Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Nigel Slater

Bitch Championship


Linda Rutherford with LUPITOONZ LIMELITE





3rd - Philomena Barnes with OB CH BHEINN BEWITCHED

4th - Diane Martin with OB CH COLLIEWOOD CANDY GIRL


6th - Kathy Russell with RUSKATH MAKANA IMAGE



In Running Order:

1 Michelle Newman with OB CH MYALL KANYA TRI AGAIN (Std Poodle)



Di Martin


Mary Ray (Foxy)


Kathy Russell


Carolyn Heath

7 Jane Moran with DUSTERS DONE ‘N’ DUSTED (WS)

Jane Moran


Linda Rutherford


Karen Davies


Lin Tozer


Pat Watson

12 Philomena Barnes with OB CH BHEINN BEWITCHED (WS)

Phil Barnes

13 Sue Jaggers with RETHYMNI DEMETER (WS)

Sue Jaggers


Jenny Gould

15 Jane Bint with JANYJOY JUMPIN JARO (WS)

Jane Bint

16 Linda Rutherford with LUPITOONZ LIMELITE (WS)

Linda Rutherford


Gemma Easton

18 Kathy Russell with RUSKATH MAKANA IMAGE (WS)

Kathy Russell

19 Kathy Russell with OB CH RUSKATH PORTENT IMAGE (WS)

Kathy Russell

20 Denise Robertson with SINEDES TAYLOR MADE (BC)

Denise Robertson

21 Marie Cartwright with OB CH DODGIN FIRECRACKER (WS)

Marie Cartwright


Lyn Green

Dog Championship


Philomena Barnes with OB CH FOREVER MAGIC IT’S A GIFT





3rd - Jessica Lewis with OB CH PEPSANNER ATLANTIC

4th - Steve Frazer with OB CH GWYNFAIR CLASSICAL GAS


6th - Dot Watts with ZIGGDAN ZYCO

Running order:

1 Alison Gresty with OB CH DOUBLE JEOPARDY (WS)

Alison Gresty

2 Jackie Duck with OB CH TYEFOLD XANDER (WS)

Jackie Duck

3 Kathy Russell with RUSKATH MAGICAL IMAGE (WS)

Kathy Russell


Suzy Tooley


Steve Frazer

6 Jessica Lewis with COLLIEWOOD CASANOVA (WS)

Jessica Lewis


Janet Bates

8 Lorna Hilton with JUPAVIA MAGIC DREAMS (BC)

Lorna Hilton

9 Mark Herrits with DODGIN MASTER MARKAT (WS)

Mark Herrits

10 Michelle Dunscombe with FOREVER MAGIC X RATED (WS)

Michelle Dunscombe

11 Pandy Hannay with OB CH DODGIN’ MISTER MOON (WS)

12 Dot Watts with ZIGGDAN ZYCO (WS)


Jan Mathews

14 Christine Roberts with OB CH BHEINN ITS CUDDLY HE'S DUDLEY (WS)

15 Lynn Hillary with HIGHYEWS MOI PIKTA KYON (BC)

Lynn Hillary

16 Philomena Barnes with OB CH FOREVER MAGIC IT’S A GIFT (WS)

Phil Barnes

17 Linda Rutherford with SIXELA RUMR HAS IT (BC)

Linda Rutherford


Bev Hughes

19 Geraldine Steadman with OB CH NOBITE DEFENCE OF THE REALM (BC)

Geraldine Steadman

20 Jessica Lewis with OB CH PEPSANNER ATLANTIC (Golden Ret)

Jessica Lewis


Mary Ray (Levi)

22 Julie Rowlands with OB CH BLUE EYE BOY OF DAISLEN (WS)

Julie Rowlands


Jenny Gould

Lifetime Achievement Award


Dennis Ashley

Presented by Lyn Tozer

DTW Top Dog Competition






Presented by Sandy Wadhams

World Cup

  Judge - Stella Henstridge

Winners - Wales


Reserve - England


3rd - Holland


4th - Germany


Team Manager - Jen Jessop

1 Helen Connolly with GORGEOUS GEORGIA (Georgia) GSD

Helen Connolly

2 Michelle Dunscombe with FOREVER MAGIC XRATED O.W.(Maverick) WS

Michelle Dunscombe

3 Jane Walker with DARIAN LADY PIRATE AT DAVMIC AW Border Collie

Reserve: Linda Howells with MY SENIOR MOMENT O.W.(Flexi) WS

Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney

1 Alison Pell with Goldmali Cherish (Zara) Malinois

2 Kate McCartney with Murella's Truly Scrumptious (Truly) BC

Kate McCartney

3 Tracy McKinlay with Belverdale My Charrey Storm (Storm) BC

Tracy McKinlay

Reserve: Sam McCracken with FortVictory Princess Zara (Zara) BC



Team Manager - Peter van de Velde

1 Bernou ter Voorde with Namaste Hope (Lizzy) BC

Berno ter Voorde

2 Guus Scholten with Danesway Duet (Gucci) WS

Guus Scholten

3 Karin Stegmeijer  with Absolutely Fabulous McCay (McCay) WS

Karin Stegmeijer

Reserve: Annemarie Ibelings with Absolutely Fabulous Phoebe (Phoebe) WS

AnneMarie Ibelings



Team Manager - Susi Huber

1. Christine Pestka with Argo (Border Collie)

Christine Pestka

2. Anna Herzog with "Lia" Dumf and Galwy Halli Galli (Border Collie)

Anna Herzog

3. Dominique Ficek with "Spice" de risan Extra Hot (Border Collie)

Domi Ficek

Reserve: Miriam Hahne with "Lacey" Las Ketchup Lacey von der Old'n Aue (Bearded Collie)

Miriam Hahne


Team Manager - Herbie Watson

1 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Bheinn Bewitched (Jezzi) W/S

2 Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's Flicker     (Flick) W/S

Pat Watson

3 Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans (Levi) W/S

Mary Ray (Levi)

