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Crufts 2018

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Sharon Dunstan

Bitch Championship

In Running Order:

1 Chrys Hancock with Borderclan Double Trouble

Chrys Hancocks

2 June Stenning with Iatka Starshine

June Stenning

3 Sue Howell with Candlewind Disaronno

Sue Howell

4 Jane Bint with Ob Ch Janyjoy Jumpin Jaro

Jane Bint

5 Heather Grey with Be My Miracle (2)

Heather Grey

6 Caroline Eley with Ob Ch Kywidden Morvenna

Caroline Eley

7 Helen Murray with Sixela Uno's Diva

Helen Murray

8 Jenny Palser with Vanistica Olivia (2)

9 Diane Martin with Ob Ch Lupitoonz Eazi Peazi (2)

Di Martin

10 Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Ruskath Makana Image (8)

Kathy Russell

11 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Jezzaddy It's Snow Floozie (4)

Phil Barnes

12 Susie Tooley with Ob Ch Everush Olympic Flame

Suzy Tooley

13 Jeny Miller with Foxfold Unexpected Edition OW, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx (2)

Jeny Miller

14 Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic Its Flicka

Pat Watson

15 Mary Ray with Ob Ch Sarkam Sings The Blues (4)

Mary Ray

16 Janet Hackett with Iatka Winter Star At Forestbeck

Janet Hackett

17 Marie Cartwright with Stillrockin The Magic

18 Ann Rogers with Ob Ch Touch Of Clubs Diamond Edge (3)

Ann Rogers

19 Dominique Guenther(Ficek) with Ob Ch De Risan Extra Hot (2)

Dominique Guenther(

20 Kathy Russell with Sarkam Explicit Image For Ruskath (2)

Kathy Russell

21 Jane Moran with Ob Ch Dusters Done 'N' Dusted

Jane Moran

Dog Championship

In Running Order:

1 Jane Bint with Ob Ch Its Jaro's D'Ream

Jane Bint

2 Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans (6)

Mary Ray

3 Audrey Wilkinson with Nidderdale Paddy Power

Audrey Wolkinson

4 Julie Rowlands with Sarkam Unanimous Decision

Julie Rowlands

5 Michelle Newman with Sarkam Rap It Up

6 Debbie Durbridge with Bekkis Takes Two

Debbie Steadman

7 Pat Watson with Fellameeka Madness

Pat Watson

8 Bronwyn Bartley with Ob Ch Bheinn He's A Gift Forever

Bronwyn Bartley

9 Ria McGovern with Ob Ch Beckim Surprise Surprise (3)

Ria McGovern

10 Janet Matthews with Ob Ch Croftmist River Of Krismoss (2)

Jan Matthews

11 Sandra Spruce with Ob Ch Dodgin Rags To Riches (2)

Sandra Spruce

12 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's A Gift

Phil Barnes

13 Geraldine Steadman with Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm (2)

Geraldine Steadman

14 Patricia Jones with Longwaves Cloudy Sky (4)

Trisha Jones

15 Mark Herrits with Ob Ch Dodgin Master Markat

Mark Herrits

16 Sue King with Ob Ch Jodame Dutch Courage (2)

Sue King

17 Dot Watts with Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco (5)

Dot Watts

18 Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Ruskath Magical Image (3)

Kathy Russell

19 Moe Edser with Ob Ch Forever My Miracle (3)

Moe Edser

20 Dee Steadman with Kethinna Johnny Be Good

Inter Regional Obedience

Judge - Ray Wakelin



In running order:


Team Manager - Lou Jackson



Donna Revill with Verdendo Lucky Lu (Boxer)

Domma Revill

Reserve: Alice Martin with Ready Teddy Go Go Go (Border Terrier)

Alice Martin


Emma Winwood with Stormlake's Jewel N' Sparkle (GSD)

Emma Winwood

David Wassell with Millfield Spicy Tikka (GR)

David Wassell

Class A

Pauline Fletcher with Halligalli High Jynx (WS)

