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Show Reports
List of Obedience Show Reports by Date

This page lists the Show Reports that are available on the ObedienceUK site. The page being open to all judges that would like to place their reports on the site for others to read.

If you would like to add your report, fill in the details after clicking the 'Add Show Report' button.

To read a report, just click on the View Report symbol against the report in question.

Note that reports marked as New have been added in the last 7 days.

Reports 61 to 120
View   Date Show Class Judge
 17/11/2019Ditton open capped showABetty Briley
 17/11/2019KCGCDS Northern FinalHeat A and BFrank Herron
 16/11/2019Wigton DTCPre-BeginnersGill Brinicombe
 16/11/2019Wigton DTCBeginnersGill Brinicombe
 16/11/2019Wigton DTC''C'' Part 2Bill Ferguson
 16/11/2019WIGTON DTCA part 2Annette Benoist
 16/11/2019WIGTON DTCB Part 1Anne Marie Parker
 16/11/2019WIGTON DTCSecretary''s reportPat Wilson
 16/11/2019Wigton DTC Open showA part 1Tricia Ansell
 11/11/2019Phoenix A part 2David Faulkner
 10/11/2019PhoenixC part 1Ray Wakelin
 10/11/2019Phoenix Obedience Dog ClubNovice pt 1Alison Gresty
 10/11/2019Phoenix Obedience Dog ClubNovice part 2Carol Johnson
 10/11/2019Phoenix ODCB pt 2Mo Graham
 10/11/2019PHOENIX ODTCB Pt 1Beryl Wright
New3/11/2019Dutch Obedience Championships 2019CPhilomena Barnes
New2/11/2019Dutch Obedience Championship 2019Beginners to BPhilomena, Sue and Louise
 1/11/2019BCOSGrade 2Jan Corr
 27/10/2019BCOSGrade 1Louise Healey
 27/10/2019BCOSGrade 6Kit Clow
 27/10/2019BCOS MoultonG3 (Novice Equivalent) geoff painting
 26/10/2019Austria - Preding bei WeizAllkaty girdler
 26/10/2019German Shepherd Dog Club of DevonB Dog or BitchBetty Iles
 26/10/2019The Irish Water Spaniel Association (Limit Ob)VariousJulia Bodsworth
 20/10/2019Sheffield gsd show society Novice part 2Ellen Shucksmith
 20/10/2019Sheffield GSD SocietyNovice Part 3Glenys Grimes
 20/10/2019Sheffield GSD SocietyC pt 2Brenda Fox
 20/10/2019Sheffield GSD SocietyB Pt 2Graham Wellings
 20/10/2019Sheffield GSD SocietyBeginner D/BAnn Trodd
 20/10/2019Sheffield shepherd dog societyPre-Beginners Mel Ely
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District Championship ShowBeginner (Dog & Bitch)Laura Chrysostomou
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District D.T.CNovice Dog & Bitch Pt3Velma Sellens
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District Dog Training ClubNovice Dog/ Bitch Part 1Ron Oakley
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District Dog Training ClubCH C BitchPat Batchelor
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District Dog Training ClubCHAMPIONSHIP C DOGAnita Neal
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District DTCResults of All ClassesShow Secretary (Fran Godfrey)
 19/10/2019East Grinstead & District DTCA Dog & Bitch Part 3Rhia Mulrenan
 19/10/2019East Grinstead Champ ShowB Dog/Bitch Part 2Jenny Harknett
 19/10/2019East Grinstead DTC C Part 2Eileen Restell
 19/10/2019East Grinstead DTC A Dog & Bitch pt1Judy Weight
 19/10/2019English Shetland Sheepdog ClubPre -B , Novice and BBob Faville
 19/10/2019KerkwijkPre-Beginners, C & Novice.Julie Holmes
 19/10/2019The English Shetland Sheepdog Club Limit ObedienceBeginners & Class AJane Sutherland
 19/10/2019West of England Border Collie ClubNovice dog and bitchSUE ALDRIDGE
 19/10/2019West of England Border Collie ClubA (D&B) and B (D&B)Gaynor George
 13/10/2019Anglian AcornsA Dog & Bitch Pt 1Lyn Johnson
 13/10/2019Anglian AcornsNovice Part 2Yvonne Abra
 13/10/2019ANGLIAN ACORNSC Pt 2Sheila Farris
 13/10/2019Anglian AcornsBpart 1Suzy Tooley
 13/10/2019Anglian AcornsNovice Part 1Geoff Painting
 13/10/2019Anglian AcornsA PT 2Ted Deadman
 12/10/2019Anglia AcornsNovice Pt 2Rob Summerfield
 12/10/2019anglian acornsBjulie sheldrake
 12/10/2019Anglian AcornsPre Beginner Annette Day
 12/10/2019Anglian AcornsBeginnersAnnette Day
 12/10/2019Anglian AcornsA Part 2Kathy Killick
 12/10/2019Anglian Acorns''A'' pt 1Janet Hackett
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