Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Stella Henstridge

Bitch Championship

  Bitch winner

WINNER - Suzy Tooley with Everush Olympic Flame

Bitch Reserve

Reserve - Kathy Russell with OB CH, WT CH Ruskath Othentic Image, TDEX

Bitch Third

3rd - Phil Barnes with OB CH Bheinn Bewitched

Bitch Fourth

4th - Katy Girdler with X Factor Jenna At Pashamatts

5th - Marie Cartwright with OB CH Dodgin Firecracker

Bitch Sixth

6th - Pat Watson with OB CH Forever Magic Its Flicke



Qualifiers In Running Order:

1 Phil Barnes with OB CH Bheinn Bewitched - WSD

2 Katy Girdler with X Factor Jenna At Pashamatts - XB

Katy Girdler

3 Pat Watson with OB CH Forever Magic Its Flicker - WSD

4 Jenny Gould with Zakanja Beewyched - GSD

Jenny Gould

5 Jane Bint with OB CH Janyjoy Jumping Jaro - WSD

6 Linda Rutherford with OB CH Lupitoonz Limelite - WSD

7 Marie Cartwright with OB CH Dodgin Firecracker - WSD

8 Suzy Tooley with Everush Olympic Flame - BC

9 Jane Moran with OB CH Dusters Done 'n' Dusted - WSD

10 Dot Watts with OB CH Zygdann Rockin Frenzi - WSD

11 Mary Vessey with OB CH Fenellark Charleston - BC

12 Linda Rutherford with OB CH Colliewood Confidential - WSD

13 Jodi Lunn with Longhalves Fast 'n' Furious - WSD

14 Kathy Russell with OB CH Ruskath Makana Image - WSD

15 Karen Aarons with Schaisla Dream Rosa - WSD

16 Karen Davies with OB CH Stillmoor Celtic Banner - BC

17 Madge Thompson with OB CH Forevermagic It's Trendy - WSD

18 Malcolm Webster with Borderlair Squiff It Is - WSD

19 Kathy Russell with OB CH & WT CH Ruskath Othentic Image, TDEX - WSD

Dog Championship

Dog Winner

Winner - Dot Watts with OB CH Ziggdan Zyco

Dog Reserve

Reserve - Mary Ray with OB CH Colliewood Blue Jeans

Dog Lineup

3rd - Julie Martin with First Class Hooley Dooley

4th - Margaret Ward with OB CH Fellameeka Diamond Geyser

5th - Michelle Dunscombe with OB CH Forever Magic XRated

6th - Steve Frazer with OB CH Gwynfair Classical Gas

Qualifiers In Running Order:

1 Ann Rogers with OB CH Moakies Mystical Warrior - WSD

2 Jessica Lewis with OB CH Pepsanner Atlantic - Golden Retriever

3 Bronwyn Bartley with Bheinn He's A Gift Forever - WSD

Bronwyn Bartley

4 Gill Winyard with OB CH Jonjosam Drunken Duncan - BC

5 Jackie Duck with OB CH Tyefold Xander - WSD

Jackie Duck

6 Janet Matthews with OB CH Croftmist River Of Krismoss - WSD

7 Sharon Dunstan with Murellas Just Jasper - BC

8 Julie Martin with First Class Hooley Dooley - BC

Julie Martin

9 Philomena Barnes with OB CH Forever Magic It's A Gift - WSD

10 Jenny Lunn with OB CH Longhalves On A Rhythm - WSD

Jenny Lunn

11 Anita Neal with Dodgin Razzy Razcal - WSD

Anita Neal

12 Michelle Dunscombe with OB CH Forever Magic XRated - WSD

13 Sandra Spruce with Ob Ch Dodgin Rags To Riches - WSD

14 Kathy Russell with OB CH Ruskath Magical Image - WSD

Kathy Russell

15 Dot Watts with OB CH Ziggdan Zyco - WSD

16 John Higgins with Lupitoonz Prince Charming - WSD

John Higgins

17 Steve Frazer with OB CH Gwynfair Classical Gas - WSD

Steve Frazer

18 Jessica Lewis with OB CH Colliewood Casanova - WSD

19 Paul Cook with Dunburgh Fun Lovin Criminal - Golden Retriever

20 Margaret Ward with OB CH Fellameeka Diamond Geyser - WSD

21 Ria McGovern with Beckim Surprise Surprise - WSD

22 Mark Herrits with OB CH Dodgin Master Markat - WSD

Mark Herrits

23 Mary Ray with OB CH Colliewood Blue Jeans - WSD

24 Linda Rutherford with OB CH Sixela Rumr Has It - BC

World Cup

  Judge - Kim Innes


World Cup Winners

Winning Team - Wales

WC Reserve

Reserve Team - England

WC Third

3rd - Scotland

WC Fourth

4th - Northern Ireland


Winning Individual - Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans


Individual Reserve - Katy Girdler with Gwynion Sinead For Pashamatis


Individual 3rd - Naoimh Mathers with Grenaby Red Dynamite


In Running Order


Team Manager: Tanja Gube
Assistant Team Manager: Christina RŁmmer

Bettina Neuss with Akira (Labrador Retriever)

