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Crufts 2019

Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge - Philomena Barnes

Bitch Championship


In Running Order:

1 Kathy Russell with OB CH Sarkam Explicit Image For Ruskath

Kathy Russell

2 Shirley Clowes with Sarkam Soul Dreamer

Shirley Clowes

3 June Stenning with OB CH Iatka Starshine

June Stenning

4 Mary Ray with OB CH Sarkam Sings The Blues

Mary Ray

5 Jodi Lunn with OB CH Longhalves Fast 'N' Furious

Jodi Lunn 

6 Marie Cartwright with OB CH Dodgin Firecracker

Marie Cartwright

7 Lyn Tozer with Tizzy Pop

Lyn Tozer

8 Caroline Eley with OB CH Kywidden Morvenna

Caroline Eley

9 Janet Hackett with Sno Flurry At Forestbeck

Janet Hackett

10 Mary Vessey with Fenellark Relight My Fire

11 Kat Farrants with Solarwind Star Sapphire

Kat Farrants

12 Heather Grey with OB CH Be My Miracle

Heather Grey

13 Sue Howell with Candlewind Disaronno

Sue Howell

14 Kathy Russell with OB CH Ruskath Makana Image

Kathy Russell

15 Malcolm Webster with OB CH Borderlair Squiff It Is

Malcolm Webster

16 Alison Gresty with Traders Apprentice

Alison Gresty

17 Jenny Palser with OB CH Vanistica Olivia

18 Helen Murray with OB CH Sixela Uno's Diva

Helen Murray

19 Dominique Guenther with OB CH De Risan Extra Hot

Dominique Guenther(

20 Val Dickens with Malaridge Blue Moon

Val Dickins

Dog Championship


In Running Order:

1 Guus Scholten with OB Ch Danesway Duet

Guss Scholten

2 Ria McGovern with OB CH Beckim Surprise Surprise

Ria McGovern

3 Margaret Pinder with OB CH Fellameeka Diamond Geyser

Margaret Pinder

4 Dot Watts with OB CH Ziggdan Zyco

Dot Watts

5 Bronwyn Bartley with OB CH Bheinn He's A Gift Forever

Bronwyn Bartley

6 Sharon Dunstan with OB CH Murellas Just Jasper

Sharon Dunstan

7 Stephanie Woollam with Saartjie Luc

Stephanie Woollam

8 Lyn Green with OB CH Lupitoonz Lake Man

Lyn Green

9 Mark Herritts with OB CH Dodgin Master Markat

Mark Herrits

10 Julie Rowlands with Sarkam Unanimous Decision

Julie Rowlands

11 Jenny Lunn (owner Jodi Lunn) with OB CH Longhalves On A Rhythm

Jenny Lunn

12 Patricia Jones with OB CH Longwaves Cloudy Sky

Trisha Jones

13 Mary Ray with OB CH Sarkam Sinatra

Mary Ray

14 Paul Cook with OB CH Dunburgh Fun Lovin Criminal

Paul Cook

15 Moe Edser with OB CH Forever My Miracle

Moe Edser

16 Pauline Hill with Saartjie Happy Ending

Pauline Hill

17 Meriel Bentley with Siatham Thyme

Meriel Bentley

18 Herbie Watson with Sarkam The Ringo Kid

Herbie Watson

19 Michelle Newman with Sarkam Rap It Up

20 Kathy Russell with OB CH Ruskath Magical Image

Kathy Russell

21 Shirley Clowes with Sarkam Soul Searcher

Shirley Clowes


Inter Regional Obedience

Judge - Steve Rutter


In running order:


Team Manager - Carole Patrick

Asst Mgrs - Ellen Herries & Anne Marie Parker


Fiona Matheson with Isle Of Diura - Diura (Min Schnauzer)

Fiona Matheson

Reserve: Gill Raku-Evans with The Gorgeous Mr Cobbs - Cobby (Std Poodle)

Gill Raku-Evans


Elaine Low with Honesty Blaze CDEx, UDEx, WDEx - Mollie (Crossbreed)

Elaine Low

Ann McDonald with Gadlock Lady Muck - Brooke (English Springer)

Ann McDonald

Class A

Doreen Bidgood with Alikir Ize Cool - Oscar (GSD)

Dorren Bidgood

Penny Crowe with Staffstyle's Bonnie Wee Lass - Elsa (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

Penny Crowe

Class B

Pamela Lochrie with Sixela Madd Hatter At Xandras - Dani (WS)

Pam Lochrie

Class C

Ann McCann with Sixela One To One - SAGAN (BC)

