Crufts 2010


Crufts Obedience Championships

Judge: Kay Raven

Bitch Championship





3rd Geraldine Steadman with NOBITE AUTUMNAL COLOURS BC



6th Philomena Barnes with OB CH WHATKNOW TRICKS WS


Dog Championship


Susanne Jaffa with OB CH AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER Australian Shepherd


Lorraine Bennett with OB CH DANESWAY DOUBLE ACT WS

3rd Linda Rutherford with OB CH SINEDES SPECIAL SECRET BC

4th Janet Bates with OB CH BLUEFIZZ TAIKA CHANCE ON ME Australian Collie Cross

5th Geraldine Steadman with OB CH NOBITE DEFENCE OF THE REALM BC

6th Sue Beavers with TOPEKA RAILROAD STITCH Australian Shepherd

World Cup

Judge: Kate McCartney


Northern Ireland



Individual Winner

Steven Vannieuwenhuyze with Bytcheck Esquire
( Bugsy )

Individual Reserves

Petra Ford with NOC OTCH Count Tyler Show Me The Money UDX3 OM1 (Tyler) Labrador


Mish Dunscombe with JAFFSON BLACK MAGIC O.W. WS

Inter Regional

Judge: Alan Ridout

Winners - Southern


Runners Up - Wales



The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme
Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final


Judge: Steve Rutter



Sarah Yates with Moley Newton Golden Retriever

2nd Heather Mee with Applefire Wishes Come True for Lamintone Australian Shepherd
3rd Joe Guscott with Mystique Surprise Golden Retriever
4th Helen Veal with Wiccaweys High Jinks WS
5th Dorothy Marshall with Markerry Kato GSD



Judge: Steve Rutter



1st Christian Mackay with SNAIGOW PINE English Springer Spaniel

2nd Jennifer Hart with MY ROYAL RASCAL BC
3rd Bethy Jackson with AMAZIN' BLAZIN' Crossbreed
4th Sophie Holah with BEYOND THE ZONE WS
5th Tayla Butler with ARNPRIORS OBI OF ASHPEN BC
6th Emma Griffiths with DETANIA BROADOAKS LADY BC


1st Emma Coyle with CHESWICK OPORTUNITY Crossbreed

2nd George Alldred with TTENNEB SECRET CHARM Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
3rd Eleanor Cary with IATKA LITTLE BIG MAN Papillon
4th Alexandra Duesbury with DODGIN AMBER GAMBLER WS
5th Emily Wyatt with HOLLYSEA LADY OF ROHAN BC
6th Emily High with HERUMEN MOUNTAIN IMP Papillon



3rd Kirsty Jess

6th Louise Leel with CLANICKER LUKE English Springer Spaniel


1st Daniel Thompson with MILLS ON WHEELS WS

2nd Neil Lowndes with NANA'S BILLYBOY BC
3rd Charlotte Cooper with DUSTERS MAGICAL MISCHIEF WS
4th Abbie Alexander with XANDRAS PUCK WS
5th Kate Nicholas with BEVERTON ICE (ISDS 29744) BC
6th Stephanie Cooper with KEPT JUST ONE RED DUSTER WS


1st David Healey with JOEM JELLENNIUM BC

3rd Danielle Jones with VANISTICA KITTO FOR JENNY AT MOSHANTA Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)
4th Frankie Evans with FOREVERMAGIC TOUCH WS


Rebecca Pointer Award


2nd Alexandra Duesbury with DODGIN AMBER GAMBLER WS
3rd Katie Bloor with REMUDA TOP’R JUSTO PUNTO Australian Shepherd
4th Caragh McGrath with HINBANK SMARTIE JONES Papillon
5th Chloe Connell with CHLOSARIAN DRIVE U TO DRINK Crossbreed

Obedience Championship Judge

Kay Raven

To coin a well -worn cliché, being asked to judge the Obedience Championship at Crufts 2010 is indeed a privilege and honour. The canine calendar's 'Oscars', is the result of a fantastic journey resulting in many wonderful memories being created and the odd grey hair being accumulated!

I first got involved in the sport of dog obedience in 1970 after acquiring a very nervous German Shepherd bitch, who desperately needed for her owner to become educated in what owning a dog was really all about…. I dared to embark into this wonderful world of dog training which continues to teach and extend me daily.

This initial interest progressed from dog training into Animal training, specifically for Film work, which has been my chosen career for the last 35+ years.

I have been blessed to have some wonderful dogs in my life, each one being a teacher in his or her own right. The individual challenges of training a specific breed (from Lowchen to Beardie), or personality (from cheeky to cowardly), has kept my interest and presented me with further opportunities to learn.