Bettina Neuss

Susi Huber with de risan Entertainer "Profi" (Border Collie)

Susi Huber

Sandra Rohrer with I'm Freezer vom Chiemgauer Lšndchen "Freez" (Border Collie)

Sandra Rohrer

Reserve: Kerstin Vogel with Longhill's Beauty Anni my love "Frieda" (Border Collie)

Kerstin Vogel

Northern Ireland

Sam McCracken with Fortvictory Princess Zara (Zara) BC

Sam McCracken

Naoimh Mathers with Grenaby Red Dynamite (Jasper) BC

Naoimh Mathers

Michael McCartney with Grenaby Seven's Best (Bestie) BC

Michael McCarthy

Reserve - Helen Boyde with Happenywoods Snowfall (Indy) BC

Helen Boyde


Helen Murray with SIXELA UNO’S DIVA (Diva)

Helen Murray

Pamela Lochrie with XANDRAS SPECTACULAR PARIS (Paris)

Pamela Lochrie

Ellen Herries with JEWHISPS JEWEL (Gabi)

Ellen Herries

Reserve: Anne Marie Parker with TITHELEA TRUE GRIT (Rowdy)

Anne Marie Parker


Team manager: Peter Van de Velde

Bernou ter Voorde with Namaste Hope of Lizzy(Border Collie)

Bernou ter Voorde

Annemarie Ibelings with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe (Working Sheepdog)

Annemarie Ibelings

Karin Stegmeijer with Absolutely Fabulous McCay (Working Sheepdog)

Karin Stegmeijer

Reserve: Ivonne van der Meer with Abfab Irausquinn (Working Sheepdog)

Ivonne van der Meer


Team manager: Jen Jessop


Michelle Dunscombe with OB. CH. FOREVER MAGIC XRATED ( WS )

Michelle Dunscombe

Jane Moran with OB. CH. DUSTERS DONE ' N ' DUSTED

Jane Moran

Reserve: Katy Girdler with GWYNION SINEAD FOR PASHAMATTS ( BC )

Katy Girdler


 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched (Jezzi) W/S

Phil Barnes

Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's Flicker     (Flick) W/S

Pat Watson

Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans (Levi) W/S

Mary Ray

Reserve: Marie Cartwright with Ob Ch Dodgin Firecracker (Dazzle) W/S

Marie Cartwright

Inter Regional

Judge - Nigel Slater


Winners - Northern Region


Reserve - South & South West Region


Individual Beginner Winner - Patricia Charlton with Saredon As Time Goes By


Individual Novice Winner - Rosie Colwood with Nithelsa Kitty

Class A

Individual Class A Winner - Anna Pleban with Moon Walker

Class B

Individual Class B Winner - Gillian Strickleton with Redistedi High Reality

Class C

Individual Class C Winner - Jeny Miller with Foxfold Unexpected Edition


In Running Order


Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Emma Baker with TREASURED BARNEY ( Crossbreed )

Emma Baker

Reserve: Catherine Price with SOMMERLEAS GOLDEN DELIGHT ( Labrador )

Catherine Price


Kelly Voaden with BEKWEY BEAU ( Crossbreed )

Kelly Voaden

Claire Hitchens with STORMBECK FLICKER OF GOLD ( BC )

Claire Hitchins

Class A

Anna Pleban with MOON WALKER ( Rhodesian Ridgeback )

Anna Pleban

Jo Hughes with MAXIMUS KARISMA A.Ex ( GSD )

Jo Hughes

Class B

Alison O'Connor with LLYNELLEN MAPLE SYRUP ( WS )

Alison OConnor

Class C

Emma Hughes with JARYSMATIC PURE GENIUS  O.W. ( Golden Retriever )

Emma Hughes


Team Manager - Pat Wilson


Elspeth Brown with VODERVILLE MY SPACE MATE (Tia) B/C

Elspeth Brown

Reserve: Maren Amey with WILBERT WONDER (Harvey) Golden Retriever


Pamela Sullivan with BANDAITCH MACK THE KNIFE (Mackie) GSD x Golden Retriever

Pamela Sullivan

Rosie Colwood with NITHELSA KITTY (Kitty) Giant Schnauzer

Rosie Colwood

Class A

Jayne Jenks with JEMAS BLACK HAWK (Para) Large Munsterlander x BC

Jayne Jenks


Claire Charlton

Class B

Gillian Strickleton with REDISTEDI HIGH REALITY (Mikey) B/C

Gillian Strickleton

Class C

Jeny Miller with FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION O.W. CD.Ex. UD.Ex. WD.Ex. TD.Ex. (Chello) GSD x B/C