Reserve: Marie Cartwright with Ob Ch Dodgin Firecracker (Dazzle) W/S

Marie Cartwright


Team Manager - Carole Patrick

1 Helen Murray and Sixela Uno’s Diva (DIVA)

Helen Murray

2 Jan Jordan and Sixela Euro Jogos (MESSI)

Jan Jordan

3 Ellen Herries and Jewhisps Jewel (GABI)

Ellen Herries

Reserve: Aileen Moffat and Sixela Second Time Around (REBUS)

Aileen Moffat


Team Manager - Lucie Van de Casteele – Claeys

1 Krist Crommen with Jazz It UP van Benvenida’s Joy  ( Dixie ) BC

Krist Crommen

2 Steven Vannieuwenhuyze with Bytchek Esquire (Bugsy) BC

Steven Vannieuwenhuyse

3 Melissa Vercauter with Demma Of The Action Farm  ( Emma ) Belgian sheperd dog

Melissa Vercauter

Reserve: Heidi Demon with Bonnieblue Godarcy ( Darcy ) BC

Heidi Demon


Neil Lowndes with Nanas Billy Boy (Billy)

Dian Collie & Crystal


David Holzman & Ali

Inter Regional

Judge - John Verrill



Winning Team: South East & East Anglia


Reserve Team: Wales

3 - Scotland
4 - Midlands
5 - Northern
6 - South & South West
7 - Northern Ireland

South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Jenny Lunn

Alice Cornish with The Ginger Fox (Molly) XB

Alice Cornish

Teresa Mills with Josalyn Hortencia (Connie) Spanish Water Dog

Teresa Mills

Sharan Wicks with Lupitoonz Shady Hades (Shady) WS

Sharan Wicks

Class A
Donna Bastin with Kethinna Combine Harvester (Wurzel) WS

Donna Bastin

Lorraine Gardner with Last Chance Loopy Lu (Luthi) XB

Lorraine Gardner

Class B
Sally Davis with Jemas Sound Of Music (Music) XB

Sally Davis

Class C
Teresa Davies with Samphrey Star Performer (Lu) Sheltie

Teresa Davies

Reserve Tobie James with Bosckoph Dynamic (Fred) Boxer

Tobie james


South & South West


Team Manager - Stephanie Woollam

Heather Lockyer with BARBERS BOY Crossbreed

Heather Lockyer


Susie Thomson

Carrol Walker with JETRIL ROULETTE GSD

Carrol Walker

Class A
Pearl Bray with CARISHILL APOLLO Golden Retriever

Pearl Bray


Gwen Johnson

Class B

Heather Gardner

Class C - Marney Wells with DAZMARNIC FIREFLY AT COPYHOLD OW Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Marney Wells

Reserve - Suzy Turnbull with GAMEWAY INDELIBLE Border Terrier

Suzy Turnbull



Team Manager - Lou Jackson

Jacqui Beale Hilsea with Hilsea Hector Choxxstart (Hector) Bearded Collie

Jacqui Beale

Lynn Griffin with Vaneldurks Angus (Ace) GSD

Lynn Griffin

Susie Duke with Sympathy In Shocking Pink (Pink) WSD

Susie Duke

Class A
Sally Collins with Steeplehouse Gift Of Thyme (Linnhe) FCR

Sally Collins

Tony Morris with Kintonkaiz Blue Zonic (Blue) GSD

Tony Morris

Class B
Carol Clack with Briabar Golden Dream (Barni) GR

Carol Clack

Class C
Tracy Ansell with Ch.Chalkwell Comic Relief. OW. (Vegas) Std Poodle

Tracy Ansell

Reserve (Beginner)
Simon Harding with Verdendo Yule Be Lucky JW. Pbeg.Ex (Taz) Boxer

Simon Harding



Team Manager - Pat Wilson


Lynne Lawrence and BEE BEE POPPY JACK (Poppy) Terrier Cross

Lynne Lawrence


Paul Tennant and BRAYSUZ GENNA (Abi) GSD

Paul Tennant

Marj Isaac and GENEX BLUE EYE TYNKA (Tynka) B.C.

Marj Isaac

Class A

June Young and JARYSMYSTIC GOLDEN GARDEN (Eden) Golden Retriever

June Young

Stewart Kimblin and SCHAISLA MIDNIGHT STORM (Storm) GSD

Stewart Kimblin

Class B

Maureen Conlin and SWIFT AND FUN (Shep) Wk.Sh.

Maureen Conlin

Class C

Jeny Miller and FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION O.W. CD.Ex. UD.Ex. WD.Ex. TD.Ex. (Chello) GSD x B.C

Jeny Miller

Reserve: Tracey Wilson and PRINCESS FIDGET OF HULME (Fidget) GSD Cross

Tracey Wilson



Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Anna Pleban with MOON WALKER (Tahu) Rhodesian Ridgeback

Anna Pleban


Gill Walker with CORBRAE FOXY RED (Brae) Labrador

Gill Walker

Susan Stalinski with MYSKIES BRIGHT STAR (Phoebe) GSD

Susan Stalinski

Class A

Nikki Walker with FLYMARSTON MAGGIE (Maggie) Labrador

Nikki Walker

Katy Girdler with GWYNION SINEAD AT PASHAMATTS (Tyler) Border Collie

Class B

Yvonne Davies with BONVIVANT VIVACE (Brye) BSD

Yvonne Davies

Class C

Anne Coates with CHISBROOK BUNDLE (Charlie) Golden Retriever

Anne Coates

Reserve: Bethan George with BETH'S RUBY TUESDAY (RUBY) X Breed

Bethan George


Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney


Katherine McAllister with Erikachen Deaglan (Rufus) NSDTR

Katherine McAllister


Louise Jackson with Topeka Ocaso Rojo (Razzle) ASD

Louise Jackson

Bobby Austin with Colroy Carbon Copy (Jack) SSD

Bobby Austin

Class A

Gwyneth Bell with Dolwyddelan Dash (Archie) Cross

Gwyneth Bell

Michael McCartney with Grenaby Seven's Best (Bestie) BC

Michael McCartney

Class B

Vicky Dixon with Rustix Ali (Ali) Malinois

Vicky Dixon

Class C

Tracy McKinlay with Belverdale My Charrey Storm (Storm) BC

Tracy McLinlay

Reserve: Alex Ellis with Sable Storm of Zyver (Chip) GSD

Alex Ellis




Team Manager - Carole Patrick


Ruth Cowell and Tynebears Paloma Faith (Nora) Newfoundland


Gayle Evans and Jarysmystic Golden Isle (Jura) Golden Retriever

Gayle Evans

Penny Crowe and Ruby Lady of St Leonards (Ruby) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Penny Crowe