Ann McCann



Team Manager - Emma Lavender

Asst Mgrs - Alison Gresty & Karen Davies



Ellie Rivington with Backwinds Mr Chips - Theo (Min Poodle)

Ellie Rivington

Reserve: Gail Collins with Kinsey Milbones Bonsey Gal - Kinsey (GSD)

Gail Collins


David Foden with Tiamaria Imperial Red - Milo (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

David Foden

Louise Frelford with Pepsanner Jacks Green - Freddie (Golden Retriever)

Louise Frelford

Class A

Rachael Young with Jarysmystic All Fired Up - Mary (Golden Retriever)

Rachael Young

Nicky Walker with Terannos Wee Bit Of Luck - Biffy (BC)

Nicky Walker

Class B

Rosie Colwood with Nithelsa Kitty - Kitty (Giant Schnauzer)

Rosie Colwood

Class C

Shirley Bowlas with Franks For The Memory - Franky (BC)

Shirley Bowlas



Team Manager - Jen Jessop


Carla Parker with Conquell Yultsi - Xena (GSD)

Carla Parker

Reserve: Bubbles Young with Cherry Pie - Cherry Pie (Crossbreed)

Bubbles Young


Fran Griffin with Courtdown Shall We Dance - Daisy Mae (Irish Red and White Setter)

Fran Griffin

Carol Dare with Lavika Mirror Image - Rafa (Shetland Sheepdog)

Carol Dare

Class A

Wendy Parkin with Seren Haf Gwen - Gwennie (Crossbreed)

Wendy Parkin

Liz Evans with Red Charisma Three Wishes - Seren (BC)

Liz Evans

Class B

Lynne Cook with Beverton Mabli - Mabli (BC)

Lynne Cook

Class C

Linda Howells with Blaze Flash's Senior Moment - Blaze (Crossbreed)

Linda Howells


South & South West


Team Manager - Stephanie Woollam



Josephine Shipman-Toon with Schnitzel and Noodles - Noodle (Crossbreed Terrier)

Jo Toon

Reserve: Cheryl Wilson with Sharp Stanley - Stan (Pomeranian)

Cheryl Wilson


Janet Saker with Hilsgolden Dorset Pink Lady - Xante (Golden Retriever)

Janet Saker

Kate Asher with Our Little Tinker - Bella (Working Cocker Spaniel)

Kate Asher

Class A

Christine Richardson with Madabo Buffalo Soldier - Harvey (Min Schnauzer)

Hilary Holley with Rannock Feargal - Darcy (Labrador)

Hilary Holley

Class B

Barbara Colledge with Call Me Chloe - Chloe (BC)

Barbara Colledge

Class C

Sue Luce with Leading Lady at Willowyarde - Lucy (WS)

Sue Luce


South East & East Anglia


Southern Team

Team Manager - Wendy Birch


Julie Green with OakCroft Abbie's Dream - Pippa (Shetland Sheepdog)

Julie Green

Reserve: Kate Bartram - Lola Las Vegas - Hattie Brush (Wire Haired Fox Terrier)

Kate Bartram


Sheila Lunn with Red Hot Rumba - Rumba (Aussie/Collie Cross)

Sheila Lunn

Beth Carroll with Le Voleur Noir - Rufus (Crossbreed)

Beth Carroll

Class A

Rachel Chapman with Sherbert Tropical - Shadow (GSD)


Kim Watson with Westoning Phantom Puma - Puma (WS)

Kim Watson

Class B

Lesley Nichols with Dunburgh Taylor Boy - Tayler (Golden Retriever)

Lesley Nicholls

Class C

Jill Berry with Nedlo Technicality - Biffy (BC)

Jill Berry

Northern Ireland

Team Manager - Michael McCartney

Assistants - Kate McCartney & Tracy McKinlay


Maren Amey with Chestnut Emrys - Rocket (Cocker Spaniel)

Reserve: Chris Spence with Malonedawn Derry - Winston (Labrador)

Chris Spence


Alison Parkes with Master Truffles - Truffles (Crossbreed)

Alison Parkes

Claire McKinlayn with Newfords Marmite - Maia (Doberman)

Claire McKinlay

Class A

Jean Young with Chikaramor Speechless - Piper (BC)

Jean Young

Lisa Craig with    Pepsanner Sutton Belle - Evie (Golden Retriever)


Class B

Miriam De Groot with Tawnyhill Unique Cinnamon - Mia (GR)

Miriam De Groot

Class C

Voirrey Horne with Manannans Isla Man - Isla (BC)

