Crufts 2022

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Pat Watson

Bitch Championship



3rd - Alison Gresty with OB CH TRADERS APPRENTICE

4th - Janet Aldridge with OB CH MALARIDGE COUGARS MOON

5th - Philomena Barnes with OB CH JEZZADDY IT’S SNOW FLOOZIE

6th - Karen Aarons with SYANNE FANCY THAT EDITION



In Running Order:

1 Lyn Tozer with OB CH TIZZY POP

Lyn Tozer


Ann Rogers

3 Shirley Clowes with OB CH SARKAM SOUL DREAMER

Shirley Clowes

4 Philomena Barnes with JEZZADDY IT’S SO SCARLETT

Phil Barnes

5 Sharon Dunstan with REDISTEDI MERRY DANCER

Sharon Dunstan


Helen Murray

7 Heather Grey with OB CH BE MY MIRACLE

Heather Grey

8 Val Venables with FIRETOUCH SUPER GIRLEE (handler Kamal Fernandez)

Kamal Fernandez


Kat Farrants


Jodi Lunn

11 Philomena Barnes with OB CH JEZZADDY IT’S SNOW FLOOZIE

Phil Barnes

12 Alison Gresty with OB CH TRADERS APPRENTICE

Alison Gresty


Janet Aldridge


Kathy Russell


Karen Aarons


Mary Ray


Jill Grattidge

18 Anne Northfield with MOSHANTA MADE FOR ME

Anne Northfield

Dog Championship

Winner - Carolyn Heath with JEZZADDY IT'S TIME TO PLAY

2nd - Lorna Hilton with OB CH HALLIGALLI TAKE A BOW

3rd - Alison Gresty with HE'S A ROGUE TRADER

4th - Louise Healey with GLENCYMREIG DEGU

5th - Mary Ray with OB CH SARKAM SINATRA

6th - Pauline Hill with OB CH SAARTJIE HAPPY ENDINGS


In Running Order:

1 Patricia Jones with OB CH LONGWAVES CLOUDY SKY

Tricia Jones

2 Shirley Clowes with OB CH SARKAM SOUL SEARCHER


3 Shirley Bowlas with FRANKS FOR THE MEMORY

Shirley Bowlas


Dianne Cobon


Ria McGovern

6 Alison Gresty with HE’S A ROGUE TRADER

Alison Gresty


Moe Edser


Pauline Hill


Marie Cartwright


Mary Ray

11 Louise Healey with GLENCYMREIG DEGU

Louise Healey

12 Lorna Hilton with OB CH HALLIGALLI TAKE A BOW

Lorna Hilton

13 Dot Watts with OB CH ZIGGDAN ZYCO

Dot Watts


Julie Rowlands

15 Wendy Wheatcroft with CARISHILL IAGO

Wendy Wheatcroft

16 Carolyn Heath with JEZZADDY IT’S TIME TO PLAY

Carolyn Heath

17 Nina Whitnell with OB CH CORIES RAY OF SUNSHINE

Nina Whitnell

Inter Regional Obedience

Judge - Bryan Luckock


Winners - Midlands

2nd - South & South West


Beginner Winner -Ingrid Jellie with Firetouch Time to Fly


Novice Winner - Carol Wiltshire with Ostenhaus yeyni


Class A Winner- Sue Flight with Malaridge Moon Magic


Class B Winner - Wendy Hughes with Tigrys Bring Me Sunshine


Class C Winner - Rachel Millington with Traigh Lightning Star




In running order:



Team Manager - Gill Walker

Assistants - Jane Moran & Meriel Bentley


Aleksandra Borawska with Shiba the Marmots Bane 'Shiba' (Crossbreed)

Reserve - Alina Warren-Walker with Catherine Zeta Bones 'Nova' (Crossbreed)

Alina Warren


Yvonne Davies with Unity Neo 'Ace' (Standard Poodle)

Yvonne Davies

Liz Evans with Jeplong Du A Gwyn 'Morgan' (BC)

Liz Evans

Class A

Justin Parker with Valley Wolves Edward 'Obie' (GSD)

Justin Parker

Barbara Roberts with Ryansdi Ticket to Ride 'Travis' (WSD)

Barbara Roberts

Class B

Meriel Bentley with Hareloch Cobbler 'Ruben' (Golden Retriever)

Meriel Bentley

Class C

Michelle Verrill with Sixela Twenty Four Seven 'Logan' (BC)

Michelle Verrill


South & South West


Team Manager - Emma Galbraith

Assistants: Sharron Dainton & John Clark


Debi Harrington with Casken Golden Boy 'Harley' (Cockapoo)

Debi Harrington

Reserve: Rebecca Ford with Sunset Warrior 'Monty' (Whippet)

Rebecca Ford


Veronica Hill with Maisnme Magic Moment 'Chilly' (WSD)

Vernonica Hill

Carol Wiltshire with Ostenhaus yeyni 'Xani' (GSD)

Carol Wiltshire

Class A

Janet Saker with Corneroak Golden Girl Velda 'Velda' (Golden Retriever)

Janet Saker

Jo Neal with Ruskath Kathana Image 'Blade' (BC)

Jo Neal

Class B

Steve Wiltshire with Vakeranti Onnyx 'Chaz' (GSD)

