Crufts 2011

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge: Dave Howell

Dog Championship




Stephanie Woollam with OB CH JAYSARA MISCHIEF WS

3rd Phil Barnes with FOREVERMAGIC IT’S A GIFT WS


5th Claire Porter with OB CH ROCKIN INDY-GO WSC

6th Neil Short with XANTHOS BACK IN A FLASH GR



Bitch Championship








6th Philomena Barnes with BHEINN BEWITCHED WS

World Cup

Judge: Linda Rutherford





Individual Winner

Gemma Lewis with Redistedi Mission Pawzible (Puzzle) BC



Inter Regional

Judge: Ron Mills

Winners - Midlands


Runners Up - Western



The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

1st Shaun Earl with Masked Raida Going for Gold BC

2nd Anna Giles with Delightfully Ditzy Rottweiler

3rd Patricia Hanslip with Coppers Blue Heeler WS

4th Sue Leyland with Chance of Freedom WS

5th Ruth Payton with Cories Blazing Star at Kaliazar BC

6th Janet Church with Dowgri Destiny Border Terrier




1st Gabrielle MacDonald with GOYTRE ACE'S SECRET WISH BC



1st Charlotte Wolverson with RALLY REPLAY BC

2nd Emma Griffiths with DETANIA BROADOAKS LADY BC



2nd Daniel Thompson with MILLS ON WHEELS WS

3rd Christina Hoare with REMENO LITTLE WING WS

4th Kirsty Jess with ACE'S DREAM TEAM BC

5th Natasha Kirk with PEPSANNER PATRICIA Golden Retriever



1st Stevi Boyall with VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION Labrador

2nd Alexandra Duesbury with DODGIN AMBER GAMBLER WS

3rdGillian McIntosh with XANDRAS GIRL PAIGE WS


5th Kate Nicholas with TWIST OF FATE XB

6th Jack Greenwood with RED REX WS



1st Frankie Evans with FOREVERMAGIC TOUCH WS


2nd Kate Nicholas with BEVERTON ICE BC

3rd Danielle Jones with VANISTICA KITTO FOR JENNY AT MOSHANTA BSD (Groenendael)


Rebecca Pointer Award


1st Alex Duesbury with DODGIN AMBER GAMBLER WS

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge: Dave Howell

David Howell

The dog & bitch championships at Crufts are to me the ultimate in obedience competition, so to be invited to judge these competitions is a great honour.

With this honour I believe comes a massive amount of responsibility, the amount of time patience and skill to train a dog to the level required to qualify for this competition deserves the greatest of respect.

I started to compete in obedience competitions at the start of the 1980s with GSDs later on competing with border collies the most successful of these being Glen OB.CH.CANDLEWIND PINBALL WIZARD who qualified for Crufts on five consecutive occasions finishing third there in his last appearance in 2004.

Along with Sue my wife we train many people with allsorts of breeds and in other disciplines not only obedience. It is unfortunate for Sue that I am judging this year as it means that she will not be able to compete with Micki CANDLEWIND VINO ROSSO who won his ticket to Crufts in October at Cheshire.

At the moment I am competing with Hank JUTENHEIM JUST THE ONE a Malinois who is.
I am told, the first Malinois ever to qualify for ticket classes.

Hank won a ticket at Govan in August to qualify for this years Crufts it would have been great to be able to work Hank at Crufts this year but I am looking forward to being there in 2012.

I have judged since 1985 between five and ten classes every year. I judged my first ticket in 1997 at Lichfield & I have judged 24 ticket classes since then.

In 2006 I judged the Inter-Regional competition at Crufts which was a great experience.

It is so important to have a team that you have total confidence in, my team is very experienced so I know I can rely on them to allow me to concentrate on my job.

I hope everybody whether competing or spectating enjoys their time at Crufts, myself and my team fully intend to enjoy ours.

World Cup

Judge: Linda Rutherford

Linda Rutherford

The World Cup is an excellent ambassador for obedience and provides a colourful contrast to the inter-regional and individual championships. The noise of 2,000 obedience patriots contributes to a unique and electric atmosphere and the World Cup has created International interest in Crufts obedience competition.

It is an honour to be asked to judge such a prestigious event although the invitation was unexpected. I must thank the Kennel Club for their consideration. I judged my first Ticket at Redcar in 2005 and my 10th at St Helens in 2010 and although I have always been confident in my choice of winners the calling was met with just a hint of panic, at least until I had secured the services of my accomplished team and although it's only December I already owe them big-time for their commitment to the cause. They have all been excellent during the preparatory events and I am sure that we will be equal to the task when the day arrives. I must extend a special commendation to Alan, Wendy (and Ludo). Having driven 9hrs from Newmarket to Kilmarnock in the December snow they were so enthusiastic in executing their meticulous planning regardless of the sub-zero temperatures and would not budge from the field until all objectives had been achieved. You are both heroes. The booklets were excellent and adding the Rutherford crest with its accompanying motto was so thoughtful. Please accept the keys to Rutherford Castle. You deserved the penthouse Jacuzzi, the variety of breakfast eggs and the assortment of "tattie scones" and so much more. Your input was and is invaluable and you also tolerated Emma and her over zealous appetite for more than half the journey but then what would we do without her. Emma, your input at the team brief was a revelation and I must say you are an integral part of my team. Thank you so much.