Jeny Miller


Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgr - Anne Marie Parker


James Grant with FETTERDOON LOCH CARRON (Alfie) Labrador

James Grant

Reserve: Ann McDonald with GADLOCK LADY MUCK (Brooke) ESS

Ann McDonald


Penny Crowe with RUBY LADY OF ST LEONARDS (Roby) Staffie

Penny Crowe

Gayle Ledger with DRAXPARK CRACKER JACK (CJ) Giant Schnauzer

Gayle Ledger

Class A


Kirsty Bidgood


Ian Boyd

Class B

Sheena Hooper with REDISTEDI RUFF AND REGGAE (Reggae) BC

Sheena Hooper

Class C

Sarah Jane Campbell with SARKAM FUSE THE DREAM (Arca) BC

Sarah Jane Campbell

South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Steve Devaney


Patricia Charlton with Saredon as Time Goes by (Spike)
MiN Schnauzer

Patricia Charlton

Reserve :Samantha Ragus with Chewbaka of Solo (Chewy)
Lab X

Samantha Ragus


Eleanor Hogan with Evaraven Sophie (Sophie)

Eleanor Hogan

Amanda Winborne with Vonthurlow’s Tallulah (Hattie)

Amanda Winborne

Class A

Debbie Lammin with Tyngeli Snow Storm (Dancer)
Hungarian Puli

Debbie Lammin

Barbara Short with Starnia’s Break of Dawn (Misty)

Barbara Short

Class B

Wendy Wheatcroft with Carishill Iago (Jethro)
Golden Retriever

Wendy Wheatcroft

Class C

Wendy Birch with Gypton Just Della of Greyvalley (Della)

Wendy Birch



Team Manager - Lou Jackson


Arun Dhanoa with Scotsman Woz Ere (X Breed)

Arun Dhanoa

Beginner Reserve: Julie Froggatt with Jues Nemesi (Rottie)

Julie Froggatt


Tracy Pilsbury with Capnmegs High Jynx (WS)

Tracy Pilsbury

Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way (Sheltie)

Sue Lang

Class A

Sue Cotton with Wild Foggy Marsh (Golden Retriever)

Sue Cotton

Lynn Griffin with Vaneldurks Angus (GSD)

Lynn Griffin

Class B

Julia Skipp with She's The One (BC)

Class C

Kaye Ball with Pepsanner Lady Macbeth of Barcarolle O.W. (Golden Retriever)

Kaye Ball


South & South West


Team Manager - Stephanie Woollam


Jacky Shore & Redaurora Golden Dream (Zanta) NSDTR

Jacky Shore

Reserve: Wendy Baxter & Dialynne Quintus (Mylo) Beagle

Wendy Baxter


Christine Richardson & Madabo Buffalo Soldier (Harvey) Min Schnauzer

Christine Richardson

Shirley McIver & Tuvaurat American Girl (Luna) Alaskan Malamute

Shirley McIver

Class A

Angie Bailey & Goldendance Quail (Teague) G Retriever

Angie Bailey

Samantha Rice & Erikachen Feidhelm at Tollerice (Voros) NSDTR

Sam Rice

Class B

John Clark & Saartjie Hoogland Seun (Obie) WS

John Clark

Class C

Kay Allen & Tor of Plasmajors O.W (Tor) BC

Kay Allen


Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney


Anita Quayle with Mischief Maker at Blue Mist (Odin) XB

Anita Quayle

Reserve: Lisa Craig with One For Luck (Poppy) Golden Retriever

Lisa Craig


Debbie Martin with Mannanan's Pure Genius (Fred) XB

Debbie Martin

Diana Boroda with Kentredecim Hearts Desire (Nelly) English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Diana Boroda

Class A

Jeanette Mitchell with Shelridge Special Diamond (Finlo) SSD

Janette Mitchell

Helen Boyde with Stillrockin Heaven Sent (Lyric) WSD

Helen Boyde

Class B

Gwyn Bell with Dolwddelan Dash (Archie) XB

Gwyneth Bell

Class C

Kate McCartney with Murella's Truly Scrumptious  BC

Kate McCartney


Judge - Krysia Wilenczyc


Winners - Team Kinaway - Border Collies


Reserve - Team ROAG's Babes - German Shepherd Dogs


3rd - Team Toller - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers


4th - Team Cavaliers At Work - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels



Team SmilieSam - Samoyeds

Tammie McNeill with Smiliesam Striking Ice (Super)

Tammie McNeill

Katie Bicknell with Fairvilla Imperial Dayne (Brill)

Katie Bicknell

Miriam Smith with Archaeus with Appeal (Nuschka)

Mirriam Smith

Julie Bostock with Snowshe Summer Beauty (Teddy)

Julie Bostock

Team ROAG'S Babes - German Shepherd Dogs

GSD Team

Susan Wolf with Pride of Place Girl

Susan Wolf

Shonnag Allison with Sweeter than Honey

Shonnag Allison

Mandy Williams with Beacon Belle

Mandy Williams

Paula Davis with My Little Valentine

Paula Davis

Team Toller - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Team Toller

Joanna Mayston with Decoymans Piper Dino (Chaos)

Karen Smith with Decoymans Piper Blaze (Havoc)

Hazel Strevens with Decoymans Piper Cinder at Tollisty (Ember)

Louise Ince with Decoymans Piper Edward (Troy)

Reserves: Kaye Littlehales with Melanitta Ambrose (Dora)

Natalie Kemp with Redaurora Dreamsicle (Nemo)

Team Whippet - Whippets

Team Cavaliers At Work - Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Team Golden Retriever - Golden Retrievers


Lesley Holmes

Julie Askew with STRADCOT CRYSTAL MAZE (Indie)

Julie Askew

Rita Harmon with CAMPRESSE WEYMOUTH WONDER B.EX (Worcester)

Rita Harmon


Angela Watson

Reserves:  John Taylor with ROSINANTE LOVERBOY BY TANNADICE JW (Dax)

John Taylor

Brenda Taylor with ALIBREN LOVE ME DO (Jordy)

Brenda Taylor

Team The Petit Pyreneans - Pyrenean Sheepdogs

Liz Lewis with Geordi de l'Oustaou de Padel (Geordi)

Liz Lewis

Cynthia Milnes with Swe & Nor Ch Hob-Nob's Soleil of Jentilima (Pussel)

Cynthia Milne

Margaret Challans with Sawara Dreamer (Deva)

Margaret Challens

Pauline Keable with Rambauds Xonville (Fizz)

Pauline Keable

Diane Newton with Sawara Double Trouble (Piri)

Diane Newton

Jeanna Gwilliam with Norlyght Sebelas of Amienko (Kheva)

Jeanna Gwilliam

Spantastic Spanners - English Springer Spaniels

Zoe Gilbert with Glencambus Cadenza (Judy)

Zoe Gilbert

Sarah Hanson with Hiding in Holly RL2ex (Holly)

Sarah Hanson

Henrietta Carew with Hens Millie Minstrel (Mildred)

Henrietta Carew

Claire Lawrence with Spring Loaded Shamrock

Claire Lawrence

Team Kinaway - Border Collies

Team Greyt Expectations – Greyhounds

Julie Sadler with Undercover Lucy (Lucy)

Julie Sadler

Michelle Tomlin with Overdale Fantasy - racing name (Taz)

Michelle Tomlin

Paul Warman with Aghaburren Lena (Lena)

Paul Warman

Linda Warman with Highfire Lass (Lola)

Linda Warman

Clare Ware with Carraig Fun (Louis)

Clare Ware

Reserve: Liz Cameron with Oblivious - racing name (Polly)

