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Show Reports
List of Obedience Show Reports by Date

This page lists the Show Reports that are available on the ObedienceUK site. The page being open to all judges that would like to place their reports on the site for others to read.

If you would like to add your report, fill in the details after clicking the 'Add Show Report' button.

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Reports 61 to 120
View   Date Show Class Judge
 16/10/2022Sheffield GDSC2Rachel cudworth
 16/10/2022SHEFFIELD GSD OPEN BeginnersJennie Fildes-Moss
 16/10/2022sheffield gsd societya part 2liz bishop
 16/10/2022Sheffield GSD Society Open Show"A" Part One D/BGlenys Grimes
 9/10/2022Anglian AcornsB part 2Suzy Tooley
 9/10/2022Anglian Acorns IntroNicky Cracknell
 9/10/2022Anglian Acorns BeginnersNicky Cracknell
 9/10/2022Anglian AcornsC Dog/BitchKathy Woodgreaves
 9/10/2022Anglian Acorns A D&B Pt 1Eileen Restell
 9/10/2022Anglian AcornsA Karen Harrison
 9/10/2022The Anglian Acorn Obedience ShowPre-beginners D/BGlenys Grimes
 8/10/2022Anglian AcornsB pt1 D & BLouise Healey
 8/10/2022Anglian AcornsB part 2Gillian Winyard
 8/10/2022Anglian acornsNovice pt2. GirlsJulie sheldrake
 8/10/2022Anglian acorns Novice pt 2 boys Julie sheldrake
 8/10/2022Anglian AcornsCCaroline Eley
 8/10/2022Anglian Acorns Obedience Group Introductory Sue Monk
 8/10/2022Anglian Acorns Obedience Group BeginnersSue Monk
 8/10/2022Anglian Acorns Obedience Group Open Show B Part OneJohn Higgins
 2/10/2022Broughton & Brigg Dog Training Group"A" Part One D/BGlenys Grimes
 2/10/2022Broughton & Brigg DTCPre begBill Pykett
 2/10/2022Broughton & Brigg DTCSpecial ABC FINAL 2022Fiona Holdsworth
 2/10/2022Broughton and Brigg Dog Training Club Class C Roy Bland
 2/10/2022Broughton and Brigg Dog Training Group A part 2Sue Beavers
 2/10/2022Broughton and Brigg DTGBeginninerEllen Shucksmith
 2/10/2022Elm ParkPre-BeginnerJan Corr
 2/10/2022Elm ParkBeginner DogJan Corr
 2/10/2022Elm ParkIntroductoryMelinda Partner
 2/10/2022Elm ParkA Dog Part 1Fran Godfrey
 2/10/2022Elm Park CHCh C BitchSarah Delany
 2/10/2022Elm Park Championship ShowA Girls pt 1Karen Harrison
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTCB Dog Part 1Debbie Durbridge
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTCB Dog 2Marianne van Gils
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTCA Bitch Part 2Rhia Mulrenan
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTCNovice Dog Part 2John Higgins
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTC - Championship Obedience ShowChampionship C DogRoy Neal
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTC ChampionshipNovice Bitch Part 1Laura Chrysostomou
 2/10/2022Elm Park DTC Championship Obedience ShowNovice Dog Pt. 1 (Sunday)Jane Bowman
 2/10/2022Plymouth Dog ClubNovice DogAndrew Bird
 2/10/2022Plymouth Dog Training ClubNovice BitchLiz Lyddiatt
 2/10/2022Plymouth Dog Training Club B (Dog and Bitch)Helen Fishlock
 2/10/2022Plymouth DTCClass A FemaleMary Siddall
 2/10/2022Plymouth DTCC Dog & B**chColin Huntley
 2/10/2022Plymouth DTC Open ShowNovice BitchPaul Cousins
 1/10/2022Anglia Acorns Pre-Beginner D/BJan Corr
 1/10/2022Broughton & Brigg Dog Training Group Novice part 1 Jo Bramhall
 1/10/2022Broughton & Brigg Dog Training GroupNovice Pt 2 MixedGraham Wellings
 1/10/2022Broughton and Brigg DTGBeginnersAngie Warring
 1/10/2022Broughton and Brigg Training GroupB Helen Munks
 1/10/2022Elm ParkNovice Bitch Part 2Kim Ford
 1/10/2022Elm ParkNovice Dog Part 1 Angela Watson
 1/10/2022Elm Park B dog part 1J sheldrake
 1/10/2022Elm ParkC Dog pt 2Kathy Woodgreaves
 1/10/2022Elm Park Ch Show 1st October C dog part 1Pat Burford
 1/10/2022Elm Park Ch. ShowBeginner DogHazel Troth
 1/10/2022ELM PARK CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWPreBeginner BitchHazel Troth
 1/10/2022Elm Park D.T.C.''A'' Dog Part 2Chris Moss
 1/10/2022Elm Park Dog Training Club Novice Dog Part 2Shirley Budgen
 1/10/2022Elm Park Dog Training ClubChampionship Class C DogEmma Lavender
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