Voirrey Horne


Team Manager - Lou Jackson

Asst Mgrs - Lyn Tozer and Steve Fraser



Ella Garwood with Krazy Kyuss Mayhem (Collie x Kelpie)

Ella Garwood

Reserve: Jenny Henton with Hercules of Wintercrack (Lab)

Jenny Henton


Rachel Richards with Goodbye Mr Chips (Min.poo. x terrier)

Rachel Richards

Sam Ashman with Reivermorada Re'l Slim Shady (BC)

Sam Ashman

Class A

Tracey Pilsbury with Capnmegs High Jynx (W/S)

Tracey Pilsbury

Valerie Ridgers with Pepsanner The Pirate (GR)

Val Ridgers

Class B

Lynn Griffin with Krisannrio Lola Loo (GSD)

Lynn Griffin

Class C

Kaye Ball with Pepsanner Lady Macbeth of Barcarolle OW (GR)

Kaye Ball

Inter Regional Rally

Judge - Becky Collier

In running order:



Team Manager - Elaine Miller
Ass Managers - Sarah Holroyd & Susie Galloway

Level 1

Sharon Deans with Honeybears Spirit Wind - Todd (Finnish Lapphund)

Sharon Deans

Reserve: Chloe Powling with Jess Summertime Falls - Bella (English Springer Spaniel)

Chloe Powling

Level 2

Lorraine Murtagh with Practically Perfect Inca - Inca (English Springer Spaniel)

Lorraine Murtagh

Level 3

Sally Sanford with Danehaven Midgell at Paludic - ZeeZee (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Sally Sanford

Level 4

Karyn Thomson with Bailey Bongolight - Bailey (Crossbreed)

Karyn Thomson

Level 5

Amy Jackson with In a Minute Jess - Jess (Crossbreed)

Amy Jackson

Level 6

Sally Sanford with Erikachen Lasadoir at Paludic - Lace (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever)

Sally Sanford



Team Manager - Julie Barrett

Julie Barrett

Assistant Managers: Gail Holl & Sharon Dunn

Assistant Managers

Level 1

Chris Schwarz with Summergreen Pumpkin Pie - Bisley (Miniature Schnauzer)

Chris Schwarz

Reserve: Di Rhodes with Pipster Where I Lay My Hat - Pip (JRT)

Di Rhodes

Level 2

Janine Atkinson with Tomszill Benita at Denlea - Breeze (Polish Lowland Sheepdog)

Janine Atkinson

Level 3

Fran Mitchell with Little Smokey - Smokey (Crossbreed)

Fran Mitchell

Level 4

Denise Byrne with Nanhoron Elsi Peabody - Elsi (Welsh Collie)

Denise Bryrne

Level 5

Tracy Hall with Krisusarn Fun and Games - Zanta (Cocker Spaniel)

Tracy Hall

Level 6

Janet Thickbroom with Stillrockin Zumba - Zumba (WSD)

Janet Thickbroom



Team Manager - Margaret Booth

Margaret Booth

Assistant Managers: Mary Rayment (in Lvl 4) & Sharon Formstone

Sharon Formstone

Level 1

Mary Muxworthy with Beverton Ted - Ted (BC)

Mary Muxworthy

Reserve: Sally Hallmark with Jencro Jesting in Silver - Tippy (Miniature Poodle)

Sally Hallmark

Level 2

Katie Harvey with Madgack Maple - Luna (Labrador)

Katie Harvey

Level 3

Ann Doubleday with My Boy Wilson - Wilson (GSD)

Ann Doubleday

Level 4

Mary Rayment with Grizwold Lady of the Lake - Krystal (German Spitz Mittel)

Mary Rayment

Level 5

Shauna Booth with Little Wizzard of Ashford - Merlin (WS)

Shauna Booth

Level 6

Yvonne Davies with Cytas Aiming For The Top - Emma (Malinois)

Yvonne Davies

South & South West


Team Manager - Jenny Butters

Jenny Butters

Assistant Managers: Simone Lynch & Lesley Peters

Assistant Managers

Level 1

Suzanne Hall with Radically Blink

Suzanne Hall

Reserve: Anni Martin with Chololate Pudding

Anni Martin

Level 2

Susan Wolf with Exmoor Dark Sky

Susan Wolf

Level 3

Felicity Veazey with Janallan Bakari WDex

Felicity Veazey

Level 4

Debra Colling with As Beau

Debra Colling

Level 5

Janet Auton with Mr Finnly's Surprise

Janet Auton

Level 6

Marney Wells with Gnobulls Fire Cracker At Copyhold B.Ex, RL6 Ex

Marney Wells

South East & East Anglia


Team Manager - Susan Coulstock

Susan Coulstock

Assistant Managers: Lyn Fagg & Diana Yemms

Level 1

Betty Straw with Dukeson I'm a believer - Ev'er (Sheltie)

