Crufts 2017

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Alan Gresty

Bitch Championship


WINNER - Karen Davies with Ob Ch Stillmoor Celtic Banner


Second - Mary Ray with Sarkam Singing The Blues


3rd - Madge Thompson with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's Trendy

4th - Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic Its Flicker

5th - Philomena Barnes with Bheinn Bewitched

6th - Jane Bint with Ob Ch Janyjoy Jumpin Jaro


In Running Order:


1 Karen Aarons with Schaisla Dream Rosa

Karen Aarons

2 Caroline Eley with Kywidden Morvenna (2)

Caroline Eley

3 Janet Hackett with Iaktka Winter Star At Forestbeck

Janet Hackett

4 Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Ruskath Makana Image (3)

Kathy Russell

5 Wendy Birch with Ob Ch Gypton Just Della Of Greyvalley

Wendy Birch

6 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Jezzaddy It's Snow Floozie (3)

Phil Barnes

7 Linda Rutherford with Ob Ch Colliewood Confidential (8)

Linda Rutherford

8 Sue Bishop with Nedlo What's It All About

Sue Bishop

9 Kathy Russell with Ob Ch Ruskath Othentic Image TDEX (2)

Kathy Russell

10 Anna Herzog with Ob Ch Dumf And Galwy Halligalli (3)

Anna Herzog

11 Pat Watson with Just J At Forever Magic

Pat Watson

12 Jane Bint with Ob Ch Janyjoy Jumpin Jaro

Jane Bint

13 Lisa Brannan with Ob Ch Moakies Mystical Moment

Lisa Brannan

14 Jenny Gould with Ob Ch Zakanja Beewyched (2)

Jenny Gould

15 Marie Cartwright with Ob Ch Dodgin Firecraker

Marie Cartwright

16 Philomena Barnes with Bheinn Bewitched

Phil Barnes

17 Suzy Tooley with Ob Ch Everush Olympic Flame (3)

Suzy Tooley

18 Diane Martin with Lupitoonz Eazi Peazi

Di Martin

19 Kathy Russell with Sarkam Explicit Image For Ruskath

Kathy Russell

20 Madge Thompson with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's Trendy

Madge Thompson

21 Karen Harrison with Maradonar Echelon (2)

Karen Harrison

22 Pat Watson with Ob Ch Forever Magic Its Flicker (2)

Pat Watson

23 Karen Davies with Ob Ch Stillmoor Celtic Banner

Karen Davies

24 Mary Ray with Sarkam Singing The Blues (2)

Mary Ray


Dog Championship


WINNER - Ria McGovern with Ob Ch Beckim Surprise Surprise


Second - Geraldine Steadman with Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm


3rd - Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans

4th - Jackie Duck with Ob Ch Tyefold Xander

5th - Margaret Pinder with Ob Ch Fellameeka Diamond Geyser

6th - Janet Bates with Ob Ch Bluefizz Taika Chance On Me



In Running Order:

1 Sharon Duntsan with Murellas Just Jasper

Sharon Dunstan

2 Guus Scholten with Danesway Duet

Guus Scholten

3 Janet Matthews with Ob Ch Croftmist River Of Krismoss (2)

Jan Mattthews

4 Mary Ray with Ob Ch Colliewood Blue Jeans (5)

Mary Ray

5 Nicky Murrell with Sixela Over The Border

Nicky Murrell

6 Philomena Barnes with Ob Ch Forever Magic It's A Gift (4)

Phil Barnes

7 Dot Watts with Ob Ch Ziggdan Zyco (5)

Dot Watts

8 Linda Rutherford with Sixela Rumr Has It

Linda Rutherford

9 Margaret Pinder with Ob Ch Fellameeka Diamond Geyser (3)

Margaret Pinder

10 Jenny Lunn with Ob Ch Longhalves On A Rhythm (2)

Jenny Lunn

11 Sue King with Jodame Dutch Courage

Sue King

12 Julie Rowlands with Ob Ch Cabals Black Prince

Julie Rowlands

13 Ria McGovern with Ob Ch Beckim Surprise Surprise (2)

Ria McGovern

14 Jane Bint with Itsjaro's D'Ream (2)

Jane Bint

15 Jo Neal with Somerset Ollie

Jo Neal

16 Linda Rutherford with Lupitoonz Limelite Steeler (2)

Linda Rutherford

17 Bron Bartley with Bheinn He's A Gift Forever

Bronwyn Bartley

18 Geraldine Steadman with Ob Ch Nobite Defence Of The Realm (6)

Geraldine Steadman

19 Lyn Green with Lupitoonz Lake Man

Lyn Green

20 Jackie Duck with Ob Ch Tyefold Xander

Jackie Duck

21 Janet Bates with Ob Ch Bluefizz Taika Chance On Me

Janet Bates

22 Mark Herrits with Ob Ch Dodgin Master Markat

Mark Herrits

Inter Regional Obedience

Judge - Lee Lampert


WINNERS - Midlands


SECOND - Wales


Individual Beginners Winner - Wendy Evans with Lillys Gulliver



Individual Novice Joint Winner - Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way



Individual Novice Joint Winner - Elinor Anderson with Brandys Reddy for Myrtillas


Class A

Individual Class A Winner - Lyn Griffin with Vaneldurks Angus


Class B

Individual Class B Winner - Tracey Eaton with Cleynehage on the Tiles


Class C

Individual Class C Winner - Connie Handford with Lupitoonz Simandconjo OW/ExC

(South East & East Anglia)



In running order:

Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney


Bronagh Walsh with Fernach God Of Thunder 'Zeus' (SSD)

Bronagh Walsh

Reserve: Mark Firth with My Red Hot Chilli Pepper 'Pepper' (X Breed)

Mark Firth


Ruth Martin with Shinrone Yeltzin 'Harley' (Min Poodle)

Ruth Martin

Lisa Craig with One For Luck 'Poppy' (Golden Retriever)