Class A

Lynne Brown and Terzina Two's Company (Bruar) Bearded Collie

Lynne Brown

Doreen Bidgood and Alikir Friday's Child (Freijya) GSD

Doreen Bidgood

Class B

Anne Shearer and Sarkam Truly Trendy (Trinny) Border Collie

Ann Shearer

Class C

Annie Robertson and Sixela Hightec at Terannos (Tec) Border Collie

Annie Robertson

Reserve: Andy Crowe and Arthur of Douglas (Artie) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Andy Crowe


Judge - Neville Uden

1 Rottweiler


Team Leader: Nikki Linbourne

Nichola Linbourne with Cornerpix Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Xena)

Julie Johnson with Parvenu Kitty Kuschelbar at Cornerpix (Kitty)

John Johnson with Cornerpix Dixieland Rock (Dixie)

Darren Ansell with Cornerpix My Boy (Bo)

Reserve: Vanessa Harrison with Cornerpix Viva Las Vegas (Dinky)

2 Spanish Water Dog

Spanish Water Dog

Team Leader: Adrian Dornford-Smith

Adrian Dornford-Smith with Lita

Rachel Cooper with Cha Cha

Jenny Mclaren with Lexi

Jenny Johnson with Trella

Reserve:  TBC

3 Afghan Hound

Afgan Hound

Team Leader: Krysia Wilenczyc

Krysia  Wilenczyc with Jimellree First Knight at Kashiba (Wladek)

Ann Thompson with Warrenoak It Wasn’t Me (Amber)

Bill Boydell with Warrenoak Dixie on my Mind (Dixie)

Muriel Boydell with Nightwind, the Beat Goes On at Warrenoak (Kasey)

Reserve: TBC

4 Corgi (Pembroke)


Team Leader: Maria Carter

Maria Carter with Nobutmanor Maria de Cesare (Carina)

Sally Corbett with Kulla Black Ringlet (Charlie)

Jan West with Trutam Starlight (Rhoda)

Emese Kovacs with Bertley Blackbird (Badger)

Reserve: Anne Petitpierre with Kulla Kanwar (Rob Roy)

5 Hovawart


Team Leader: Maggie Spencer

Maggie Spencer with Hightimbers Dollar (Dollar)

Paula Foakes with Pines Jonathan Creek (Merlot)

Elaine Betts with Pines Acorn (Acorn)

Janet Pearce with Pines Anubis (Obi)

Reserve: Georgie Wilkins with Pines Enigma Variations at Hightimbers (Gracie)

6 Boxer


Team Leader: Dawn Barry

Dawn Barry with Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box ShCM (Zac)

Simon Harding with Verdendo Yule be Lucky (Taz) Pre Beg Ex, JW

Caroline Gebbie with Daveanette SpookyNight (Spooky) Beg Ex, Rlia Ex

Tobie James with Bosckoph Dynamic (Fred) Pre Beg Ex, CDX,UDX,WD

Reserve: Janet Longley with Attomic Rising Star (Rose)

7 Tibetan Terrier

Tib Terriers

Team Leader: Claire Stuchbury

Jan Witham & Geordie  (Dobriah Folksinger)

Trish  Morris & Harry ( Baliazaha Hot Hagrid)

Abi Stuchbury & Pippin ( Lasang Rusky Dusky)

Claire Stuchbury & Liza ( Nefertari Devil Wears Prada)

Julia Tuck & Logan (Khados Luvmedo Moonlight) (Reserve Dog) 

8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Team Leader: Marney Wells

Marney Wells with Dazmarnic Firefly at Copyhold (Garbo) OW

Sarah Dugdale with Grenadier Mason (Mason)

Sara Cross with Nakoda Keaome (Keano)

Tracy Sheel with Little Brown lass (Lola)

Reserve: Roz Dawson with Wight Magic Mayhem (Magic)

9 Papillion


Team Leader: Pauline Coughlan

Carolyn Lloyd with Murvagh Finn McCool (Solly)

Anne Griffiths with Manawyddan Monet (Oscar)

Caragh McGrath with Lynbank Smartie Jones (Sam)

Helen Taylor with Bankshill Lord of the Rings (Frodo)

Reserve: Keavey McGrath with Tinklebury the Fusileer (Mikey)

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Sandy Wadhams

1st - Kym Pearson with Bewitched over Pendle (WS)

2nd - Mandy Baker with Tazaeos Keaki  (BC)

3rd - Lynda Lewis with Born to be Wild of Valgrays (WS)

4th - Kimberley Hampsheir with Ding a Ling (Beagle)

5th Jacquie Sliwinski with Zouki Do Where Are You (Crossbreed)

In Running Order:

1 Rita Robinson with Macdonald Treble (WS)

2 Emily Arch with Jasper the Cowpe Crusader (WS)

Emily Arch

  3 Lucy Newsome with Astra Ruby Rubeus (BC)

Lucy Newsome

4 Janet Saker with Hilsgolden Dorset Pink Lady (Golden Retriever)

Janet Saker

5 Kym Pearson with Bewitched over Pendle (WS)

Kym Pearson

6 Jan Witham with Dobriach Folksinger (Tibetan Terrier)

7 Mandy Baker with Tazaeos Keaki  (BC)

Mandy Baker

8 Carol Shaw with Charlie Marron (BC)

9 Kimberley Hampsheir with Ding a Ling (Beagle)

Kimberley Hampsheir

10 Peter Yates with Tyguard Chilli at Manpol (GSD)

11 Gillian Trevett with Wolfbass Enzo of Sarkay (Rottweiler)

12 Lynda Lewis with Born to be Wild of Valgrays (WS)

13 Peter Tenerowicz with Maural Charlie Boy (Cocker Spaniel)

14 Ellie Rivington with Ruby Classie Lass (Yorkshire Terrier)

15 Michelle Dakin with Jayrock Alabma Walkin' (Boston Terrier)

Michelle Dakin

16 Melanie Sharing with Snoopy Point the Way (Crossbreed)

Melanie Sharing

17 Amanda Cain with Rye Razzler (WS)

Amanda Cain

18 Betsy Thorley with Kaleai Midnight Sky (BC)

19 Jacquie Sliwinski with Zouki Do Where Are You (Crossbreed)

20 Kevin Edwardson with Kingsfarm Millers Lad (BC)

21 Dave Pierson with Kingsfarm Mollie (BC)


Judge - Kamal Fernandez


Winner - Shannon Wright with BORDALICIOUS PINK LACE (Working Sheepdog)

 In running order:

1 Joanna Hudd with ACE KING OF JOS HILL (Crossbreed)

2 Catherine Mason with STRICKLAND BENNY BE GOOD (Border Collie)

3 Emily Spence with RUFUS (Crossbreed)

4 Abbie Reynolds-Dobson with MARLEY MARVEL (Crossbreed)

5 Charlotte Carlisle-Martin with WHISHANNE ISLE - (Cocker Spaniel)

6 Emily Pearson with KISMET LORD OF MISRULE WITH YSLANNG (German Spitz - Klein)

7 Lisa Griffiths with TILEMASH DIAMOND GIRL (Working Sheepdog)

8 Georgia Brown with BEAUFIELD ERRIGAL AT AXELHURN (IMP USA) (Irish Water Spaniel)

9 Shannon Wright with BORDALICIOUS PINK LACE (Working Sheepdog)

10 Hannah Searby with TINY RASCAL (Crossbreed)

11 Katie Gill with SUNSHINE ON LEITH LAD (Labrador)


Winner - Harry Walker with RILEY OF ROBIN LANE (Crossbreed)

In running order:

1 Samantha Towe with FOXSTONE'S PENELOPE PITSTOP (Shetland Sheepdog)

2 Emma Tripp with TRI MAGIC MIDNIGHT STAR (Working Sheepdog)

3 Harry Walker with RILEY OF ROBIN LANE (Crossbreed)

4 Shannon Wright with BORDALICIOUS PINK LACE (Working Sheepdog)

5 Rosie Paine with STRICTLY COME SAM (Crossbreed)

6 Petra Back with RICHIAN DEAL OR NO DEAL (Cocker Spaniel)

Petra Back

7 Louise Leverton with STILLMOOR DANCING ROSEY (Border Collie)

8 Ellie Rivington with RUBY CLASSIE LASS (Yorkshire Terrier)

9 Clare Dempsey with MISCHIEF TAZ (Toy Poodle)


Winner - April Bush with KEZZY MIDNIGHT SPARK


In running order:

1 Emma Coyle with ROSMARINUS TEASLE (Border Collie)

2 Amy Jackson with IN A MINUTE JESS (Crossbreed)

3 Ellie Hannay with DODGIN DOUBLE BUBBLE (Working Sheepdog)

4 Katie Wyatt with HOLLYSEA AT CRICKHOLLOW (Border Collie)

5 Georgina Daly with APPLE BLOSSOM MISS (Cocker Spaniel)

6 Shannon Wright with BORDALICIOUS PINK LACE (Working Sheepdog)

7 Emily High with HERUMEN MOUNTAIN IMP (Papillon)

8 ophie Alder with ASHLINDT JAYCEE (Border Collie)

9 Lydia Urquhart Smith with BEAT BAXA LADYLIKEE (Border Collie)

10 Katie Heath with AKAMAI INDULGENCE (Border Collie)

Katie Heath

11 Emma Willis with FORTVICTORY LUCKY BEAR (Border Collie)

12 April Bush with KEZZY MIDNIGHT SPARK Crossbreed)


Winner - Emma Willis with FORTVICTORY LUCKY BEAR


In running order:

1 Emily Wyatt with HOLLYSEA LADY OF ROHAN (Border Collie)

2 Stephanie Daly with ROSMARINUS THE SPICE TRADER (Border Collie)

3 Emma Willis with FORTVICTORY LUCKY BEAR (Border Collie)

4 Katie Heath with AKAMAI INDULGENCE (Border Collie)

Katie Heath

5 Katie Bloor with REMUDA TOP'R JUSTO PUNTO (Australian Shepherd)


Winner - Sinead Mowatt with ITSJAROS D'VOTED DANCER


In running order:

1 Kate Nicholas with BEVERTON ICE (Border Collie)

2 Alexandra Duesbury with DODGIN AMBER GAMBLER (Working Sheepdog)

3 Crawford McCartney with CHARMED 'N' DANGEROUS (Border Collie)

4 Anthony Snook with LITTLE MICA (Crossbreed)

5 Jamie Hewitson with ROCKIN TOTAL KAOS (Border Collie)

6 Sinead Mowatt with ITSJAROS D'VOTED DANCER (Working Sheepdog)



Winner - Kate Nicholas

(presented to her sister Laura May)




Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge: Nigel Slater

Nigel Slater

Picture copyright Chris Marriott

Before I begin this write-up I would like to ask everyone to spare a moment to think of Audrey Johnson.

It should have been Audrey judging the Championships this year, however, and understandably; due to the passing of her twin sister Wendy Harris she felt that she could not fulfil the obligation. Our thoughts and prayers should be with her now and for better times in the future.