Pauline Fletcher

John Patilla with Briabar Golden Reiver (GR)

John Patilla

Class B

Kay Reynolds with Westhorphall Sarabin (GR)

Kay Reynolds

Class C

Nicky Murrell with Sixela Over The Border O.W. (BC)

Nicky Murrell



Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgrs - Ellen Herries & Anne Marie Parker



Reserve: Glenn Paterson with BENHAR BELLATRIX - BELLA - (XB)


Elaine Low with HONESTY BLAZE CDEx Beg EX - MOLLIE - (XB)

Elaine Lowe


Class A

Penny Crowe with STAFFSTYLE BONNY WEE LASS - ELSA - (Staffie)

Penny Crowe

Penny Crowe with RUBY LADY OF ST LEONARDS - RUBY - (Staffie)

Penny Crowe

Class B

Carol Stewart with RUSKATH LUMINOUS IMAGE - OBI - (WS)

Class C

Ann McCann with SIXELA ONE TO ONE - SAGAN - (BC)

Ann McCann



Team Manager - Emma Lavender

Asst Mgrs - Alison Gresty & Karen Davies


Michelle Louise Dakin with Tatty Tedward - Ted (XB)

Michelle Louise Dakin

Reserve: Ellie Wright with Bensie Boo - Benson (XB)

Ellie Wright


Rachael Young with Jarysmystic All Fired Up - Mary (GR)

Rachael Young

Liz Mills with Skaijaks Serendipity of Tomszill - Lucy (Polish Lowland Sheepdog)

Liz Mills

Class A

Ginny Stokes with Croftmist Highland Skye - Skyler (BC)

Ginny Stokes

Maureen Conlin with Whoneeds Sleep at Jarys - Zoom (XB)

Maureen Conlin

Class B

Jean Queen with Gaytonwood Gigha - Rustle (GR)

Jean Queen

Class C

Shirley Bowlas with Franks For The Memory - Frankie (BC)

Shirley Bowlas



Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Linda Dayman with Dorgie Thunderbolt -Dorgie (WS)

Linda Dayman

Reserve: Sian Donoghue with Abergwenllan Harry - Harry (Poodle)

Sian Donoghue


Elinor Anderson with Brandy Reddy for Myrtillas - Brandy (Cross)

Elinor Anderson

Pete Lawrence with Visanara Mya - Hettie (GSD)

Pete Lawrence

Class A

Anna Zabinska with Moon Walker - Tahu (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Anna Zabinska

Justin Parker with Conquell Urs - Neo (GSD)

Class B

Gill Walker with Spelsbury Reckless - Corey (Labrador)

Class C

Helen Fishlock with Jodame Double Take - Nix (WS)

Helen Fishlock


South & South West


Team Manager - Stephanie Woollam



Kate Asher with Our Little Tinker (Working Cocker Spaniel)

Reserve: Sandra Smith with Gunner Joblue (GSD)


Steve Wiltshire with Vakeranti Onnyx (GSD)

Jacky Shore with Redaurora Golden Dream (NSDTR)

Jacky Shore

Class A

Samantha Rice with Tollerice Aivazoff (NSDTR)

Sam Rice

Hilary Holley with Rannock Feargal (Labrador)

Hilary Holley

Class B

Sue Luce with Leading Lady at Willowyarde (WS)

Class C

Helen Connolly with Noahline Dusted Downunder (WS)

Helen Connelly


South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Wendy Birch

Southern Team


Kylie Birch with Downriver Free Spirit "Spree" (Australian Cattle Dog)

Kylie Birch

Reserve: Julie Green and Oakcroft Abbie's Dream "Pippa" (Sheltie)

Julie Green


Jill Van Assen and Tribbrook Marauders Map "Digger" (Australian Shepherd Dog)

Jill Van Assen

Sam Gargano and Bullbo Lucky Star "Molly" (German Spitz Mittel)