Thanks Kate for your e-mail support and agreeing to fly to Glasgow from Lisburn for the January dress rehearsal and thanks to Jackie for even thinking about negotiating the journey to Kilmarnock from a place in the mountains where snow is a permanent feature. Thanks Lisa for your impromptu re-production of my judging sheets and delegation itinerary and thanks to Denise and Bobby for interrupting your relaxing Sunday in the warmth of your centrally heated abode to spend a day in an arctic snow clad playing field. Reece, however, was in his glory and enjoyed his day immensely. Thanks also to Heather for tackling the challenging M77 and working the round on such a frozen day. Your input was appreciated. And although you did not venture north for the run-through I'm sure Kamal that your experience will be adequate compensation for anything you might have missed.

I am looking forward to my judging appointment. The World Cup conjures fond memories and always seems to produce a superstar. Switzerland's Speedy "Duffdown Black Rider" was an absolute sensation and his antics were appreciated on a global scale. He was a marketing dream and popularised the World Cup beyond all expectations. I remember tuning in to BBC 2 specifically to see him work. God bless him. For me, last year belonged to Petra Ford and her black Labrador "Tyler". They produced an awesome display of World Cup obedience and only bad luck prevented them from becoming World Champions. I also have to mention "Tam", rescued to become the best in the World. It couldn't have happened to a nicer dog. The World Cup often opens doors and it might just be the stuff that dreams are made of.

I wish all competitors the best of luck and I encourage you to ask if there is anything that you are not sure about. The World Cup is all about the competitors and I will do my best to ensure that you have an enjoyable day. You will have received itinerary that explains what it is I am looking for so please read it carefully. I hope all your dreams come true.



Inter Regional

Judge: Ron Mills

I would like to start by saying what a great honour it is being asked to judge the Inter Regional classes at DFS Crufts.

Well, about me, I started in Obedience in 1974 with my German Shepherd ‘Lucky’. I trained at Ditton DTC with Maureen Shelley all those years ago and I am still the Chairman of Ditton and attend the club today.

In May 1976 I had my wonderful Border Collie ‘Moss’-Harranvale Buccaneer. We went from Pre-Beginner to Championship C before he was 3 years old. He was a truly amazing dog and I learnt so much from him. I have worked different breeds including cross breeds and Australian Shepherds.

I started judging in about 1978 and I judged my first ticket in the mid eighties. I really enjoy judging and stewarding and it was an honour to Steward the Inter Regional in 2000, when Maureen Shelley was judging. As I have not worked a dog in the ring for a while I do a fair bit of judging, at least six shows a year. Most of you know that I end up negotiating my judging in exchange for you judging for me at Ditton weekend show each year.

My whole life is all about dogs. I own 8 dogs of my own and run 3 training clubs each week, encouraging pet handlers to progress with their dogs and sometimes watching them compete. I run the Ditton DTC weekend and attend Ditton each week. I run boarding kennels with my wife and deal with behavioural problems that people have. This is what I really enjoy as it is so satisfying to help out owners and transform their lives with their beloved dogs.

I would say that my life is just about perfect. I have a wife, Teresa, who is my rock. We have a beautiful little three year old daughter, who I am sure would sign up for YKC if she could! I have a ‘job’ that I absolutely love and have met some of the nicest people, including Teresa, through the dogs. Then I will be judging at Crufts so who’s a lucky bunny? I think I most certainly am.

I would like to wish all the competitors the best of luck and hope you all enjoy your time in the ring.

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final


Judge: Roy Page

Roy Page

When I got married we moved to Cannock where we still live on the edge of an area of broad-leaved woodland which provides superb dog walking country at all times of the year. In 1970 we bought our first dog and within a few months joined the Lichfield & District Dog Training Society. The world of dog training and obedience showing soon took hold and other interests began to take a back seat. Thanks to the guidance and perseverance of the Club Instructors who seemed to have endless patience I eventually entered my first Open Obedience Show although it was another year before we recorded our first win in Beginners - there was no Pre-Beginners in those days and certainly nothing like this Stake or the Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Other dogs have followed through the years and I have enjoyed competing at all levels.

My enjoyment of the administrative side of Dog Club life grew rapidly and since 1971 I have, at times, served Lichfield as Hon. Secretary, Vice-Chairman and Chairman. I became an instructor there in 1973 and in that same year was elected Show Manager, a position I held until retiring from the post after the Club's 25th Championship Show in 1999. I am proud to have been elected a life-member of the Society.