Liz Cameron

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Russell Becque


Winner - Marie Gibson with Daisy Dibble


Reserve - Laura Tollin with Bright as the Moon


3rd - Joanne Pickles with Midnight Bullet


4th - Sarah Ludlam with Ollie Ollie Ollie


5th - Laura Simpson-Hall with Jollidot's Winter Snowdrop



In Running Order

1 Joanne Borg with Sunshine Gail (Labrador)

2 Geoff Dalton    with Iggy Showtime Vegas (BC)

3 Helen Strachan with Fly with the Northwind (WSD)

4 Lorraine Murphy with Altricia Mister Selfridge (BC)

5 Kathy Williams with Ame Magnanime Danielle De Rubis (Beauceron)

6 Joanne Pickles with Midnight Bullet (Border Terrier)

7 Abbie Nunn with Miss Bess (WSD)

  8 Sally Partridge with Redstubble Lord Gem Merlot (Labrador)

9 Helen Strachan with Happy Go Lucky Katie    (WSD)

  10 Sarah Ludlam with Ollie Ollie Ollie (WSD)

11 Lisa Craig with One for Luck    (Golden Retriever)

Lisa Craig

12 Liz Morris with Silver Merry Maker (WSD)

  13 Laura Tollin with Bright as the Moon (Japanese Akita Inu) 

14 Marie Gibson with Daisy Dibble (Labrador)
15 James Grant with Fetterdoon Loch Carron (Labrador)

16 Laura Simpson-Hall with Jollidot's Winter Snowdrop (Dalmatian)

Laura Simpson-Hall

17 John Leverington with Twist and Clout (WSD)

18 Cathy Spearing with Marli the Blue of Timbuktu (WSD)

Cathy Spearing

19 June Bailey with Stormyisles Mood Indigo (Sheltie)

20 Karen Pearson with Bambraque Bellaraine (WSD)

Karen Pearson



Judge - Russell Becque



1st - Hannah Searby and Tiny Rascal



1st - Josie Baldwin and Jack of Spades

2nd - Abbie Nunn and Miss Bess



1st - Paige Jepson with Dekdays Cambricia of Jeplong

2nd - Zoe Gilbert with Golden Bwlch Bracken


Overall winner & Rebecca Pointer Trophy

Paige Jepson with Dekdays Cambricia of Jeplong



1 Hannah Searby with Tiny Rascal (XBreed)

Hannah Searby

2 Zoe Gilbert with Golden Bwlch Bracken (WSD)

Zoe Gilbert

3 Kara Michaleson with Gandaki Unanimous Decision (Tibetan Terrier)

4 Laura Baillie with Kerriglow Candy Whisper (Cocker Spaniel)

5 Paige Jepson with Dekdays Cambricia of Jeplong (BC)

6 Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise (BC)

7 Abbie Nunn with Miss Bess (WSD)

8 Josie Baldwin with Jack of Spades (XBreed)

9 Sophie Taggart with Brazzle Dazzle Bramble (WSD)

10 Jamie Dryburgh with Celtacastus Magic Delight (GSD)

11 Zoe Gilbert with Glencambus Cadenza (ESS)

Zoe Gilbert


Judge - Roy Page



Winner - Kaydie Davidson with Jazzabins Memory


Reserve - Tabitha Peattie with Lady Rebecca of Potterne

3rd - Becky Convery with Miles to Fly


1 Matthew Taylor with Moonlight Magic of Caramay (XBreed)

2 Keris Reynolds-Dobson with Molly Teazer (XBreed)

3 Kaydie Davidson with Jazzabins Memory (WSD)

4 Tabitha Peattie with Lady Rebecca of Potterne (Cocker Spaniel)

5 Josie Baldwin with Jack of Spades (XBreed)

6 Joshua King with Biscatron 3000 (XBreed)

7 Becky Convery with Miles to Fly (XBreed)

8 Kara Michaelson with Gandaki Unanimous Decision (Tibetan Terrier)



Winner - Joanna Hudd with Ace King of Jos Hill


Reserve - Samantha Plaisted with Decoymans Piper Kei

3rd - Joshua King with Biscatron 3000


1 Joanna Hudd with Ace King of Jos Hill (XBreed)

2 Keeley Hurton with Little Daisy Doo (Labrador)

3 Clare Dempsey with Lady Waffles (XBreed)

4 Lizzie Mason with Strickland Flyer (WSD)

5 Samantha Plaisted with Decoymans Piper Kei (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

6 Joshua King with Biscatron 3000 (XBreed)

7 Millie Edwards with Swanmarch Colour me Blue (Cocker Spaniel)



Winner - Katie Bloor with Katie's Calamari


Reserve - Rosie Paine with Mad Miss Maddy

3rd - Emily Wyatt with Frankie Goes to Hollysea

1 Daniel Mcquiston with Wee Bonnie Girl (XBreed)

2 Emily Wyatt with Frankie Goes to Hollysea (XBreed)

3 Rosie Paine with Mad Miss Maddy (XBreed)

4 Ella Armstrong with Lorics Xquizite in Ebony (Miniature Poodle)

5 Katie Bloor with Katie's Calamari (XBreed)



 Winner - Ella Armstrong with Lorics Xquizite in Ebony (Miniature Poodle)


 Winner - Kate Nicholas with Beverton Ice (BC)




Judge - Stella Henstridge

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

Stella Henstridge

To say I am very much looking forward to judging the championships is an understatement. To me the dog and bitch Championships at Crufts are the ultimate in Obedience Competition so I feel very honoured and privileged to have been invited and I would like to thank the Crufts committee for the invitation.

My Obedience career has spanned over 30 years. As a child we always had dogs in our household and this continued when I got married and we had our own home.

I currently live in Andover, Hampshire with my husband John and our five dogs Jody, Leo, Joss, Jorja and Ziva.  Ziva being the latest and very lively addition to our family, the boys are not quite sure what to make of the two girls as they do tend to be a bit bossy.