I came into our sport by accident in the early months of 1979.
In late November 1978 Sue and I came home from work to find our house had been burgled and a lot of our treasured possessions had been stolen. Although we had only been married for 4 years we had managed to get a few things around us and were beginning to see a bright future as we both had good jobs. The feeling was that of devastation and it seemed all our hard work had been in vain. After the initial shock we sat and discussed how we could protect ourselves for the future. Moving house was out of the question….mortgage rates were at 15% and house prices were escalating by the day, so in the end we came up with the idea of a’ guard-dog’. Why? To this day I could not answer you!

As a young boy I had grown up with a Red Setter x GSD crossbreed ‘latch-key’ dog and Sue with a Collie type; but to actually own a dog of our own had never ever entered our heads. I am quite sure but for this incident we may never have become dog owners.

So today my friends I stand before you due to a low-life scum bag believing he could make a ‘quick buck’! Thank you so much Mr Burglar!

Our ‘guard dog’ came as a German Shepherd Dog named MAX…. “Hadzor Bachelor Boy”.

Sue very rightly told me that he would grow big and strong quickly and that I should find a training class to at least make him socially acceptable! I found a training class on Thursday evenings specifically for German Shepherd Dogs at a Community Centre in West Bromwich. I contacted the Centre and they told me the classes began at 7.30 every Thursday. So the next week I arrived around 7.15 to find the Hall empty. I was just about to leave when a man entered the foyer and immediately made a bee-line for my puppy. Max loved the attention and the man informed me that it was the club’s AGM and I should bring him into the Committee Room.

 Well……………..more extensive fuss later I was told that the following week it would be business as usual.

We turned up the next week, and week after week, and Max and I enjoyed it immensely! After a few months the Head Instructor told me he thought that we were proficient enough to think about entering a show.  Shortly afterwards we did enter and through my wife’s Obedience Roots chapters in DTW you may have read what happened. It wasn’t the best of introductions and left me thinking if I really wanted to continue, but luckily at my third show Max ‘did it all’ and the bug bit me.
As time went by I became Chairman of the West Bromwich Branch of the Birmingham & District GSD Association of which I am still so very proud to this day! I then got invited to attend Lichfield & District DTS. At this time they ran around 8 classes every Monday evening, and each class was instructed by a ‘Ticket’ handler. GREAT TIMES!! I also had the pleasure of becoming Chairman of this great club for a period of time!
 During this same period I also attended the Walsall Branch of BAGSD and so I was training 3 nights a week and enjoying every minute of it! Although Max was progressing I was far from a ‘natural’ handler, however, we eventually won a Beginner class and so we were on the way forward. By this time Sue had also become interested in the sport and had obtained her own puppy, a WSD named DYLAN “Lassies Boy Dylan”. Dylan grew to become a big powerful boy and Sue was struggling to cope with him so I took him over and won 2 Beginners…………………. so the ‘bug’ was getting stronger!

In 1982, at a local show, a judge failed to turn up to officiate. A very nice man who I had got to know quite well named Fred Steane stepped in to judge and suggested that I should ‘call’ for him!!  Fred quickly drew a ring pattern and asked me to call it as he walked it. Talk about a baptism of fire! We did get through it with minor mistakes and he suggested that I did a very good job. I mixed stewarding with competing for the next few months and thoroughly enjoyed each weekend at the shows.

One Thursday evening at training Fred suggested that I should consider taking up judging. I totally dismissed this at first but then gave it a go at a few Exemption Shows as was stipulated by the Kennel Club.  Fred then announced he had put my name forward to Wendy Robson, the Secretary of Oakengates Canine Society to judge at Open level for the first time. My first ‘official’ appointment was in April 1985 and guess what?… after judging 48 Novice competitors I had a run off for first place! (Don’t want that on the 7th or 8th of March 2014 do we?)

My judging career progressed each year to qualifying for ‘other’ classes at Championship Shows and then in the year 2000 I had the great honour of judging my first ticket for my first club Birmingham & District GSC Association. My grateful thanks must go to my lovely friend Kathy Hood for that initial appointment.

In between I had lost my GSD Max at 12 years old in 1990 and my Obedience world stopped for a while. I could not believe he had gone….he introduced me to our great sport and some lovely new friends…..thank you so much my wonderful lad.
For the coming months the loss of Max took me away from Competitive Obedience until one warm, late summer’s night in 1991 I was introduced to a Border Collie looking for a new home. He was 15 months old and was thought to be ‘nasty’ having supposedly bitten children at his first home! Nothing could have been more further from the truth. He was possessive yes, but deep down a lovely affectionate, sweet and willing boy.

Bryn “Wonderhome Bryn OW” came into my life through Lou Jackson and Shirley Owen. Due to unfortunate circumstances Bryn needed a new home and I gave him what he wanted and needed. He gave me the most exciting time I have ever had in Obedience! The whole story is too long to tell in this write up and I wouldn’t be so indulgent, but ‘WOW’ what a relationship we had!

With the superb instruction I was given by Dave & Sue Howell we progressed through the classes and qualified to compete in ticket by 1996. We spent 5 great years at the top level and although we never achieved the ‘ultimate prize’ we had many places culminating in the reserve ticket under Charles Allcock at Wolverhampton DTS Championship Show in the year 2000. Due to health problems Bryn retired the following year, but he had taken me to places I had only ever dreamed of! To this day I still miss him greatly and always will! I can never thank Lou and Shirley enough for allowing me to have him and Dave & Sue for their patience and for ‘getting an idiot to ticket’!  I have loved all my dogs but ‘Mr Bim’ was special. If I asked him to jump the reply was always “How high Dad?”