Betty Straw

Reserve: Cathy Chambers with Ellbriar Can Can - Amber (Goldie)

Cathy Chambers

Level 2

Jacky Stoker with Risepark Marks Boy Alfie - Alfie (Min Schnauzer)


Level 3

Sarah Maisey with Silken Bonnie Benji - Benji (Labrador)

Sarah Maisey

Level 4

Valerie Kelsey with Rooquis Typoni Maiden - Tipi (Collie)

Valerie Kelsey

Level 5

David Moxon with Amberslade Kansas - Yogi (Aussie)

David Moxon

Level 6

Jenny Morris with Blackrobin Bob the Builder - Bob (Collie)

Jenny Morris

Northern Ireland


Team Manager - Rachel Cooper

Rachel Cooper

Assistant Managers: Debbie Martin & Patricia Page

Assistant Managers

Level 1

Julienne Robinson with Wee Man Boddy Macgee - Bobby (Crossbreed)

Julienne Robinson

Reserve: Diane Hodgett with Rus Ch Norbhoo Kiseido at CrannUsel Ir Jnr Ch

Diane Hodgett

Level 2

Debbie Gooding with Highhouse Red Fire - Bane (Labrador)

Debbie Gooding

Level 3

Gareth Smyth with Tippi May Hadron - Tippi (Collie)

Gareth Smyth

Level 4

Amanda Wark with Smokin Joe Razor - Razor (Crossbreed)

Amanda Wark

Level 5

Cody Raisbeck with Rhumsaa Rockin Robyn - Bryn (WSD)

Cody Raisbeck

Level 6

Liz Gibbons with Auchencairn Mona Glen - Breeshey (Cairn Terrier)

Liz Gibbons


Team Manager - Julia Bodsworth

Julia Bodsworth

Assistant Managers: Karen Kendall & Helen Chetwynd

Karen Kendall & Helen Chetwynd

 Level 1

Helen Williams with Accident Waiting To Happen - Splash (Poodle x Lab)

Helen Williams

Reserve: Karen Graham with Poppymeadows of Mitre Oak - Poppy (English Springer Spaniel)

Karen Graham

Level 2

Gloria Bonnell with Sandwick Centre Stage at Cinlock - Dylan (Shetland Sheepdog)

Gloria Bonnell

Level 3

Sue Lang with Chelmarsh All The Way - Kete (Shetland Sheepdog)

Sue Lang

Level 4

Marie Miller with Stormlake's Jester - Yogi (GSD)

Marie Miller

Level 5

John Wykes with Dreaganta Red Rory of Tarnforce - Rory (BC)

John Wykes

Level 6

Peta Braddock with Don't Touch The Tail - Billy (BC)

Peta Braddock


Judge - Anne Bussey


In Running Order

Team 1

Manchester Reunited (Manchester Terriers)

Manchester Terriers

Jean Walker with Ch Talanors Treat Me Good at Sizlin - Briar

Jean Walker

Sue Pinkham with Talanors Fantasy Dreams for Pinkadees - Lexi

Sue Pinkham

Ann Harrison with Sophyla Sophie - Sophie

Ann Harrison

Chris Harrison with Magpiebank Teal - Teal

Chris Harrison

Reserve: Vicki Sharpe with Erkenwyne Othello at Rosettia - Otto

Vickie Sharp

Reserve: Brenda Harrison with Larkswing Belle Star at Rosadyva - Sadie

Brenda Harrison

Team 2

Butterflies (Papillon)


Tammy Stretton with Herumen Mountain Cerrig - Cerrig

Jenny Goudes with Manawyddan Inca Tinca - Inca

Helen Fletcher with Tag on Target at Belpetilon RL2Ex - Tag

Marian Craig with Skydragon Griffin Dude - Doodle

Reserve: Jenny Goude with Manawyddan Finlay McRory - Finlay


Team 3

Goldbounty's Goldens (Golden Retrievers)

Goldens Team

Sarah Lindsey with Merryway Narla of Goldbounty 'Narla'

Sarah Lindsey

Karen Robson with Goldbounty's Ruby 'Ruby'

Karen Robson

Hannah Wilson with Goldbounty's Chestnut 'Buddy'