Steve Wiltshire

Class C

Pandy Hannay with Keltlodge Mistress Mayhem 'Doris' (BC)

Pandy Hannay


South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Wendy Birch

Assistants - Sarah Delany, Gill Winyard & Enid Diplock


Heather Sale with Draketor Dartmoor Star at Cloudfall 'Meg' (Flat Coated Retriever)

Heather Sale

Reserve: Julie Hudson with Bruno Bigheart 'Bruno' (Shar Pei Cross)

Julie Hudson


Sue Searby with Arya Got a Light Girl 'Arya' (Cocker Spaniel)

Sue Searby

Sue Robinson with Alnmac Midnight Flyer 'Torin' (Shetland Sheepdog)

Sue Robinson

Class A

Liam Norfolk with Kennibee Klevva 'Kenny' (Golden Retriever)

Liam Norfolk

Julie Sheldrake with Westoning Major Scandal 'Scandal' (WSD)

Julie Sheldrake

Class B

Gwynne Lyons with Borderpops Buzz Light Paws 'Buzz' (BC)

Gwynne Lyons

Class C

Kim Watson with Laceway Prada Mystique at Westoning 'Prada' (BC)

Kim Watson

Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney

Assistant - Helen Boyde


Ingrid Jellie with Firetouch Time to Fly 'Swift' (BC)

Ingrid Jellie

Reserve: Jayne Merrell with Midnight High Jinx 'Jinx' (Cross)


Miriam De Groot with Corneroak Golden Destiny 'Zanti' (G Ret)

Miriam de Groot

Alison Pell with Fun Loving Lola 'Lola' (Lab)

Class A

Daisy Mulcahy with Helter Skelter Ben 'Ben' (WSD)

Daisy Mulcahy

Lisa Craig with Pepsanner Sutton Belle 'Evie' (G Ret)

Lisa Craig

Class B

Jean Young with Manannan’s Maughold 'Harry B' (BC)

Jean Young

Class C

Miriam De Groot with Tawnyhill Cinnamon 'Mia' (G Ret)

Miriam de Groot


Team Manager - Lou Jackson

Asst Mgrs - Lyn Tozer and Steve Fraser



Angela Walden with Anchaz Kizziemas (GSD)

Angela Waldon

Reserve - Christine Wright with Holly From Hollywood (Lab)

Christine Wright


David Wassell with Millfields to the Moon and Back (GR)

Dacvid Wassell

Jen Wyatt witrh Duchess Ollmhor (GSD)

Jen Wyatt

Class A

Sue Flight with Malaridge Moon Magic (WS)

Sue Flight

Dawn Cox with Tuesday's Chance Encounter (Cocker)

Dawn Cox

Class B

Wendy Hughes with Tigrys Bring Me Sunshine (WS)

Wendy Hughes

Class C

Rob Bint with It's Jaro's Journey (WS)

Rob Bint



Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgrs - Ellen Herries & Anne Marie Parker


Kate Holbrough with Quensha Life on Mars 'Piper' (Irish Setter)

Kate Holbrough

Reserve: Catherine Anne Cassidy with Cassia’s Sophie Madeleine 'Sophie' (Longhaired Miniature Dachshund)

Catherine Anne Cassiday


Penny Crowe with Staffstyles Bonnie Wee Lass 'Elsa' (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Penny Crowe

Kay Kelly with Kentredecim Swimming Star 'Logie' (English Springer Spaniel)

Kay Kelly

Class A

Yvonne Roberts with Unzezi Rocky Bay 'Reuben' (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

Yvonne Roberts

Charlotte Mullen with Bargoyne Double O Seven 'Brodie' (BC)

Charlotte Mullen

Class B

Jim McIntosh with Harley of Xandras 'Harley' (WSD)

Jim McIntosh

Class C

Anne Shearer with Syanne Festive Edition 'Devon' (BC)

Anne Shearer



Team Manager - Emma Lavender

Emma Lavender

Asst Mgrs - Alison Gresty & Julie Rowlands



Alex Berry with Morgans R Arnold The Shark 'Schwarz' (Patterdale Terrier X)

Alex Berry

Reserve: Jackie Laverty with Tulamore Irish Dew 'Tully' (Crossbreed)

Jackie Laverty


Christine Hodkinson with Sixela Robbie Dazzler 'Robbie' (WSD)

Christine Hodkinson

Sue Macdonald with Mr Rusty Rocket 'Rusty' (Crossbreed)

Sue Macdonald

Class A

Sue Bean with Peso Kris Cross Kairobea 'Peso' (Crossbreed - Labrador)

Sue Bean

Norma Booth Hudson with Whiterose Flo 'Flo' (WSD)

Norma Booth Hudson

Class B

Rachel Cudworth with Janjellys Top Gun Goose 'Goose' (BC X GR)

Rachel Cudworth

Class C

Rachel Millington with Traigh Lightning Star 'Zoe' (BC)

Rachel Millington


Inter Regional Rally

Judge - Tony Lewenz


Winners - Northern


Second - Midlands


Level 1 Winner - Kate Bloor with Katie's Calamari

Level 2 Winner - Wendy Rolfe with Backwater Black Beauty

Level 3 Winner - Chrissy Harrison with Caine Mic Salvre

Level 4 Winner - Briar Dunn with Rubus Parvifolius

Level 5 Winner - Sara Davies with Stormlake's Treasure

Level 6 Winner - Katy Girdler with Wrigglelikeaworm at Pashamatts


In running order:



Team Manager - Tracey McGuirk

Tracey McGuirk

Assistant Managers: Liz Bond

Liz Bond

& Emma Stoker

Emma Stoker

Level 1

Kahla Delahay with My Little Porkrind 'Trevor'

Kahla Delahay

Reserve: Ceri Wall with Baroness Betty 'Betty'

Ceri Wall

Level 2

Chrissy Harrison with Caine Mic Salvre 'Sky'

Chrissy Harrison

Level 3

Nerys Thomas with Calanhaf Queen of Hearts 'Mina'

Nerys Thomas

Level 4

Rachel Marshall with Dolpena Magic Storm of Bernaman 'Merlin'

Rachel Marshall

Level 5

Katie Harvey with Madgack Maple 'Luna'

Katie Harvey

Level 6

Katie Girdler with Wrigglelikaworm at Pashamatts 'Eli'

Katie Girdler


South & South West


Team Manager - Jenny Butters

Jenny Butters

Assistant Manager: Lesley Peters

Lesley Evans

and Andrea Sykes

Andrea Sykes


Level 1

Terri Mellow with Bombadier Gibson at Trevingey (Papillon)

Terri Mellow

Reserve: Denise Budd with Maibee Sage (CKCS)

Denise Budd

Level 2

Sandra Smith with Billy Boy Blue (PugX)

Sandra Smith

Level 3

Mary Cockings with Another Beautiful Husky (Siberian Husky)

Mary Cockings

Level 4

Jean Young with Kenquartz Cream Tea (WHW)

Jean Young

Level 5

Kathleen Daly with Red Robin Hood (WSD)

Kathleen Daly

Level 6

Anne Uglow with Aculsia Teardrop (BC)

Anne Uglow

South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Jenny Stewart

Asst Team Mgrs - Tanya Butler

and Rhea Butler


Level 1

Lorraine Gardner with Balletcor Mistress of Magic 'Lily' (Pembroke Corgi)

Lorraine Gardner

Reserve: Betty Straw with Dukeson Laced with Magic 'Lacey' (SSD)

Level 2

Sonya Wright with Edward Scissor Paws 'Eddie' (XB)

Sonya Wright

Level 3

David Moxon with Birkcross Boo Boo’s The Name 'Boo Ballet' (Collie)

David Moxon

Level 4

Christine Dunning with Mohnesee Miss Nightingale 'Flora' (SSD)

Christine Dunning

Level 5

Lindsay Evans with Gefion It Takes Two to Tango 'Reef' (Collie)

Lindsay Evans

Level 6

Frances Killeen with Keena Than Mustard 'Keena' (XB)

Frances Killeen

Northern Ireland


Team Manager - Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper

Assistant Managers: Debbie Martin

Debbie Martin

and Adrian Dornford-Smith

Adrian Dornford-Smith


Level 1

Diane Crannusel Hodgett with 'YumYum' (Shih Tzu)

Diane Hodgett

Reserve: Caroline Qualtrough with 'Dakota' (ECS)

Caroline Qualtrough

Level 2

Diane Jones with 'Lola' (WCS)

Diane Jones

Level 3

Nikki Golding with 'Alfie' (Collie)

Nikki Golding

Level 4

Louise Boomer with 'Charlie' (Crossbreed)

Louise Boomer

Level 5

Mandy Quayle with 'Tweed' (Crossbreed)

Mandy Quayle

Level 6

Liz Gibbon with 'Breeshey' (Cairn Terrier)

Liz Gibbon


Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth

Midlands Managers

Assistant Managers: Karen Kendall & Helen Chetwynd


 Level 1

Katie Bloor with Katie's Calamari 'Squid' (Collie x Whippet x SBT)

Katie Bloor

Reserve: Lucia Parackova with Gazing Gemi 'Gemi' (Spanish Water Dog)

Lucia Parackova

Level 2

Glenis Charles with Corneroak Golden Gambler 'Gamble' (Golden Retriever)

Glenis Charles

Level 3

Lizzie Lang with Slatina Norroca 'Yogi' (Cross)

Lizzie Lang

Level 4

Briar Dunn with Rubus Parvifolius 'Bramble' (Golden Retriever)

Briar Dunn

Level 5

Katie Lynn with Borderforce Any Witch Way 'Hocus' (WSD)

Katie Lynn

Level 6

Joanne Syson with Midnight Bullet 'Merlin' (Border Terrier)

Joanne Syson



Team Manager - Elaine Miller

Ass Managers - Susie Galloway

and Jayne Mowbray


Level 1

Maureen Taylor with Lord Bish Bash Bosh of Kanetayl 'Basher' (Crossbreed)

Maureen Taylor

Level 2

Vycki Brock with Jansanleis Polar Express to Pomkins 'Vinnie' (German Spitz Mittel)

Vycki Brock


Level 3

Lorraine Murtagh with Practically Perfect Inca 'Inca' - (Springer Spaniel)

Lorraine Murtagh

Level 4

Sharon Deans with Highhouse Adranus Fliro 'Gus' (Labrador)

Sharon Dean

Level 5

Amy Jackson with Scottish Duke ‘O’ Emerald Isle 'Duke' (Crossbreed)

