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Rally Show Reports
List of Show Reports by Date

This page lists the Show Reports that are available on the KCRallyUK site. The page being open to all judges that would like to place their reports on the site for others to read.

If you would like to add your report, fill in the details after clicking the 'Add Show Report' button.

To read a report, just click on the View Report symbol against the report in question.

Note that reports marked as New have been added in the last 7 days.

Reports 1 to 54
View   Date Show Level/Part Judge
 22/9/2018LRCGB5Claire Price
 1/9/2018Corryisle3Claire Price
 6/8/2018Paign& Dist Faciers AssocL6 & L4Sue Garner
 6/7/2018PDFALevel 3Marney Wells
 28/5/2018Stoneleigh RallyLevel 1, Part 3Kate Wykes
 13/5/2018Little Orchard Dog Training AcademyLevel 2 part 1Marney Wells
 8/4/2018North Wales GSD Club Level TWOBetty Keepax
 8/3/2018CruftsInter-Regional RallyRachel Bradley
 1/1/2018Paign& Dist Faciers AssocL6 & L4 correctedSue Garner
 10/12/2017Ladies Kennel Association Open RallyShow SecretaryRachel Bradley
 29/10/2017Winchester DTCL2 P2Claire Price
 29/10/2017Winchester DTCLevel 2 part 1Marney Wells
 14/10/2017WOEBCCLevel 1 Part 1Claire Price
 16/9/2017SomerRallyLevel 6Claire Price
 6/8/2017K9brats. RuncornLevel SIXBetty Keepax
 30/7/2017Rugby DTC3Claire Price
 2/7/2017Banbury & District DTSLevel 5Claire Coughlan-Khan
 2/7/2017Banbury DTSLevel 4Claire Price
 17/6/2017Prestwick & District DTCShow Secretary ReportShow Secretary
 7/5/2017Hatton Festival Level 3Claie Price
 6/5/2017Aricia at Top BarnLevel 2Claire Price
 6/5/2017Hatton FestivalLevel 1Marney Wells
 2/4/2017The NSDTR Club of the UKLevel 6Claire Coughlan-Khan
 9/3/2017Crufts - Inter Regional Rally CompetitionAllClaire Coughlan-Khan
 11/12/2016LKALevel 1 : Part 2Kate Wykes
 4/12/2016WinchesterLevel 1 Part 2Claire Price
 3/12/2016Winchester City DTCLevel 1 part 1Marney Wells
 27/11/2016Haselmere DDTCLevel 2 part 1Marney Wells
 10/9/2016SomerRally Obedience TrainingLevel 1 part 1Marney Wells
 31/7/2016Rugby Rally CompetitionLevel 1Zoe Gilbert
 16/7/2016Nuneaton DTCLevel 4Rachel Bradley
 16/7/2016Nuneaton DTC Open RallyLevel 6David Deakin
 2/7/2016BanburyLevel 1 Part 1Claire Coughlan-Khan
 2/7/2016Banbury DTCLevel 3Betty Keepax
 2/7/2016BDDTS Open Rally CompetitionLevel 2 Part 1Joanne Syson
 11/6/2016 Solihull DTC Rally TrialLevel 3Zo Gilbert
 14/5/2016Aricia D.T.CLevel 4Betty keepax
 24/4/2016Best Paws DTCLevel FIVEBetty Keepax
 20/3/2016Burnham-on-Sea CTCLevel 4Julia Bodsworth
 30/12/2015Leamington DTCLevel 3, Part 1Julia Bodsworth
 30/12/2015Leamington DTCFestive Fun Class part 2Betty Keepax
 30/12/2015Leamington DTCLevel 1 part 3Marney Wells
 13/10/2015Rugby Charity Fun Rally Levels 1 to 6 Combined H''capBetty Keepax
 11/10/2015Lincolnshire Border collie Club Fun ShowRally Fun ClassRose Barham
 11/10/2015Royal Wootton BassettLevel 1 part 1Marney Wells
 27/9/2015DaventryLevel FourBetty Keepax
 9/8/2015Rugby DTC Open Rally CompetitionLevel 5Rachel Bradley
 9/8/2015Rugby DTC Open Rally CompetitionLevel 6Rachel Bradley
 8/8/2015Rugby DTCLevel 2 Part 1Julia Bodsworth
 18/7/2015Nuneaton DTC Open ShowSecretary ReportJulia Bodsworth
 20/6/2015BanburyLevel 4Rachel Bradley
 20/6/2015Banbury & DDTSLevel 2 part AJulia Bodsworth
 31/5/2015K9 Brats Rally CompetitionLevel 4Claire Coughlan-Khan
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