My wonderful Shanvaals, Meg and Flak took their beginner handler to the dizzy heights of championship C, showing their class and ability. They have since been followed by other 'characters and personalities' in all shapes sizes and breeds, all of whom have been successful in their own right be it as a working dog in 'Ticket', or through my profession and being 'film stars' on the latest blockbuster.

Ob Ch Tanamerye Bunnie particularly stands out, her three appearances at Crufts each have special meaning and the result of many years of hard work and emotion.

My youngster Candy and oldie Lucas both Golden Retrievers, and Fashion a Border Collie, are left to fly the flag, and take me on the next stage of my journey…. Where I would hope, once again, to be in the position of this years competitors, god willing. The excitement and nerves are a privilege; many would love to be experiencing.

Through these wonderful animals, I have been fortunate to judge and teach in Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic and Jersey not to mention the length and breadth of the U.K. For me this appointment is indeed the pinnacle.

The honour of walking on the hallowed green is not about two days in March when we all congregate at the NEC, but the 'crescendo' of years of dedication, heartache and happiness.

Being able to watch a stylish, well -trained dog combining those attributes of drive and accuracy are for me, what Competitive Obedience is all about. This complimented by clean, upright smart handling is the ultimate picture I will be looking for. I hope that the teams who have qualified, can control their nerves long enough to shine!

I feel honoured and privileged to be able to judge this event and ensure all competitors that my team, and myself will do our utmost to make this experience memorable for all the right reasons.

World Cup Judge

Kate McCartney

I grew up in a household where we always had a dog or two, mostly GSDs so I've always had a MEGA soft spot for shepherds. When I was 15 years old my Mum & Dad "gave in" and allowed me to have a dog of my VERY own - along came Sophie a very nervous and timid GSD. I didn't get her until she was about 10 months old and she had never been out of kennels. Along we went to Coatbridge DTC and it was there my love of obedience was born and nurtured under the watchful eye of John Clark (he had hair then). I was also lucky enough to become friends with Shona; and as she was older (but not wiser!!) and had transport and so the world of Obedience Shows was opened up to me.
My next dog was a flashy black & white Border collie who was taken from me very prematurely at only 10 months old, Tipsy was my next collie and she went on to be C only and represented Scotland in the Inter Regional event at Crufts. Next was Pax a very pretty GSD who tried my patience in soooooooooooooooo many ways but I loved her all the more for it. I had become friendly with Kathy (Ingham) and I approached her with the view of having a puppy from her famous Ruskath line; Christmas 1996 along came Dodge (Ruskath Quixotic Image). Dodge took me to the dizzy heights of ticket and we were lucky enough to win a ticket and take part in Crufts Obedience Championships in 2006.

I moved away from my beloved Scotland in 2007 to live in Northern Ireland. Moving away to be with Michael and leaving everyone behind was very traumatic for me but I can honestly say it's been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I still get a bit homesick for everyone (especially my Mum) but I'm happier now than I've ever been. : I did worry about the dogs settling in but the phrase "ducks to water" comes to mind.

I firmly believe that we should all put something back into our chosen hobby. I regularly judge, steward, scribe as well as organising and helping out at numerous shows. I was previously Chairperson and Head Trainer of East Kilbride. I'm now Secretary and Assistant Trainer at Lisburn & District DTC.

We regularly travel to the mainland to compete and judge at shows, I've also been lucky enough to judge in Holland a few times. I have been judging since 1979 and I judged my first Championship Class in 2006 (won by Herbie & Jazz).

I'd like to thank the Crufts committee for the invitation to judge World Cup Event at Crufts 2010, I feel very proud and honoured to have been invited to judge at CRUFTS; something I only ever dreamt about. I especially love the atmosphere around the ring at the World Cup and the supporters are…. just FABBY.
I have set a test that I would like to work myself and hope competitors and spectators alike enjoy it. It's no secret that I LOVE to see motivated, high stepping dogs - however this won't detract from me judging each team within the KC rules as I interpret them.


Inter Regionals Judge

Alan Ridout

Alan Ridout

I didn't start competing in obedience until I got my first Dobermann, Hartsmann Laird (Wilkie) in 1987, although I began training my first Shepherd, Tess, in 1958. I was a 14 year old schoolboy when I was introduced to dog training by an ex-RAF dog handler friend of my father. As much as I enjoyed the training, there was never any intention of competing as my weekends were taken up with football. However, I did attend both obedience shows and working trials in the late 50s and early 60s as a spectator supporting my club mates.