Amy Jackson

Level 6

Sally Sanford with Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic 'Lace' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Sally Sanford



Team Manager - Gail Holl

Gail Holl

Assistant Managers: Caroline Ward

Caroline Ward

and Ann Lee

Ann Lee


Level 1

Fran Mitchell with Janki Knight 'Yogi Bear' (Labrador)

Fran Mitchell

Reserve - Marta Jankune with Janki Knight 'Janki' (Crossbreed)

Marta Jankune

Level 2

Wendy Rolfe with Backwater black Beauty 'Mollie' (Cocker)

Wendy Rolfe

Level 3

Abbie Spink with Staffordnill Radebe 'Buddy' (Staffie)

Level 4

Barbara Whttaker with Van De Galeystukken 'Leroy' (BC)

Barbara Whttaker

Level 5

Sara Davies with Stormlakes's Treasure 'Lexi' (GSD)

Sara Davies

Level 6

Patricia Preston with Hacesol Storm In A Teacup 'Gale' (BC)


Judge - Sarah Delany



1st - Manchester United

2nd - Cool Cockers

3rd - The Wagtails

4th - Golden Acorns


Not In Running Order


Team 1

The Russellers (Jack Russell Terrier)

Russellers Team

Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth


Julia Bodsworth with White Lightening Hot Spot (Spot)

Julia Bodsworth

Kirsty Stuart with Fedsig's Blithe Spirit (Ghost)

Kirsty Stuart

Sian Rees with Little Miss Tiny Temper (Mable)

Sian Rees

Ffion Roe with Chesterfields Jack Lester (Lester)

Ffion Roe

Debbie Back with Little Big Man Stan (Stanley)

Debbie Back

Louise Dexter with Our Own Little Izzy Whizz (Izzy)

Louise Dexter


Team 2

The Labrapaws (Retriever (Labrador))

Team manager - Kaye Littlehales

Kaye Littlehales with Kaliture Appollo of Kayendor CDex UDex

Kaye Littlehales

Lisa Bown with Bredonedge Spring Peeper

Lisa Bown

Alexandra Turner with Patersons Hipkiss

Alexandra Turner

Tracey Hinsley with Purdey Christmas Pudding

Tracey Hinsley

Reserve: Jane Hudson-Evans with Bredonedge Kite

Jane Hudson-Evans

Reserve: Madeleine Cobain with Ecclesmachan Tilda

Madeleine Cobain


Team 3

Manchester Reunited (Manchester Terrier)

Team Manager - Jean Walker


Ann Harrison with Sophyla’s Sophie (Sophie)

Ann Harrison

Brenda Harrison with Larkswing Belle Star at Rosadyva (Sadie)

Brenda Harrison

Chris Harrison with Magpiebank Teal (Teal)

Chris Harrison

Lavinia Paxton with Lake Sunset (Donald)

Lavinia Paxton

Reserve: Lesley Olbinson with Rattustrap Citra at Carapast (Grace)

Lesley Olbinson

Reserve: Jean Walker with Ch Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin (Briar)

Jean Walker

Team 4

Paw Patrol (German Shepherd Dogs)

Paw Patrol

Team Manager - Linda Wild

Linda Wild with Chazlaws Little White Dove - Isa

Linda Wild

Lesley Deegan with Clynalwyns Mickeyfinn -Mickey

Lesley Deegan

Sue Page with Glebevonwood Glide - Shady

Sue Page

Wendy Bonnick with Foxfold Ariana - Roxie

Wendy Bonnick

Wendy Bonnick with Foxfold Shadow Dancer - Annie


Team 5

The Wagtails (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Wagtails Team

Team manager - Sue Pinkham


Sue Pinkham (Team Manager) with Estrid Baylee at Pinkadees RL2 (Baylee)

 Sue Pinkham

Janette Ross with McKenzie Cepheus RL2 (Buddy)

 Janette Ross

Sam Smith with Glenbrows Lucy (Willow)

Sam Smith 

Maggie Dawson with Black Knight Rufus RL5 EX (Rufus)

 Maggie Dawson

Bev Boughton with She’s No Shrinking Violet RL2 Ex (Violet)

 Bev Boughton

Jen Dearlove with Kathysgirls Hazel (Autumn)

Jen Dearlove


Team 6

Golden Acorns (Retriever (Golden))

Acorns Team

Team Manager – Glenis Charles

Glenis Charles with Corneroak Golden Gambler

Glenis Charles

Rita Goodfellow with Corneroak Golden Global Boy

Rita Goodfellow

Sarah Squires with Corneroak Golden Hermione

Sarah Squires

Jane Barstow with Pepsanner Palatine

Jane Barstow

Sue Cotton with Fallowfen Lightening Bolt

Sue Cotton

Julia Bodsworth with Corneroak Golden Genesis

Julia Bodsworth


Team 7

Cool Cockers (Cocker Spaniel)

Cocker Team

Team Manager - Heather Gardner


Heather Gardner with Aliceholt Hantaywee Sioux (Bourbon)

Heather Gardner

Josette Hibbert with Rownwood Bracken (Alfie)

Josette Hibbert

Heather Gibbs with Atty's Midnight Dream (Lottie)

Heather Gibbs

Paula Davis with Ciadfa Bonniejazz (Bonniejazz)