My next partner was Danny… “Stillmoor Touch of Gold” (Thanks Paula).. a beautiful, handsome tricolour boy. Danny progressed through Novice but he found show days hard to manage and so sadly I chose to retire him at only 4 years old! He could not cope, so I was not prepared to put him through what he found difficult…he remained a faithful pet until poor health tragically took him at only 10 years of age. In between I had obtained my first female companion…Ruby “Feroama Campino” a lovely red merle coming from Chris Marriott’s last litter (SAD!) Very quick to learn, Ruby had won 5 novices in the blink of an eye and progressed through to ‘B’ by the time she was 3. She eventually became ‘C’ only but due to work commitments abroad I was becoming more of an ‘idle’ trainer and therefore not able to give her the time she really deserved. She could have achieved so much more if I would have had the time, but I wouldn’t have missed her for the world!

My current ‘partner’ is Ciaran “Fenellark Groovy Kinda Love” the most handsome blue merle boy on this earth! As I write he is 19 months old and has won 4 Novice classes and had many more places in his first competitive season. I now have a little more time and have high hopes for his progress in 2014 and beyond. Many thanks to Mick & Mary Vessey for allowing me to own him.

There have been other dogs in my ‘Obedience life’ trained by Sue…..Jamie “Shoalhill Jamie”…Maisie….”FOLLDANS FEMME FATALE”,  Siân…”ZULLMARG ZENITH OW” and currently Conor “Fenellark Feelin’ Groovy”.   I would like to thank Roy & Shelagh Page, Gill Perry, Kathryn Gillard and Mick & Mary Vessey for entrusting Sue and myself with their lives and well-being.

Well, not the most glittering career competing, but a lot of experience gained over 35 years and so I believe this will assist me over the two days at the NEC.  I am no stranger to the ‘Big Ring’ having had the pleasure of ‘calling’ the Championships on three separate occasions, in 2006, 2011 & 2012. My grateful thanks to Mavis Mills, Dave Howell and Lyn Tozer for allowing me the great honour of being a member of their respective teams.

Normally the judge for the Championships has at least 3 years to contemplate the job in hand! Due to the circumstances I only have around 8 months, however, this does not mean the task cannot be managed.

For the two days and within my ring party, I give you the best our sport can offer. They are competent, confident and above all their experience will make my task that much more ‘relaxed’ over the two days. The team consists of Competitive Obedience people who have all competed or officiated at the top level over many years. My caller stewards have successfully completed the task before and so the competitors should not concern themselves. You will be in extremely safe hands! But best of all is that my team are ‘true’ and great friends as well!

I would like to thank (in no particular order), my Wife Sue, Paul Evans, Malcolm Webster, Lou Jackson, Beverley Smith, Keith Wall, Stephanie Evans and Sheila Webster for agreeing to be part of my team……………I trust you all impeccably.
As I close this profile I must also thank the following people who over the years have helped me in many ways regarding judging…..Dave Howell, Dennis Ashley, the late Ray Beard, the late Fred Steane and many others who found the time to discuss the ‘finer points’ of officiating. The discussions have been priceless.

So, as we prepare to assemble once more at the NEC in March can we also spare a moment to think of associates, colleagues, friends and close friends who will not be with us this year at the Championships? Over the last 12 months we have lost too many people who gave so much to our sport and who can never be replaced. I will not mention them by name…I don’t have to, you know who they are and we miss them deeply.
 It is true that we are losing more people than we are gaining in our sport. It is sad and therefore can I ask everyone who really loves what we do to pause for a while and not criticise and condemn others who are trying to revive our game? The new ideas of many may not be conventional and might in some cases be wide of the mark of what we are used to. But I do believe they care and have our sport at heart! So please at least give them a chance before you hang them
In conclusion I would like to thank the Kennel Club Show Committee for what is without doubt the judging invitation of a lifetime.

Finally my biggest thank you is most personal and unconditional and must go to my wonderful Wife of 40 years in 2014. All through the years of owning and training dogs she has been my inspiration, my support, my travelling companion and my shoulder to cry on when things have gone wrong. There is nothing I could ever say or do to repay what I owe you! ILY so much!

I would like to wish all competitors two great days at the ‘greatest show on earth’? It is an unbelievable honour to be asked to judge such talented handlers and dogs and a personal dream come true!

To all the spectators, please enjoy the event and I hope to give you two teams who can deservedly carry the title of Crufts Obedience Champions.

And to end with, and to Mr Ian Watts. Thanks for the best advice ever mate.

I can assure you I will not forget to enjoy it!



World Cup

Judge: Stella Henstridge

  Stella Henstridge


I was born in Salisbury, Wiltshire and now live in Andover, Hampshire with my husband John and our current four dogs Jody, Leo, Joss and Jorja.  We have two daughters, Kimberley and Kirstie and three grandsons Alexander, Curtis and Sam.

When our first daughter, Kimberley was very young we had a golden Labrador, Honey. She was brilliant with the children, although her one vice was that she destroyed every teddy bear they had.  She was very patient and allowed them to play with her and her basket became a favourite place for them and their friends to play in, it was often filled with Lego and such like.  She very often became a stool for Kirstie to sit on while she played.

After losing Honey we had a German Shepherd, Zak. When he was about 10 months old we took him along to Andover Dog Training Club where we discovered Obedience.  John took him training and I went along to watch and became very interested. John started to compete with him and this led to me getting involved, firstly by being a caller steward and then getting my first dog Dodwell Jamie. I started competing with him in 1985.  My next dog was Dodwell Callum and in 1992 we won our first CC and competed at Crufts for the first time in 1993.  Callum was leading the dog Championships on this occasion but unfortunately failed scent, however he went on to win the dog Obedience Championships in 1994. Callum competed at Crufts on 8 consecutive occasions.  Following Callum I had Mounthill Masterpiece, Corin, who qualified to work Championship ‘C’, he was placed in the class but never won the elusive ticket.  He was followed by, Dumavala Zhivargo.  Zhivi won a CC and competed at Crufts in 2004.

My next dog was Bisquet Jordan, Jody; he qualified to work Championship C but was retired on vet’s advice at 7 years as he is epileptic. He now lives a life of luxury and enjoys every minute of it, as I always say about Jody he enjoys getting up in the morning and his day always improves.  He was followed by Colimanor Joss and then by my current young dog Cories Classic Touch, ‘Jorja’ who started competing last year, 2013.