When our first daughter, Kimberley was very young we had a golden Labrador, Honey. She was brilliant with the children, although her one vice was that she destroyed every teddy bear they had.  She was very patient and allowed them to play with her and her basket became a favourite place for them and their friends to play in, it was often filled with Lego and such like.  She very often became a stool for Kirstie, our younger daughter, to sit on while she played.

After losing Honey we had a German Shepherd, Zak. When he was about 10 months old we took him along to Andover Dog Training Club where we discovered Obedience.  John took him training and I went along to watch and became very interested. John started to compete with him and this led to me getting involved, firstly by being a caller steward and then getting my first dog Dodwell Jamie “Jamie”. I started competing with him in 1985. He was a very keen dog and went from beginners to C, but never managed to win a C.   My next dog was Dodwell Callum “Callum” he was a very special dog, my first ticket dog. He won his first CC in 1992; the next three CC wins followed quickly and became an Obedience Champion at the age of 3 years. We competed at Crufts for the first time in 1993 and were leading the dog Championships on this occasion but unfortunately failed scent, however he went on to win the dog Obedience Championships in 1994.  Callum competed at Crufts on 8 consecutive occasions. 

Following Callum I had Mounthill Masterpiece, “Corin”, who qualified to work Championship ‘C’, he was placed in the class but never won the elusive ticket.  He was followed by, Dumavala Zhivargo.  Zhivi won a “CC” and   competed at Crufts in 2004.
My next dog was Bisquet Jordan, “Jody”; he qualified to work Championship C but was retired, on vet’s advice, at 7 years old as he is epileptic. He now lives a life of luxury and enjoys every minute of it. As I always say about Jody he enjoys getting up in the morning and his day always improves.  He was followed by Colimanor Joss, “Joss”, who has never really liked working obedience as it interferes with his sleeping and snoring, both of which he is very good at. He has now joined Jody in a life of luxury, doing what he likes best. He was followed by “Jorja”, Cories Classic Touch, the first bitch I have worked, who is currently working open “C” and I now have a young dog Remror Ziva, “Ziva” who will start competing this year.

My judging career started in 1988 and I awarded my first Challenge Certificate in 1999. I have also enjoyed judging in the Channel Islands, Holland, Belgium and Ireland.

Having competed at Crufts and having been involved with the World Cup I can appreciate that to step on to the green carpet at Crufts as a competitor is one of the greatest achievements you can experience with your dog. It can be a very exciting but also a very nerve racking experience.

I have a great team to assist me and we all hope everyone enjoys the day. Enjoy your dogs, enjoy your special day, good luck have a great time.

Stella Henstridge

Judge - Kim Innes

(Obedience World Cup)

Firstly I would like to thank the Kennel Club for inviting me to judge at Crufts 2016.

I first started in competitive Obedience in 1981 with my GSD called Gemma. This opened up a whole new world to me and I have enjoyed both competing and judging in this wonderful Sport ever since. I have been fortunate enough to have competed at Crufts on numerous occasions. My first dog to compete there was Kylie my very nervous GSD who had a complete melt down and couldn‚€™t cope with the experience at all! I was therefore a tad daunted when I took Heidi there aged just three years of age. Luckily she rose to the occasion loved it all and took me back for eight consecutive years. She made me and other GSD enthusiasts very happy when she won Crufts in 1997. In all I have had six dogs qualified at Crufts but probably my most well known in recent years was Yaz who took me on a wonderful journey competing at Crufts on nine occasions. She won Crufts twice, was part of the winning England team in the first ever World cup and she was also the first ever individual World Champion. I have been so lucky to have had such wonderful dogs in my life.

I feel very honoured , though saddened, that I am judging the last World cup. It seems ironic that I was there at the start and I am judging it in it‚€™s finality The whole Crufts experience can be over whelming for both dogs and Handlers, especially those that will travel so far to compete at this prestigious Show, and I am mindful of the fact that I would like everyone to enjoy their special day.

It is very important to me that it is a level playing field and everyone has the same knowledge of the Test whether they are drawn first or last.

With this in mind I have set a flowing HW Round that I feel will test but not over stretch the Competitors and their dogs. All Competitors will know prior to the day the Heelwork round and the type of Sendaway I will be putting up on the day. Most UK handlers would know exactly the type of sendaway I will have (Mrs Predictability!!) but not so our over sea‚€™s handlers. Having worked with large and small dogs I am very aware that the Test must suit all Breeds and I have put a lot of thought into designing the Test accordingly.

Many thanks to my Team who on the day I know will be a huge support. I would also like to thank them for the hard work and commitment they have given to me prior to the event.

I wish all Competitors loads of luck on the day. Enjoy your special day .