Paula Davis


Team 8

Pot Noodles (Standard Poodle)

Pot Noodles

Team Captain Sue Gunson

Sue Gunson with Secret’s Way (Kimi)

Sue Gunson

Judith Wheaton with Brizedale Morning Glory ( Ziva)

Judith Wheaton

Karen Morris with Lockenspiel Ben my Chree (Mary)

Karen Morris

Sally Craik with Kissimmee Ripple (Kizi)

Sally Craik

Eve Davies with Unity Neo (Ace)

Eve Davies


Team 9

Awesome Aussies (Australian Shepherd)




The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Kit Clow


1st - Briar Dunn with Rubus Parvifolius (Golden Retriever)

2nd - Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker (BC)

3rd - Holly Cook with Rowberrow Hazel (Wirehaired Fox Terrier)

4th - Lydia Greenwood with Saartjie The Court Jester (WSD)

5th - Coral Taylor with Deearella Hear Me Roar (Miniature Poodle)


Running Order

1 Tanya Carter with Barkside of the Moon (Crossbreed)

Rowan Carter

2 Louise Smith with Loved To Pieces - Intro EX (Crossbreed)

Louise smith

3 Lydia Greenwood with Saartjie The Court Jester (WSD)

Lydia Greenwood

4 Coral Taylor with Deearella Hear Me Roar (Miniature Poodle)

Coral Taylor

5 Dave Ford with Danluke Lord Sugar RL1Ex (Whippet)

Dave Ford

6 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone (BC)

Paige Jepson

7 Susan Morley with Kathlyn's Samui (WSD)

Susan Morley

8 Linda Peacock with Saraneth Edgedancer (Smooth Collie)

Linda Peacock

9 Diane Whiting with Altricia Lady Philippa (BC)

Diane Whiting

10 Tanya Carter with Super Sammi Squidgeman (Crossbreed)

Rowan Carter

11 Briar Dunn with Rubus Parvifolius (Golden Retriever)

Briar Dunn

12 Katrina Arnold with Dermott McSquirmott (WSD)


13 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker (BC)

Paige Jepson

14 Robyn Lewis with Petes Mischievous Maisy (West Highland White Terrier)

Robyn Lewis

15 Rachel Kenning with Kilbroney Blue (WSD)

Rachel Kenning

16 Diane Whiting with Falconmoor Wise Guy (BC)

Diane Whiting

17 Chloe Jearum Boyce with Pocket Rocket Bella (Crossbreed)

Chloe Jearum Boyce

18 Debbie Pankhurst with Tillychance Royal Star (BC)

Debbie Pankhurst

19 Lizzie Lang and Slating Norroca (Crossbreed)

Lizzie Lang

20 Sheila Flight with Ashurstsky Archie (Labrador)

sheila flight

21 Sandra Jones with Gaelleda Krystal Dream Girl (Golden Retriever)

Sandra Jones

22 Tanya Carter with Harly Barly Bear (Cocker Spaniel)

23 Heather Grant with Rippie Dippie Dodah (Golden Retriever)

Heather Grant

24 Catherine O'Neil with Sir Bale Lord of the Bounce (WSD)

Catherine O’Neill

25 Holly Cook with Rowberrow Hazel (Wirehaired Fox Terrier)

Holly Cook

26 Ann Harrison with Ch Magpiebank Ash (Manchester Terrier)

Ann Harrison

27 Keira McClinton with Pugosia Bevin Maggie (GSD)

Keira McClinton

28 Maisy Dent with Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella (Norwich Terrier)

Maisy Dent

29 Katherine Bristow with Thistlesweet Jasmineb (Havanese)



Judge - Kit Clow

Overall Winner

Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker (BC)

Over 12

1ST - Chloe Jearum Boyce with Pocket Rocket Bella

2ND - Holly Cook with Rowberrow Hazel (Wirehaired Fox Terrier)

Over 18

1ST - Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker (BC)

2ND - Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone (BC)

3RD - Maisy Dent with Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella (Norwich Terrier)

4TH - Rachel Kenning with Kilbroney Blue (WSD)


1 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone (BC)

Paige Jepson

2 Chloe Jearum Boyce with Pocket Rocket Bella (Crossbreed)

3 Maisy Dent with Ragus Just Joking at Fizzella (Norwich Terrier)

4 Rachel Kenning with Kilbroney Blue (WSD)

Rachel Kenning

5 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker (BC)

Paige Jepson

6 Holly Cook with Rowberrow Hazel (Wirehaired Fox Terrier)




Judge - Sue Garner



6 to 11

1st Ellie Welch with Fernwills Kimberley 'Kim' (Retriever Lab)

2nd Pippa Patten with Tuess Guss 'Guss' (Labrador X Retriever)

12 to 17

1st Chloe Jearum-Boyce with Pocket Rocket Bella 'Bella' (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle)

2nd Ellie Beach with Westlodge Elvira 'Elsa' (Rottweiler)

3rd Ashleigh Ward with Maximillion Gold Digger 'Max' (Jack Russell Terrier)

4th Ellie Beach with Amotol Country Charm 'Izzy' (Cocker Spaniel)

5th Bobbie Lee with Master of Illusion JW 'Stanley' (BC)