My judging career started in 1988 and I awarded my first Challenge Certificate in 1999. I have also enjoyed judging in the Channel Islands, Holland, Belgium and Ireland.

Having been the England World Cup team manager for the last 6 years, this will give me a new perspective on the competition.

I am really looking forward to the day and feel very honoured to be invited to judge this event.  I have a great team to assist me and we all hope everyone enjoys the day.

Inter Regional

Judge: John Verrill

John Verrill

May I start off by thanking the K.C. for inviting me to judge this year's Inter-Regional competition. I have long been an advocate of this day having competed in it four times myself. The Inters were first started in 1982, being judged by Bing Bellamy. It has had different formats over the years and 2014 brings the most radical changes yet. I can only hope that it will be as interesting and enjoyable to the competitors and spectators as it has been to myself in the
planning of it.

I started in this sport back in 1984 when I was burgled. I decided to get a GSD, as we had had them at home, and consequently joined the GSD Club of Wales. I have been a member ever  since, believing that registered clubs are the backbone of our chosen sport. I was encouraged to compete and entered my first show at Abergavenny in 1985. I then got the bug!!

 The likes of Jen Jessop and Max Parker press¬ganged me into stewarding until in 1987 I judged for the first time at a GSD of Wales show in Cardiff. I bumped into the late Brian Jenkins a  few days later and he commented on my judging performance. “I thought it was very consistent” he said...........whether that was good or bad I will never know. As one of his club members won I can only hope it was good.
My first Open C came in 1993 at a GSD League of G.B. Show. The day stands out for me for two reasons, Stella Henstridge's Callum(OB.CH.Dodwell Callum) and Steph Woollam's Flair(OB.CH.Genabacab Instinct).........two fabulous dogs!! Stella missed stays and Flair got her first qualifier. Both went on to win Crufts.

The first Ticket I judged was at Coventry in 2001. This was won by Herbie Watson and Jazz(OB.CH. Whatknow Razzmatazz)..........what a dog!!!!!!!! I am fortunate to have judged many great teams over the years but two really stand out for me. Both Phil Barnes and Tyke(OB.CH.Tycoon Telepathy) and Kathryn Gillard with Obi(OB.CH. Zullmarg Zethus) were extra-special, working with both accuracy and commitment, dog an handler in perfect harmony.

They would have made their mark in any era.
 I always consider it an honour and a privilege to judge, whatever the class, and prepare myself accordingly. Consequently, in 2011, when I received this appointment the composition of my team was paramount to me. Helen Connolly, Geoff Davis, Michelle Dunscombe, Sue Evans, Steph Heath, Jane Moran, Mick Platt and Claire Porter were my dream team and all said yes.........phew!!!! Helen Fishlock, a newbie to our sport, was added this summer and is already proving a valuable addition to the Obedience community. I can only thank you all for agreeing to be part of this day, I couldn't and wouldn't want to do it without you.
I would like to wish everybody all the very best for Crufts 2014, especially Michelle Dunscombe and Mav ( Championships and World Cup) and Jane Moran and Nellie(Championships). To my fellow Obedience Judges, Nigel Slater(Championships) and Stella Henstridge(World Cup) may your Crufts be memorable, good luck!!

Finally, to the competitors and spectators and in the words of Sgt. Peppers “I hope you will enjoy the show.
John Verrill


Judge: Neville Uden

Neville Uden

I have been involved with dogs for over forty years, training, competing and judging obedience and agility but in recent times have become interested in breed showing through our Australian Shepherd Dogs, Allmark Muffin Man and Allmark Tina Turner JW.

I have been a member of the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Dog Scheme Working Party for eleven years and have enjoyed working with the Clubs and Societies who train and test the Scheme and over the years I have been involved in training and bringing GCDS display teams to Crufts. I have worked with the YKC and have been on their summer camps as a trainer of obedience and agility and had the pleasure of judging the YKC Obedience Finals at Crufts 2008. The same year with my dog Woughstock Wynsome Just Rob I was reserve for the Channel Islands Team in the World Obedience Competition. I have also been Chief Steward for the GCDS Obedience Finals each year since the competition began.

I was delighted to accept this judging appointment for the first Obreedience Competition to be held at Crufts 2014 and I look forward to meeting the competitors and their dogs. I hope as many people as possible will come and support this event and see how other breeds, not usually seen in the obedience ring, can work. I hope this demonstration competition gets enough support to make this an annual event at Crufts.

Good luck to all those taking part, enjoy your day!

Neville Uden


Judge: Kamal Fernandez

Kamal Fernandez

Wow, well this is somewhat of a surreal experience! Being asked to judge the YKC event at Crufts was a totally unexpected invitation but one that I am totally grateful for and I wish to extend my thanks to the Kennel Club, in particular Heidi Lawrence and the staff in the YKC office who have been exemplary in their assistance.

I started this journey in dog training like so many others…. as a result of chasing a delinquent dog from one end of the local park to the other! (Well i say like other, reading my fellow judges I think being a victim of crime seems to be a reoccurring theme). It wears thin at the tender age of 9yrs old I can assure you!

Having watched the KCJO (as it was formally named) agility competition at Crufts and being inspired to take my unruly little mongrel Scrunch to these dizzy heights I set about my epic plan! However there was a slight glitch in that little scrunch wasn't actually the conforming type..... In those days you had to attend obedience classes as a pre curser to doing agility.... Houston we may have a problem!