Hannah Wilson

Maria Nash with Goldbounty's Fern 'Fern'

Maria Nash

Emma Hill with Goldbounty's Maple 'Autumn'

Emma Hill

Team 4

Sheltie Superstars (Sheltland Sheepdogs)

Sheltie Team

Vanessa Hardin with Sheltysham Miss Mayhem AW(G) - Tutti

Vanessa Hardin

Callie Mather with Bluehollow Moondaisy RL3Ex Daisy

Callie Mather

Angela Rowe with Hall of Dreams Seven Wonders AW(B) - Buddy

Angela Rowe

Jean Tuck with Tooralie's Masquerade at Craygill AW(S) Zac

Jean Tuck

Reserve: Rowena Steady with Tooralie's Just The Tonic RL2Ex Toes

Rowena Steady

Team 5

Poodle Training Club - Standard (Standard Poodles)

Standard Poodle

Diane Jones with Tawnabawn Astrantia - Saffron

Sandra Foster with Earais Come Fly With Me - Smokey

Ruth Dunning with Chalkwell Cheeky Vimto - Harmony (brown std poodle) she is 2 half years old

Ann Marie Patchell with Acecliffe Star Champers - Champers

Ann Marie Patchell


Team 6

The Russellers (Jack Russell Terrier)


Julia Bodworth with White Lightening Hot Spot - Spot

Julia Bodsworth

Kirsty Stuart with Fedsig The Giant - Feds

Kirsty Stuart

Anne Shuker with Scally's Skullduggery Swag - Scally

Ann Shuker

Sian Rees with Little Miss Tiny Temper - Mable

Sian Rees

Julie Russon with Princess Russ - Poppy

Julie Russon

Louise Dexter with Fedsig's Blithe Spirit - Ghost

Louise Dexter


Team 7

The Covert Cockup's (Cocker Spaniels)

Covert Cockups

Katie Bloor with Marshkeeper's Twister - Koda

Katie Bloor

Lynn Brockie with Marshkeeper's Breeze - Fizz

Lynn Brockie

Lesley Deegan with Especially Ellie - Ellie

Lesley Deegan

Dawn Cox with Tuesday's Chance Encounter - Ruby

Dawn Cox

Reserve: Janet Beverley with Trajan Maid to be Mine - Teasel

Kanet Beverley

Team 8

The Poodle Training Club Toy Team (Toy Poodles)

Derek Stokes with Princess Orca in the Sunset - Orca

Derek Stokes

Linda Newland with Saltillo let me go - Maisie

Linda Newland

Patricia Wheeler with Ajanti rock star with verismo - Phoebe

Patricia Wheeler

Sandra Leach with Catmonkeys sweet florence - Florence

Sandra Leach

Reserve: Marie Stokes with Penny star Stifford - Tufty

Marie Stokes

Reserve: Marie Patchell with Bijou Bigwig of the Bothy - Bigwig

Marie Stokes

Team 9

The Pink Shepherdesses (GSD)


Jean Tomkinson with Alexbria Quahneah - Neah

Alison Davidson with My Lady Lulu - Lou

Barbara Thompson with Kariega Burnet Rose - Ziva

Linda Wild with Chazlaws Little White Dove - Isa

Reserve: Betty Keepax with Bearskisheps Lunar Queen - Tula

Reserve: Jeanette Andrusin with Kirkbeg Guinevere - Tess

Team 10

The Italian Job (Lagotto Romangolo)