Lisa Craig

Class A

Janette Mitchell with Shelridge Special Diamond 'Finlo' (SSD)

Janette Mitchell

Miriam De Groot with TAWNYHILL UNIQUE CINNAMON 'Mia' (Golden Retriever)

Miriam De Groot

Class B

Helen Boyde with Still Rockin & Heaven Sent 'Lyric' (WSD)

Helen Boyde

Class C

Kate McCartney with Murella's Truly Scrumptious 'Truly' (BC)

Kate McCartney




Team Manager - Lou Jackson

Midlands Team


Emily Crookes with Borderpride Love Actually (BC)

Reserve: Lydia Harrison with Divamine Inspiration (Mali)

Lydia Harrison


Katie Bloor with Katie's Calamari (X Brred)

Katie Bloor

Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way (SS)

Sue Lang

Class A

Lyn Griffin with Vaneldurks Angus (GSD)

Lyn Griffin

Alison Bowkett with Darkwolf Theseus (GSD)

Alison Bowkett

Class B

Dawn Cox with Hollysea of West Farthings (BC)

Dawn Cox

Class C

Kaye Ball with Pepsanner Lady Mcbeth of Barcarolle (GR)

Kaye Ball



Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgrs - Ellen Herries & Anne Marie Parker


Ann McDonald with GADLOCK LADY MUCK 'Brooke' (ESS)

Reserve: Jean Palmer with TRIOSDEACH HIRTABEG 'Hirta' (BORDER TERRIER)

Jean Palmer



Penny Crowe

Sarah Smith with THE BEST OF BUDDY 'Buddy' (CROSSBREED)

Sarah Smith

Class A

Carol Stewart with RUSKATH LUMINOUS IMAGE 'Obi' (WSD)

Carol Stewart


Penny Crowe

Class B


Judith Owen

Class C

Sarah Jane Campbell with SARKAM FUSE THE DREAM 'Arca' (WSD)

Sarah Jane Campbell



Team Manager - Emma Lavender



Robert Kent

Reserve: LIZ MILLS with SKAIJAK’S SERENDIPITY OF TOMSZILL 'LUCY' (Polish Lowland Sheepdog)

Liz Mills



Elspeth Brown

Wendy Hatfield

Class A


Henrietta Carew

Pam Sullivan

Class B


Tracey Eaton

Class C


Rachel Cudworth



Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Wendy Evans with LILLYS GULLIVER 'Lilly' (Labrador)

Wendy Evans

Reserve: Carol Dare with LAVIKA MIRROR IMAGE 'Rafa' (Shetland Sheepdog)

Carol Dare


Justin Parker with CONQUELL URS 'Neo' (GSD)

Justin Parker

Elinor Anderson with BRANDYS REDDY for MYRTILLAS 'Brandy' (Cross)

Elinor Anderson

Class A

Anna Zabinska with MOON WALKER 'Tahu' (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Anna Zabinska

Alison O'Connor with DUSTERS CALL ME MADAM 'Diva' (WS)

Alison O'Connor

Class B

Anne Coates with COURTRIDGE CHORISTER 'Crispin' (Golden Retriever)

Anne Coates

Class C

Michelle Dunscombe with IT'S JARO'S NO DOUBT O.W. 'Rogue (WS)

Mish Dunscombe


South & South West


Team Manager - Stephanie Woollam

Western Team


Jane Ingrouille with WHISKEY WONDER 'Whiskey' (Lurcher)

Jane Ingrouille

Reserve: Rosamond Weddell with BITCON LUTHER 'Harry' (Flatcoat Retriever)

Rosamond Weddell


Hilary Holley with RANNOCK FEARGAL 'Darcy' (Labrador)

Hilary Holley

Christine Richardson with MADABO BUFFALO SOLDIER 'Harvey' (Miniature Schnauzer)

Class A

Sue Aldridge with MANUTAHI MAKERS MARK 'Kite' (Groenendael)

Susie Thomson with JOEVANESS WYCH SUMMER TIME 'Dixie' (GSD)

Susie Thomson

Class B


Betty Iles

Class C

Colin Huntley with IT'S JARO'S DISCOVERY 'Ollie' (WS)

Colin Huntley


South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Wendy Birch

Southern Team


Sharyn Hall with Grandbelge Krosby 'Thula' (Groenendael)

Sharlyn Hall

Reserve: Agata Myga with Irish Connemara Red Radimus 'Indi' (Kelpie)

Agata Myga


Kit Clow with Osketra Sirius 'Devon' (GSD)

Kit Clow

Patricia Charlton with Saredon As Time Goes By 'Spike' (Miniature Schnauzer)

Patricia Charlton

Class A

Lesley Nichols with Dunburgh Taylor Boy 'Tayler' (Golden Retriever)

Lesley Nicols

Lou Holmes with Nobite High Flier 'Risk' (BC)

Lou Holmes

Class B

Kat Farrants with Solarwind Star Sapphire 'Shanti' (Australian Shepherd Dog)

Kat Farrants

Class C

Connie Handford with Lupitoonz Simandconjo OW/ExC 'Subiaco' (WS)

Connie Handford

Inter Regional Rally

Judge - Claire Coughlan-Khan




SECOND - South & South West



In running order:

Northern Ireland

Norther Ireland

Team Manager - Rachel Cooper

Assistant Managers: Debbie Martin & Patricia Page

Level 1

Christine Carleton with JESTER JACK 'Jack' (X breed)

Christine Carleton

Reserve: Ronnie McAleese with SIRENSONG DARK DIAMOND 'Jay' (Mini Poodle)

Ronnie McAleese

Level 2

Patricia Page with IR CH HARLEWOOD SNOWFLAKE 'Lydia' (Bulldog)

Patricia Page

Adrian Dornford-Smith with Int Ch, Ir Sh Ch FiveNinePlus Puntillitas Ir Jnr Ch, CW’16, 11, CJW’11, AW(B) 'Lita' (Spanish Water Dog)