Samantha Gargano

Class A

Kit Clow and Osketra Sirius "Devon" (GSD)

Kit Clow

Lesley Nichols and Dunburgh Taylor Boy "Tayler" (Goldie)

Lesley Nichols

Class B

Fran Godfrey and Kingsfarm Brazen in Black at Sunridge "Chime" (WS)

Fran Godfrey

Class C

Jill Berry and Nedlo Technicality "Biffy" (BC)

Jill Berry

Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney


Sarah Kilpatrick with Fircroft Enamour of Palampur - Floss - (BC)

Reserve: Molly Davidson with King of The Maze - (Cross)


Deborah Aiken with Foxfold Pollyanna - Jhana - (GSD)

Debbie Aiken

Lisa Craig with Pepsanner Sutton Belle - Evie - (GR)

Lisa Craig

Class A

Ruth Martin with Shinrone Yeltzin - Harley – (Poodle)

Ruth Martin

Voirrey Horne with Manannans Isla Man - Isla - (BC)

Voirrey Horne

Class B

Miriam De Groot with Tawnyhill Unique Cinnamon - Mia - (GR)

Miriam De Groot

Class C

Victoria Dixon with Rustix Ali Cdex WD Gx - Ali - (Malinios)


Inter Regional Rally

Judge - Rachel Bradley


In running order:



Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth

Assistant Managers: Karen Kendall & Carole Thornley

 Level 1

Marie Miller with Stormlake Jester - Yogi (GSD)

Marie Miller

Reserve: Abbie Reynolds-Dobson with Marley Marvel - Marley (GSD x Collie)

Abbie Reynolds-Dobson

Level 2

Gemma Easton with Freak On A Leash - Binky (WS)

Gemma Easton

Maureen Grindey with Vicmars Step Out - Maisie (Standard Poodle)

Maureen Grindey

Level 3

Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way - Kete (Shetland Sheepdog)

Sue Lang

Level 4

Sarah Hanson with Hiding In Holly - Holly (English Springer Spaniel)

Sarah Hanson

Level 5

Julia Skipp with She's The One - China (BC)

Julia Skipp

Level 6

Joanne Syson with Midnight Bullet - Merlin (Border Terrier)

Joanne Syson



Team Manager - Elaine Miller
Ass Managers - Sarah Holroyd & Susie Galloway

Level 1

Megan Watson with Charlie's A Darling - Charlie (CKCS)

Reserve: Ann Winning with Narayden Black Coffee - Rowan (CKCS)

Level 2

Pam Cuthbert with Maccadale Mozzie - Mozzie (BC)

Sarah Kremeyer with Stockibears Caramel Mist - Thor (GSD)

Level 3

Karyn Thomson with Bailey Bongolight - Bailey (XB)

Level 4

Amy Jackson with In A Minute Jess - Jess (XB)

Level 5

Janet Young with Fallowfen's Silver Cairn - Cairn (NSDTR)

Level 6

Sally Sanford with Erikachen Lasadoir - Lace (NSDTR)



Team Manager - Julie Barrett

Assistant Managers: Gail Holl & Andy Dainty

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6




Team Manager - Margaret Booth

Margaret Booth

Assistant Managers: Mary Rayment & Sharon Formstone

Level 1

Sally Hallmark with Jencro Jesting in Silver - Tippy (Miniature Poodle)

Sally Hallmark

Reserve: Leah Davies with Maggington Maloney - Maggie (Labrador Retriever)

Leah Davies

Level 2

Jackie Travers-Spencer with Mewn Lap Y Duwiau - Phoebe (Crossbreed)

Jackie Travers-Spencer

Rachel Marshall with Dolpena Magic Storm of Bernannan - Merlin (Bernese Mountain Dog)

Rachel Marshall

Level 3

Yvonne Davies with Fech Fach Las - Squiggle (Crossbreed)

Yvonne Davies

Level 4

Sofia Gilljam with Knott Solkungen - Knott (Cirneco dell'Etna)

