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There is now a membership charge to download schedules from the site. As a 'paid' member you will be entitled to download the schedules from the Schedules page. Without membership you will still be able to see the schedules page and the dates of the shows, but the link to download* the schedules will be missing.

Membership needs to be paid for either:
(i) Through Paypal - this is an online payment method, or
(ii) By Direct Bank Transfer. Transfer £10 to Obedience UK Limited, Sort Code 40-18-43, Account No. 21274031. Plus put your ObedienceUK Username in the reference field. This does not cause an automatic update of your membership, but will wait on me to spot your payment. (You can me email, if you like, to trigger me to look for the payment.)

*Note: The ability to download the schedules depends on a working copy of the Adobe Acrobat software running on your pc. ObedienceUK cannot be held responsible for the inability to download shedules to your particular machine.

Please note that I'm trying to get away from cheques.

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