Adrian Domford-Smith

Level 3

Lesley Clements with GRANDWAYS BICA 'Bica' (Portuguese Water Dog)

Lesley Clements

Level 4


Carole Lewin

Level 5

Debbie Martin with MANNANAN’S PURE GENIUS 'Fred' (X breed)

Debbie Martin

Level 6

Karen Westcott with BORDERMANN MANANNAN MAIDEN 'Maddie' (BC)

Karen Westcott




Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth

Assistant Managers: Karen Kendall & Carole Thornley

 Level 1

Bhavnesh Patel with Sita Of India 'Eva' (German Shepherd Dog)

Bhavnesh Patel

Reserve: Leanne Ward with Lightning Life Of Riley 'Brodie' (Whippet Cross)

Leanne Ward

Level 2

Moira Homer with Phoebe Fanakapan 'Phoebe' (Beardie Cross)

Moira Homer

Vicky Brown with Hollysea At Crickhollow 'Shaun' (Border Collie)

Vicky Brown

Level 3

Julia Skipp with Caramel Fudge Of Skipaway 'Fudge' (Pomeranian)

Julia Skipp

Level 4

Jane Barstow with Pepsanner Palatine 'Jacob' (Golden Retriever)

Jane Barstow

Level 5

Peta Braddock with Don't Touch The Tail 'Billy' (Working Sheepdog)

Peta Braddock

Level 6

Sue Cotton with Wild Foggy Marsh 'Bradley' (Golden Retriever)

Sue Cotton




Team Manager - Elaine Miller
Ass Managers - Sarah Holroyd & Susie Galloway

Level 1

Deirdre Munro with Roxy Sox 'Roxy' (Crossbreed)

Deirdre Munro

Reserve: Pam Cuthbert with Maccadale Mozzie 'Mozzie' (Border Collie)

Pam Cuthbert

Level 2

Janet Young with Fallowfen's Silver Cairn 'Cairn' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Janet Young

Emma Hunter with Almarshields Toffeapple 'Honey' (Toy Poodle)

Emma Hunter

Level 3

Megan Watson with Princess Coppertop 'Rubie' (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Megan Watson

Level 4

Amy Jackson with In A Minute Jess 'Jess' (Crossbreed)

Amy Jackson

Level 5

Jamie Dryburgh with Celtacastus Magic Delight 'Sasha' (German Shepherd)

Jamie Dryburgh

Level 6

Sally Sanford with Erikachen Lasadoir 'Lace' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Sally Sanford




Team Manager - Julie Barrett

Assistant Managers: Gail Holl & Andy Dainty

Level 1

Sarah Stridgeon with Aqua Boy Nero 'Apollo' (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Sarah Stridgeon

Reserve: Caroline O'Neill with Glenrothey Penny 'Penny' (BC)

Caroline O'Neill

Level 2

Jackie Bird with Donehogawa Incantations of the Heart RL1ex 'Kofi' (Utonagan)

Jackie Bird

Margaret Pennington with Foxfold Saracen RL1ex 'Raven' (GSD)

Margaret Pennington

Level 3

Marion Proctor with Miralyn Ruadh at Tramarlian RL2ex 'Ruadh' (Toy Poodle)

Marion Proctor

Level 4

Janice Jackson with Choxxstart Barney T'rouble RL3ex 'Barney' (Bearded Collie)

Janice Jackson

Level 5

Tracey McGowan with Saloncrest Photoshoot at Tramarlian 'Aeriel' (Chinese Crested PP)

Tracey McGowan

Level 6

Angela Wilson with Oxhayes Rich Flower 'Lily' (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

Angela Wilson



Team Manager - Margaret Booth

Assistant Managers: Mary Rayment & Sharon Formstone

Level 1

Linda Thomas with Shelwyck Jiggery Pokery At Hilbeaglin ‘Sabah’ (Beagle)

Linda Thomas

Reserve: Janice Tyers with Gheluvelt Amazonian Queen ‘Lucy’ (Malinois)

Janice Tyers

Level 2

Yvonne Davies with Cytas Aiming For The Top ‘Emma’ (Malinois)

Yvonne Davies

Sofia Gilljam with Knott Solkungen’Knott’ (Cirneco dell’Etna)

Sofia Gilljam

Level 3

Chrissy Harrison with X Factor Jenna At Pashamatts ‘Jenna’ (Crossbreed)

Chrissy Harrison

Level 4

Katy Girdler with Bubba Always Remember Pasha ‘Bubba’ (WSD)

Katy Girdler

Level 5

Jackie Travis Spencer with The Artful Bodger ‘Dash’ (Crossbreed)

Jackie Travis Spencer

Level 6

Nikki Kirk with Solindy Smokie Hue Of The Cut ‘Smokie’ (WSD)

Nikki Kirk

South & South West


Team Manager - Jenny Butters

Assistant Managers: Simone Lynch & Lesley Peters

Level 1

Marilyn Adams with Keltihope Miss March 'Paige' (Shetland Sheep Dog)

Marilyn Adams

Reserve: Susan Wolf with Exmoor Dark Sky 'Ghillie' (English Springer Spaniel)

Susan Wolf

Level 2

Samantha Kable with A Lola Trouble 'Lola' (Crossbreed)

Sam Kable

Edith Kreutner with Auchencloch Fable 'Taya' (Golden Retriever)

Edith Kreutner

Level 3

Kathy Williams with Ame Magnanime Didier De Titan 'Dido' (Beauceron)

Kathy Williams

Level 4

Caroline Makkai with MagicMapps Thunder Storm 'Thunder' (GSD)

Caroline Makkai

Level 5

Ruth Allingham with Allanabru Awesome in Amber 'Amber' (Min Pinscher)

Ruth Allington

Level 6

Pauline Chadwick with Cocobola Saffron 'Saffie' (BC)