Sofia Gilljam

Level 5

Chrissy Harrison with Jacob Osborne of Neath - Jake (Working Sheepdog)

Chrissy Harrison

Level 6

Katy Girdler with Gwynion Sinead For Pashamatts - Tyler (Border Collie)

Katy Girdler

South & South West


Team Manager - Jenny Butters

Assistant Managers: Simone Lynch & Lesley Peters

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Susan Coulstock

Assistant Managers: Helen Bull & Sam Savory

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6


Northern Ireland


Team Manager - Rachel Cooper

Assistant Managers: Debbie Martin & Patricia Page

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Level 6



Judge - Marney Wells

Team 1

Lively Labs (Labrador Retrievers)


Team 2

The Russellers (Jack Russell Terriers)

Julia Bodsworth (Team Captain) with White Lightening Hot Spot (Spot)

Julia Bodsworth

Anne Shuker with Scally's Skullduggery Swag (Scally)

Anne Shuker

Kirsty Stuart with Fedsig The Giant (Feds)

Kirsty Stuart

Sian Rees with Little Miss Tiny Temper (Mable)

Sian Rees

Julie Russon with My Bostin' Buster (Buster)

Julie Russon

Angela Woodhouse with The Titchfield Thunderbolt (Titch)

Angela Woodhouse

Team 3

Smooth Operators (Smooth Collie)

Sophie Harrison (Team Captain) with Seanua Sans Souci (Bindi)

Sophie Harrison

Ann Fuller with Plaisance Olive La Belle (Maggie)

Ann Fuller

Kate Giddings with Legend Of Camelot's Confusion at Ryecombe (Artie)

Kate Giddings

Leonie Macdonald with Blamorder Just The Spirit (Connie)

Leonie Macdonald

Pat Thompson with Foxearth Incognito at Expressebury (Smidgen)

Pat Thompson

Pete Fuller with Wynele Golden Delight (Ella)

Pete Fuller

Team 4

The Rat Catchers (Manchester Terriers)


Team 5

Canny Cavaliers (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)

Lucy Dawson with Luphenex Let Me Entetain You RL4 (Hetty)

Lucy Dawson

Roxane Hobbs with Wynncliff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde RL1 (Karly)

Roxane Hobbs

Philippa Biddle with Hearthfriend Hazel Nutkins (Hazel)

Phillipa Biddle

Kate Hughes with Ruby Roo Girl (Ruby)

Kate Hughes


Chris Clements with Willowtump Athelas at Luphenex

Chris Clements

Barbara Taylor with Taybar Stella ShCM (Stella)

Barbara Taylor

Team 6

Dachtastic (Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds)


Team 7

Hugabern (Bernese Mountain Dogs)

Carol Davis with Chippis Diamond in the Sky (Lucy)

Carol Davis

Sue Small with Malindibeach Perfect Poseur (Tiffany)

Sue Small

Dave Maddox with Chippis Real Diamond (Georgie)

Dave Maddox

Sue Maddox with Chippis Diamond Lily (Lily)

Sue Maddox

Sue Small with Malindibeach Faberge Fancy (Fabs)

Sue Small

Carol Davis with Chippis She's a Diamond (Gina)

Carol Davis

Team 8

The Italian Job (Lagotto Romagnolo)


Team 9

The Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs)

Steph Carpenter and Morrow Blue Heeler (Kitz)

Steph Carpenter

Kathryn Searle and Morrow Blue Indingo (Luka)

Kathryn Searle

Kylie Birch and Downriver Free Spirit (Spree)

Kylie Birch

Bob Murrell and Angelarc Nooree (Nori)

Bob Murrell

Reserves: Petrea Woolard and Ch. Austmans Ozymandias (Percy)

Petra Woolard

Hilary Powell and Morrow Blue Flyer (Miah)



Team 10

Poodle Training Club (Toy Poodle)

Linda Newland with Maisie

Sandra Leach with Catmonkey Sweet Florence (Florence)

