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NOCF 2017 is approaching

Monday, September 4, 2017 - by Fran Bush

NOCF post – Aug We now have just over 3 months to go until NOCF 2017!

We are hatching big plans for possible expansion of NOCF for 2018 and into the future, but it is dependent on the support you all show for the 2017 event, if you want this event to stay and grow then you need to support it either by entering, helping or attending to support those competing.  This is YOUR event and without your support, it cannot grow and continue, those who have competed or attended will tell you what a fabulous event it is, an amazing experience not to be missed.

There have been plenty of “Doom and Gloom” social media posts online about obedience so please lets get behind this and then we can build it into THE Premier Obedience event of the year,

If you have one of the NOCF t shirts, then wear it to shows, tell all your friends and training buddies about the event, share the information at your clubs, training groups and on training courses, promote the event on training courses.

If you are a trainer in any capacity, then please encourage your students to qualify, tell them all about it.


Please watch our facebook page and websites – we will be announcing the judges for 2017 very soon!!!

Just a reminder of the qualifying criteria for 2017:

You need to qualify to take part in this glittering end of year event, celebrating obedience with classes for pre beginners up to C, this is your chance to don your glad rags and show off your fabulous dogs to compete for this years class crowns - you could be the 2017 class Champion!!!

You get points for places from 1st - 6th at all open and champs shows within this years qualifying period, which is 4 October 2016 – 2 October 2017.

All Qualifying Points for entry must have been earned by the dog (PB and Beg refers).
Points will be allocated as follows:

1st 10 points,  2nd 8 points,  3rd 6 points,  4th 4 points,  5th 2 points,  6th 1 point

Points can be used to qualify for the class in which they are attained only – for example, points gained for places in class ‘A’ may only be accumulated to qualify for the ‘A’ Class at the National Obedience Class Finals and may not be transferred to another class, even if the dog is currently eligible to compete at the Novice level.
Qualifying points needed for each class are as follows:

Pre Beginner 10 points
Beginner 15 points
Novice/Class ‘A’/Class ‘B’ 20 points
Class ‘C’ 15 points

A dog can be entered in 1 class only, but handlers may enter more than 1 dog, as long as each dog is suitably qualified for the class in which it is entered.

In the event that a dog accumulates sufficient points in 2 or more classes during the qualifying period, the dog should be entered in the HIGHEST class for which it is qualified.

Remember that this year there will only be 1 part of novice class, so numbers will be limited and entries are on a first come first served basis.

Once a class is full it will close and numbers will be capped as follows;   Pre-beginners/beginners/novice/class A -60;  Class B & class C – 45

Full details can be found on our website www.nocf.co.uk

 (Apologies to Fran for not posting this earlier ..... Les)

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