Lagotto Team

Kath Bransby with Nelbekio Almost an Angel

Kath Bransby

Carolyn Snowdon with Gaesten Lucky Luna

Carolyn Snowdon

Julie Nelson with Gaesten Zippy Zingo at Nelbekio

Julie Nelson

May Bransby with Nelbekio Be It Bambalina

May Barnsby

Reserve: Kath Bransby with Mizani Dioro Over Savio

Kath Bransby

Reserve: May Bransby with Orion Di Campoleone

May Bransby


The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final

Judge - Lee Lampert


In Running Order


1 Kathleen Winckless with Yus MLady (Labrador)

2 Janine Grinshill with Great Gifted Sunshine Lad (Labrador Retriever)

Janine Grinshill

3 Sharon Bush with Mist Naughty Spots (Working Sheepdog)

4 Kay Leverington with Namparas Garrick (Working Sheepdog)

Kay Leverington

5 Lydia Harrison with Divamine Inspiration (Belgian Shepherd Dog)

Lydia Harrison

6 Jeanna Gwilliam with Fleekform Explorer of Amienko (English Springer Spaniel)

7 Sara Killelay with Pitter Patter Parsnip (Border Collie)

Sara Lillelay

8 Shaun McKittrick with Alberdale Isaac Schafer (German Shepherd)

9 Ann Hughes with Tippitoes Moondust (Standard Poodle)

10 Patricia Bridgland with Fletcher Reggie (NSDT Retriever)

Patricia Bridgland

11 Martina Perry with Chelsasa Kaya's Image    (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

12 Jo Shipman-Toon with Inka Tinka (Crossbreed)

Jo Toon

13 Margaret McDevitt with Carricks Popping Candy (Working Sheepdog)

Maggie McDevitt

14 Yvonne Mills with Marvels Map of the Mountains (Crossbreed)

Yvonne Mills

15 Abi Edwards with Bernhard the Great (Labrador)

Abi Edwards

16 Teresa Vaughn with Altricia What A Carry On at Tonkory (Border Collie)

Teresa Vaughan

17 Robyn Lewis with Petes Mischevious Maisy (West Highland White Terrier)

18 Fiona Matheson with Isle Of Diura (Miniature Schnauzer)

19 Daisy Mulcahy with Helter Skelter Belter Ben    (Working Sheepdog)

Daisy Mulcahy



Judge - Lee Lampert


In Running Order

1 Olivia Verplancke with Taranza Imagination (Border Collie)

2 Josh Keyworth with Lily Morawel (Border Collie)

3 Maisy Dent with Ragus Just Joking at Fizzela (Norwich Terrier)

4 Paige Jepson with Jeplong Step on a Stone    (Border Collie)

5 Ellie Mae Barthrop with India Rose Sweet Moon Melody (Miniature Poodle)

6 Shannon Wright with Kingsfarm Akinda Surprise    (Border Collie)

7 Jessica Herron with Texarkana Surprise at Natica (Miniature Poodle)

8 Jodie Grayson with Olive Sky (Border Collie)

9 Ellie Keyworth with Annie Blue Morawel (Border Collie)

10 Ella Garwood with Cories Klever Cookie Candi    (Australian Kelpie)

11 Abbie Spink with Staffordwill Radebe    (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)



Judge - Richard Burbidge-Grant



NOT In Running Order:




NOT In Running Order:



High Flyers


NOT In Running Order:






Judge - Philomena Barnes

Phil Barnes

(Dog & Bitch Championships)

On the 28th October 2015 the invitation to judge Crufts Obedience Championships arrived in the post. I was shocked and surprised and decided to send my confirmation back immediately before I thought about it too much and bottled out.
I walked up the road and posted it that very same afternoon before I changed my mind! I have had plenty of time to think/worry about it and plan since then.

I come from a large family and was the youngest of 13 children. We are a very competitive family not only in the games we played as we were growing up but also the examples set by my father who won the 1949 Clubman's Lightweight Class at the Isle of Man TT races on his first and only attempt. My eldest brother went on to become the British champion in motorbike scrambling.
My second eldest brother was the British Champion and four times International champion in car racing, so competitiveness is kind of in the blood.

The first dog I owned was a cross Fox terrier that was one of a litter brought into the vets where I worked to be put to sleep.
Homes were found for them all and Bimbo came home with me.
Like most people I started going to pet training but had already seen Molly Mulvaney demonstrating obedience on the TV and I knew then that was what I wanted to do and what I could do with a crossbreed.
We started competing in 1973 where she won through to 'B' before her eye sight deteriorated.
I was well and truly bitten by the bug,  got my first collie, and so had begun my love affair with collies and obedience.

I won my first obedience certificate in 1979 with my collie Sealight Ben and went to Crufts for the first time at Earls Court in 1980. Since then I have competed at Championship level with 11 different dogs and made up 7 Obedience Champions.
I have won 78 Challenge Certificates. I won Crufts in 2014 with Ob Ch Forever magic it's a gift (Ginty) and in 2018 with home bred Ob Ch Jezzaddy its snow Floozie (Floozie).
I am married with 3 grown up children. My daughter Sophie did Junior obedience and won Crufts Juniors on 3 occasions.
I teach competitive obedience as a full-time job and it is very rewarding to see people progress, having success and enjoyment with their dogs

I started judging some 40 years ago (a very long time ago!) and have been judging at Championship level for over 20 years. I feel so passionate about this sport and have seen huge changes in it.
Certainly, the standard has improved immensely, as has the attitude and the enjoyment of the dogs.
No judge would be successful without their team behind them. I am fortunate to have a fantastic tried and tested team, who have put so much time and effort into making this a special occasion.
Obedience for me is show casing the relationship between the dog and handler, seeing them working together as a partnership and in harmony with each other.