Judge - Nigel Slater

(Inter Regionals)

Nigel Slater

To have the honour of judging twice in the ‘Big Ring’ within 48 months is truly exhilarating!

Since entering the world of Competitive Obedience in the early months of 1979 I have had the pleasure of competing with six dogs at all levels achieving success with them all. But equally, by putting something back into the game by stewarding and judging is to me also rewarding and is what keeps our sport healthy.

To be invited to judge this event is a wonderful opportunity as I have been a supporter of it since its conception in the early 1980’s. I was involved briefly in the selection process for my region and therefore was exposed to the ‘highs and lows’ of what it can throw up. The time, effort and sometimes personal expense that the Team Managers have to give should be recognised and applauded! Over the years and due to the breed restrictions that have been imposed their jobs have become that much more difficult.

So, and when the competitors parade around the arena prior to, and at the completion of the event give thanks also to the people who have brought them to this event.

I also have had the task of selecting a team for Crufts 2016. A team of individuals that will have one main thought in their mind ..... to ensure all the competitors and their dogs are at ease and have the best opportunity to show their talents.

Well handlers .... you just got lucky!!

In no particular order I would like to thank Sue Slater, Sue Howell, Beverley Smith, Kathleen Hood, Lynne Rowell, Bea Benton, Keith Wall, Paul Evans and Rob Pugh for joining me for this prestigious event. Have a great day, I trust you all impeccably and love you as true friends. My thanks also to Chris Marriott who has once again agreed to attend to record the day in photographs later to be turned into a CD accompanied by music as a forever memento of the competition.

In conclusion I would like to wish all the Team Managers and their 'chosen few' good fortune and a memorable day giving one promise only ..... the best team on the day will definitely win!

To my fellow Obedience judges at Crufts 2016:-

Stella Henstridge- Obedience Championships, Kim Innes- World Cup, Russell Becque-KCGC Special Pre-Beginners Obedience Stakes Final, Krysia Wilenczye- Obreedience and Roy Page- YKC ..... have a wonderful day that will hopefully remain in your heart and minds forever!

Hang on ..... no Roy Page in the 'Big Ring'? .... surely not? Alas it’s true! So congratulations to Richard Kebble on your promotion and good wishes to Steve Rutter on becoming the new "Sorcerer's Apprentice"‚€¶.have a great few days!

A final thought ..... what makes us so, so lucky to have found this sport and to be involved in such a wonderful celebration over the four days?

Beats me!

See you all on the 10th March and amongst all the hullaballoo ..... don’t forget to enjoy it!




Judge - Russell Becque

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)

Russell Becque

I am extremely proud to have been asked to judge The Kennel Club Good Citizens Special Pre-Beginner Stakes Obedience Finals at Crufts Dog Show 2016 and thank The Kennel Club for deeming me worthy.

To all the Finalists I wish you the very best of luck but above all enjoy and relish every minute of your day at Crufts, you have done the hard work in qualifying, now come out and enjoy your big day irrespective of the final outcome, after all, look who's taking the BEST dog home .......YOU!

My competitive obedience training began way back in the early eighties with a G.S.D. named 'Prince'. His training was coming on really well and he had progressed to the dizzy heights of the training clubs 'top class'! I thought it was time to put him into a show so off we went to a local Exemption (Companion) Show. I entered Prince into the Starters class full of confidence that he can do all of it easily but I also found myself quite nervous! Then it was our turn, well, absolutely nothing went right, Prince kept running off to my wife (at the time) and young daughter, pulling on the lead and out of a possible 70 points we lost 68, I still believe to this day we were only given the 2 points because he actually entered the ring at the start!!! To say I was completely disheartened and deflated would be a true understatement, I was absolutely devastated but then I thought for a while and bucked up a bit when a thought about entering another show popped into my head 'Well I thought, he certainly cannot do any worse so things can only get better,' and they did, Prince went on to win a few shows prior to me having to retire him through ill health. The moral of this story (which is very true) is that although he never took the obedience world by storm as I first thought he would, he was still a true champion to my family and I as he was such a lovely caring and well mannered dog so we still in our eyes always took the best dog home. I have had a few dogs since then, Border Collies and German Shepherds and I also now have a lively, naughty but lovely German Shepherd x Siberian Husky called Tazzz whom I fostered but then adopted. Tazzz is mentally and physically a very powerful dog whom I have now had for almost four years since March 2012, his training is coming on well and is fun and challenging to say the least but he has huge potential. He won out of Novice last season so I am looking forward to pushing him on this year!

I have been working with dogs, training and behaviour wise for 35 years and am lucky enough to be earning a living doing something I fully enjoy and find extremely rewarding. I am also the founder and CEO of The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training.