Sandra Leach

Derek Stores with Princess Orca in the Sunset (Orca)

Marie Stokes

Patricia Wheeler with Ajanti Rockstar With Verismo (Phoebe)

Patricia Wheeler

Anne Marie Pratchel

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - John Farr

In No Particular Order

Kylie Birch with Downriver Free Spirit (Australian Cattle Dog)

Kylie Birch

Faye Brooks with Lunatic Blue Marian (Working Sheepdog)

Pauline Buckingham with Cactus Bite (Border Terrier)

Pauline Buckigham

Sharon Bush with Mist Naughty Spots (Working Sheepdog)

Georgina Chenery with Serenties Fraggle Rock (Miniature Schnauzer)

Molly Davidson with King of The Maze (Crossbreed)

Lucie Davies with Knowlehill Snowstorm (Golden Retriever)

Sam Gargano with Bullbo Lucky Star (German Spitz - Mittel)

Janine Grinshill with Sirocco Breeze (Labrador Retriever)

Janine Grinshill with Great Gifted Sunshine Lad (Labrador Retriever)

Jeanna Gwilliam with Norlght Sebela's Of Amienko (Pyrenean Sheepdog)

Fiona Matheson with Isle Of Diura (Miniature Schnauzer)

Margaret McDevitt with Carricks Popping Candy (Working Sheepdog)

Maggie McDevitt

Tracy Morns with Wychnmutts Pippina (Border Collie)

Tracy Morns

Gillian Raku-Evans with The Gorgeous Mr Cobbs (Standard Poodle)

Gillian Raku-Evans

Rachel Richards with Chezmick Jive Bunny (Miniature Poodle)

Rachel Richards

Ellie Rivington with Backwinds Mr Chips (Miniature Poodle)

Ellie Rivington with Ruby Classie Lass (Yorkshire Terrier)

Sarah Shelton-Porter with Cedarsmount Greta (German Shepherd)

Angie Swann with Sunshine Red Alert (Working Sheepdog)



Judge - John Farr


In No Particular Order

Josie Baldwin with Jack of Spades (Crossbreed)

Ellie Mae Barthrop with India Rose Sweet Moon Melody (Miniature Poodle)

Becky Convery with Miles To Fly (Crossbreed)

Molly Davidson with King of the Maze (Crossbreed)

Lucie Davies with Knowlehill Snowstorm (Golden Retriever)

Ella Garwood with Krazy Katenne Mayhem (Crossbreed)

Zoe Gilbert with Gold Bwlch Bracken (Working Sheepdog)

Olivia Hillier-Carter with Little Polar Bear (Jack Russell Terrier)

Paige Jepson with Dekdays Cambrica of Jeplong (Border Collie)

Josh Keyworth with Lily Morawel (Border Collie)

Kiara Michaelson with Dobriac Polly Sunshine (Tibetan Terrier)

Ellie Rivington with Backwinds Mr Chips (Miniature Poodle)

Ellie Rivington with Ruby Classie Lass (Yorkshire Terrier)

Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise (Border Collie)

Imogen Woodman with Millie My Love (Crossbreed)




Judge - Emma Lavender



In Running Order:

1 Alice Lee with Charlie Jumps To Conclusion (Miniature Poodle) Over 18

2 Ella Garwood with Cories Klever Cookie Candi (Kelpie) Over 18

3 Jessica Herron with Texarkana Surprise at Natica (Miniture Poodle) Under 12

4 Annabelle Deamer with Beautiful Sparkle Babe (Cocker Spaniel) Under 12

5 Rhys Kelly with Baby Rock Your Socks (Crossbreed - cockapoo) 12 and Over

6 Samantha Ragus with Mediterranean Jet (Labrador) Over 18

Samantha Ragas

7 Keeley Hurton with Keeleys Little Miss Me Working (Sheepdog) 12 and Over

8 Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise (Border Collie) 12 and Over

9 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone (Border Collie) Over 18

