) 13/6/2019 17:29:1

Brilliant.x  (brysue) 15/6/2019 10:23:7

Well done Shirley. Please carry my judging appointment forward. Eunice x  (eunice) 15/6/2019 17:44:10

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 15/6/2019 16:23:46

Well done to Karen Aarons and Rosa

Todays dog cc   (puppies) 15/6/2019 15:34:1

Well done to moe edser and forever my miracle

Elm Park Show 5th October 2019  (iappleton) 10/6/2019 16:5:18

Attention all judges. We've just received an opportunity for one of you lucky people to judge C Bitch Pt. 2 at our Championship show. Please don't delay as there is only one place available. Unfortunately Nick Buxton is unable to attend.

Many thanks in advance


Thank you to Heidi Lawrence who has kindly offered to judge for us.

Many thanks

Julie  (iappleton) 14/6/2019 10:13:20

Draw - South Eastern  (ObedienceUK) 12/6/2019 19:7:30

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for South Eastern. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Draw - Billingshurst  (ObedienceUK) 12/6/2019 18:54:51

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Billingshurst. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Nuneaton Report  (trimor) 12/6/2019 15:14:25

C Dog report posted

Winchester Champ Show 14th July 2019  (mb) 12/6/2019 14:6:15

I am wondering if there is some kind person who would like to scoreboard for me at Winchester. I am judging Special Pre-Beginner and Beginner classes.
Just let me know. Thank you
Shirley Hayward

Preston & Fylde GSD Club  (polomazda) 11/6/2019 21:51:51

Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm looking for a judge and steward willing to give up their day to judge the ABC part of the Ann's Memorial class on Sunday 30th June at Littleborough. The money raised from these classes is donated to an animal charity nominated by the winning team. It will be a pity if this part is not run due to a lack of a judge. Please someone help and offer to judge. Peter Height

A 1 report St Mary`s   (GLENDALE) 11/6/2019 11:25:5

I have just posted the report for class A1 at St Mary`s on Sunday 9th June 2019

Draw - Cheshire DTA  (ObedienceUK) 11/6/2019 8:48:55

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Cheshire DTA. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

New schedule - Paignton  (ObedienceUK) 10/6/2019 19:50:41

I've just uploaded the schedule for Paignton & District Fanciers Association, 2nd (Championship), 3rd (Open) & 4th (Open) August 2019. Thanks to Robin Gretenkort.

Solihull Show  (jenwyatt) 10/6/2019 17:29:25

Please note that C Bitch part 2 on Sunday 7th July will be judged by Sue Flight.

Thanks Sue for stepping in. It is very much appreciated

Ring Steward for C at Culverstone champ show  (BarbShort) 10/6/2019 16:20:26

Is there any kind person available for Culverstone show who Could steward a C round for me

Barb Short

Sheffield GSD Club October Show  (donwright) 4/6/2019 18:40:47

Sheffield G S D Club need 2 A Judges and 3 C Judges for their Show on Sunday 20th October. If you can fill any of these judging appointments, please contact Anne Hardy on or telephone her on 01777703417.Many thanks.

Bump  (donwright) 10/6/2019 14:18:19

Todays ticket winners   (puppies) 9/6/2019 17:25:58

Dog Kathy Russell and Winston
Bitch Marie Cartright and Lindy

Draw - Carmarthen  (ObedienceUK) 9/6/2019 8:40:19

I've just uploaded the running orders for Carmarthen. Thanks to Bryan Luckock.


It is with great regret and sadness that I have to announce that the Andover & District Open Obedience Show is CANCELLED. Unfortunately there was insufficient entries to keep the Show financially viable.

Having to share our date with other shows has had a major impact on our entry. However, next year we will be back with an alternative date. I would like to thank all those who had entered this year giving us their support.

A refund of entry fees will be available, details of how this will happen will be published on this forum as soon as possible.

