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Reports 121 to 180
View   Date Show Class Judge
 14/4/2024Sheffield GSD SocietyB Pt 2 D/BGraham Wellings
 13/4/2024Leven & DistrictNoviceJean Herron
 13/4/2024Newton Heath dog training clubNovice class 2Rosie Colwood
 7/4/2024BCOS MoultonNovice Part 2Bridgette Cameron
 7/4/2024GSD Club of WalesB part 1 D/BDebbie Giddens
 7/4/2024GSD Club of WalesALL CLASSESAll Judges
 7/4/2024Gsd Club of WalesNovice part 1Sue Flight
 7/4/2024GSD Club of Wales Open ShowNovice Part 1 D&BGaynor George
 7/4/2024GSD of WalesA pt1Katy Girdler
 7/4/2024North East Border Collie ClubCFiona Holdsworth
 6/4/2024N.E. Border CollieNovice part 1Nicky Murrell
 6/4/2024SKCCC BitchDenise Robertson
 6/4/2024SKCCHAMP DOGHazel Turnbull
 6/4/2024SKC Championship ShowKCGCDS Special Pre-BeginnersDoreen Bidgood
 6/4/2024SKC Championship ShowPre- BeginnersDoreen Bidgood
 1/4/2024St marysCRachel Cudworth
 1/4/2024St Marys Dog Training SocietyNovice Part 1Karen Davies
 1/4/2024St Mary''s Dog Training SocietyNovice pt 2Angela Bragg
 1/4/2024St Mary''s DTSBeginnersJanice Mearns
 31/3/2024Carmarthan Canine SocietyA Part 1Carla Parker
 31/3/2024Carmarthen Canine SocietyC pt 2KATY GIRDLER
 31/3/2024Carmarthen Canine SocietyChampionship C DogCAROLYN HEATH
 31/3/2024Carmarthen Canine SocietyB dog and bitch part 3Miss Sue Aldridge
 31/3/2024Carmarthen Canine SocietyNovice Part 2Pat Thompson
 31/3/2024Carmarthen Canine Society Pre Beginners & BeginnersNerys Thomas
 31/3/2024carmarthen canine societyC pt 1Pauline Hill
 31/3/2024Carmarthen Canine Society Championship CC BitchMadge Thompson
 31/3/2024Carmarthen CS B Part 1Jane Sutherland
 31/3/2024Carmarthen ShowA part 2Helen Connolly
 30/3/2024CAMARTHEN CANINE SOCIETYA Part 1Annegret Tack-Benton
 30/3/2024CarmarthanB pt1Steve Frazer
 30/3/2024Carmarthan Canine SocietyNovice Part 2Carla Parker
 30/3/2024Carmarthen A dog and bitch part 2Janet Aldridge
 30/3/2024Carmarthen Canine Society Novice Part 1Alison Gresty
 30/3/2024Carmarthen Canine Society. OpenPre Bees & BeginnersMichelle Verrill
 29/3/2024Carmarthen Canine SocietyClass C Pt 2Carol Bath
 29/3/2024Carmarthen Canine SocietyChampionship C BitchSusie Wheeler
 29/3/2024Carmarthen Canine Society Championship ShowB Part 1Heather Witty
 29/3/2024Carmarthen Ch showChampion C DogPat Burford
 29/3/2024Carmarthen Championship ShowA part 1Kate Hall
 10/3/2024CruftsKCGC Special Pre-Beg YKC FinalJanel Fone
 9/3/2024Crufts KCGSDS Special Pre-Beg FINALJanel Fone
 9/3/2024Crufts championshipDog and BitchRob Bint
 8/3/2024Crufts Dog ShowInter-Regional ObedienceEllen Herries
 7/3/2024CRUFTSOBREEDIENCEShelagh Page
 3/3/2024DownlandsB Boys and GirlsMelinda Partner
 3/3/2024Downlands Obedience GroupC Lou Holmes
 3/3/2024Downlands Obedience GroupNovice D&BLaura Wiley
 2/3/2024BCOS Grand Prix Qualifying Show4 (equivalent to A in KC show)Lesley Holmes
 2/3/2024Island dog training club Limit showAllJanet Oliver
 25/2/2024North West Kent Beginner D & BLinda Plows
 25/2/2024Wirral Alsatian Training SocietyC Part 2Andrea Little
 25/2/2024Wirral Alsatian Training SocietyA Pt1Sheila Taylor
 25/2/2024Wirral Alsatian Training Society Novice 2Elaine Hopwood
 25/2/2024Wirral ATSB Part 1Emma Lavender
 25/2/2024Wirral ATSC pt 1Mo Graham
 24/2/2024NWKent Open cappedAll classesVarious
 24/2/2024Solihull Capped CC Part 2Tammy Wallace
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