Pauline Chadwick

South East & East Anglia



Team Manager - Susan Coulstock

Assistant Managers: Helen Bull & Sam Savory

Southern Team

Level 1

Sam Savory with Alliance de la Vie Rabbit Racer of Katimba 'Manya' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Reserve: Frances Killeen with Keena than Mustard 'Keena' (Lurcher)

Level 2

Finuala Barnes with Islemoor Ruby Tuesday with Barhi 'Ruby' (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

Vanessa Hardin with Sheltysham Miss Mayhem 'Tutti Fruitti' (Shetland Sheepdog)

Level 3

Hazel Hicks with Myndoc Monkey Puzzle 'Puzzle' (Shetland Sheepdog)

Level 4

Melanie Davies with Katmistskys Soul Dream 'Bernard' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Level 5

Jenny Morris with Blackrobin Bob the Builder 'Bob' (Border Collie)

Level 6

Christine Clements with Mountlochan Chanonry Lad 'Bailey' (Border Collie)


Judge - Michelle Newman



1st The GSDs (German Shepherd Dog)



2nd The Russellers (Jack Russell Terriers)



3rd Dachtastic (Miniature Longhaired Dachshund)



4th Cairntastic Terriers (Cairn Terrier)

Team 1

Team Cairntastics (Cairn Terriers)


Andrea Bolden with Tycadno Ruby Slippers 'Ruby'

Andrea Bolden

Wendy Laker with Wizoz Miss Backchat 'Isla'

Wendy Laker

Diane Hartopp with Dorothys Red Shoes 'Dottie'

Dianne and Dottie

Suzanne Drew with Tycadno Thriller At L'Artiste 'Oscar'

Suzanne Drew

Kate Mc Millan with Drinwil April Love 'Millie'

Diane Hartopp


Team 2

Team Petits Pyreneans (Pyrenean Sheepdogs)

Liz Lewis with Geordi de l'Oustaou de Padel 'Geordi'

Liz Lewis

Cynthia Milnes with Swe & Nor Ch Hob-Nob's Soleil of Jentilima 'Pussel'

Cynthia Milnes

Margaret Challans with Sawara Dreamer 'Deva'

Margaret Challens

Pauline Keable with Rambauds Xonville 'Fizz'

Pauline Keable

Diane Newton with Sawara Double Trouble 'Piri'

Diane Newton

Carol Groves with Sandytrail Soupçon 'Lulu'

Carol Groves

Team 3

Team Canny Cavaliers (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)


Lucy Dawson with Luphenex Let Me Entetain You 'Hetty'

Philippa Biddle with Hearthfriend Hazel Nutkins 'Hazel'

Roxane Hobbs with Wynncliff Lady Karly of Beaconsfylde 'Karly'

Barbara Taylor with Taybar Annabella 'Annabelle'

Kate Hughes with Ruby Roo Girl 'Ruby'

Chris Clements with Cloudywing’s Charlotte of Luphenex 'Lottie'

Cav team


Team 4

Team Dachtastic (Miniature Long Haired Dachshund)


Sarah Bartlett with Idirsholas Jazz's Gift RL6 'Moss'

Sarah Bartlett

Wendy Schilling with Idirsholas Rhythm of Jazz RL1 'Stanley'

Wendy Schilling

Debbie Toby with Future Legend of Idirsholas RL5 'Ziggy'

Debbie Toby

Joanne Stanley with Silflay Wild Thyme RL1 'Frankiefurter'

Joanne Stanley

Jane Sutherland with Silver Frosted Florentine 'Florence'

Jane Sutherland

Joanne Stanley with Frankie's Silver Lining 'Pipparami'

Joanne Stanley

Team 5

Team Border Delights (Border Collie)

Border Collies

Dawn Cox with Hollysea of West Farthings 'Dorothy'

Jen Wyatt with Deltamadog Hobson’s Choice 'Hobson'

Vicky Brown with Hollysea at Crickhollow 'Shaun'

Lynne Darby with Mae Eegi Project 'Chloe'

Gloria Bonnell with Sheltysham Short Serenade at Clinock 'Jade'

Julia Reeves with Bordertime Melting Moments 'Ting'

Team 6

The GSDS (German Shepherd Dog)

GSD Team

Paula Davis with My Little Valentine 'Dylan'

Paula Davis

Gemma Pinkard with Zephyrs black magic 'Zeph'

Gemma Pinkard

Naomi Baggaley with Jacobrad Sunday Girl at Paulincuss 'Kara'

Naomi Baggaly

Kath Gorick with Jedward Jedhi Warrior 'Jed'

Kath Gorick

Peter Bowell with Square Eyes 'Luna'

Pete Bowell

Team 7

The Defiant Giants (Giant Schnauzers)


Aleksandra Bekker with Zarina’s Design Tu Eres Mi Todo 'Phil'


Jackie Pye with Nithelsa Daisy Mae 'Rave'

Jackie Pye

Mari Ylivinkka with Iservel Dark Secret 'Obi'


Gilly Bamber with Sempurfi Silver Knight 'Reggie'

Gilly Bamber

Deborah Allen with Mendelssohn vom Weseler Wald 'Monty, Monty, Monty'

Deb Allen

Team 8

The Cirneco Dell'Etna Club Obreedience Team (Cirneco Dell'Etna)


Diane Clark with Hadranensis Rigoletto do Deavanni 'Luca'

Sarah Connatty with Hadranensis Ulivo (imp Ita) 'Teddy etna'

Sarah Connatty

Michele Di Dio with Kinabulas Forlani at Kushka 'Phreddie'

Debbie McDonnell with Hadranensis Ardito (imp Ita) 'Chino'

Pat Lawler with Hadranensis Vito di Deavanni 'Vito'

Pat Lawler

Team 9

The Russellers (Jack Russell Terrier)

Jack Russells

Julia Bodsworth with White Lightening Hot Spot 'Spot'