It was whilst I was watching a P.D. Ticket I saw a Dobermann for the first time - it was a police dog from Durham. He won the Ticket. I thought he was awesome. It gave me a huge adrenaline rush. Some 27 years later I was offered the pick of a Dobermann litter as a gift. Against all the advice, I accepted and chose the stroppiest dog in the litter - a brown male, Wilkie. Already having two entire male Shepherds, my main concern was that they would all live harmoniously together. The training was now going to be even more important. Both Saxon and Kye were already attending Harlow and Hertford respectively. So I took Wilkie to Jim Reynolds. I had a lot of respect for Jimmy. He reminded me of my earlier mentors. But I knew he would lose interest in me if I didn't compete. Funnily enough I wanted to work Wilkie. He was so responsive, whether I was working him or sitting on the settee watching TV with him, he was a pleasure to be with. He took me from Beginner to Ticket. We didn't win a Ticket, Reserve being our best achievement. We went to Crufts twice as part of the Southern Inter-Regional Team Working Test C. He gave a good account of himself on both occasions. Wilkie won his first Open C at Southern Alsatian at the age of five. So five years on I decided to quietly retire him there. Wilkie had other ideas. He went out with a bang winning the last C he ever worked.

In the meantime, I added another Dobermann to the pack in 1993 - Strauss Tanbowtras Front Runner. Unfortunately, I had to retire him when he was five, with Wobblers (Dislodged Vertebra). But I had managed to qualify him and gain a fourth in Ticket at only his second attempt. He also was a special boy (he only had eyes for me). It was about this time that I was diagnosed with a lung problem, which meant my competing days were numbered. Since I have stopped working a dog, my judging appointments have increased significantly. I have been judging for 17 years from YKC to Ticket.

I am an Area Officer for Dobermann Rescue Limited and Vice-Chairman of Rescue Council Members. My other interests include ornithology and Chelsea Football Club.

Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes Final Judge

Steve Rutter

Having been asked to write a little about myself, I thought it would be easy writing about a subject I knew! Wrong!! So I suppose the best place to start is the beginning. I became involved in Obedience some 30 Years ago (I know it doesn’t seem possible for one looking so young!), we had a Border Collie youngster called Bess who was quite well behaved, so I hadn’t even thought of going to training classes. But friends of ours who lived a few doors away purchased a nutter of a Springer spaniel called Rebel, he certainly lived up to his name. They decided to take him training asking us to come along for moral support, we did and the rest as they say is history, so I must thank Rebel for introducing me to a hobby that has been a massive part of my life for 30 years. I learned a lot with Bess, we won absolutely nothing in 7 years of competing, but I look upon those years as serving an apprenticeship. The club I attended was Wilderspool DTC, which sadly is no longer in existence, but the competitive members coached me well and taught me ring manners, manners that I hope I still display today.

Through out my Obedience life I have been fortunate to have come into contact with and to have learned from some people who I would call ‘Dog People’ some of whom are sadly no longer with us, so thanks to all concerned for your time, your patience and of course your Knowledge, most given freely and all accepted gratefully.

A big thank you should also go to those societies who thought me good enough to judge for them. Although I currently compete with Tilly & Jenna who are ‘C’ only & Fizz who’s just starting in Novice, I quite like judging and look on it as an honour to be invited, I judge all levels up to and including Championship ‘C’ and have been priviledged to have judged all over the UK, from Orkney in the North to Somerset in the South & from Ireland (both north & south) in the West to Redcar in the East, I have also been lucky enough to Judge in the Netherlands on two occasions and am set to return again in June. I see myself as a straight forward judge, I like to see clean handling and accuracy, if that is coupled with style & Flair all the better.

I have been involved at Victoria (Liverpool) ABTC for 20years, where I help with the instructing and have in the past acted as Show secretary, when they were informed of my Invites to judge the Committee and members gave me their full backing, allowing me to take over the club on a few occasions to practise the rounds, with members & their dogs acting as guinea pigs, they also hired the hall on a Sunday again to allow me to practise, So a massive thank you to everyone of them, having support of this magnitude is very welcome indeed.

I would also like to thank the 3 Ladies who make up my team, Diane my wife who has supported me in my hobby for all these years, Marie Lewin who I think of as Family and who is a super person to have on your team And Lyn Guilou who is a dear friend and instructs at club, I know this is a team I can trust.

A Massive thank you must of course go to The Kennel Club Crufts Committee for the Invitation to judge at the Best Dog Show in the World, it is a true priveledge to be invted to judge at such a prestigious event. Thanks also to The GCDS & The YKC departments for putting my name forward. There are only 5 Obedience judges at Crufts each year so to be invited as one of them is fantastic, to Judge 2 events is unbelievable.



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