10 Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) Under 12

11 Keris Reynolds-Dobson with Molly Teazer (Crossbreed) Under 12

12 Daniel McQuiston with Wee Lunatic (Border Collie) Over 18

13 Eavie Sultana with Mistmere Music of the Night (Sheltie) Under 12

14 Bobbie Lee with Ambien Abracadabra (Miniature Poodle) Under 12

15 Josh Keyworth with Lily Morawel (Border Collie) 12 and Over



In Running Order:

1 Jemma Speirs with Syanne Daddy's Dream Edition (Border Collie) Under 12

2 Lisa Griffiths with Tilemash Diamond Girl (Working Sheepdog) Over 18

3 Sarah Kilpatrick with Fircroft Enamour of Palampur (Border Collie) 12 and Over

4 Lucie Davies with Knowlehill Snowstorm (Golden Retriever) 12 and Over

5 Chloe-Leigh Findlay with Stillmoor Miss Independent At Dreamorox (Border Collie) Under 12

6 Isobel West with Wakaduze Wi Mimbe at Raynechaser (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) 12 and Over

7 Laura Baillie with Kerriglow Candy Whisper (Cocker Spaniel) Over 18

8 Eleanor Donne with Eleanor's Wish (Cocker Spaniel) 12 and Over

9 Joshua King with Biscatron3000 (Crossbreed) 12 and Over

10 Daniel McQuiston with Wee Lunatic (Border Collie) Over 18

11 Keeley Hurton with Keeleys Archie Boy (Crossbreed) 12 and Over

12 Rebecca Williams with Skylar Curly Flyer (Crossbreed - Cockerpoo) 12 and Over

13 Molly Davidson with King of the Maze (Crossbreed) 12 and Over

14 Aine Dodman with Alikir High Spirits (German Shepherd Dog) Over 18

15 Bobbie Lee with Jakey of Zeldonis (Crossbreed) Under 12

16 Lydia Smith with Best Baxa Ladylikee (Border collie) Over 18


High Flyers


In Running Order:

1 Michaela Gunning with Wot a Sparkler (Working Sheepdog) Over 18

2 Kaydie Davidson with Jazzabins Memory (Working Sheepdog) Under 12

3 Kaydie Davidson with Frank's for the Memory (Working Sheepdog) Under 12






Judge - Sharon Dunstan

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

Sharon Dunstan

I think the only time I can ever say I was 100% speechless was on that day 3 years ago when a large green envelope arrived through the letterbox. I didn't open it immediately as I thought it was some sort of advertisement from the Kennel Club. When I did open it, I think Mam thought I was auditioning for the part of Nemo, the way my mouth was opening and closing but nothing was coming out! I cannot begin to describe the different emotions I went through in a matter of minutes, but to say I am honoured and delighted, is the biggest understatement ever! I would like to thank the Kennel Club Crufts Committee for deeming me worthy of this accolade.

I was brought up in a small farming village in Cumbria and have always had a passion for animals. I loved any interaction with animals, whether I was teaching my horse to jump, teaching a young heifer to walk on a head collar at the local farm where I helped out or training any of our neighbours' dogs that I could get my hands on.

We always had a family pet but when I was 14, I pleaded with my parents to let me have a dog of my own. A GSD was my first choice but I was told I was too young and not big enough to look after such a large dog. My second choice was therefore a 'farm dog', better known to me now as a Border Collie! Along came Nell and it was a natural progression for me to attend the local dog training class at Border DTC in Carlisle. Shortly after I joined, I was chosen to represent the club at the Pedigree Petfoods competition. I'm sure it wasn't because of any good dog training skills that I was chosen, but more likely that I was willing to give it a go(!) and off I went with my parents and Nell to Edinburgh with high hopes of a successful outcome. Well, it wasn't that successful, in fact I cringe at the memories of me encouraging Nell to keep up! But that was all it took for the competition bug to take hold, and it still has a firm grip 30 odd years later. I was lucky that day to meet a very kind lady who came up to me and spoke very encouragingly to me about my round and invited me to attend Wigton DTC which did more competition obedience. That lady is probably my most long standing friend in the obedience world, Pat Wilson, who introduced me to the world of play training and obedience competition.

