Crufts 2005

Dog Obedience Championship




1st Heather Sheppard & MACLOUDS SILVER LINING


3rd Linda Rutherford & OB CH SINEDES SECRET SWITCH

Reserve Ian Watts & OB CH IATKA ZYG DANN


Bitch Obedience Championship





2nd Dot Watts & OB CH ZYGDANN ZYMA

3rd Sharon Dunstan & OB CH PIPRIAN FANCY FLEUR



Obedience World Cup

Winners - England

Herbie Watson with OB CH Whatknow Razzamataz "Jazzy" (WSD)

Kim Innes with OB CH Barlingo Go Ballistic "Yaz" (BC)

Ann Rogers with OB CH Topori Touch of Class OW "Visa" (WSD)

Reserve: Anne Northfield with OB CH Iatka Your My Girl "Holly" (WSD)


Runners Up - Northern Ireland

Michael McCartney with Anndale Awisp OW "Wisp" (Border Collie)

Tracy McKinley with Charrie Mie Conor OW "Conor" (WSD)

Jenny Bingham with Astro Bailey Blue "Bailey" (Border Collie)

Reserve: Sam McCracken with Megan Pride of Plandail "Meg" (Border Collie).


3rd - Netherlands

Guus Scholten with Colliewood Velazquez Giovanni "Gio" (WS)

Angela Kroon with Trad’s Dreamer "Herbie" (BC)

Bianca van der Post with Kayleigh’s Mac Mellow "Mellow" (BC)

Reserve: Greet Vink with Sealight Boryck "Boryck" (BC)



4th - U.S. of America

Joanne Johnson with OTCH Jo's Xpensif Hobi O'Redfield UDX MX AXJ (Shetland Sheepdog)

Bridget Carlsen with OTCH High Times Belvedere’s Duck Soup UDX MH (Golden Retriever)

Dave Gannon with OTCH Breakwater Ice Skater UDX JH (Golden Retriever)

Kathleen J. Rasinowich with OTCH First String’s Cubby Bear UDX AX NAJ (Golden Retriever)


Individual Winner

from Wales

Jane Moran with Zullmarg Zygoma OW (WSD)


The Inter-Regionals

Winners - Northern Region

Anna Manners with Foxfold Justice (GSD)
Ann Height with Acenmoor Raven (GSD)
Janice Jackson with Double Trouble Frankie at Choxxstart (Beardie)
Pat Ralph with Delark Ticket to Ride (Tervueren)
Andrea Pirt with Bencruen Blyton (Goldie)
Annette Benoist with Vindomora Dream (Border Collie)
Rachel Young with Jarysmystic Magic Knockout (Working Sheepdog)


Class Winners


1st - Heather Staines with Kaisers Little Cracker (Rottweiler)

Class 'A'

=1st - Felicity O'Neill with Byeways Kings Jester "Rory" (Flat Coat Retriever)

=1st - Jan Lewandowski with Pepsanner Sunbeam (G.Retriever)

Class 'B'

1st - Tracey Ansell with Somanic on a Mission for Chalkwell "Spirit" (Std/Pdle)

Class 'C'

1st - Annette Benoist with Vindomora Dream (Border Collie)

YKC Results


1st Alex Berry
2nd Lisa Kave
3rd Charlotte Harding
4th Pippa Wood


1st Gemma Bates
2nd Ella Rawlinson
3rd Kirsty Brown
4th Kathryn Brachi


1st Gemma Bates
2nd Daniella Jones
3rd David Healey
4th Ashleigh Butler


1st Katie Mitchell
2nd Charlotte Mullen
3rd Stephanie Daly
4th Zoe Phillips
5th Helen O`Neill
6th Marita McKay



1st Philippa Kelly
2nd Charlotte Cooper
3rd Jonathan Chester
4th Frankie Evans
5th Rachel Fludder

Dog of the Year

Winner: Ob Ch Whatknow Razzamatazz with handler Herbie Watson

Runner up: Ob Ch Topori Touch of Class with handler Ann Rogers



Obedience Championship Judge

Carole Patrick

When MACKIE (Mac Belan), a small black and white working sheepdog came into Carole's life in 1978 she did not know that obedience competitions existed, they joined a local dog training club simply because she wanted her dog to be well behaved. On 9th June 1979 they attended their first obedience show at Carlisle Race Course and finished second in pre beginners receiving a blue rosette, a black and white rosette and £1.50 prize money. That is when Carole caught the obedience bug. MACKIE went on to win Crufts Dog Obedience Championships in 1986 qualifying for the competition on 6 consecutive occasions. He also won the Pro Dog of Year competition in 1989.

Carole then trained and worked her husband Colin's German Shepherd Dog, RADAR (Sufayre Bandolerio), and he had won 2 B's when he was forced into a premature retirement having suffered 2 stomach torsions. Colin will be the main Ring Steward for the Crufts Obedience Championships this year.

TAGGIE (Jewhisp's Belan) a Border Collie was Carole's next dog, bred by Angela Jude, TAGGIE qualified for Crufts Dog Obedience Championships on 4 occasions finishing 4th in 1995.