I am looking forward to the great honour of judging the Obedience Championships in 2019 and hope that the competitors enjoy the challenge of the test and competing at the greatest dog show in the world with their beautifully schooled dogs.

Each one of them has earned the privilege to be there. I hope they enjoy the experience and have a day to remember.


Judge - Steve Rutter

Steve Rutter

(Inter Regionals - Obedience)


It seems a long time since I received the invite to judge the inter regional competition but from looking at it in the distance it has sped in to full view and now frighteningly is just round the corner, I would like to thank The Kennel Club for the invite to judge this event, it is an honour.

 I have a fabulous team and we have been working at being spot on since November, I would like to thank 'THE TEAM' Bob Beesley, Nigel Slater, Wendy Carr, Shirley Wells, Lorraine Moffat,  & Trudy Hyman, for all the long hours you've given freely (although I think the promise of cake helped!), and your help, advice and support when needed. Thanks also to all those friends who acted as guinea pigs it would have been very difficult without you (although I think the promise of cake helped there too!)

I have been competing in obedience since 1981, I got a Border Collie 'Bess' as a pet, Bess was well behaved but I went along to training classes (Wilderspool DTC) to support neighbours who had a hooligan Spaniel, they ended up rehoming the spaniel and I was hooked after seeing the competitive handlers, Bess never won a thing, but was vital for me to learn the ropes. I've had 8 Border Collies, reaching 'C' Only with a few of them, my latest challenge is Stanley, I've only ever had bitches and Stan isn't for the faint hearted.

My first judging appointment came in 1986 and since then I've been lucky enough to have judged the length and breadth of the UK, Southern Ireland and over in the Netherlands, I have been judging CC's since 2001. This will be my 3rd Crufts judging appointment - I Judged The YKC Finals & The Kennel Club Good Citizen Final in 2010. I am lucky to have made many good and trusted friends over the years.

I am really looking forward to judging all the teams on the day, my advice would be, go out there, enjoy yourself & your Dog and give it your best shot.

I have 2 final people to thank, Richard Kebble (Chief Obedience Steward) for giving me the day off, lol, and to my fabulous wife, you have talked sense when my brain wasn't in gear, you've steered me in the right direct and your support has been awesome, I really couldn't do this without you, thanks so much.

Very best of luck to all teams.


Judge - Becky Collier

Becky Collier

(Inter Regionals - Rally)






Judge - Lee Lampert

Lee Lampert

(KCGCDS Special Pre Beginner Obedience Stakes Final)

My thank to the Kennel Club for the invitation to judge The Good Citizen Special Pre-Beginner's Stake Final, this will be the second  time I will have had the pleasure of judging at Crufts as in 2017 I judged the Inter-Regional competition, so  thanks for putting your trust in me again.

I have been running  dog training  classes in Brighton  where  I live for many years! Some years ago I joined the Kennel Club  Good Citizen  Scheme and to date many of my pupils have gone from puppy  foundation through to achieving thier Bronze Silver and Gold awards something I am extremely proud of. Some of my pupils went on to qualify for this event that I will be judging and to date the best we achieved was 3rd place something that person and my self are still very proud of. It has always been my aim to promote responsible dog ownership and the KCGCS is a brilliant way of doing this.

My own career in competitive  obedience began many years ago with a gsd who got me out of the lower classes which  was quite an achievement considering he was not easy to train and I did give birth to two children during  that time!!

I was extremely lucky to have  one of the best dogs trainer's in  Sylvia  Bishop - without her help I and a lot of other people would not have had the opportunity to be successful in the sport of obedience. I went on to qualify  3 gsds and 2 border collies to work championship C  and had the opportunity to represent the  South in the Inter-Regionals on several occasions but my proudest moment was when I took part in the Obedience Championship at Crufts with my beautiful German Shepherd Whitney Kayander Enchantment a day I shall always treasure.  I have judged at championship  level for many years and have judged in Holland Jersey and Guernsey!

I would like  to wish everyone taking part the very best of luck and most of all enjoy  your day as I know I will



Judge - Richard Burbidge-Grant

Richard Burbidge

(YKC Obedience)


Having been a previous member of the Young Kennel Club (formally the KCJO), being invited to judge the event at Crufts 2019 is a great honour.