I was elected a member of the Kennel Club in 1994 but since 1985 I have served on the Kennel Club Obedience Liaison Council, as Vice Chairman from 1989 to 1995 and as Chairman from 1995 until 2006. As Council Chairman or representative I served on The Kennel Club Working Trials, Obedience and Agility sub-Committee (now the Activities sub-Committee) continuously from 1989 until 2006. In October 2006 I was elected to that Committee by the Kennel Club General Committee so was no longer eligible to stand as Council Chairman although I was elected to serve Council for another 3 year term commencing in 2007 and again in 2010. In 2003 I was appointed Crufts Chief Obedience Steward and have acted in that capacity every year since.

My first judging appointment came in 1972, following an apprenticeship of stewarding for well-respected judges. In 1975 I was approved to judge at Championship Obedience Shows and have judged regularly at all levels since then, including memorable appointments in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man and Ireland. Judging appointments further afield have included two visits to Singapore, one to New Zealand and many to Holland and Belgium. My first Championship Class C appointments came in 1980 and I have had the pleasure of awarding Obedience Certificates regularly since then. I was thrilled to be invited to judge the YKC Obedience at Crufts in 1996 and the Crufts Obedience World Cup in 2008 but the highlight and greatest honour was my appointment to judge the Crufts Obedience Championships in February 1990.

I am privileged to have been invited back to officiate at Crufts again this year and I am really looking forward to judging this final. I know that the handlers from all over the UK who are taking part will have put a tremendous amount of effort into their training and hopefully we shall have a really enjoyable and competitive event.

I am fortunate to have a great team of very experienced stewards and we are all looking forward to the day and I would like to wish everyone the very best of luck.



Judge: Carole Patrick

Left to right is Leema, Carole, Inki, Keni and Ghyll (Leema and Ghyll are 2 of Angie Jude's dogs)

When MACKIE (Obedience Champion Mac Belan), a small black and white working sheepdog came into Carole's life in 1978 she did not know that obedience competitions existed, they joined a local dog training club simply because she wanted her dog to be well behaved. On 9th June 1979 they attended their first obedience show at Carlisle Race Course and finished second in pre beginners receiving a blue rosette, a black and white rosette and £1.50 prize money. That is when Carole caught the obedience bug. MACKIE went on to win Crufts Dog Obedience Championships in 1986 qualifying for the competition on 6 consecutive occasions. He also won the Pro Dog of Year competition in 1989.

Carole then trained and worked her husband Colin's German Shepherd Dog, RADAR (Sufayre Bandolerio), and he had won 2 B's when he was forced into a premature retirement having suffered 2 stomach torsions. Colin will be the Caller Steward for YKC Obedience at Crufts this year.

TAGGIE (Obedience Champion Jewhisp's Belan) a Border Collie was Carole's next dog, bred by Angie Jude, TAGGIE qualified for Crufts Dog Obedience Championships on 4 occasions finishing 4th in 1995.

Then came JUDE (Jewhisp's Judabelan) a Border Collie dog also bred by Angie Jude won his first and only Challenge Certificate in August 2004 and did not get to compete at Crufts in 2005 as Carole Judged the Dog and Bitch Obedience Championships that year.

In 2003 KENI (Dherrington Belan) a Border Collie bred by Pam and Gerry Emmerson, joined the Patrick household and was working 'B' when unfortunately Carole had to retire him from obedience competitions.

On the 14th March 2009 Angie Jude's Deherrington Winnie (KENI's litter sister) gave birth to 2 puppies, a dog and a bitch, the dog puppy (Jewhip's Ty) went to live with his new mum Lorraine Walton and the bitch puppy (Jewhip's Inki) went to live with Carole. Unfortunately this was to be the last ever Jewhisp's litter as Angie Jude died suddenly on the 26th February 2010. Angie is greatly missed by all who knew her in Obedience and would have almost certainly supported Carole in judging this years YKC Obedience along with Colin and Ellen.

All Carole and Colin's dogs are first and foremost pets, and, if they compete in obedience competitions that is considered a bonus.

Carole's first open show judging appointment was in July 1982 at Eden Valley DTC show and she awarded her first Challenge Certificate at East Kilbride DTC show in September 1994, and as mentioned earlier, she judged the Crufts Dog and Bitch Obedience Championships in 2005. She is also an approved Regulations and Judging Procedure Accredited Trainer (Obedience) and along with fellow Accredited Trainers Ellen Herries and the late Sandra McIntosh presented the very first Regulation and Judging procedure (Obedience) Seminar and Assessments at the offices of the Scottish Kennel Club on 23rd October 2004.

Carole was delighted to be invited to judge YKC Obedience at Crufts 2011 and is grateful for the help and support of her husband Colin and friend Ellen Herries. All 3 are looking forward to a very enjoyable Crufts 2011.


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