So pre-internet, yellow pages, local newspaper searches lead me to the door of Newham Dog club… well the first night wasn’t actually the door of the club… it was the door of the secretary's house! I made my father sit for the whole 3hrs, assuring him that this was the address for the club and that any minute they would turn up and we could start training!!! You think the twitching of curtains and stalker like tactics would put any child off, but not me! I was determined to start training dogs! I have been blessed to cross paths with some special people who have allowed my interest to be nurtured and grow. Eileen Farn, of Newham DTC took me under her wing and opened the door to competitive Obedience for which I shall forever me grateful. Our many journeys in her campervan far and wide, sowed a seed for the sport that still continues to grow till this day. It was attending shows and clubs, and watching the various dogs being trained that inspired me to want to achieve this almost telepathic communication and bond with my own dog. Scrunch wasn't into the whole 'telepathic' communication thing, her network was always out of signal range!

My next stroke of good fortune, was i was able to attend a course on dog training given by the great Sylvia Bishop, if my initial love for Obedience had been sparked by what I had seen so far… Sylvia set it alight!

I can recall every moment of that course, who was there what they wore, the dogs, breeds, what their problems were and how Sylvia dealt with them as vividly as if I had seen them yesterday. At the end of the course, Sylvia allowed me to work one of her dogs Ob Ch Forever Magic Sunday, her magic wand was waved. I instantly felt a connection with this amazing lady that remains to this day.

Fast realising that although 'scrunch' had come a long way, from breaking out the front door and not returning for hours on end... I felt her potential in Obedience was some what limited when she did the obligatory zoomies through all the rings at her first show as soon as i dared to take the lead off her for a recall! Nothing like making a statement on your first foray into Competition!

Subsequent badgering, threats to leave home, dramatic displays of emotions eventually saw my parents succumb to a second dog... What a fatal move that was LOL!! I can sense their fear even now whenever i mention litters of puppies!!

Enter 'Tai', a 'Ob ch Magic Sunday' grandson with much of his brain and brilliance. It wasn't a hope that i would get 'Tai', it was an obsession! That little dog was trained religiously whether he wanted to or not, and twice on christmas day!! Dogs are so forgiving of our whimsical ways, enduring the demands of a teenage with high expectations! He did reach the dizzy heights of Crufts and earned his title, but more then that he made all my dreams come true. I miss him dearly and choke up just thinking about him.

Subsequent dogs followed, and life's many ups and downs were thrown at me as part of this great journey we are all on.

I have been blessed with many fantastic experiences, and amazing dogs, some who were unable to meet their potential due to fates cruel blows, others are yet to do so... Come what may, every one has taught me a lesson... You don't get what you want you get what you need! My dogs have made me who I am, i cannot imagine my life without them in it. My greatest pleasure is the time i spend playing and walking them, it takes me back to that child who yearned for a dog and begged, pleaded and waited to get one! Now i have 7!!!!! Lol. Every single one has been a blessing, even if I couldn't see it at the time as their unique individual problems, issues and challenges have been my greatest teachers of all.

Although now I run my own business, East London Dog training ( offering pet and competition training across the journey has taken me to Asia, Australia, Europe, America and all over the UK. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to follow my passion and live my 'dream'.

My former vocation as a Police officer, saw me work with working with Youths in a slightly different capacity from my forthcoming invitation in March 2014...... I hope that when the doors open at Crufts, I wont need my handcuffs, baton nor bullet proof vest!! Well not at least till I have finished judging!!

I believe that the future of our sport lies in ensuring the next generation develop the joy and passion I have, and that there is a sport for them to enjoy.
This passion has taken me on the most amazing journey and giving me my most treasured moments and fondest memories. I hope that I can contribute to this, and by making the the YKC Obedience Competition at Crufts 2014 as enjoyable as possible.

The exciting new innovative approaches to the sport that are upon our horizon, may be a step towards ensuring that Obedience is still alive and kicking in many years to come.
I understand peoples apprehension about anything 'different' or indeed change itself... But for me, seeing this great sport I love, grow and flourish is worthy of the challenge. Nothing in live, worth having comes easy. Give these things a chance... In years past, what was considered the norm was once viewed as radical or extreme. Sometimes change mights just work....

I would like to draw things to a close by saying thanks to those whom I hold nearest and dearest, past and present. I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends, and family both four legged and two, who offer me support, shoulders to cry on, slaps if i need them, pish talk when i want to, the odd dose of reality, home truths, advise and everything else in between. There is no need to mention who you are as you already know ;) to those that are looking down from above, i miss you dearly and hope you are smiling. Love and thanks to each of you.

Finally, I shall end by wishing all competitors Good luck and best wishes at Crufts 2014. Myself my team will do our utmost to make the day memorable for all the right reasons!

Kamal Fernandez


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final


Judge: Sandy Wadhams

Sandy Wadhams

My thanks to the Kennel Club for inviting me to Judge the final of this competition. I was delighted to be asked as I consider this competition is more important than any other class in obedience. I can well remember the first competition I took part in was in a club match as part of the team for Cheltenham DTC. That was when I caught the obedience bug!

Now 42 years later my dogs and I have been on the most fantastic journey and you know what I still have that bug!!
Since those first steps I have made up three Obedience Champions. Established my own Competitive Obedience training school.  Along this journey I have set up and run KC dog training clubs, helped run shows, as well as being a KC Field officer, Judged to all levels, including the Crufts Obedience Championships in 2003. Written a monthly regular column for Obedience Competitor, and was the BBC Crufts Obedience consultant and presenter for 15 years.

I have my own breeding Affix ‘Heelaway’ my breed being border collies. This affix was transferred to me by the master of Obedience Charlie Wyant, which brings me to my idea of dog training. Charlie use to say ‘If your dog won’t play it won’t Work’ This inspired me to develop a method of play training along with ‘lead aids’ to motivate a dog into playing as he is being taught the heelwork and exercises. It is paramount that my dogs ENJOY working and in the early days of teaching my dog this is more important than accuracy. That comes later when my dog loves working and through the play is CONFIDENT. The final aim is for STYLE with PRECISION

I am delighted therefore to have this opportunity to Judge you and your dog as you start your competitive career.

Remember; above all else, ENJOY your dog, ENJOY this special day.
Good luck, have a great time.

‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land amongst the stars’

Sandy Wadhams.