Shirley Hayward
Open Show Secretary

So sorry to hear this , one of our faourite shows , we even gave up our local show to do Andover , hope it goes well next year
  (dingdongcharlie) 7/6/2019 11:29:16

So very sorry. One of my favourite shows.  (brysue) 7/6/2019 12:5:38

So sorry to see this has happened, look forward to its return as it a lovely show and venue.  (ddsteadman) 7/6/2019 19:3:2

I dont require a refund. Please use for next year or to help cover this years expenses.x  (brysue) 8/6/2019 10:23:31

Draw - Chalfield  (ObedienceUK) 5/6/2019 23:14:46

I've just uploaded the running orders for Chalfield. Thanks to Sue Bean.

Plantation Park  (Glo) 5/6/2019 22:26:32

Pre-Beginner and Beginner 27th May report posted

Draw - Prestwick  (ObedienceUK) 5/6/2019 20:21:15

I've just uploaded the running orders for Prestwick. Thanks to Steve Rutter.

Membership query - Leven & District DTC  (ObedienceUK) 5/6/2019 18:0:47

Will whoever sent me a snail-mail from Leven & District DTC please email me please.

Draw - Sherborne Vale  (ObedienceUK) 5/6/2019 16:13:59

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Sherborne Vale. Thanks to Teresa Paterson.

Petersfield Novice Bitch Part 1  (candlewind) 4/6/2019 16:41:20


Obedience Champion ForeverMagic Xrated .   (michelle d) 18/4/2019 19:12:50

My heart broke today when I had to suddenly say goodbye to Mav .

Will never forget you fella.

Mish xx

So sorry Mish. Sleep tight Mav  (Mikadine) 19/4/2019 7:10:31

Thank you Nadine xx  (michelle d) 19/4/2019 14:25:18

Oh Mish, so sad to read this, remember him very well when you started out your journey with him. RIP little man, you did your Mum proud. Thinking of you.
Chris P  (chris P) 19/4/2019 19:38:2

So sorry you have lost your special one   (puppies) 19/4/2019 22:13:56

Thanku Chris and bernice  (michelle d) 20/4/2019 12:20:7

Really sorry to hear this Mish, he was a real super star. :(
  (Wizzpop) 21/4/2019 21:5:3

thankyou Jacqui  (michelle d) 9/5/2019 8:25:28

So sorry Michelle. I hope he finds another ring steward to love! Eunice  (eunice) 10/5/2019 11:42:28

Sorry Mish for your loss   (tralanas) 3/6/2019 16:28:26

Petersfield Ticket Bitch  (janet oliver) 2/6/2019 21:44:37


Bitch cc  (puppies) 2/6/2019 15:21:27

Congratulations to Sandy Wadhams and Remror Inspired At Heelaway

Congratulations Sandy x  (harrybean) 2/6/2019 17:0:49

Dog cc  (puppies) 2/6/2019 16:34:2

Well done Lorna Hilton and Halligalli Take A Bow

Draw - Irvine Valley  (ObedienceUK) 2/6/2019 15:52:13

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Irvine Valley. Thanks to Janice Mearns.

Loughborough Show Report  (trimor) 2/6/2019 13:57:30

C dog part 2 report posted

Loughborough Show  (robz) 2/6/2019 11:39:22

I have posted full class results for both days on the report page, I apologise for any spelling mistakes. Ruth

Dog cc  (puppies) 1/6/2019 18:22:15

Congratulations to Sharon Dunstan and Jasper

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 1/6/2019 17:45:31

Well done Kathy Russell and Zuri

Draw - BCOS Show - Emneth  (ObedienceUK) 31/5/2019 22:3:40

I've just uploaded the full class lists for BCOS Show - Emneth. Thanks to June Le Fevre.

Draw - Surrey  (ObedienceUK) 31/5/2019 21:54:1

I've just uploaded the running orders (and full class lists) for Surrey DTS. Thanks to Rebecca Coleman.