Growing up as a child, I always wanted to have a dog.  However, in 1997 my campaign to get a dog with my parents well and truly began.   I was constantly talking about dogs, pestering, bombarding them with photos and adverts of dogs, but the answer I always got was NO, but I never let up, and one day, after lots of discussions with my parents, it was agreed I was allowed to get a dog.
Along came Beau, a 3 month old Working Sheepdog from Wales.  Beau was not the easiest of dogs to have for my first dog.  He tried to dominate me and he would try to bite me!   With all this challenging behaviour, it was off to Coventry Dog Training Club where I started my dog training career.  My passion for dog training had truly began and this is where I would stay and watch some great Trainers training their dogs for the sport of competitive obedience.

I was advised to go along to some exemption shows.  So, in 1998, I went to my first ever show at Evesham where I entered my first Obedience class.  I was really nervous knowing I would be competing against all the adults.  When it was my turn, I went into the ring and during the Heelwork test, the Steward instructed "Right Turn" to which I turned right and Beau stopped dead! I looked back and saw that Beau had decided the ring post was just too good and decided he was having a wee !  Having shown my keenness, I was introduced to the KCJO where I was shown the basic exercises I needed to teach Beau, so that I could complete the Basic KCJO assessment at club before competing.

That year, my love of Obedience was going really well and my parents travelled with me to various shows.  I also decided I wanted to get another dog, so along came Sweetheart Sally, a little black and white Beardie Cross. Sally was such a fabulous little dog and tried her hardest and was loved by everyone.  Sally and I competed within the KCJO Midlands region on 4 occasions, winning our classes on 2 occasions with a 2nd place and 3rd place.  We also competed at Open Shows in Obedience where we progressed from Pre-beginners to Class 'B'.  During Sally's career and training at a Kennel Club registered dog training club, I was then introduced to some great Trainers who all shared their knowledge with me.  

By 2002 the Obedience bug had truly set in and as I was looking to get a new pup, I was introduced to Kathy Russell and subsequently, I was really privileged to be allowed to have one of the special Ruskath pups whom I named Tonic, her K.C. name being  Ruskath Platonic Image. Tonic has taught me so much over the years not only with developing my training and handling skills but also the skills as an Obedience judge.

In 2010, we represented the Midlands team in the Obedience Inter-regional competition, winning our Open Class.  In 2011, we were thrilled to be competing  at the Crufts Obedience Championships.

At present,  I am competing in Novice with my 2 dogs Quila (Stillrockin Twist) and Ouzo (Sarkam Image at Platonic).   I am also currently training Cointeau, my  Collie x Retriever.

I have been judging obedience competitions since 2001 and am qualified to judge Obedience Championship Class.  I have also judged in Holland on numerous occasions.

To assist me with the proceedings, I have a great team of experienced people who will, I am sure, put all the competitors at ease. 
I would like to wish all the YKC competitors the very best of luck for Crufts 2019. 


Don't ever be afraid to dream too BIG
Nothing is impossible
If you
Believe in yourself
You can achieve it.




Judge - Anne Bussey

Anne Bussey


I won my first award in obedience on 6/6/1966 as a child handler in a club competition at Bristol Dog Training Society. As a child I was obsessed with dog training and behaviour. I was well known in my local library where I asked weekly if they had any new dog books I read them all! I begged my parents constantly for a dog, saying I didn't mind if it was a chihuahua or Great Dane. I just wanted a dog. I used to walk all the local dogs and I made the tea at the aforementioned training club just so I could be around the dogs and learn all about training dogs. I was a sponge.

My parents, who were not dog people, finally gave in and I got my first dog, a mongrel I named Jenny, from the pet shop. My life was complete as I applied everything I had read to a real dog. She was bathed, groomed, nails trimmed and constantly trained!

My fascination for dogs and canine behaviour has never waned and when I was made redundant from my job as a microbiologist for Smithkline Beecham I gained my Master's Degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University.

I was intrigued by the development of traditional dog training from the greats such as Konrad Most to Skinner who was 'clicker training' dogs and 'shaping' simple behaviours right back in 1954.

Positive reinforcement training (or clicker training) has made obedience training more accessible to a wide variety of breeds that may not respond so well to traditional training methods as the working breeds.

 Now as a professional 'clicker trainer' I enjoy working with different breeds and never tire with the challenge to communicate and motivate many varieties of dogs. As you can imagine I was delighted when I was invited to judge the Obreedience competition at Cruft's this year.

The aim of Obreedience is to encourage a wider variety of different breeds to take part in a competition which includes some of the exercises generally associated with Obedience. I will be in my element. I wish the very best of luck to all competitors.