Nell took me to the dizzy heights of working a 'C' round, she taught me a lot and we had a lot of laughs along the way. I bred one litter of pups from her and kept my next obedience dog, Cally. She was a super girl and lived until she was nearly 19 years old. She got slightly further than her mother by gaining two qualifiers for Championship C, but by then I had attained the age of 'night club, partying and boyfriend' years and dog training was put on the back burner for a little bit. Then in 1996, along came my little Flair. She became my first Obedience Champion, OB CH Piprian Fancy Fleur and was also placed 3rd at the Crufts Championships in 2005. In 2001 along came her baby brother Ross, OB CH Piprian Rustic Ross. I miss my Piprians so much, they were my soul mates. That brings us to current times and I now have 3 dogs, Ella (11 years old) who competed in Championship C but is now retired, her son Jasper who gained his title of Obedience Champion this year, OB CH Murellas Just Jasper (8 years old) making him my third Obedience Champion (but first home bred one) and my youngster Merry, Redistedi Merry Dancer (3 years old) who will be coming out in C this year.

I have been judging since 1989 and have judged Championship classes since 2004. Since then I have judged 17 tickets in total and have thoroughly enjoyed every single one. I consider it a great honour to award that green edged card and have always given it the respect and dedication that it deserves. Competitors spend a lot of time and money before they even enter the ring, and each and every single one deserves a fair crack of the whip.

I am proud to still be a member of Wigton DTC some 30 years later and am the current Chairperson. We run a two day Open/Championship show in August and a further Open show in November. I am a firm believer that everyone should be a member of a registered club and do their bit to help at shows. Otherwise what will happen to our beautiful sport?

Obedience has always been a family activity for me. Both my parents have always enjoyed supporting both my sister and I at the shows. My Dad used to make fantastic sendaway markers and dumbbells and sell them at the local shows. We still see them at most shows that we attend to this day. I have no doubt he would be very proud of my appointment and I hope he will be looking down on Hall 5 still supporting us all the way.

I count myself extremely lucky to be supported by a very experienced team. I have had the pleasure of their friendship for many years and I have no doubt that they will carry out their jobs seamlessly so that I can concentrate on the job in hand.

I hope everyone qualified for the Championships at Crufts 2018 has a fantastic day. All the blood, sweat and tears have paid off and you are competing at the best dog show in the world, make sure you enjoy every minute!



Judge - Ray Wakelin

(Inter Regionals - Obedience)



Judge - Rachel Bradley

(Inter Regionals - Rally)

Rachel Bradley

I am honoured to have been invited to judge the Inter-Regional Rally Team competition at Crufts this year. The anticipation has been building as my Ring Team and myself prepare for the big day. I am looking forward to seeing the best dogs and handlers from the seven Regions stepping out to represent our sport.

Rally is a recent addition to the Obedience Ring in Hall 5 with this being the second year that the competition has been run. I first became aware of Rally through overseas friends so when it was introduced over here I had to find out more. In 2009, along with three friends, I attended my first Rally workshop. I was immediately hooked. We came home and set up a training group, went onto found a Rally Section in the local KC Registered Club and now I run my own Competitive Rally Club.

I enjoy a wide variety of disciplines with my dogs. I have shown successfully, and competed in Obedience and Agility, however, Rally is my sport. I am very proud to have qualified my dog, Rupert, at the first ever KC Rally Show in April 2013, FITdogs Halifax, and am thrilled to be judging Rally on the green carpet in this 5th Anniversary year.