Currently Carole is working JUDE (Jewhisp's Judabelan) a Border Collie in Championship Class C and he won his first Challenge Certificate in August 2004 at Holyrood. Also living with Carole, Colin and JUDE is KENI (Dherrington Belan) and rumour has it that he is hoping to start his obedience career once his mum has stopped worrying about judging at Crufts.

All Carole and Colin's dogs are first and foremost pets, and, if they compete in obedience competitions that is considered a bonus.

Carole's first open show judging appointment was in July 1982 at Eden Valley DTC show and she awarded her first Challenge Certificate at East Kilbride DTC show in September 1994. She is also an approved Regulations and Judging Procedure Accredited Trainer (Obedience) and along with fellow Accredited Trainers Ellen Herries and Sandra McIntosh presented the very first Regulation and Judging procedure (Obedience) Seminar and Assessments at the offices of the Scottish Kennel Club on 23rd October 2004.

To say that Carole was shocked to be invited to judge the Obedience Championships is an understatement, in fact she was speechless for about an hour after reading the letter of invitation. Those people who know her well are confident that she will do her very best to set an evenly balanced test and judge it to the best of her ability. Her team of stewards include her husband Colin, Ellen Herries, Angela Jude, Shelagh Page, Kate Heron, Margaret Harvey, Sandra Gordon and Margo Lewis who all offer her a wealth of experience and support.


Obedience World Cup Judge - Bronwyn Bartley

Bronwyn has had a love of animals for as long as she can remember. As a teenager she bred and successfully showed rabbits but horses, and particularly dogs, were her first love. Her future husband, Bruce, gave her a puppy for her seventeenth birthday and from then on it was dogs all the way. She started training Robbie at a local road safety dog training school but very soon found out about obedience shows, started competing and that was it, she was bitten by the bug.
Robbie was found to have P.R.A so was retired early but then she purchased Timmy who was to become Ob.Ch. Melyn's Tim. Timmy produced Torrin who also qualified for Crufts. Torrin, in turn, produced Bronwyn's 'dog of a lifetime' Ob.Ch. Tyrocoll Bheinn Token. Tokie won a total of 21 tickets, was twice top obedience dog of the year, before his untimely death at six and a half years old. After this devastating loss, a lean period followed but eventually she bred Tally, Bheinn Tallorken, who took her back to Crufts in 2001. This was one of her and Bruce's proudest moments. It didn't matter what happened on the day, she had fought her way back with Tally.
Bronwyn has been judging in Obedience for 35 years and has been judging tickets since the mid eighties. She enjoys her judging and feels it is one way to put something back into the sport that has become a way of life.
One of Bronwyn's proudest moments was when she was invited to judge the Obedience Championships at Crufts in 1997 the same year in which her husband, Bruce, judged the Inter-Regional.
Bronwyn thoroughly enjoyed watching the inaugural World Cup last year when she felt the atmosphere was fantastic so she was delighted and proud to have been invited to judge the event in 2005, her only regret being that Bruce won't be there to witness to the event.
Bronwyn is equally delighted at the response to the event this year and would like to wish all those competing a most enjoyable and unforgettable day.

Inter-Regionals Judge - Kay Raven

Kay first got involved in the sport of dog obedience in 1970 after acquiring a very nervous long coated GSD bitch called Bella, when she joined Jack Thorpe-Foulsham's dog club. It was in the advanced class of this club that she was to meet the likes of the infamous Muriel Pearce, Robert Willetts, etc.

Bella was followed by a rescue dog called Penelope Pitstop (Penny to her friends!), and Kay was eventually to have the privilege to become a member of the club with one of the longest waiting lists not only of its time, but before or since, run by none other than Barbara & Dick Hill. This club was full of top Championship C handlers, too numerous to mention.

Her next dog was a much longed-for white Shanvaal dog called Flak, who sadly had to be retired from working Ticket at the age of 6 when he became deaf (unfortunately this was not allowed in the rules to work a deaf dog at that time).

During the mid 1970's, whilst working as a veterinary nurse, Kay was introduced into the world of working animals in TV when she helped Jack Thorpe-Foulsham prepare a dog for man work for a TV programme, and even stunt-doubled the actress on the day of filming!! Kay subsequently set up her own company providing animals for TV and films, which is still as successful today, and has given her the opportunity to work with not just all breeds of dog, but most types of animal, and therefore appreciates first hand the work that goes into training different types of dogs.

Since then all of Kay's subsequent dogs have been at least C only (including her Beardie, Roy), with the exception of her GSD Woody who, after being taught man work, was to become a quite sought after TV/film dog.

In 2001 Kay was to make up her first Obedience Champion (Ob Ch Tanamerye Bunnie), who competed at Crufts on 2 occasions, and retired in 2002. She is currently competing with her young dogs Lucas (Golden Retriever) and Bailey (Beardie), who are both now C only.

In all, Kay has been judging for nearly 30 years, and was awarded her first Ticket appointment in 1996. She has also not only judged, but also held training seminars, in Holland, Belgium, Jersey and the Czech Republic.

Kay is very much looking forward to the honour of judging the Inter-Regionals at Crufts in 2005, and to having the opportunity to judge a variety of breeds/levels, and wishes everyone an enjoyable day and the best of luck.



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