St Marys Class B 22/4/19  (GLENDALE) 31/5/2019 11:35:1

report now posted

Wirral ATS Shows 11 & 12 May 2019  (dellkos) 30/5/2019 10:49:13

Firstly I must apologise for the lateness of this report regarding our shows held on 11th and 12th May 2019.
We had enough rain to test the waterproofs before the shows, but luckily the sun shone most of the weekend although a little breezy at times!
Congratulations to our ticket winners, Nina Whitnell with Cories Ray of Sunshine and Karen Aarons with Syanne Fancy that Edition. Good Luck at Crufts 2020.
A big thank you must go to all the judges and stewards who gave up their time over the two days and also to all those who helped (club members and non- club members alike), who worked really hard over the weekend to ensure everything ran smoothly. We had new catering which seemed to be much appreciated.
Unfortunately there were a couple of individuals who drove across the rugby pitch. This action could have put the venue in jeopardy. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS THE PITCH. If this happens again, then any individuals identified will have their entries refused in future years. It is one of the best venues around and we do not wish to lose it. Moan over
We only have a small band of active obedience competitors and although we get help from some other club members it would be much appreciated if we could have help to clear the ground at the end of the second day to bring in the rings, etc. (Age is fast catching up with us!)
Finally thank you for your entries, and see you next year on 9th and 10th May 2020.
Nicki Fildes-Moss
Show Secretary W.A.T.S.

New schedule - Chesvale  (ObedienceUK) 29/5/2019 22:55:28

I've just uploaded the schedule for Chesvale DTC, Open, 25th August 2019. Thanks to Clare Williams.

Loughborough Show  (robz) 29/5/2019 14:33:46

I would like to thank everyone concerned who helped to make our show run so smoothly, the judges and stewards, Marcia and all who helped in the stay ring, Bev Hughes and Betty Gibson for help setting up with the rings and Bev helping to book caravans in as well. Julia and Neil who come every year to help with the parking, then stay stewarding and finally decoy, Committee who set up the rings and were there helping with various jobs during the days, if I have missed anyone thank you, luckily the weather brightened up for us and it turned into a decent weekend weather wise once again, fingers crossed for next year. We had a good night at the quiz again challenge is on to beat Rob Bints team next year they are on a winning streak. We were not able to have a large skip to get rid of dog and caravan waste this year so had to approach the council for wheelie bins which were scattered around the show, on the lid it did say DOG WASTE ONLY so thank you to the few people who could not read and placed other rubbish in there which WE HAD TO FISH OUT it was not a pleasant job believe me. One more little gripe vehicles travelling to the back field, not all but some were driving at a dangerous speed, if a dog had of run out it could have been injured or possibly killed, what would you have said if it were your dog? Please think about this before next year and drive using common sense. Anyway left at the show were one HI-Gear Jacket, one Ground Sheet with Black Bungee wrapped round it, one Red Stringed Dumbell, one Green Stringed Dumbell, one Furry Tuggy, one Red and Black Lead, one Plastic Tit Bit Bottle (did contain sausage), one Car Charger, one Black Plastic piece with pink stripes which has to be charged and finally one Scissor Chair still with label on, if any of these belong to you please contact me to arrange collection. I have rosettes for the following people firstly the KC GCDS class 7th place N.Wakelin, 9th place B Stevens and 10th place L Pavitt. 5th place for Rebecca Boydell, 6th place Mr&Mrs SA Britton, 6th place V Ridgers, 6th place M Grundy, 6th place A Reynolds again contact me to arrange which shows you will be at so I can take there.

I spelt Julie's name wrong sorry Julie  (robz) 29/5/2019 14:38:32

Woodman Ob Show  (shadowsofcolour) 29/5/2019 12:40:58

All of us at Woodman would like to thank all our judges, stewards and helpers for all their hard work, also Vince Winyard for doing such a good job in the stay ring. Caroline Eley in the training ring raising 88.00 for charity. Our resident photographer Lissy Ungaretti for the pictures, plus the wether for being so kind.