6th Grace Rutherford with Potbelli Keep on Dreaming 'Elsie' (Pug)

18 to 24

1st Geogia Brown with Mweenish Perri Perri 'Perri' (Cocker Spaniel)

2nd Isobel West with Kinsridge Sky of the West 'Sky' (Norfolk Terrier)

3rd Elle Garwood with Wilstone Rhaegar Ice N'Fire 'Rhaegar' (BC)

4th Paige Jepson with Jeplong Fire Cracker 'Pepper' (BC)

5th Genevieve Barrett with Ivormyth Touch the Moon 'Buzz' (Minature America Shepherd)

6th Lisa Griffiths with Tilemarsh Ickle Pickle 'Rosie' (WSD)


12 to 17

1st Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe 'Buddy' (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

2nd Bobbie Lee with Jakey of Zeldonis 'Jakey' (Dalmatian x BC)

3rd Ellie Beach with Werstlodge Elvira 'Elsa' (Rottweiler)

4th Keeley Hurton with Keeley's Little Miss Me 'Missy' (WSD)

5th Bobbie Lee with Arrodare an Emotion 'Sketch' (BC)

6th Ashleigh Ward with Maximillion Gold Digger 'Max' (Jack Russell Terrier)


18 to 24

1st Isobel West with Raynechaser Luna Eclipse (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Reteiever)

2nd Matthew Elmer with Yonie Cissy at Remile 'Purdie' (BC)

3rd Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone 'Pebbles' (BC)

4th Matthew Elmer with Zama Tess at Remle 'Tess' (WSD)

5th Lara Pavitt with Rushbottom Robbie O'Roselia ' Bobbie' (Australian Shepherd)

6th Charlotte Carlisle with Jeplong Dee for Dawg 'Deefa' (BC)



High Flyers

1st Josie Baldwin with Chase Your Dreams 'Chase' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

2nd Isobel West with Wakaduze Wi Mimbe at Raynechaser 'Luna' (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)




Judge - Pat Watson

Pat Watson

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

I am so excited, where do I begin? I would like to thank the Kennel Club for inviting me to judge the Obedience Championships at Crufts, what an honour indeed!

Another big thank you to my team joining me this year, they have been incredibly supportive, it is truly a team effort to bring this round to the ‘green carpet’. We were planning our practice sessions in 2020 when the global pandemic struck and turned all our lives upside down. It has been a difficult time for everyone, I would particularly like to extend a huge thank you to all the hard working show secretaries and show managers who have worked together to ensure that our shows and Crufts qualifying classes were held.

I better not forget Herbie, my husband (he would never forgive me), for his help and support over the last 25 years, not least the amount of miles he has driven. 

My involvement with dogs started as a young child when I had a collie called Duke who came into my life on the 25th of December 1959, this was simply the best Christmas present ever and nothing has topped that since. 

I didn’t start my obedience journey until 1982, when I joined Bristol Dog Training Club. I had taken on a rescue GSD called Sinbad who was proving to be a very difficult dog and I needed help. It was here that I met Anne Gay who became my best and lifelong friend. We very sadly lost Anne in 2021 and I am still learning to live with hole she left. Anne was my rock, my sister, my go to for the little things and the big things that life throws at you. Anne always helped me chose my Crufts outfit so something that should have been enjoyable has been difficult and I have driven everyone mad changing my mind.

In 1983 I started competing, and at Newton Abbot show Sinbad won both beginners and novice, that was it, I was hooked. I drove home to Bristol singing ‘we are the champions’ and planning where we would go next.

Sonny and Sylvia’s partnership was a big influence on me as well as watching Herbie with his boy OB CH Deangarry Drummer (Jimmy). So, In 1984 when I bred my first Forevermagic litter from my foundation girlie Bess - Guyanel Solo it was Sonny - Ob CH Magic Sunday I used. 

From that litter I kept a girl, Jess. What an exceptional girlie! Winning her first novice at 6 months and winning her B’s at 10 months. She was my first dog to qualify for the obedience championships at Crufts in 1990  by winning the ticket under Peter Lubbi.

Jess went again in 1991 along with Bess (her mum) and Tag.

I have, to date, taken 11 dogs to Crufts and made up 8 champions. I have also bred 7 other champions. My current working dogs are Mikki - Jodame Extra Special, who is working ticket and my up-and-coming youngster Focus - Colliewood Connect, who will be making her debut in the ring this year.

I am looking forward to judging this year’s championship, in each team I want to see commitment and a strong partnership between the dog and handler.

I wish all the competitor’s the best of luck and above all I hope they enjoy their day. Crufts is a challenging environment for both us as handlers and our dogs, if your day doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry about it, you are all stars in my eyes for qualifying, your dogs even more so



Judge - Bryan Luckock

Bryan Luckock

(Inter Regionals - Obedience)


Judging at Crufts 2022- how did I get here? I’d accepted my invite to judge for 2024 and so I had plenty of time to plan for this special event. That was until Richard Kebble rang me at Christmas time to see if I could step in for 2022 as Jessica had to step down for family health reasons.

It has long been my ambition to judge at Crufts, this means more to me than any other dog show, Lynn and I even spent day one of our honeymoon as she was competing there with Ob Ch Dawn Lass (Kayleigh).