Julia Bodsworth

Kirsty Stuart with Fedsig The Giant 'Fed'


Julie Russon with My Bostin' Buster 'Buster'

Julie Russon

Sam Bowman with Jumping Jack Patch 'Patch'

Sam Bowman

Anne Shuker with Scally's Skullduggery Swag 'Scally'

Anne Shukers

Angela Woodhouse with The Tichfield Thunderbolt 'Titch'

Angela Woodhouse

Team 10

The Rat Catchers (Manchester Terriers)

Manchester Terriers

Liz Stedman with Mansiya Dare to be Different AW(B) 'Perry'

Helen Fletcher with Joemario Just a Dash 'Shimmy'

Liz Hammett with Bryedal Jandy 'Oscar'

Zoe Lindop with Rollsbrook Moonbeam 'Luna'

Zoe Lindop

Kath Dimmock with Mansiya If You Dare 'Merlot'

The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Pat Wilson



1st - Paul Watts with Soaring Fred


2nd - Ruth Stevens with Casem Leonora


3rd - Rachel Richards with Goodbye Mr Chips


4th - Wendy Osborne with Ossies Jumping Jax

In Running Order

1 Jill Thorpe with Tagtastic Myrtle (Labrador)

Jill Thorpe

2 Abbie Nunn with Miss Bess (WSD)

Abbi Nunn

3 Ruth Stevens with Casam Leonora (Flat Coat Ret)

4 Maryliese Happel with Dukeson Hoosier Adagio (Shetland Sheepdog)

Maryliese Happel

5 Rosalin Founde with Little Chocolate Trio (WSD)

Rosalin Founde

6 Jacky Stocker with Risesparks Marks Boy Alfie (Minature Schnauzer)

Jacky Stocker

7 Wendy Osborne with Ossies Jumping Jax (WSD)

Wendy Osborne

8 Lynne Tovey with Quinestille Popsicle (Crossbreed)

Lynne Tovey

9 Natalie Wood with Archie Parchie (XB)

Natalie Wood

10 Anne Callow with Killerbrae Mirk (BC)

Anne Callow

11 Glenn Patterson with Benhar Bellatrix (XB)

Glenn Paterson

12 Angela Wilson with Balacar Boy (XB)

Angela Wilson

13 Janine Grinshill with Great Gifted Sunshine Lad

Janice Grinshill

14 Tanja Connor with Quincebois Salleron (Hovawart)

Tanja Connor

15 Paul Watts with Soaring Fred (Crossbreed)

16 Pamela Ruscoe with Ychydig Draig (XB)

Pamela Ruscoe

17 Allison Burrows with Risingtides Lady Opal (Labrador)

Allison Burrows

18 Angela Phillips with Buddywell Better Be Good (Cocker Spaniel)

Angela Phillips

19 Hannah Winship with Shoecotts Summer Song of Hanville (Rottweiler)

Hannah Winship

20 Rachel Richards with Goodbye Mr Chips (XB)

Rachel Richards


Judge - Pat Wilson


Under 12:

1st Bobbie Lee with Jakey of Zeldonis (XB)
2nd Hannah Searby with Tiny Rascal (XB)
3rd Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe (Staffie)

Over 12:

1st Abbie Nunn with Miss Bess (WSD)
2nd Catherine Mason with Strickland Benny Be Good (WSD)
3rd Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise (BC)
4th Lucie Davies with Knowlhill Snowstorm (Goldie)
5th Adam Bones with Adams Wee Rusty (XB)
6th Bronagh Walsh with Fearmach God of Thunder (Sheltie)
7th George Whitley with Dikeadaze Dewey (Goldie)
8th Millie Edwards with Swanmarch Colour Me Blue (Cocker Spnl)
9th Josh Keyworth with Liliy Morawel (BC)

Over 18:

1st Zoe Gilbert with Golden Bracken (BC)
2nd Lizzie Mason with Stickland Flyer (WSD)
3rd Anya Connolly with Rev It Up (XB)
4th Paige Jepson with Dekdays Cambrica of Jeplong (BC)
5th Laura Baillie with Kerriglow Candy Whisper (Cocker Spnl)


In Running Order

1 Zoe Gilbert with Golden Bwlch Bracken (Border Collie) Over 18

2 Anya Connolly with Rev It Up (Crossbreed) Over 18

Anya Connolly

3 Millie Edwards with Swanmarch Colour Me Blue (Cocker Spaniel) Over 12

Millie Edwards

4 Paige Jepson with Dekdays Cambrica of Jeplong (Border Collie) Over 18

Paige Jepson

5 Josh Keyworth with Lily Morawel (Border Collie) Over 12

Josh Keyworth

6 George Whitley with Dikeadaze Dewey (Golden Retriever) Over 12

George Whitley

7 Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise (Border Collie) Over 12

Shannon Wright

8 Lizzie Mason with Stickland Flyer (Working Sheepdog) Over 18

Lizzie Mason

9 Bobbie Lee with Jakey of Zeldonis (Crossbreed) Under 12

Bobbie Lee

10 Bronagh Walsh with Fearmach God of Thunder (Shetland Sheepdog) Over 12

11 Abbie Nunn with Miss Bess (Working Sheepdog) Over 12

Abbi Nunn

12 Adam Bones with Adams Wee Rusty (Crossbreed) Over 12

13 Lucie Davies with Knowlhill Snowstorm (Golden Retriever) Over 12

Lucy Davies

14 Catherine Mason with Strickland Benny Be Good (Working Sheepdog) Over 12

Catherine Mason

15 Bronagh Walsh with Sky At Midnight (Minature Schauzer) Over 12

16 Hannah Searby with Tiny Rascal (Crossbreed) Under 12

Hannah Searby

17 Laura Baillie with Kerriglow Candy Whisper (Cocker Spaniel) Over 18

18 Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) Under 12

Abbi Spink





Judge - Jane Wood




1st Bobbie Lee - Jakey of Zeldonis ZELDONIS (XB)