Carol Curtis

Important change to Bh & Dist GSD Assoc schedule  (polomazda) 28/5/2019 12:3:48

Please note due to change of circumstances entries are now to be sent to
B ham & Dist Assoc , c/o Oaktree Cottage, Branton Hill Lane, Aldridge, West Midlands WS9 0NR
Tel No 07714159712.
Bryan Luckock will be e.mailing new schedules out and Les has already amended on schedule page.
Kathy Hood

Draw - Isle of Man  (ObedienceUK) 27/5/2019 16:57:34

I've just uploaded the running orders for the Isle of Man Dog Club. Thanks to Sue Biggerstaff.

Petersfield & District DTS Change of Judge  (Rhia) 27/5/2019 15:4:12

C Dog part 1 will now be judged by Peter Lubbi. Get well soon Bill Larkin

Todays bitch cc  (puppies) 26/5/2019 18:27:34

Congratulations to Jodi Lunn

Todays dog cc   (puppies) 26/5/2019 18:25:17

Congratulations to Deborah Steele and Nobite Offshore Account

end of 1st place run offs  (sandymay) 24/5/2019 7:54:35

I would like to know folks views on whether it is time to take a look at doing away with 1st place run offs in Pre Beg Beg and Novice. I had a run off a few weeks ago at a limited show in Sherborne and I hated having to award 2nd place to a team that to be honest should not have had to do the round again after ending the first round on the same marks as the eventual winner. I don't feel that the higher class would warrant a change to the rules owing to the fact that there are so many things that can rearrange the final marks in those classes ie Scent and S/Away. Even if there were only one Red Rosette and one Trophy im sure something could be sorted out somehow. I would much rather have the win recorded for 1st place because lets face it, the goodies are just that. Would love to hear your views both side of the table.
Brian Reed

I totally agree Brian. But I think it should apply at least up to B. I had a run off for first in A last weekend I won but felt not good about it for the other person.
I have spoken to my Liaison Rep and we are to late to get on agenda for July but hopefully it could go forward for January  (doghouse) 24/5/2019 8:40:56

I did consider up to B. Think the powers that be should consider all options. don't lets go down the route of a complicated points system.
Brian  (sandymay) 24/5/2019 9:8:49

Love this proposal - I've been on both sides of 1st place run-offs (including in B), and hated it from each side!

The proposal would need to clarify what happens to further places in the line ups as well - would those that tie for 1st move everyone else down, or would 2nd etc still be awarded, to those on next lowest marks? I think it should be on points lost equalling places, so if there are two first places, there would still be 5 others places 2nd-6th?

BUT why should other places have to run off if first places don't? Then you could in theory end up with 3 1sts, 2 2nds, 1 3rd, 4 4ths, 10 5ths....which could be a bit of a nightmare for ordering/printing prize cards and rosettes, if this applies to all places...!   (Rhia) 24/5/2019 9:20:30

I did consider up to B. Think the powers that be should consider all options. don't lets go down the route of a complicated points system.
Brian  (sandymay) 24/5/2019 9:55:38

if we are going to start considering lower placings then I don't think it will go anywhere. 2nd place down will not get you out of a class.A tied 1st should. lets not complicate this before it even begins
  (sandymay) 24/5/2019 9:59:51

Totally agree Brian 1st place run offs should not be allowed in the lower classes. Maybe only in Class A to Class C.   (Bettsy Chris) 25/5/2019 2:37:31

Brilliant idea hate first place run offs .down the cards ok if you have a run off for first then the next dog is third so no different if there are 2 firsts.  (aardvet) 25/5/2019 10:29:44

How would the shows deal with this ? Buy extra rosettes, prize cards, trophies etc just in case ?? Can see where you are coming from, but this would really need to apply to ALL classes including Ticket classes to have a level playing field for all dogs & handlers.

Are you wanting to allow dogs(& handlers)to move up quicker ?

In the 40 odd years I was judging I know I only had a handful of runoffs for first place in any class if that I can only actually remember 1 & that's because one dog had already won out of the class, the other dog needed a win to be out of the class & it was an incredibly hot day, so the dog's handler declined(oddly enough a few weeks later the winning dog won the the same class under me & thus won out of the class on his own merit)
  (NBBAGSD) 26/5/2019 10:20:44

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