I have been in obedience over 50 years and I’ve had the privilege of sharing my home with some fabulous dogs. German Shepherds were my first love, followed by Belgian shepherds and a couple of collies even made it over the threshold!!!

My first German Shepherd, Sheba, got me into training obedience and I attended what was then called the City of Birmingham and District Alsatian Association at Tile Green, Birmingham. My second German Shepherd dog called Ranger also attended classes there and together we learnt so much. Ted as he was affectionally known, was a dog that would have done anything for me. He was the most loyal companion anyone could wish for.

Although it was the dogs that got me into training it was the ticket handlers that attended the dog club that triggered the want in me to start officiating in various capacities at the shows. They would ask me to call them a round or check that their dog sat straight or call the DC commands. The first class I stewarded was “Test B”, for Alan Fretter at Wirral Alsatian Association in the good old days of Len Moore, Mike White and others. It was an indoor show and the rings were separated by wicket fencing. I shall always remember this show with great affection because of the “night life” after the show and the great camaraderie of the competitors

I am still thoroughly enjoying officiating 50 plus years later. Whether its organising shows, stewarding, judging or acting as Chief Steward, it’s something I love doing. I have awarded KC Challenge Certificates for over 35 years, judged the Green Star for the Irish Kennel Club on four occasions and have had the honour of judging numerous classes for the Dutch Obedience Society.

I have seen a lot of the United Kingdom, made a lot of good friends, met some great acquaintances, therefore I know I made the right decision to concentrate on officiating instead of competing.

For the last 30 years I’ve had the pleasure of training with my wife Lynn and our amazing dogs. My observational skills have developed more because of Freya Ob Ch Hawksflight Fantasia and her daughter, Enya and our “Mali” Ziva.

When you watch dogs of this calibre daily, it keeps your eyes finely tuned for judging. I believe I owe an awful lot to them but Lynn says were a great team and complement each other.

A BIG/HUGE THANKYOU to my team Lynn Luckock and Sally Collins - Calling/Scribe, Kath Hood -Scoreboard, Jane Hedges and Alison Hamilton - Collecting Ring and Peter Height – Scent Decoy for the time that they have given to help me in today’s task.

The tests that I have set for each of the classes, I have thought long and hard about and tried out with several different breeds of dog and levels of handlers. Thank you to Anne, Janet, Louise, Lynn, Paula, Sally, Shirley, Sue and their great dogs who have carried out the exercises set with ease.

A final word to the teams, I am thoroughly looking forward to judging all the different varieties of dogs and would wish you all the luck for the day and in future events over the coming years.


Judge - Tony Lewenz

Tony Lewenz

(Inter Regionals - Rally)


I am looking forward to judging the inter-regional Rally competition at Crufts this year. I’m relatively new as a dog owner.  My current dog is Cassie, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever , now 13 years old. She is only my second dog coming after we lost Jess, our much loved Parson Russell Terrier.  A fantastic animal but very definitely imbued with terrier traits.

I have been involved in Rally for about 10 years, joining classes that Rachel Bradley was running at the Leamington Dog Training Club.  We had completed all the levels in Good Citizens and were looking for something else to test us.  Our first Rally show was at Wootton Bassett in 2013.  I recall that it wasn’t a very auspicious debut, but we went on to compete in various competitions around the country eventually achieving our Level 6 qualification at Banbury.  I had attended the very first Judges Seminar in September 2014, and since then have been judging all levels at competitions mainly in the Midlands and Southwest.  I also have been Chief Steward at a number of shows which has given me a good view of the organization of a show.

I enjoy Rally for the chance to work my dog without the very competitive nature of some other dog activities.  It still retains a friendly and inclusive nature.  It is a joy to see breeds as diverse as Chihuahuas and Bernese Mountain Dogs competing in the same level.  It reminds me to ensure my course designs are suitable for all sizes of dogs.  It is equally inclusive of the handlers.  We see handlers of all ages competing and those with disabilities too, and on equal terms.

I currently assist with training at Stoneleigh Rally and enjoy passing on my experience to newcomers to the sport.  It is great to see teams you have trained go on to do well at Rally Shows.

Outside of Rally, I work full time as a Consultant Engineer and I’m chair of a cycle campaign group in Leamington as I cycle a couple of thousand miles a year to get to work.  Cassie still takes up plenty of time with walks.  Despite her age, she is still quite an active dog.

The Inter-regional Rally Competition provides a great opportunity for the dog and handler teams to bask in the limelight of Crufts and, importantly, to show the world what a great sport Rally is, fun, challenging, and great for building the relationship between handler and dog.

It is a huge honour to be invited to judge the competition at the world’s largest dog show, but I would be nothing without a great team behind me.  So I would like to thank my Ring Party for their support – Kate Wykes, my scribe, Clair Price doing the scoring, John Wykes and Leanne Ward for course-laying and Berit Aherne for managing the collecting ring with help from Martin Robinson and Charlotte Holme.




Judge - Kit Clow

Kit Clow

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)

Thank you to Heidi and the Kennel Club for asking me to judge the KCGCDS Special  Pre- Beginners it is a great honour. I judged my first KCGCDS Bronze in 1993 and have regularly judged tests since. I have had 2 dogs pass the test up to Gold level and one of my current dogs, a Mini Poodle has passed his Bronze and Silver.  I also teach the Good Citizens tests, I believe it encourages clients to work towards a goal with their dogs having fun along the way. 