2nd Isobel West - Wakaduze Wi Mimbe (NSDTR)


3rd Shauna Lloyd - Whiterock's Clara Peggoty (Sheltie)

4th Jemma Speirs - Coolaulin Shadows Secret (Min Poodle)
5th Maisy Dent - Ragus Just Joking At Fizzella (Norwich Ter)
6th Bronagh Walsh - Fearnach God Of Thunder (IKC) (Sheltie)
7th Lauren McCormick - Canern Leporem Of Paleagh (Jack Russ Ter)

In Running Order:

1 Bronagh Walsh with FEARNACH GOD OF THUNDER (IKC) (Shetland Sheepdog)

2 Elizabeth Hodgkinson with HIGHHESLEY RED TORNADO (Labrador)

3 Maisy Dent with RAGUS JUST JOKING AT FIZZELLA (Norwich Terrier)

4 Isobel West with WAKADUZE WI MIMBE (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

5 Lauren McCormick with CANERN LEPOREM OF PALEAGH (Jack Russell Terrier)

6 Shauna Lloyd with WHITEROCK'S CLARA PEGGOTY (Shetland Sheepdog)

7 Annabel Haith with ELLIE UP UP AND AWAY (Cocker Spaniel)

8 Jemma Speirs with COOLAULIN SHADOWS SECRET (Miniature Poodle)

Jemma Spiers

9 Bobbie Lee with JAKEY OF ZELDONIS (XBreed)

Bobbie Lee





1st Becky Convery - Miles To Fly (XB)


2nd Clare Dempsey - Lady Waffles (Toy Poodle)


3rd Samantha Ragus - Chewbaka Of Solo (XB)


4th Rebecca Williams - Skylar Curly Flyer (XB)
5th Joshua King - Biscatron Three Thousand (XB)
6th Paige Jepson - Dekdays Cambrica Of Jeplong (BC)

In Running Order:

1 Joshua King with BISCATRON THREE THOUSAND (XBreed)

2 Annabel Haith with ELLIE UP UP AND AWAY (Cocker Spaniel)

3 Paige Jepson with DEKDAYS CAMBRICA OF JEPLONG (Border Collie)

Paige Jepson

4 Clare Dempsey with LADY WAFFLES (Toy poodle)

5 Becky Convery with MILES TO FLY (XBreed)

6 Samantha Ragus with CHEWBAKA OF SOLO 'Chewy' (XBreed)

Samantha Ragus

7 Rebecca Williams with SKYLAR CURLY FLYER (XBreed)





1st Voirrey Horne with MANANNANS ISLA MAN (BC)

2nd Kaydie Davidson with JAZZABINS MEMORY (WSD)

3rd Samantha Ragus with CHEWBAKA OF SOLO (Chewy) (XB)

4th Rosie Paine with MAD MISS MADDY (XB)
5th Amy Carswell with FOXBARTON PRINCE HAL (BC)
6th Keeley Hurton with KEELEY'S ARCHIE BOY (XB)
7th Lizzie Mason with STRICKLAND FLYER (XB)

In Running Order:

1 Amy Carswell with FOXBARTON PRINCE HAL (Border Collie)

Amy Carswell

2 Rosie Paine with MAD MISS MADDY (XBreed)

3 Keeley Hurton with KEELEY'S ARCHIE BOY (XBreed)

4 Lizzie Mason with STRICKLAND FLYER (XBreed)

5 Voirrey Horne with MANANNANS ISLA MAN (Border Collie)

Voirrey Home

6 Kaydie Davidson with JAZZABINS MEMORY (WSD)

7 Caragh McGrath with LYNBANK SMARTIE JONES (Papillon)

8 Samantha Ragus with CHEWBAKA OF SOLO 'Chewy' (XBreed)

Samantha Ragus



In Running Order:

 1 Alexandra Duesbury with DODGIN AMBER GAMBLER (WSD)




Judge - Alan Gresty

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

Alan Gresty

My first visit to Crufts Obedience Championships as a spectator was almost thirty five years ago. It was at Earls Court back in those days and whilst sat in the crowded stands as a rank beginner handler, I was in awe at the standard of competition, and said to myself “one day I'm going to be working my dog in that arena”. But little did I dare to dream that one day I would be judging that very same competition.

To coin a well worn cliché, it is indeed a privilege and an honour to be invited to judge this, the crowning event of the canine obedience calendar, and to say I was thrilled to receive the invitation is an understatement.

Along with this privilege I am aware that it comes with a huge responsibility. The amount of time, money, patience and skill required to qualify for the Championships demands the greatest respect.

My love affair with this sport started in 1981 when I was renovating an old barn and our neighbours in the farm next door had just bred a litter of collies. The last one left in the litter was a little girl totally white with a classic black and white head. That was it I was hooked and home she came.

Shellie came everywhere with me and even though I was doing the house and in the throws of developing my business, I couldn't resist teaching her tricks because I was fascinated how quickly she learned. It was then I decided to take her to dog training classes.

At the dog club there were a few people into competitive obedience and when I saw what their dogs were capable of doing, I thought that's definitely for me, and that was the start of my competitive career. Shellie thoroughly enjoyed her training, and took us from beginners to Ticket teaching me an awful lot along the way.

I now had four passions in my life my family, my business, my house renovating and my dog training. That created a very busy lifestyle!.

I feel lucky to have qualified for the Obedience Championships with two dogs, my first being in 1997 with Ziggy (Shace Tamarist Star) that was a very special day that I will never forget, a dream realised. Ziggy also qualified for breed at Crufts and appeared on several occasions.

After this there was a lull in proceedings with training taking a back seat as other priorities in my life took over, more house renovating and business interests, in fact for a couple of years I had to alternate shows with my wife Alison, she did one weekend, and I had to do the next. Then in 2006 I got my act together and won my first ticket with Alfie ( Ob Ch Amarissta Dynasty) we enjoyed Crufts together for three more years before her retirement in 2011.