Rupert went on from his debut to rack up a number of Breed firsts in Rally including being the first Toller to gain his RL6-Ex, which he did in style with the class win at Nuneaton 2015, retiring a year later with one final Level 6 qualifier at 12 years old. My Finnish Lapphund, Eeva is another trail-blazer for her breed being the first, and to date only, Lapphund to gain a Level 6 Qualifier (after Crufts we will work on finishing that title!). I also have two younger Tollers, and of course, Orsa and Jasper are also Rally dogs.

I feel it is extremely important for us all to put back into our sports, as well as running weekly training classes, I organise Rally Competitions for my own club, the NSDTR Club of UK and the Ladies Kennel Association. I enjoy judging and see my role as a judge to provide the competitors with a course that enables them to shine and showcase their talents.

I hope the competitors enjoy their day and my courses and, more importantly, build happy memories and friendships to last a lifetime.




Judge - John Farr

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)



Judge - Emma Lavender

(YKC Obedience)

Emma Lavender

I am hugely honoured to have been invited to judge the YKC Obedience competition at Crufts 2018and I would like to thank the Kennel Cluband the Crufts committeefor giving me this amazing opportunity.

This is an event that means a lot to me having competed at Crufts in the YKC / KCJO as it was known then from the age of 9 up to 16 years old. I competed in the TestOfObedience, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience competitions, Triathlon and Biathlon Competitions and the Flyball competition representing the North East region with 3 different dogs.

I also won the Rebecca Pointer Memorial Trophy for 5 consecutive years with Tyke my first Border Collie and we also went on to win 3 Reserve Championship C awards.

I have been involved in competitive Obedience for over 20 years and now compete with Scout who is 7 years old and in Championship Class C. I also haveFrankeewho is 13 years old and is now retired and Enzo who is 12 months old and is yet to start his competitive obedience career.

I judge regularly up to and including Championship Class C and I am now Team Manager for the Northern area in the Inter Regional Obedience competition held at Crufts, so I will be extremely busy. Just how I like it. 😊

Having competed in the KCJO or YKC, I fully understand how nervous and excited all the handlers and their dogswill be and I hope they all enjoy the experience.

I would like to thank AlisonGrestyand TinaKimblinfor very kindly giving up their day to be a part of this experience, I really appreciate it.

I am looking forward to meeting all the handlers and their dogs and will be excited to watch how they handle their dogs and seeing the bond between dog and handler.

I would like to wish each competitor every bit of luck and to enjoy every minute of their special day.

Emma Lavender




Judge - Marney Wells


Marney Wells

It is extremely exciting to be asked to judge at Crufts! And even more exciting to have been asked to judge the Obreedience Final! This competition gives those of us passionate about some of the breeds that others tell us cannot be trained the opportunity to work our favourite breed at the biggest dog show in the world with the fun of being in a team of like minded friends.

I was lucky enough to have been asked to compete with a team of Staffords in the first Obreedience competition held at Crufts in 2014, and will never forget the wonderful enthusiasm of the team members and audience alike – it was such a special event.

It is absolutely no secret that my favourite breed is the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and since I had my first Stafford in 1974, I have been told many times that they are untrainable. Thankfully, people are beginning to realise that this is far from true: since I gave up breed showing and started training for competitions I have had Staffords who have been successful in Obedience, Agility, Working Trials, Rally, UKTDA Tracking and Scentwork. Garbo also demonstrated Musical Dressage at Crufts.

Apart from being part of the Obreedience team at Crufts, I have competed as part of the Western Inter-regional Obedience team on two occasions – the first with Trilby in Novice in 2003 and the second with Garbo in Class C in 2014 (she was placed third). For six years, from 2006, Busby was part of the Working Trials team in the Dog Activities ring and Main Arena also joining in with the Obedience team on a few occasions. As well as her Dressage at Crufts, Garbo has demonstrated Obedience also appearing in both the Dog Activities ring, Obedience Arena and the Main Arena.

There is always a great sense of excitement being involved in Crufts and having the chance to show off our wonderful dogs to such a vast audience. I am very much looking forward to judging the Obreedience, and I hope that all of the amazing teams will enjoy it as much as I will. Good luck to you all.