I first joined Halstead DOC in 1979 with a Jack Russell who didn't like other dogs,  from then on I was hooked and started competing in the early 80's.  I started judging competitive obedience in May 1989 and from there worked my way up to Championship class.  I have also judged in Holland.

Over the years I have held the position of Club Secretary, Show Secretary, Treasurer or committee member at various local dog training clubs in East Anglia. During these years I have also been Chief Steward, Chief Stay Steward, scribed, stewarded, scoreboarded all classes up to and including Championship.  

I had the honour of working in the South East & East Anglia Inter Regional team at Crufts in 2017 and 2018 with my GSD Devon.  Devon was also in the KCGCDS Gold display team at Crufts in 2019 and 2020.

I am a volunteer for the Cinnamon Trust , GSD Rescue and a KCAI (CD) member.

My very grateful thanks to Karen Smith  and Jo Mayston for giving up their time to help me.

My team and I would like to wish everyone who has qualified the very best of luck on the day and we hope that you all enjoy yourselves.

Kit Clow



Judge - Sue Garner

Sue Garner

(YKC Obedience)


It is always a privilege to be invited to judge at an obedience show.  This invitation to judge YKC Obedience at Crufts is extra special.  YKC members are the future of our dog sports, and so to be a part of promoting young stars of the future to gain competition experience at the Kennel Club’s premier event is indeed an honour.

I’ve always balanced my hobby with a busy career so although not achieving any cc wins, I have been fortunate to have competed at championship C level and had reserve CC’s with 2 dogs.  Most would probably say there were their best achievements, but to be honest its hard to say because there are many other times when after struggling with a particular exercise, the breakthrough when it all comes together is always a huge achievement.  I still remember my first Beginners win!

I’ve also had considerable judging experience which helps me to ‘give back’ to the discipline I love.  I’ve been invited to judge in most parts of the UK, including several trips to Northern Ireland.  Judging appointments further afield include the Channel Islands, Holland, Belgium and New Zealand.  It doesn’t matter where you go there is always a common interest for lively conversation and everyone makes you so welcome it’s like being part of a huge family.

I am really looking forward to judging the YKC obedience classes at Crufts to see those handlers and dogs show off just how well they can do.  I’m there to set a test that helps each dog and handler team to give their best.  Judging is about seeing what you can do rather than setting competitors up to fail.  So I hope everyone can overcome their inevitable nervousness and enjoy their rounds and at the end be pleased with what they achieved.  The day will then have been a success, regardless of the results.

My team for Crufts will be three very good friends who like me have many years’ experience as competitors so will be well aware of the effect an event such as Crufts will have on competitors:

  • Ring Steward, Rita Marquand.  Rita is an experienced ring steward who has a great ability to put handlers at ease and guide them through the test in a quiet and sympathetic manner.

  • Score Steward, Jenny Prevell.  Jenny will be keeping all the scores in order and make sure we get the results at the end of each class.

  • Collecting ring steward, Lilian Turner.  Lilian will make sure everyone is well briefed before entering the ring and will make sure you’re as relaxed as you can be on the day.

So, to all those YKC members who have qualified for the Obedience Classes, first and foremost enjoy the day.




Judge - Sarah Delany

Sarah Delany


I feel really honoured to be invited to judge the Obreedience competition at Crufts as I love to see different breeds being encouraged to do obedience and show off their skills.

When I was born, my parents had 13 dogs as my Mum bred and showed Dachshunds as well as having a Great Dane. My Dad also worked one of Wilf Chadwick’s GSDs in Obedience and Working Trials even winning an Obedience Ticket at one point (though Wilf worked the dog at Crufts). As a baby I spent a lot of time at various dog shows and I even have a framed picture of me as a baby sitting next to Muriel Pearce’s famous multiple Crufts Obedience Championships winner Megan of Monksfield with a trophy she had just won between us with me gazing at her in awe.

However I didn’t really get into training dogs until my late twenties when I started in Agility with my Groenendael and my Mum’s GSD, Border Collie and Toy poodle. I competed at both Crufts and Olympia in agility before falling in love with obedience and starting to concentrate on that with my Groenendaels. I have competed 11 times at Crufts with my Groenendaels. I have competed 7 times in the Obedience Championships with OB CH Vanistica Gideons Moon (3rd in 1995) and Ob Ch Vanistica French Eclipse (6th in 2007). I have also been lucky enough to compete 3 times in the Inter Regional Team Obedience with the my 2 Champions on their way to Ticket and with a third Groenendael  Vanistica Gullivers Travels. I also had the fantastic experience of competing in the Crufts World Cup competition as part of the winning England World Cup team in 2009 with Ob Ch Vanistica French Eclipse.

For the last 5 years I have also been one of the Assistant Managers for the South East and East Anglia Inter Regional team.

I have been judging obedience classes since 1994 and started judging Championship classes in 2007. I have not judged an Obreedience competition before but have enjoyed watching the competition at Crufts and at various shows. It is a joy to see the different  breeds strutting their stuff in the synchronised heelwork and then each doing a different set exercise. I have always loved competing in the teams at Crufts so hopefully the teams in this year’s competition will have great fun and enjoy their day as much as I have done in the past. Good luck to all the teams competing.