I started judging the lower classes in 1988 and judged my first ticket in 2000 at NA&ATS, and have been judging Ticket classes regularly since then.

My super team are Paul Evans, Tina Kimblin, Alison Gresty, Keith Wall, Stephanie Evans, Stuart Kimblin, Gwynneth Williams, and last but certainly not least Jan Tootall. I would like to thank them all for their support, hard work and dedication in preparation for this once in a lifetime occasion, and we will be doing all we can to make Crufts 2017 enjoyable for everyone, whether competing or spectating and hope it will be a positive experience for all handlers , first timers and seasoned campaigners alike.

Judge - Lee Lampert

(Inter Regionals - Obedience)

Lee Lampert

I would like to thank the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge the 2017 Inter-Regional Obedience Competition. This is an event that I hold close to my heart having had the privilege to have taken part in it on six occasions with three different dogs, all German shepherds. I can remember the phone call back in 1983 from the late Mike Porter asking if I would like to take part with Misha and how excited I was to be asked to represent the Southern Team! How amazing all these years later to be asked to judge this great competition - this was something I could not refuse!

My dog training career started back in 1975 with a very unruly German shepherd called Pilot. All I wanted when I took him to dog training classes was to stop him pulling on the lead! Well one evening a certain Mrs Bishop came to our dog club to form a competition class, that’s when I was introduced to competitive obedience and I was hooked!

I went on to qualify three German shepherds and two Border collies to work Championship C also known as the Ticket class. The icing on the cake came for me after gaining six reserve CCs was when in 1999 I won my first Ticket with my lovely Whitney Kayander Enchantment I was made up!

I have also competed and been successful in working trials something I really enjoy.

I started judging in 1984 and went on to qualify to judge and award challenge certificates and did so for 16 years.

I have been running a dog club in Brighton where I live for 35 years - puppy classes have always been popular so some years ago I joined the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, and after putting many dogs and puppies through it remains very successful. It was always my aim to promote responsible dog ownership and I think the Good Citizen Scheme is a brilliant way of doing this.

I am looking forward to my judging appointment and would like to wish everyone who is taking part the best of luck and hope you all enjoy your day. Lee Lampert

Judge - Claire Coughlan-Khan

(Inter Regionals - Rally)

Claire Coughlan-Khan

I am hugely honoured to have been asked to judge the inaugural Interregional Rally Competition at Crufts 2017.

I've been involved in dogs and dog training all my life, primarily in Obedience, however I was fortunate to have had the chance to be involved in all disciplines as a Kennel Club Junior Organisation (now called Young Kennel Club) member, handling a wide variety of breeds.  I've worked some wonderful dogs and achieved accomplishments in Competitive Obedience, also enjoying many successes at Crufts in KCJO Obedience together, both as an individual and in team events.  I've been an Open Obedience Judge for over 20 years, and act as a calling steward and scribe at all levels.  I was delighted to judge both the YKC Triathlon and Biathlon competitions at Crufts a few years ago, which combined Obedience with Agility and Showing.

Over the last few years I've been involved in several 'firsts', such as taking part with my dog in the first ever Good Citizen demo in Crufts Main Ring in 1992, being part of the first Dog Club to take and pass the Gold Good Citizen Award, being part of the accompanying parade with my dog at Crufts for the first 'Friends for Life', being involved in the launch of the Safe and Sound Scheme, more recently being the first UK KC Rally judge to judge overseas – namely in Italy, and of course the most important 'first' is this judging appointment for the first Interregional Rally Competition.

Rally is a delightful sport, suitable for all breeds, shapes, sizes and ages of both dog and handler!  It's my pleasure to organise and lead the Rally Display Teams at Crufts each year, both in Dog Activities (Hall 3) and as part of the display in the Main Ring.  In 2013 I brought my senior Border Collie out of retirement to compete in Rally and we qualified through all the levels before her final retirement.  I campaigned my Papillon through Level 1 last year and am currently working on my young Collie and a couple more Papillons.   I enjoy judging and scribing at all levels, particularly given the wide variety of breeds that Rally attracts.

I hope to see a large audience on Thursday 9th March, encouraging the partnerships who have been chosen to represent their region at a variety of levels of experience.  The introduction of Rally at Crufts has awakened a lot of debate about the sport and its place, especially in comparison to other, more established, disciplines. However, whatever your opinion has been up to now, it would be wonderful to see you in Hall 5 to support the partnerships who have put in such work and dedication to be selected.

As judge, my priority is to ensure that each team enjoys their experience and that we showcase the sport we love. There will be music, smiles, camaraderie, fun, friendly competition, and dogs and handlers thoroughly enjoying working together: everything we all love about Rally.

I can't wait.



Judge - Pat Wilson

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)

Pat Wilson

What an honour!  The third time I have been invited by the Kennel Club to officiate at Crufts, firstly the Obedience Championships in 2000, the KCJO obedience classes (now YKC) in 2001 and now the Good Citizens Special Pre-Beginners stake.  My sincere thanks to the Kennel Club for putting their trust in me!

I am Lake District born and bred, a retired legal secretary and a very enthusiastic dog lover being owned at the present by two half sister Border Collies (who hate each other!) Ferry (Grenaby Reflection) and Celti (Grenaby Hot Chocolate) who occasionally trundle me into an "A" and Novice ring respectively. I started in obedience some xxx years ago with a yellow Labrador Retriever Sandy of Ghyll Head who got me to the dizzy heights of a 6th place in Ch. 'C' – what a dog and how much he taught me!  He was my first dog and my dad said I could only have him if I took him to training classes which I did and which were then run by the Railway Police in Carlisle.  I have also trained and handled a German Shepherd up to and including Championship 'C' (she was owned by Lawrence Telford of Ob.Ch. Meiklestane Moondust fame) and she was also successful in the breed ring, together with handling a Sheltie and Miniature Poodle for other people in lower classes.  My first collie Ob.Ch. Millbrow Sapphire was quite simply one in a million, bred to work sheep but just happy to work anything or anywhere, a real character.  She was followed by Millbrow Smoky Quartz, Millbrow Mica and Millbrow Sheza Gem, all Border Collies but at the time having a handler with too many personal problems to give them the time they deserved.