I have had a really good year professionally wise culminating in me being chosen to be in the top five for Kennel Club KCAI Trainer of the year, the winner being announced at Crufts so fingers crossed!

Every dog we have had and still have, all have their own individual characters and all endear themselves to us in different ways and for different reasons but we love them all equally very much. At the time of writing this we have six dogs Red a 15 year old Border Collie (Retired from Ch C); Silver an 11 year old Border Collie (Retired from Ch C); Paddy a 10 year old Rescued Border Collie (Retired); Jinx a 5 year old Border Collie (Working Novice with Kirsten); Tazzz a 4 year old German Shepherd x Siberian Husky Rescue (Working A with Me); Lewey a 12 month old Border Collie (In Training with Kirsten):

Enjoy your dogs, they are with us for such a relatively short time.

Russell Becque FAMCBT KCAI CdA, ObA, BehA.


Judge - Roy Page

(YKC Obedience)

Roy Page

When I decided to retire as Crufts Chief Obedience Steward last year I really thought that my work and responsibilities at Crufts was finished so I was totally surprised but pleased to be invited to judge the YKC obedience classes this year.  I have actually judged this before some 20 years ago (then called KCJO obedience).  A lot of the exercises have changed considerably since those days so this is actually a new experience for me and one I am looking forward to.

Although we have four dogs at home, ranging from 7 months to almost 16 years, I do not actually work a dog any more but I am still involved and assist with the weekly training at a local competitive club which I really enjoy.  I also still do a fair amount of judging and stewarding and I certainly don’t look forward to the time when I may not be able to be involved in this great sport that has been a major part of my life since my first dog arrived on the scene in 1970.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge these classes at the greatest dog show in the world and to wish all the competitors the very best of luck on the day.  I hope that they will thoroughly enjoy their experience and stay in competitive obedience for many years to come.  Remember – regardless of the outcome at Crufts – you can be proud knowing that you have earned the right to be there and without a doubt, when it’s all over, you WILL be taking the best dog home with you.

Roy Page





Judge - Krysia Wilenczyc


Krysia Wilenczye

I am really looking forward to judging the Obreedience competition at Crufts 2016 and thank the KC for my invitation. I think that it is a brilliant event, which shows that any breed can be trained, and I was honoured to take a team of Afghans to the inaugural event in 2014. We didn’t go with the intention of winning but just to show that Afghans are not stupid as everyone seems to think but are in fact very trainable and we had a ball.

I was brought up with family dogs, but in 1979 decided that I wanted a dog of my own, so bought my first dog, a GSD called Sasha. We went to the Oxhey branch of BAGSD for training and very fortunately they ran an open obedience show, which is still going strong, so I helped out and fell in love with obedience. Sasha loved her work but hated out of sight stays and would continually follow me out of the ring, but we managed to get to class C and gain a qualifier but unfortunately she had to be retired early due to health problems.

Several GSDs later, all of whom competed in obedience, I decided after much thought to get an Afghan and so appeared my rescue dog Lara. She was the sweetest dog you could wish to meet, we had a dabble at training and she taught me so much, but as she had quite a few hang ups she preferred to be a couch potato, but I knew that I wanted to have a go at training another Afghan and so came Yanousia (Yani).

Yani won a novice at Elm Park championship obedience show. She came very close to winning her 2nd novice, with a run off for 1st and countless 2nds but an upset on retrieve in the ring meant that it wasn’t meant to be, and I learnt that if a hound gets upset over something it is very hard to get them over it. My next Afghan Wladek loved his work and I loved working him. I showed him as well as competing in obedience and we proudly led the Afghan team into the Obreedience ring in 2014

I’m not sure why I was drawn to Borzois, but I was, so when I lost Lara, Mazourka (Maz) came into my life and what a learning curve that was, she took stubborn to a whole new level! Like most hounds she is very intelligent and could work superbly but only if she wanted to. Apart from training and competing in obedience, I also showed Maz and was thrilled when she became a champion. Her daughter Tonya Blossom Tulloolabelle is following in her footsteps and is currently competing in obedience and is shown in breed with 1CC and 3 reserves, proving that a dog can compete successfully in both disciplines.

I currently own Maz (Borzoi) and Zarek (GSD) who are retired. Jula (GSD) and Tonya (Borzoi) who compete in Novice and A and my 2 youngsters Kazek (Borzoi) and Wojciech (Afghan) who are being shown and will eventually be making their debut in the obedience ring.

I would like to wish all of the teams taking part in the Obreedience event the best of luck, but more than that, enjoy your time in the ring, showing the world that with patience, dedication and masses of treats and toys any breed of dog can be trained and lets hope that we can encourage every dog owner to find their local dog training club and have a go at training their dogs. You never know what you might achieve.

Krysia Wilenczyc