I am the secretary and instruct the advanced class at Wigton DTC as well as running pet classes in Keswick.  As secretary of Wigton DTC I am partially responsible for running their weekend obedience show in August and a one day event in November and was delighted in April 2016 to learn that the Club had been granted Championship status for the Saturday of the August event.  After a large number of years, this was the icing on the cake for the Club and the entire weekend proved to be a fantastic success.  I have been secretary of the Club since it's formation in 1969.

I have judged, scribed and stewarded for a number of years, both at open and championship level together with judging Good Citizen participants locally.  I have judged a number of times in Holland, Northern and Southern Ireland, the Isle of Man and South Africa where I had the honour of judging their obedience championships.

Unfortunately my long time travelling companion, Pam Hannah, died in August 2015 and I will miss her input for these Pre-Beginner stakes – she was very much an organiser – but I will be assisted by two thirds of Team Bragg – Brenda and Angela, and I know we will all really enjoy this appointment.  Good luck to all the participants and your best pals and remember you will all take the best dog home on the day.



Judge - Jane Wood

(YKC Obedience)

Jane Wood

I feel very proud to have been invited to judge the Young Kennel Club Obedience Finals at Crufts 2017 and I thank the Committee most sincerely for the honour. My involvement with the YKC began way back when it was called the KCJO and my own children had enormous fun at camps, seminars and competitions. I regularly taught obedience and Good Citizen related exercises to members and judged their competitions. My daughter qualified for Crufts every year from the age of 8 to 18 and also stewarded and helped younger members. In those ‘olden days’ there was just the Test of Obedience which was also used in the Triathlon. This exciting competition comprised a regional team where each of the three team members specialised in either Obedience, Agility or Show Handling. The marks were added together to find the winner so a real all round team was needed, this was huge fun and provoked interest in the other disciplines as part of the team effort. One year the South East and East Anglia team was invited onto Blue Peter to demonstrate their skills. The team then comprised Amy Bennett, Louise Jones and Pippa Wood who all now have a Blue Peter badge! I was subsequently asked by the production team at Blue Peter to help train their current puppy, Lucy. Lucy came to class for many years with her owner and passed her Good Citizen Award (there was only one award then), she was filmed taking the test with the presenter among a group of youngsters...and a few adults, that I had in class at the time. I insisted that the test was conducted properly and fairly and had to train the presenter to handle her. I was very relieved when she and other members of the class passed and I now have a Blue Peter badge!

I have been involved in Obedience for many years and have competed and judged at all levels including Championship C. I have trained a dog to work sheep and had a very enjoyable couple of years competing in sheepdog trials. I had a dabble in Agility too in its early days. My current dog is a very talented chap and as well as working B and C in obedience has taken me into the fascinating sport of Working Trials. He sped through the stakes, probably rather quicker than was good for me as a newcomer to the sport but I have caught up now and was thrilled when he won his first Challenge Certificate in 2015 after running off for the ticket by doing a three hour old track a snowstorm. This qualified him for the Kennel Club Working Trial Championships 2015 which is the equivalent to Crufts for trial dogs. In September 2016 he won a second CC which gives him the title Working Trials Champion Ludgate Power ‘n’ Glory CD Ex, UD Ex, WD Ex, TD Ex, A Ex. To say I am over the moon is somewhat of an understatement! The variety of exercises and skills needed is unlike that of any other dog sport and the camaraderie and support of fellow competitors is unrivalled.

I have shared my life with Jack Russells and German Shepherds as well as the collies that are my first love. As well as training and competing, we love walking in the countryside and taking our dogs on holiday in our caravan.





Judge - Michelle Newman


Michelle Newman

Being asked to judge the finals of the Obreedience at Crufts 2017 is indeed an honour, and one I am very much looking forward to! I appreciate the hard work that all the teams have put into qualifying for this prestigious event, and hope that they all enjoy the event, win or lose!

Since being allowed my first dog at the age of 11 (Laurel), I have been training/competing for 34 years. We collected Laurel on a Saturday, and the very next day went to the working trials club at Brocket Park to start training! In her first year of competing, Laurel gained her CDex, UDex and WD open. We then moved over to obedience. Laurel was more than a dog to me – a huge part of my life, the reason to smile, the reason to hope and dream. She realised my dreams by becoming Ob Ch Driftway Laurel. An amazing dog, she fed my desire to train and compete, allowed me to undo errors in my training, and truly stole my heart! Since then I have had the privilege of sharing my life with a further 8 dog to date – Tizi (Per Per Per Penguin), Chequer (Ob Ch Darkbeck Tri Again), Chevvy my Terveuran (Ob Ch Minka Inspiration Chivvy), Jagger (Ob Ch Its Just Jagger), Wiggy my Poodle (Ob Ch Myall Kanya Tri Again), Java my GSD (Kanya Keep Kool), Usher (Sarkam Rap It Up) who last year gained his IPO 1, and baby Kanga (Sarkam That’s A Rap). I am immensely proud of all my dogs, their achievements and wins, but mainly love their individuality and characters, and feel lucky to have them in my life.

Crufts has always been the icing on the cake for obedience competitors, and with the inclusion of new events it allows more people to experience the thrill, the nerves, the excitement and the sleepless nights! I wish all the competitors the best of luck – be proud of your dogs, forget quick any mistakes, remember the lights, the cameras, the outfits and all the action!

Michelle Newman